Who doesn’t love the rich taste of Moroccan cuisine? The scrumptious taste and the tempting aroma of every Moroccan dish is a delight. Qatar, being a hub of foodies brings the best food options from every corner of the globe. Be it European, Italian or Moroccan, there are restaurants and cafes delivering the best taste with an authentic touch. The Argan Restaurant, Doha is quite a famous place where you can dive in the most relishing Moroccan zest to celebrate a day with your family. Featuring a rich menu with every fascinating cuisine, the restaurant offers an unforgettable experience in the country.

The Intriguing Ambiance at Argan Moroccan Restaurant Doha

The Intriguing Ambiance at Argan Moroccan Restaurant Doha
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It is the setting and the real Moroccan essence that has made Argan, one of the famous eateries in the city. Located in Tivoli hotels of Qatar, the restaurant is a luxury treat for every food lover. The restaurant has set a new standard of luxury dining in Doha with its chic interiors and classic seating. The use of vibrant colors in every corner has uplifted the beauty and charisma of this splendid place.

What has made Argan so intriguing for every visitor is the ambiance. The majlis style seating area, exquisite furnishing, round table, and cozy couches deliver the comfort you need for a leisurely day. Detailing and art on the wall are done to enhance the aura where people could enjoy the beauty and taste. The ceilings of the restaurant exhibit detailed mosaic art, while the star-shaped lanterns and soothing hues on the walls are there to lend you a comfy touch.

In short, the Argan restaurant is not just delivering the best of taste, but the ambiance of the place is so elegantly set to make it the most lavish meal of the day. There is a wide variety to choose from, be it some fancy Arabic drink or famous Moroccan tea, a complete platter to serve you an appetizing course, or some delicious sider to compliment the dinner.

Delighting Argan Restaurant Menu For The Best Gastronomic Experience

Delighting Argan Restaurant Menu For The Best Gastronomic Experience

The Argan Restaurant in Doha is a place to cherish the beauty and relish the fanciest taste of every traditionally served Moroccan dish. With its opulent interiors and contemporary design, this Doha restaurant is an example of the perfect balance between traditionality and modernity. While the perfect seating, the vivacious touch of art and furnishing, and fusion of Arabesque décor intricate patterns create a magical ambiance, the menu is something that will lend you an experience of a lifetime.

When it comes to dining or ordering every course of a meal, the menu is so set that it will serve you the best taste to satisfy your hunger. Even a plate of Salad is enough to make you full. The tender and nicely cooked meat is a specialty that one must not miss. The use of exotic and raw Moroccan species and the real aroma with no modern twist is what has made it the best dining spot for many.

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Good food is something that you won't miss in Qatar as the country offers the best diversity in taste. The Argan Restaurant, Doha, is among the top places where you can enjoy a lavish meal with your family. Serving the real Moroccan taste with no fusion or twist, Argan stands out from every other luxury easterly in the country. The hospitality and welcoming nature service are like the icing on the cake to make your dining experience the best. So, whenever you are planning a holiday, book your Qatar flights and head off to this amazing place to share a happy platter with your family.


Q1. What are the timings and location of Argan Restaurant in Doha?

The Argan restaurant is located in one of the top hotels in Qatar- by Tivoli. This is the best dining at Souq Waqif, Al Jasra Boutique Hotel that is serving you a savory meal every day from 12:30 pm - 11:00 pm. The Aran restaurant is closed on Mondays.

Q2. What are the best restaurants in Qatar?

The best restaurants in Qatar where you can enjoy your best meals are:

  • Argan Restaurant
  • Nozomi Qatar
  • Novikov Qatar
  • Morimoto Restaurant
  • Nobu restaurant
Q3. What are the best hotels to stay in Qatar?

The top hotels in Qatar that serve the best hospitality and services are:

  • W Doha
  • Four Seasons Doha
  • InterContinental Doha
  • Marsa Malaz Kempinski
  • Grand Hyatt Doha
Q4. Is there any international airport in Qatar?

Hamad International is the only airport in Qatar that is served by top airlines in the world. The airport is known for its exclusive features and services that make it one of the top airports in the world.

Q5. What dishes are served at Argan Restaurant, Qatar?

The Argan Restaurant is known for its Moroccan cuisines that are served with authentic taste. Here are some best dishes you can enjoy:

  • Moroccan Tea
  • Tagine Samak
  • Lamb Tagine
  • Carrot Chermoula Salad
  • Harira Soup
Q6. What are the best dishes to try in Qatar?

Food in Qatar is a real delight that is known for its scrumptious zest. Some of the most famous dishes you should try here are:

  • Balaleet
  • Madrouba
  • Waraq enab
  • Machboos
  • Mehalabiya
Q7. Why is Souq Waqif so famous in Qatar?

Souq Waqif is one of the most famous attractions in Qatar, where you can find the best shops to shop your heart out. This is a traditional marketplace where you will find the best souvenir collection, handicrafts, and other antiques to buy.

Q8. Is a reservation needed at Argan Restaurant in Doha?

Reservation is recommended for a hassle-free experience. Being one of the most popular Moroccan restaurants in Qatar, the place is often crowded with tourists.