The Pearl Qatar, an artificial island boasting a charismatic beauty, is the best destination for holidays. The dazzling lifestyle, the fancy and boutique stores, and the splendid architecture have made it a wonder to discover. There are many hotels and resorts that are proffering a luxury retreat where you can spend a quality holiday amidst leisure. The Marsa Malaz Kempinski is one of the best hotels that offer you the most magnificent vacation to remember. Featuring a luxury to make you spellbound, here is every detail that can lure you to this excellently designed staycation in Qatar.  

Marsa Malaz Kempinski The Pearl Doha For Unwinding in Luxury

A palatial that is drenched in style and class, the Marsa Malaz Kempinski is undoubtedly an impressive architectural wonder that is offering you a home-like comfort with an upgraded sense. Located in the serene landscape of the Pearl Qatar, this hotel cum resort is an oasis that will heighten all your senses. There is peace and tranquility, a royal essence, and a panorama to lend you the most beautiful sight. Reflecting the charm of Arabian art, Qatari hospitality, and scrumptious cuisines, this resort is a living embodiment of luxury and art.

Welcoming people from all walks of life, the resort is a majestic place that is lending you every comfort. The sheer elegance in its décor, and the quality reflected in its essence had added much to the fame of Kempinski. Every room of this marvelous estate reflects the touch of Arabian and European art, along with a scenic view of the Gulf. From the pool to spacious rooms, restaurants, spa, and more, the hotel presents every leisure you desire for a luxury vacay. There will be entertainment, thrill, and so much more to make your Qatar holidays a dream. This five-star hotel promises a healthy stay, where you can spend the most magnificent holiday of your life.

The Top Luxury Units at Kempinski Hotel Qatar For A Lavish Stay

Kempinski, the name itself states an unmatched luxury that is beyond any word. This water resort in the Pearl Qatar brings you the finest range of accommodation that will make your holiday nothing less than an investment of life. This five-star holiday retreat offers you 281 luxury rooms with vast space and well-versed settings boasting complete leisure and luxury. The excellent décor, the heartwarming facilities, and the exquisite furnishing in every unit ensure a sense of royalty. You can choose from the top categories to the room type that suits your style and budget. So, let’s just find out more about the accommodating features of this palatial resort in Doha.

1. Royal Suites For A Lavish Holiday

What brings you the awaited luxury and leisure? It’s the Royal Suite of Marsa Malaz Kempinski Doha where you will find an exclusive collection of modern and contemporary decor. The luxuriating journey starts with your Rolls Royce to the hotel. As you arrive here, there will be a butler at your service offering assistance throughout your stay.

The Royal Suite at Kempinski can be rightly defined as an epitome of class and sophistication. Being meticulous about the appearance, intricate use of art and architecture was ensured in every corner of the hotel and the royal suites. The opulence not only limits the design, but the features bring more to enhance the luxury experience. There are two king size beds in two master bedrooms, and the spacious living area overlooks the magical vista of the island, the Qatar beach, and the clear sky. The finest quality material is used for exquisite furnishing to add a quality touch. The room also includes a big terrace of 650 sq m with a bath fit.

Every unit of the Royal Suite has a separate bathroom with Bulgari amenities and striking features.

Room Features & Amenities:

  • In-room coffee or tea facilities
  • Balcony
  • Separate living room and bedroom
  • 24 Hour Butler
  • Bathroom with Shower, Bidet, Jacuzzi, Oversized bathtub
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2. Deluxe Suite

The Deluxe Suite of the Marsa Malaz Kempinski, Pearl, brings you a range of exclusive features to tour your holiday into a luxury affair. The Deluxe unit of the hotel provides a spacious area with a balcony or terrace overlooking the captivating views of the Pearl Qatar.

You can choose from the sea view, pool view, and the pearl view room, each designed in an excellent manner and with quality furnishing. No matter what you pick for a lavish stay, the team of experts will assist you 24x7 to cater to every demand and need. The room promises an unmatched experience with luxury and class. The interiors boast of excellent infrastructure and modern technology, making the room appear well versed and supreme. The ambiance is so adjusted to ensure a home-like comfort while indulging in the flawless beauty of this luxury hotel in Qatar. There will be a separate living room and bathroom, a range of quality styling, and amenities. Adding an extra to your experience, the Deluxe Suite comes with a separate bathroom with bathtub, and rain shower to enhance the living style.

Room Features & Amenities:

  • Balcony
  • Separate living room and bedroom
  • Some rooms with connecting doors
  • 24 Hour Butler
  • Terrace
  • Size: 120 m² (1292 ft²)

3. Grand Deluxe Suite

The Grand Deluxe Suite at Kempinski Doha is the best fit for an ideal family of two adults and three children. Built over a space of 135 sq meters, the grand deluxe suite makes Kempinski the best family hotel in Qatar, where you will find a range of the best amenities, features, and services. It is the panorama that makes the Grand Deluxe so special for leisure seekers, as they can witness the serene view of the turquoise sea and beach around. Every room under the category has a private terrace or balcony where you can relax while embracing the tranquil beauty around.

Observe the sophistication and excellence in every corner as the room reflects a high-quality décor and touch of intricate art. The hand-carved Arabian ornaments and soothing tones on the wall will magnify your senses. A separate living room and bedroom are there for the guest to relax in the unwinding atmosphere.

Room Features & Amenities

  • In-room coffee and/ or tea facilities
  • Laptop-size safe
  • Balcony
  • Separate living room and bedroom
  • 24 Hour Butler
  • Terrace
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4. Premium Suites

A real luxury comes along with the majestic living at Premium suites of Kempinski Hotel Qatar. The suite grants a sophisticated ambiance with a sense of class and style in its well-framed interiors. With a private balcony or terrace, the suite is perfect to enjoy the leisure and admire the scenic calm waters of the surroundings. The view of the dazzling beauty of the Pearl Qatar makes it a perfect accommodation for an unwinding holiday.

Talking about the features, the accommodating unit offers every modern and high-tech amenity, be it television, air conditioning, and coffee maker, etc. The decors are enhancing the essence of every corner of this vast and spacious room. The natural finish and use of the finest material is adding more value to the experience of living here.

You will find the balcony or terrace opening up to the view of the pool or the private Doha beach. Adding more comfort to your luxury vacation, the Premium suite of Kempinski Doha, Pearl has a separate bathroom, bedroom, living room, and dining and lounging areas.

Room Facilities and Amenities

  • In-room coffee and/ or tea facilities
  • Balcony
  • Working desk
  • Separate living room and bedroom
  • Nespresso machine
  • 24 Hour Butler
  • Size: 185 m² (1991 ft²)

5. Marsa Malaz Suites

The comfort of living in the signature rooms of Marsa Malaz is beyond imagination. Spreading to an area of 200 sq meters, the room includes outdoor space, a separate living area, bedroom, and bathrooms. The accommodating unit opens up to the most captivating vista of the Pearl and the beautifully designed Qatar tower of Port Arabia.

The unruffled style and the chic interiors of the suite are complimented by the high-tech and modern amenities. There is a flat-screen tv, air conditioning, contemporary furnishing, and an array of exclusive features for a comfortable stay. You can discover how elegantly the walls are styled with soothing colors and Arabian art.

Talking about the space and area, the suite will offer you a separate space for dining, bedroom, living area, and separate bathrooms. Upgrading the experience, the Marsa Malaz Suites at Kempinski Doha offers 24x7 assistance with butler service. Some rooms have connecting doors, while some feature city views or the sea view.

Room Features & Amenities

  • In-room coffee and /or tea facilities
  • Laptop-size safe
  • Balcony
  • Separate living room and bedroom
  • 24 Hour Butler
  • Terrace

6. The Panoramic Suite

There is nothing quite luxuriating like the comfort that comes with the large Panoramic suite of Marsa Malaz Kempinski Qatar. The specialized rooms, which have a private balcony or terrace, are ideal for relaxing and admiring the gorgeous tranquil waters of the environs around. The suites' well-framed interiors create a refined environment with a sense of luxury and style. You will find a balcony, patio, or floor-to-ceiling window opening towards the pool or the exclusive Doha beach. The view of Pearl Qatar's breathtaking splendor makes it an ideal location for a relaxing vacation.

When it comes to amenities, the spacious unit provides every modern and high-tech convenience. There will be a TV, air conditioning, and a coffee machine, among other amenities. The Panoramic Suite Suite at Kempinski Doha, Pearl offers a separate bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining, and sitting rooms, adding even more comfort to your luxury holiday. Every aspect of this wide and spacious room has been enhanced by the decorations to make the stay worthy.

Room Features and Amenities

  • In-room coffee and /or tea facilities
  • Balcony and Floor ceiling window
  • Working desk
  • Separate living room and bedroom
  • Nespresso machine
  • 24 Hour Butler
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7. Presidential Suite

Presidential Suites bring out the most lavish holiday experience of Qatar holidays. The Presidential suites soothe your senses with the touch of sophistication, an unparalleled beauty, and vast space to magnify your comfort. Built on an area of 460 sq meters, the suite is the best choice for a luxury holiday with a family.

The Presidential suite of Kempinski Doha is the definition of elegance and sophistication. An elaborate utilization of art and architecture was ensured in every part of the hotel and the royal suites due to meticulous attention to the details. The opulence is not limited to the design and look as the features and facilities offered here are adding more to the luxurious experience of guests. Two grand master bedrooms have king-size beds and an expansive living area that offers you the charming scenery of the island. To provide a premium look to the architecture, the finest quality material is employed for outstanding furnishing. The room offers a separate bathroom with complete fitting and exclusive Bulgari amenities.

Room Features & Amenities

  • Separate living room and bedroom
  • Powder room and Dining room
  • 24 Hour Butler
  • Terrace
  • Bathroom: Shower, Bidet, Oversized bathtub

Marsa Malaz Kempinski The Pearl For The Most Ravishing Culinary Experience

The culinary highlight of Marsa Malaz Kempinski in The Pearl Qatar guarantees you a delightful experience. The hotel features some renowned names that are known to serve the authentic taste of every fancy cuisine of this world. The top restaurants and cafes at the Kempinski are known for the extensive menu and variety of food prepared by the world know chefs. Being a top choice of families and honeymooners, the hotel has enhanced the features to lend you the best taste at the top Qatar restaurants. There are 7 well known eateries that are welcoming every guest to relish their scrumptious menu inspired by the traditional kitchen of Japan, China, France, Latin America, and other countries with rich gastronomy. From casual dining to fine dining, there is a separate menu and eatery for all your fancy meals.

The Kempinski Hotel Qatar also brings the best leisure spots with top lounges and bars. The signature drinks and exotic menu of the clubs and cafes here promise an energetic ambiance to make you ease out a bit on your vacation. You can groove with the music, enjoy some healthy bite of freshly grilled food and a classy environment. The cafes here are serving you hot and refreshing cups of tea and coffee along with a freshly prepared breakfast.

Now what makes the culinary experience at Kempinski so special, is the fun games and events where you can engage with some expectational food activities. Let’s discover the exciting things you can do to make your gastronomic experience an unforgettable affair.

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The Gastronomic Highlights

  • The Marsa Malaz brunch at Sawa is organized every Friday where you can enjoy the magnificent views with delicious food. The menu includes pasta and paella, burgers, mixed grill, and more making it a treat for your taste buds.
  • You cannot miss out on the Al Faro happening, which brings you a list of some best events to experience the Nightlife in Qatar. The events like BARRA LIBRE and MARTES DE CHIRINGUITO are hosted occasionally for the guests.
  • The High Tea café has a dedicated menu for the guests to relish the refreshing taste of tea. The menu includes a variety of options like Pearl High Tea, Dolce Vita High Tea.
  • The Al Sufra menu brings you a savory experience from the exclusive menu of special nights. There are kabab nights organized every Friday, while Asroneyeh high tea is reserved for ladies from Saturday to Wednesday.
  • Admire the beauty of the sunset with the most delicious meal served at social during the evening hours. The Social Sunset Hours are valid from Monday to Saturday, 5 pm to 8 pm.
  • Her summer is one of the best and most exclusive features offered by the Kempinski hotel Doha for the ladies to enjoy a day at the pool. There will be cocktails and some refreshing snacks to accompany you to the pool.
  • Are you looking for something romantic? Well, the hotel has a special dinner arrangement for honeymooners or couples, where they can enjoy the delicious platter under the Arabian sky. You can book Dine Under The Stars package and discover the luxury of dining around the most romantic setup.
  • The Kempinski is presenting the most exotic menu with the best food in Qatar. Al Sufra's Chicken Makloubeh is the signature dish that one cannot afford to miss. The Arabian zest and the aromatic spices have added much to its popularity.
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Rejuvenating Facilities with the Best SPA And Fitness Center at Marsa Malaz Kempinski Qatar

The Kempinski in Qatar is dedicated to a better living and healthy body. The hotel is one of the best luxury Qatar hotels promises a rejuvenating experience of spa and offers an exclusive fitness center as the Marsa Malaz Health club.

Focusing on the mind and body the spa at Kempinski is influenced by leisure and relaxing techniques for holistic healing. There are personalized options available for the guest to de-stress their mind and revitalize in the serene and tranquil environment. The brand tag Spa by Clarins is justifying the quality, and the experience each guest describes after a complete spa therapy. There are 21 treatment rooms built over an area of 3,000 sq meters.

Talking about the health club, every guest in the hotel gets access to the best Qatar gym that is not only equipped but provides the best service under the guidance of experts. Engage in any fitness activity, from cardio to weights, aerobic, and yoga, you will find assistance for all your fitness routine.

Marsa Malaz Kempinski, Qatar, is among the best properties for spending a luxury vacation. The pristine beauty of the hotel is reflected in its location, architecture, and services. The hotel reflects the excellence of art and décor, promising the best vacation of your life. You can reserve your stay at the best-accommodating unit where you will find modern amenities to add more comfort. Located in Pearl Qatar, the property not only boasts of splendid location but brings you the most captivating beauty to embrace in Qatar. So, without much ado, avail of the Doha holiday package and create precious memories in this amazing country.


Q1. Where is Pearl Qatar?

The Pearl Qatar is an artificial island built over an area of 13.9 km2. The Island is designed to offer a highly developed residential estate with short connectivity to Doha.

Q2. What are the best facilities offered at the Marsa Malaz Kempinski?

The Kempinski hotel in The Pearl Qatar boasts of a range of exclusive features and facilities, making it a luxury property. The best facilities are:

  • Luxury rooms and suites
  • Spa and fitness
  • Restaurant
  • Culinary highlights
  • Wedding and meeting space
Q3. Are there any restaurants in Kempinski hotel?

Yes, Marsa Malaz Kempinski has listed the best hotels for fine dining and casual meals. The top picked eateries you can reserve for a family dinner are:

  • Sawa
  • Al Sufra
  • Amwage
  • El Faro
  • Nozomi
  • Pearl Social
  • Ankita
Q4. What are the top room categories offered at Kempinski Hotel Qatar?

If you are looking for the best holiday experience, the Kempinski in Pearl Qatar has listed 7 categories as a deluxe suite, royal suite, presidential suite, grand deluxe suite, premium suite, Marsa Malaz suite, and Panoramic suite.

Q5. Is there any spa service available at Kempinski Hotel?

The Marsa Malaz health club and the Spa by Clarins are the two best brands that have made Kempinski, a hub for fitness freaks. The hotel offers a spa and fitness facility for each guest living there.

Q6. How is the culinary experience at Kempinski hotel Doha?

Marsa Malaz Kempinski's gastronomic highlight ensures a wonderful experience. The hotel has a number of well-known restaurants that are noted for serving real tastes with events like dining under the stars, Friday brunch, nightlife, and more.

Q7. What amenities are offered at Marsa Malaz Kempinski?

Every room category at Marsa Malaz Qatar boasts of best amenities and modern décor to make it a leisurely experience. Here are some common facilities you will find here:

  • Butler service
  • Television with satellite connectivity
  • Writing Desk
  • Balcony
  • Nespresso machine
Q8. What are the additional services provided at Marsa Malaz Kempinski?

The additional facilities you will get with your stay at the Marsa Malaz Kempinski, Doha hotel is:

  • Pool and beach access
  • Kids Playroom
  • Limousine Service
  • Wi-Fi connectivity