Do you have a strong desire for authentic Indian cuisine while you're in Doha? You're in luck if you answer "yes". There will be times when you seek a traditional Indian restaurant amidst all the innovation in Doha. You've come to the right place if you're looking for something like this. Many Top Indian restaurants in Doha serve traditional Indian cuisine with authentic Indian flavors, tastes, and aromas. While sitting at a Doha restaurant, the city will whisk you away to the best flavors of India. These aren't your typical eateries. These restaurants are all prepared to raise the bar for dining by inviting you to the most attractive decor and a pleasant setting. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Let's enter the realm of Indian cuisine. The best 10 Indian restaurants to visit in Doha are listed below.

10 Best Indian Restaurants in Doha for a Lip-Smacking Culinaire Experience

  • Saffron Lounge
  • Riyasat Doha
  • Bombay Balti
  • Teatro
  • Chingari
  • Jwala Restaurant
  • Jamavar Restaurant
  • Taj Rasoi
  • Dalchini Restaurant & Bar
  • Asha’s Restaurant

1. Saffron Lounge

Indian Restaurants in Doha
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Saffron Lounge, located on the lakefront of Doha's famed Katara Cultural Village, delivers authentic Indian cuisine with unexpected warmth that will surely warm your heart. Taste a tantalizing array of teas from all corners of the Saffron tea globe. Tea relaxation harkens back to simpler times when nice memories were built, and good thoughts were shared over hot, wonderful cups of freshly brewed tea. Also available are a variety of exotic and authentic Indian cuisines served in beautiful dining settings with amazing sea views during the day and a brightly lit cobblestone façade at night in this one of the best Indian restaurants in Doha.

Location - Katara - The Cultural Village Foundation, Katara Cultural Village، Doha, Qatar

Timings -

  • Saturday to Thursday – From 12: 00 PM to 11: 00 PM
  • Friday – From 1: 00 PM to 11: 00 PM

Must-try Dishes - Murgh Shami Tikki, Achari Paneer Tikka, Gosht Dum Biryani, Khushka Rice,  Pudhina Nimbu Sherbat, Black Tea Punch, and Moong Nariyal Shorba

Cuisines – Indian and Asian

Estimated Price for Two - QAR 200

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2. Riyasat Doha

Riyasat Doha
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Riyasat, an Indian fine dining restaurant in Doha, has opened at the St Regis Doha. The St Regis Doha has teamed with chef Surjan Singh Jolly to create a meal featuring six outstanding methods for this inauguration. The restaurant will provide the most delectable meals, ranging from char-grilled, tandoor, pot-roasted, griddle-fried, braised, and steamed, to mark the Qatar-India year of culture. Lobster Angara, Jheenga Balai, Tali Machchi, Mardana Murgh, and Biryani are among the many delicacies available, which can be accompanied with cocktails.

Riyasat the Indian Restaurant Doha honors Indian fine dining cuisine with a modern twist, allowing guests to partake in royal Indian families' culinary heritage. Chef Judge of Master Chef India, Chef Jolly, has created a cuisine for the sumptuous St. Regis Doha. Discover a joyful celebration of historical customs that has been reimagined in a global, youthful, and edgy atmosphere.

Location - Al Gassar Resort Tower 2, Doha, Qatar

Timings –

  • Monday to Thursday – From 4: 00 PM to 11: 30 PM
  • Friday & Saturday – 12:00 PM to 11:30 PM
  • Remains closed on Sunday

Must-try Dishes– Masala Chai, Puchka, Makhan Chooza Roast, Jeenga Balai, Patiala Tawa Murgh, Chatpatta Alu Roast

Cuisines – Indian, Lebanese, French, Italian and cocktails

Estimated Price for Two - QAR 100

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3. Bombay Balti

Bombay Balti

Bombay Balti, without a doubt is one of the best Indian restaurant Doha, which is well-liked by locals. This cafe, which is located within the Ramada Hotel, one of the best-rated hotels in Doha, is well-known among Europeans, especially British expats. The restaurant's tranquil and laid-back atmosphere, along with delectable cuisine, make it an ideal setting for a memorable evening. The restaurant delivers traditional Indian cuisine at a reasonable price. The open space of Bombay Balti is interesting, and it helps customers feel extremely at ease when dining here.

Location - Ground Floor, Radisson Blu Hotel, Salwa Road, Al Muntazah, Doha 1768, Qatar

Timings -

  • Monday to Saturday – From 6: 00 Pm to 11: 00 PM
  • Closed on Sunday

Must-try Dishes - Lentil dahl, veggie samosas, and veggie pakoras

Cuisines – Indian

Estimated Price for Two - QAR 400 and for a pint of beer QAR 36

4. Teatro

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Teatro, Indian restaurants in Qatar is an award-winning upmarket restaurant that offers a diverse menu of cooking methods as well as a memorable dining experience. Its extensive à la carte menu incorporates Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and Thai cuisines. On Tuesdays, the Sax and Sushi event allows guests to enjoy delicious food while listening to talented saxophonists such as Anna Antoshchuk and Victoria Krasko perform. On weekdays, Teatro serves three delectable business snacks.

It comprises a set menu with various options and a main course, which includes basil shrimp hot and spicy soup, tom sweet potato soup, an astonishing selection of mixed greens servings, and much more. A long trip around the wine cellar will be enjoyed by the wine experts. Teatro, one of the most popular places to visit in Qatar today for culinary adventures, organises three special weekday lunches where clients can choose from a set menu. Diners can choose from a range of appetisers, main meal options, and much more.

Customers may also choose from an excellent assortment of wines, and the live kitchen scene is a must-see for everyone visiting. If you want to see food being prepared live, this is the place to go. But wait, what is Teatro's claim to fame? After all, it is one of best Indian restaurantsin Doha, delivering cuisine in the most authentic manner possible. From delicious butter naan bread and Indian cuisine to poppadum and salads, Teatro has a lot to offer. So, what's the snag? Taste the flavors of Indian, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai cuisines at Teatro.

Location - City Centre Rotana Doha, Level 2, 850 Conference Centre, Doha, Qatar

Timings -

  • Sunday to Thursday – 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM
  • Friday – 12:30 PM to 11:00 PM
  • Saturday – 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Must-try Dishes – Indian Vegetable Pakora, Chicken Dum Biryani, Indian Spiced Chicken, Prawn Tempura, Azuki Bean Cake Roll, and Red Bean Mochi

Cuisines - Asian, Sushi, Indian, and Italian

Estimated Price for Two - QAR 350

5. Chingari

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For baked goods, Chingari is one of the loveliest Indian restaurants Doha. This charming restaurant exudes truly amazing emotions. The deep crimson hue and a brilliant Indian band create the ideal setting for supper, small gatherings, or teamwork. The food is good, with a diverse selection that isn't your typical "English Indian" fare. The cuisine is authentically Indian. Traditional North Indian cuisine can be enjoyed while listening to the best music.

The beautiful smell from the kitchen will make them salivate over the menu from the moment you enter the café and settle onto the comfortable sofas at Chingari. Chingari delights in creating traditional Indian recipes and bringing real Tandoor cuisine to Doha. While musicians sing charming traditional Indian tunes, bask in the splendour of the Maharaja as you feast on our delectable delicacies, marinated to perfection. The restaurant's top options include Mughlai and Makhanwala meals, creamy butter naan, and mint mousse for dessert.

Location - Radisson Blu Hotel Doha, Salwa Road, Intersection of, C Ring Rd, Doha, Qatar

Timings – Monday to Sunday – From 6: 00 PM to 11: 00 PM

Must-try Dishes - Butter chicken, Fish tikkas, Lamb and Sag Aloo

Cuisines – Indian and Mughlai

Estimated Price for Two - QAR 360 and for a pint of beer QAR 36

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6. Jwala Restaurant

Jwala Restaurant

Jwala Restaurant is a modern Indian eatery that delivers a delectable blend of traditional and modern Indian street food. Its magnificent menu represents Doha's social variety, with a modern twist on classic Indian dishes. Being one of the best Indian restaurant in Doha. it offers enticing eating experience, and takes diners on a culinary voyage through Indian spices, herbs, flavours, and fragrances. Its lovely climate and introduction to their cuisine will mesmerise you. Salads, soups, appetisers, naan pizza, curry, grills, desserts, main courses, and a variety of drinks are all available on the menu.

Jwala Restaurant Pearl Qatar is your one-stop shop for exploring the mysterious region of culture and beauty. Allow your curiosity to lead you into the streets of India. That being stated, you should absolutely pay this careful location a visit. Their cuisine is full of mouth-watering ethnic delicacies inspired by Indian street food. In the midst of bright street art, enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience. Jwala restaurant Doha is reported to be known for its live music, live band, genuineness, newly introduced menu, food presentation, and family atmosphere.  On the other hand, the one item with which you will fall in love practically instantly? Yes, that is food! This is one of the Indian restaurants in Qatar for anyone looking for authentic Indian cuisine.

Location - Building B12, Andalucia Way, Medina Centrale, Pearl Qatar, Doha, Qatar

Monday To Sunday – 12: 00 PM to 1: 00 AM

Must-try Dishes - Baloo Bites, Amitabh Mix Samboussa, Twisted Papadum, Khushi Khushi Pakura , Jumbo Mirchi, Potato and Jalapeno, Stuffed with Potato, Chickpeas, Sour Yoghurt Served with Spiced Water, Fried Potato Takiya, and Jwala Lava Fries

Cuisines – Indian

Estimated Price for Two - QAR 200

7. Jamavar Restaurant

Jamavar Restaurant
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Jamavar used to be just an Indian restaurant, but it has evolved into a brand that provides high-quality Indian cuisine. Jamawar Restaurant first opened its doors in India in 2001, and since then, it has grown to include more locations to continue its history. Following India, further locations were opened in London and Qatar. Jamawar is Qatar's seventh addition and the only fine-dining establishment featuring an Indian menu. This Indian restaurant in Qatar offers both royal and simple cuisine. It became a popular hangout for expats and tourists as soon as it opened its doors in Doha. Not only does the restaurant serve Indian cuisine, but it also entertains guests with its warm hospitality and delectable flavors. Jamawar has been the talk of the town as it gained popularity of being Indian restaurant Doha, so make a reservation ahead of time.

From the moment you walk into Jamavar, you will be surrounded with quality. The friendliness and food supplied here are both excellent, making it a great location to unwind and enjoy yourself. The stunning interiors and elegance exude refinement, while the décor exudes opulence. There's an apothecary bar, green chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and everything else that will dazzle you. Their hospitality will astound you, as the management attends to every guest's needs. They are extremely knowledgeable about practically every cuisine or dish in Qatar, making the restaurant not only a place to dine but also a place to learn about Indian culinary culture, gives it a place in the list of best Indian restaurants in Doha.

Location - Al Corniche, Doha, Qatar

Timings -

  • Saturday to Wednesday - 12:30 PM to 12:00 AM
  • Thursday & Friday – 12:30 PM to 1:00 AM

Must-try Dishes - Chandni Chowk Ki Aloo Tikki, The Kid Goat Shami Kebab, Kacche Gosht Ki Biryani, Laal Maas, nut stuffed Gulab jamun with Rabri or cheesecake, Malai Kulfi or Berry Kulfi, and Murgh Makhni

Cuisines – Indian

Estimated Price for Two - N/A

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8. Taj Rasoi

Taj Rasoi
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In the British sense, Taj Rasoi stands out among Doha's other Indian eateries. Like a traditional British curry house, the restaurant has amazing funky old tablecloths, dim lighting, and Indian music playing in the background. The meal at Taj Rasoi is a little pricey, but it's delicious. Chefs at the opulent cafe provide a delectable combination of Indian dishes, from Masalas to Biryanis. Along with a vast selection of Tandoori dishes, the menu features an exceptional choice of appetisers, soups, salads, sweets, and drinks.

Given the abundance of Indian restaurants in Qatar, Taj Rasoi at the Marriott Doha receiving a Highly Commended award is a testimonial to the quality of service provided. "Taj Rasoi plays with spices masterfully to create deeply tasty food that's unforgettable, in opulent, pleasant premises," we remarked when awarding the honour. Dishes from Lucknow, Kashmir, and other parts of India are available, with a style that is on the higher end of the scale. To put it another way, the meal is subtly spiced, expertly marinated, and elegantly presented.

Location - Ras Abu Aboud Doha Marriott Hotel, Doha 1911 Qatar

Timings - Monday to Sunday - From 6: 30 PM to 11: 30 PM

Must-try Dishes - Biryani, soups, salads, sweets, and drinks

Cuisines - Indian

Estimated Price for Two - N/A

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9. Dalchini Restaurant & Bar

Dalchini Restaurant and Bar
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Dalchini Restaurant & Bar delivers a variety of innovative Indian meals in a modern setting, drawing on the richness of India's regional cuisines. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are available on the a la carte menu of this one of the best Indian restaurants in Doha. Dalchini Restaurant & Bar, located on the ground floor, welcomes customers for lunch and supper in a peaceful ambiance with green tones, vibrant colors, and subtle lighting. Alfred Prasad, who previously led the Tamarind Collection's four restaurants, including the Michelin-starred Tamarind Restaurant in Mayfair, London, is now in charge of Dalchini Restaurant & Bar.

Location - Ground Floor, Centara West Bay Residences & Suites, Diplomatic Street, Westbay, Doha, Qatar

Timings – Monday to Sunday – From 12: 00 PM to 11: 30 PM

Must-try Dishes – Dalchini Keto Salad, Hyderabadi Chilli Fish, Malai Chicken, Vegetable Makhni, Chingri Malai Curry, Sumac Cheese Naan, Pistachio Gulab Jamun, and Dalchini Mojito

Cuisines – Indian

Estimated Price for Two - QAR 250 and for a pint of beer QAR 35

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10. Asha’s Restaurant

Asha’s Restaurant
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Asha Bhosle, the amazing Indian vocalist, opened an Indian restaurant, Doha to share her second interest. You may sample the freshest and most fascinating inventive Northwestern meals cooked and presented Indian style at this authentic Indian cafe. You'll appreciate the succulent meats seasoned with Indian spices and flavours to tantalise your taste buds. Asha's is also one of the finest instragrammble places in Doha, which is set in a pleasant ambiance, is a fantastic place to have Indian food at a reasonable price. The meal isn't very spicy, and it's typically accompanied by enticing rejuvenating mixed beverages. The warmth of the personnel, the lively atmosphere, and the delicious food will make you feel the glow, love, and richness of India.

Location - Villaggio Mall, Villaggio, Al Waab St, Qatar

Timings -

  • Monday To Sunday – From 12: 30 PM to 12: 00 AM

Top Offerings - Daal makhani, murgh malai kebabs and Keralan chilli garlic prawns.

Cuisines – Indian

Estimated Price for Two – N/A

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Doha’s reputation as a multi-cuisine hotspot has always enticed visitors to sample the city’s delectable cuisine. India is one of those countries with a diverse cultural landscape and a wide range of foods to whet your hunger. If you’re looking for Indian cuisine in Qatar, these Indian restaurants in Doha have it all for you: beautiful décor, delectable foods, and world-class service. The establishments mentioned above have everything you may want in a restaurant. So, what are you thinking about? If you're planning a vacation to Qatar, don't forget to visit these intriguing restaurants to enthrall your taste buds with Indian spices. Start booking your Qatar tour packages with us for an extraordinary culinary experience.


Q1. Does Qatar have Indian food?

Indians need not have to worry about food when it comes to Qatar because the country treats millions of visitors with authentic Indian delicacies in fine dining settings. Starting from crunchiest street delights to the creamy and thickened gravies, Qatar has best Indian food to offer you.

Q2. Which are the top 5 Indian Restaurants in Doha?

Doha has a plethora of Indian restaurants that will tantalize your taste buds and will offer you a remarkable culinary experience for a lifetime. While visiting Doha, take out time to immerse yourself in an Indian gastronomic journey for a savory relish. The best Indian Restaurants in Doha are:

  • Saffron Lounge
  • Riyasat Doha
  • Bombay Balti
  • Teatro
  • Jamavar Restaurant
Q3. Are there any Indian fine dining restaurants in Qatar?

Yes, there are Indian fine dining restaurants in Qatar. Jamawar is Qatar's seventh addition and the only fine-dining establishment featuring an Indian menu. This Indian restaurant in Qatar offers both royal and simple cuisine. It became a popular hangout for expats and tourists as soon as it opened its doors in Doha.

Q4. Which are the top offerings of Dalchini Restaurant & Bar?

The cuisines offered at Dalchini Restaurant & Bar are Dalchini Keto Salad, Hyderabadi Chilli Fish, Malai Chicken, Vegetable Makhni, Chingri Malai Curry, Sumac Cheese Naan, Pistachio Gulab Jamun, and Dalchini Mojito

Q5. Which are the best restaurants in Doha?

The best restaurants in Doha are L'Wzaar Seafood Market, IDAM By Alain Ducasse, Spice Market, La Spiga By Paper Moon, Teatro, Iksha 360, Burj Al Hamam, Morimoto, Al Mourjan, Al Shurfa Arabic Lounge, and Bander Aden

Q6. Is food expensive in Qatar?

Food in Qatar fits every pocket and budget. That means every traveler can enjoy the delicious and outstanding flavors of the country. You must set a budget and you will find restaurants and cafes that fit are pocket friendly to you. .

Q7. Which are the best foods to try in Qatar?

The best food/ dishes to try out in Qatar at least once are Saloona, Machboos, Madhruba, Luqaimat, Thareed, Ghuzi, Kousa Mahshi, Harees, and Margoog.

Q8.What is the most eaten food in Qatar?

The most eaten food in Qatar is Machboos which is considered the national food of the country. You should try out this Qatari food made with lamb or chicken and served with seasoned rice, salads, and sauce which reflects Qatar rich cultural heritage.