Savor the tantalizing zest of your best Italian food, no matter where you are. With its fascinating art of cooking and irresistible flavors, Italy has won the hearts of foodies all over the world. Now when Qatar is quite a famous holiday spot, every year it welcomes people from all walks of life. Meeting the gastronomic needs and demands of every tourist around, there are many Italian restaurants in Qatar, which tend to serve authentic and flavorful delicacies right from the streets of Italy. Check out these best-picked eateries where you can discover real Italian dining.

Best 8 Italian Restaurants in Qatar

1. Cucina- Marriott Marquis Doha

2. Scalini Doha- St.Regis Doha

3. La Veranda Doha, Sheraton Doha Resort

4. Eataly Doha- Doha Festival City

5. Nova Venezia- Qanat Quartier

6. Veritas Doha- Al Messila Resort and Spa

7. La Spiga- W Doha

8. Di Capri- La Cigale Hotel

Delve into the mesmerizing flavors of raw Italian spices, the hot and spicy cuisines, and fancy desserts on your holidays in Qatar. Here are some of the famous dining places that are recognized for their service and quality food.

1. Cucina- Marriott Marquis Doha

Cucina- Marriott Marquis Doha
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Nested in the luxury surroundings of Marriott Marquis Doha, the Cucina is listed among the top dining places offering you an extensive menu. The restaurants have been in talks for their flavorful food that is prepared by top-class chefs. You will find several Italian favorites like Le Bruschetta, La Pizzeria, and the Prime Piatti. The hot and freshly made Pizza, the spicy and creamy pasta, baked food, and every other Italian cuisine here are served with real taste.

Digging into the menu, you will find every dish listed as top-rated by the users. Here at Cucina, you can discover the classic taste of Italian pasta, risotto, and other scrumptious food options like seafood and more.

Apart from the food, it is the warm and cozy interiors of Cucina that make it the best Italian restaurant in Doha. The wooden barrels and the old-fashioned design of the interiors with roof tiles will take you back to the fancy streets of Italy. The aroma of freshly made dishes fills the atmosphere, enhancing the ambiance. Every corner of Cucina smells like Italy, making it hard to believe that one is dining in Qatar.

Location: Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel, West Bay

Opening Hours: 12 pm – 11 pm

Best Dishes To try: home-made pasta, risotto, and seafood dishes

Dress Code: Casual

2. Scalini Doha- St.Regis Doha

Scalini Doha- St.Regis Doha
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Celebrate the tasteful flavors of Italy at the finest dining restaurant- Scalini Doha. Located in St Regis, the luxury Qatar hotel, this eatery brings the real taste right from the famous streets in Italy. With its lively ambiance, relishing zest, and aroma, Scalini has charmed every visitor.

Interiors here are designed in a very distinct manner that adds more to its beauty and charm. You will find the touch of rustic and contemporary design, comfy seating, vibrant colors, and appealing decors. The exquisite furnishing complements the entire look and feels, adding a sophisticated touch. You can reserve your seats at the indoor seating area or enjoy dining under the open sky, with outdoor seating,

To make your dining experience everlasting, the restaurant is serving the best Italian food in Doha. The menu is prepared by top-class chefs, using some authentic cooking techniques and real Italian herbs.

Scalini is not just serving quality in Doha but this restaurant has a global network, with its roots in London. It was founded in 1988, and since then, it has found a home in many courtiers, including Qatar.

Location: St Regis, Al Khafji St, Al Gassar Resort Tower 2, Doha, Doha

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 6:30 PM to 12:00 AM

Lunch: 12:30PM to 3:30PM

Best Dishes To try: Avocado Scalini, Canestrini alla Nettuno, Tagliolini all’astice, Penne Arrabbiata, Calamari grigliati

Dress Code: Smart Casual

3. La Veranda Doha- Sheraton Doha Resort

La Veranda Doha- Sheraton Doha Resort
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The perfect ambiance, the delightful delicacies, and the heartwarming hospitality of La Veranda make it the best restaurant in Qatar for Italian Dining. This is the perfect place to discover the authentic taste and aroma of Italian herbs and spices.

Located in the Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention center, this eatery opens to an incredible view of the Doha Corniche. You can choose from indoor or outdoor seating, which is designed in a unique and distinct style. While the interiors are more of casual seating, with lights and dreamy décor, the outdoors are more romantic for dining under the sky. The calming views of the waterfront and gentle waves touching the shore look magical at night.

La Veranda Italian restaurant in Doha has set a menu that includes the classic taste of Italy. You can try oven pizza, porcini mushrooms, and bresaola. There is a distinct menu for the buffet and a La Carte menu for your lunch, breakfast, and dinners. Try the cheese salad, or the sandwiches, the seafood, and some hot Italian coffee.

Location: Al Corniche Street, Sheraton Doha Resort & Convention Hotel, Doha

Opening Hours:

Lunch: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Dinner: 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm

Friday Brunch: 12:00pm to 4:00pm

Best Dishes To try: Parmigiana di melanzane e zucchine, Carpaccio di manzo, rughetta, pomodorini e scaglie di parmigiano, Chef's Caesar salad with chicken or shrimp

Dress Code: Smart Casual

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4. Eataly Doha- Doha Festival City

Eataly Doha- Doha Festival City
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The Doha festival city is one of the best entertainment centers in Qatar housing top brands and dining outlets. Eataly Doha is surely the best Italian Restaurant in Qatar that has brought Italy to the Middle East. It was in the year 2013 when the restaurant was introduced in the Arabian region and slowly it became a synonym for Italy in the Middle East.

In Qatar, Eataly is offering the true essence of Italy with its vast menu, rich interiors, and Italian hospitality. It brings home comfort for all to relax after a whole day of shopping. The cozy and casual setting has lured visitors to unwind in its lovely aura. The menu is designed with a wide range of fancy and homemade dishes like burrata pizza, pesto pasta, and tiramisu. Not compromising on the quality of food and diversity of flavors, you will have every desirable dish to curb your cravings.

This Doha Italian Restaurant has some hot picks like pasta and pizza dishes, fries, seafood, and more. Every cuisine here is garnished and savored with Italian sauces and herbs to match the authentic flavors.

Location: Doha Festival City, Al Shamal Road, Umm Salal Mohammed, Doha

Opening Hours:

weekdays 9.00 am – 12.00 am

weekends 9.00 am – 1.00 am

Best Dishes To try: Padella per Due, Minestrone Genovese, Fritto di Calamari, Pollo, Spaghetti Pomodoro e Basilico, Risotto ai Funghi

Dress Code: Smart Casual

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5. Nova Venezia- Qanat Quartier

Nova Venezia- Qanat Quartier

Imagine eating around a Venice setting! If the Qanat Quartier in the Pearl Qatar has brought Venice city to Qatar, the Nova Venezia has justified the beauty of the surroundings with its authentic flavors. This Italian Restaurant in Qatar serves a vast menu enriched with cuisines that will lend you a flavorful experience.

Talking about the food option, you will find the real Italian dishes served listed for your lunch, dinner, and breakfast. To your surprise, there are deserts options too, you can order to complete your meal course. Nova Venezia has a family-friendly ambiance for a fine dining experience in Qatar. You can order some Italian pastry, orecchiette with shrimp or peppers filled with cream cheese.

The interiors of the restaurant boast exquisite furnishing, vibrant colors, and fine Italian décor. Bottle-green suede couches and glass-top tables are surrounded by gold-washed walls. There are lights in the background, some chandeliers to complement the elegant setting and luxating feel. Enjoy the soothing music while relishing the taste of detectable dishes served at this Italian Restaurant.

Location: Qanat Quartier, The Pearl Qatar, Doha

Opening Hours: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Best Dishes To try: orecchiette with shrimp and saffron, Pastries, Croissant

Dress Code: Smart Casual

6. Veritas Doha- Al Messila Resort and Spa

Veritas Doha- Al Messila Resort and Spa
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Discover the luxury of eating at one of the best Qatar Italian restaurants, the Veritas. Nestled in the Al Messila, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, the restaurant welcomes every guest to enjoy their favorite Italian flavors. Every dish at Veritas is prepared by world-class chefs to serve the real taste.

Bringing Italy to Qatar, Veritas has an elegant interior that is well suited for family dinners. The wooden floor characterizes the space, while the perfect seating and earthy colors are added to magnify the experience. The walls have soothing hues, and the lights illuminate every corner, which makes it quite a stylish and classy eatery in the city. The rich interior makes Veritas, the best restaurant in Doha for family dinners and luxury dining.

As you peep at the menu, you will find the dishes that are an integral part of North Italy. The oregano and salt add more flavor to every dish you order, like the oven pizza or the Caprese tartufata. Not compromising on the taste and quality, you can get freshly made Italian food in Doha only at Veritas.

Location: Al Messila, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Doha, Umm Al Saneem Street, Qatar

Opening Hours: 06:30 PM–11:00 PM

Best Dishes To try: antipasto, caprese tartufata, pizza, caprese tartufata

Dress Code: Formal

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7. La Spiga, W Doha

La Spiga, W Doha
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If you fancy a lavish dinner, La Spiga Doha is probably the best Italian restaurant you can find in the city. After upgrading the dining style at Milan, Istanbul, and other holiday destinations, La Spiga has become a trendsetter for fancy Italian dining in Qatar.

Located in W Doha, the restaurant welcomes visitors with warm hospitality and serves them the most relishing flavors of the finest Italian herbs and spices. You can try the best picks from the menu like salads, plates of pasta, pizzas, antipasti, fresh meat, and so more. The menu also has a section for seafood and other signature Italian cuisines. The world-class chefs use the finest Italian art of cooking to make every dish special for the guest.

This Italian restaurant, designed with classic and modern interiors, oozes charm to make dining special than ever. The contemporary atmosphere and friendly hospitality guarantee an experience, which is beyond words. This place is perfect for intimate dinners, romantic nights, birthdays, and other events you want to celebrate with your family or friends.

Location: W Doha Hotel & Residences, Westbay 201, Doha, Qatar

Opening Hours: Lunch: from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Dinner: from 5:00 pm to 11:30 pm

Thursday and Friday till 12:00 am

Best Dishes To try: Pizza Margherita, Burrata con pappa al pomodoro, Frittura di calamari e gamberi con zucchine, Pizza regina

Dress Code: Formal or Smart Casuals

8. Di Capri- La Cigale Hotel

Di Capri- La Cigale Hotel
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Have you ever experienced five-star dining? Well, Di Capri is one of the most famous Italian restaurants in Doha. While the menu here includes every cuisine, be it Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, or Lebanese, it is the Italian food that is worth a try. The real Italian flavor comes with homemade chocolate and pastries, or sweet delicacies like Ice Cream and cheese. The menu serves a wide range of distinctive dishes that are created with high-quality ingredients by our famous chefs.

The interiors are vibrant and lively, decorated with murals, pastoral Italian paintings, and unique patterns. The ceiling has perplexing decors, while the seating is defined by exquisite seating. This modern Italian restaurant has a bustling open kitchen and a large wine and beverage selection. Di Capri in Doha is listed among the top eateries which are perfect for casual dine-in. Not missing out on the sweet, delightful dishes, The Napolitaine dessert is the best dessert to end your meal with.

Location: 60 Suhaim Bin Hamad Street, Al Sadd Area, Doha

Opening Hours: 07:00 pm to 12:00 am

Best Dishes To try:   tuna tartare, tempura mushrooms, Napolitaine dessert, primo amore pizza

Dress Code: Casual

Delve into the relishing taste of Italy while admiring the fascinating beauty of Qatar. These Italian Restaurants in Qatar bring the real flavor of Italy to the Middle East in their unique yet authentic taste. From Pizza to pastries and coffee, choose what you desire the most on your holiday. The classy setting, the imperial decor, casual vibes, and heartwarming hospitality of these restaurants welcome every guest to celebrate the day with the best food. Make sure you have reserved your seats as most of these eateries are often crowded with families or tourists in the city.


Q1. Which are the best restaurants in Qatar for families?

Qatar is the best holiday destination where there is culture, heritage, and food to enjoy. The family restaurants here offer multiple cuisines and an elegant ambiance to enjoy dining. Some best family restaurants in Qatar are:

  • Iksha 360
  • Spice Market
  • Al-Majles Diyafa Restaurant
  • Aryaas Express
Q2. Which are the top Italian restaurants in Doha?

Qatar has many restaurants that are inspired by the authentic Italian taste. The top Italian eateries in the country are:

  • Cucina- Marriott Marquis Doha
  • Scalini Doha- St.Regis Doha
  • La Veranda Doha, Sheraton Doha Resort
  • Eataly Doha, Doha Festival City
  • Nova Venezia, Qanat Quartier
Q3. What are the best Italian foods to try in Qatar?

If you are a fan of Italian food, Qatar has many restaurants that serve the real essence of Italy. The menu at these restaurants includes hot oven pizza, creamy pasta, croissant, coffee, homemade chocolates, and more.

Q4. What are the top dishes to try at Cucina?

Cucina is located in the Marriott Marquis Doha and is listed among the top dining places offering you an extensive menu. You will find several Italian favorites like Le Bruschetta, La Pizzeria, the Prime Piatti, Pizza, creamy pasta, baked food, and every other Italian cuisine you want to taste.

Q5. Where is Nova Venezia located in Qatar?

Nove Venezia is nestled in a Venice -like the setting of the Qanat Quartier in the Pearl Qatar. This Italian restaurant has brought Italy city to Qatar with a vast menu enriched with the best Italian cuisines that will lend you a flavorful experience.

Q6. Which is the best Italian eatery for family dining?

If you are on a family holiday, you can plan a dinner at some top Italian restaurants and try the best homemade Italian dishes. The best restaurants are:

  • Cucina- Marriott Marquis Doha
  • Scalini Doha- St.Regis Doha
  • La Spiga, W Doha
  • Di Capri, La Cigale Hotel
  • Veritas Doha, Al Messila Resort and Spa
Q7. Is Veritas Doha best for casual dining in Qatar?

Veritas Doha is more of a fine dining restaurant with a formal dress code, modern interiors, contemporary atmosphere, and friendly hospitality. But this place is even perfect for intimate dinners, romantic nights, birthdays, and other events you want to celebrate with your family or friends.

Q8. What’s the specialty of La Veranda Doha?

La Veranda Doha is quite popular for its location and well-crafted menu. Some specialties of the restaurant are:

  • It indoor or outdoor seating,
  • The overlooking waterfront
  • Complete buffet lunches
  • La Carte menu for all your meals.
  • Homemade cheese and hot Italian coffee