The Year has come to an end, and we all have buckled up ourselves to welcome the year approaching with all the optimism. The best way to take a break from the chaos is to plan a trip with family and spend quality time with them on new year’ eve and forthcoming week. If you have not decided the destination yet, why not give a thought to Jordan?  Although the country is not very popular among the travelers, you would fall in love with it, losing a piece of your heart here. How about relishing the natural landscape, beaches and vivid nightlife while celebrating New Year in Jordan!

Hop in the Lively Clubs in Jordan

Hop in the Lively Clubs in Jordan

The country in the Middle East is waiting to be explored! The clubs, bars and lounges offered by the liveliest cities are still the lesser-known side of Jordan. The clubs organize glamorous parties with great ambience flooded with food and alcohol. If you are planning to attend New year parties in Jordan, then here is the list of perfect clubs and lounge that will give you and experience worthwhile.

  • Cube Lounge in Amman: Amman the capital city of Jordan is always buzzing with people given the party option it gives for the nightlife scenes. Cube is a year-round café located in Zeid Ben Harethah Street. The club has a special Thursday night where people get served free shots of their choice specially if you are on the New Year in Amman.
  • The Blue Fig: Why not plan a night out at the Blue Fig to celebrate the New Year eve 2022 with electrifying music, live band and soothing ambience. The lounge located at the Irbid St 30 in Amman is a complete package offering bar, restaurant, dessert complex, movie hall, and an open terrace.
  • Royal Yacht Club Bar in Aqaba: Aqaba Is another popular city in Jordan that has multiple lounges and bars and clubs enticing most of the traveler with their party plans. The Royal yacht club is a gastrobar, where you can plan perfect outing with your family and enjoy the Mediterranean delicacies and drinks.
  • Cave Bar: Renowned as one of the oldest bars in Jordan, and it is said to be approximate 2000-year-old and remains open until 4AM in summers. Once you step in here you won’t leave disappointed, take a plunge in the ravishing interiors and luscious food.
  • Wranglers Pub in The Petra Palace Hotel:  Yet another popular pub where you can celebrate a fulfilling New Years’ Eve in Jordan is the Wrangler pub. Also coveted as the “The English Bar” the bar serves myriads of drinks and snacks.
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Adore the Pristine Beaches in Jordan

Adore the Pristine Beaches in Jordan

The Country is quite popular for its massive landscapes and dessert, but lesser-known fact is that there are beautiful waterbodies in Jordan where stunning beach parties can be organized during the New Year in Jordan. Let's take a look at the beaches in Jordan offering beautiful horizons

  • Wadi Mujib: The beach is at a distance of about 40 minutes for the dead sea, and it is becoming a famous spot among the tourists. If you are looking for some time offering tranquility, then live it here. Walk through the water on canyons and get time for the introspection that you were waiting for.
  • Amman Beach: The beach located on the dead sea of Jordan is one of the most popular spots for tourists in the country located just inside the national boundary. It is believed that the beach has healing properties and is advantageous for human skin and body so during your stay come and celebrate New Year's Eve in Amman.
  • South Beach: Its location close to the Red Sea, renders a lovely expression to the travelers exploring the city. The turquoise water of the beach and the glooming marine life is the result of preservation act conducted by the government. Take some time out on this new year and dive in to explore the underwater life.
  • Coral Beach: If you are planning some time alone and seeking solidarity away from the cacophony of New year eve celebration in Jordan, then this beach could be a perfect choice for you. Coral beach has many coral formations which makes it popular among divers.
  • Berenice Beach: Do you want to spend new year in Jordan in royalty? Berenice Beach resort offers a private beach along with featuring volleyball courts, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, spas. Take the opportunity to enjoy their water sports including water tubing, jet skiing, and scuba diving.
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Jordan New Year in Ancient Splendor: Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wadi Rum, Jordan

As the clock ticks away the last moments of the old year, imagine a unique and enchanting way to welcome the new one. Head to the stunning Wadi Rum in Jordan for an unforgettable New Year's Eve in Jordan like no other.

Wadi Rum, often referred to as the "Valley of the Moon," is renowned for its otherworldly landscapes, vast sand dunes, and towering sandstone mountains. This remarkable desert is not just a feast for the eyes but also a complete platter of rich Bedouin culture and history.

As the sun sets on December 31st, the desert comes alive with celebratory fervor. You can gather around roaring campfires, sharing traditional dishes and stories of the past year. In Wadi Rum, you can conclude the current year and enter the new while being under the star-studded canopy of the desert sky, you can join in the festivities, enjoying local music and dances.

When the clock strikes midnight, witness a mesmerizing display of fireworks lighting up the desert, creating a surreal contrast against the dark, silent landscape. Wadi Rum New Years’ Eve celebration symbolizes the promise of a new beginning.

Wadi Rum provides a unique backdrop for introspection, renewal, and a connection to nature that is unmatched. Start your New Year in this ancient land, and you'll carry its magic with you for the rest of the year.

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Plan New year Dinners in Popular Restaurants in Jordan

The country has stunning inter continent restaurants that offer satiating services and enriching food. If planning a celebration is overwhelming affair for you, and you are yet confused about the right way to plan your New year in Jordan, here are perfect dine-in options for your family.

  • Jasmine House: Do you know there is no shortage of romantic restaurants in Jordan, Jasmine house is yet another Italian restaurant located in the capital city. Is clubbing and loud music not your cup of tea? Great the country exclusive options for you either treat yourself or take your family out to a dinner.
  • Sufra: Have you ever tried Arabian restaurants in the Jordan? Try Sufra, no matter if you are an expatriate of a localite you can hop in the restaurant and relish the lighter as well as full meal. The elegant interiors are perfect for a soothing dining experience and the taste of authentic food will satiate your taste buds to the core.
  • Haret Jdoudna: New Year has different connotations for all. When there are many who love partying crazy there are many who just believe in some self-pampering and spend a quality time with their loved ones. Haret Jdoudna is one such lavish restaurant has stunning Arabian architecture and allow you to dive in amazing gastronomic delight.
  • Kan Zaman: It is more than a restaurant, the stunning interiors are worth exploring, Take a stroll to the place and plan dinner night out on the New Year’s in Jordan. While you are there do not forget to try their Hummus Jabali, Hummus Kan Zaman, Mutabbal, Fattoush, Tabbouleh.
  • Fakhreldine: The restaurant is one of the most elite places to take your family on dinner to celebrate the New year 2024 in Jordan. The most amazing fact about which is a primary reason for the number of footfalls is that the restaurant was once the resident of the first Jordanian Prime Minister late Mr. Fawzi Al-Mulki.
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Jordan is a beautiful country which is yet unraveled, if you have not visited the country yet then what are you waiting for? Avail yourself of the best Jordan Tour Packages as the new year is a perfect time to plan a day out and explore the astonishing beaches, clubs and authentic dishes. Plan a day out with family and discover the local attractions, it is a fact deniable that the beauty of the country will mesmerize you and make you fall in love with every aspect of it. Since the year is about to end, grab the opportunity of celebrating New year in Jordan with your loved ones or just travel solo. Choice is all yours!

FAQs for New Year in Jordan

Q1. What is the best time to visit Jordan?

The ideal time to visit Jordan is between march and may as Autumn and spring are said to be the perfect time for all the sightseeing given the soothing temperature.

Q2. Is Jordan safe at night?

Jordan is absolutely safe travel at night. Visitors can party all night without worrying about the safety.

Q3. Where can I swim in the Dead Sea?

The content of salt is too high in dead sea. Thus, visitors are not allowed to swim in the Dead Sea as it can be harmful for skin and sense organs.

Q4. What are the best beaches in Jordan?

There are 5 stunning beaches in Jordan, that are very popular among the visitors.

  1. Wadi Mujib
  2. Amman Beach
  3. South Beach
  4. Coral Beach
  5. Berenice Beach
Q5. What are the best clubs in Jordan?

The best clubs in Jordan are:

  • Cube Lounge in Amman
  • The Blue Fig
  • Royal Yacht Club Bar In Aqaba
  • Cave Bar
  • Wranglers Pub In The Petra Palace Hotel
Q6. How many airports are there in Jordan?

Jordan is a country in Middle East that has a good connectivity around the world There are total 5 airports in Jordan.

Q7. Which is the busiest airport in Jordan?

The largest airports in the country are Amman Queen Alia Airport and Aqaba King Hussein Airport, that are also the busiest.

Q8. How is the nightlife in Jordan?

There is stunning nightlife in Jordan. Hop in the club and party throughout the night with friends and closed ones.