Food, check! Liquor, check! Happy hours, check! Lavish ambiance, check! Ticking off all the boxes, Morimoto Restaurant Qatar, is one of the best eateries in the country. The best part? It is situated in Mondrian, one of the finest and best hotels in Qatar. Presenting you the zest of Japan, this restaurant brings comfort and a luxurious ambiance. The menu was hand-picked by the great Chef Masaharu Morimoto, himself. You can pick from different kinds of sushi, diverse categories of liquors, and the “after work” menu. Choose your own savory delight and have a placid and niche evening in here.

Visit Morimoto Doha, to witness what greatness is. With a décor so beautiful and charming interiors, this spot is definitely breathtaking. Also, not to forget the giant chandelier hanging low in the middle of the restaurant, it sure catches everyone's attention.

Morimoto Restaurant is a bridge between two cultures, which is showcased in the best way possible. So, make sure to pay this stunning hotel a visit and amuse yourself with the breathtaking beauty it beholds.

Morimoto Restaurant: About The Eatery

Morimoto Restaurant
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Craving for lip-smacking food? Well, then Morimoto restaurant has one of the finest dishes in the country, Qatar. Nestled in the capital city Doha, Morimoto screams the art of culinary at its very best. Did you know, that the restaurant is referred to as Morimoto Doha? With great ambiance, best in class service, and scrumptious dishes, this eatery offers the best of the country.

Laced with every feature you look for in a fine dining restaurant, Morimoto stands tall as one of the finest and supreme of Qatar. This restaurant is one of those, with fancy and lavish interiors, sophisticatedly designed landmarks and it gives out the aura of utmost comfort.

Do you think these are the reason for it to be one among the top restaurants in the middle east? Well, then you are partially right. As important as these reasons are, so is its location. Yes, situated in Mondrian, Morimoto offers a soul-soothing menu. Mondrian is one of the finest hotels in Qatar and offers a luxurious and comfortable stay. Well, now it is easier to imagine the grand and lavish structure and design of the restaurant.

Wondering what makes Morimoto an ideal choice for every food lover among the other eatery option that Mondrian provides? Well then, it the well-crafted and inspired menu that lures out people from all over the world. Inspired by the authentic zest of Japan, Morimoto restaurant is considered as one of the best eateries in the hotel as well as the city, Doha.

Come and witness the luxurious comfort, soothing charisma, and definitely an irresistible menu.  The restaurant exhibits energy and exquisiteness in every way possible. If class and elegance are what you seek fir while eating, then Morimoto restaurant has to be your best option in Qatar. It exhibits and interior beauty that is inspired by the ancient Japanese art of culinary.

Designed by the famous designer, Hiroshi Senju, and being a part of one of the finest hotels in Qatar, the architecture speaks volumes. To the cultural essence and charm of the restaurant, the pillars with golden rose hue adds on a spectacular charisma. There is also a gigantic chandelier hanging low, adding the charm of royalty, and it is also another feature that attracts the people the most.

Location: Mondrian, West Bay Lagoon, Doha, Qatar

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday – From 6: 00 PM to 11: 00 PM

Morimoto Restaurant Menu: Select Your Own Savory Ride

Morimoto Restaurant Menu
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Bringing to you the real taste of Japan, Morimoto Restaurant Qatar is all set to blow your mind away with its soul-soothing menu. Morimoto one of the best restaurants in Qatar offers you with a menu of tasteful delicacies and flavorsome liquor. Catering to several discounts offers as well the dishes served here will definitely melt your heart with delight and love. From the Waygu Filets or the Sushi, the exotic wines and refreshing beverages, here are the best cuisines to add to your plate for an unforgettable taste.

Here is the list of some famous meal course of the restaurant.  

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1. Sushi And Steak

Sushi And Steak

There are special sushi and steaks organized on the nights or every Sunday. You get to enjoy nigiri, sashimi, sushi rolls, and other delights. Sushi and steaks are one of the most popular food in Qatar, from this restaurant. Morimoto offers world class taste and presents you the with the best of Japan. From Chirashi sushi (offered in the taste of 12 different fishes) and smoked salmon to special bluefin tuna, Morimoto offers the zest of Japan and also caters to one of the finest foods in Qatar. You get the best sushi with a 16-seater dining table. So, if you are a fan of sushi or steak or wish to taste these delights, Morimoto, Mondrian offers the best in Qatar.

2. Dessert Delights

Dessert Delights

How can a meal be complete without desserts? Morimoto has got you covered. Now you don’t have to go to any other place for the sweet delights. Chef Masaharu has made the menu very patiently. Placing every dish carefully, covering all the courses. Desserts are the main part of a meal and Morimoto is all for customer satisfaction. The freshly baked cheesecake or the chocolate sphere with caramel ganache is some soul-soothing taste to satisfy your hunger. You can get all your heart craves at this jaw-dropping place.

3. After Work

After Work

After a long tiring day, what is that you crave? A delicious and delightful meal is all you need to freshen yourself up. You can have a quick bite or some cocktail to share gossip with your friend. Morimoto offers you with many things, and one among them is the “after work” menu. Add a distinct touch with aged sake or Sochu, you will have a wide variety of every red, sparkling, or white wine you need. Order wine food and whatever you want to eat. Enjoy a refreshing and fun evening at this spot.

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Chef Masaharu Morimoto: The Vision Of The Restaurant

Chef Masaharu Morimoto
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Morimoto Restaurant Doha caters to a perfect fusion of culinary art. This restaurant was the vision of great chef Masaharu Morimoto. He was the one who introduced his first fine dining eatery in the Middle East. Although Morimoto Restaurant in Mondrian holds a great significance, yet is not the first branch, it was first established in Philadelphia, and then it reached Qatar.

It is one of the finest restaurants in Qatar and acts as a bridge between the traditional delicacies of America and the native taste of Japan. Offering an intensive and exciting blend of flavors, one can say, that the vision of Chef Masaharu Morimoto is succeeded.  The menu of the restaurant was designed in such a way that it brings the diverse zest of Western and traditional dishes where there are a diverse aroma and discerning taste of each and every palate. Mondrian is the heaven for all the food lovers, and it won’t be wrong to call it a hub for all the foodies.

The restaurant lures out people from all over the world. Chef Masaharu Morimoto or you may say Morimoto Chef always dreamed to achieve a height that reaches everyone in the world, and as you can conclude, this dream came true in the form of Morimoto. This restaurant is just spectacular, and often words feel less to be able to describe the charisma, ambiance and taste that this eatery beholds.

Morimoto restaurant Qatar
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Who doesn't like to have a meal in a lavish and comfortable ambiance? Morimoto restaurant Qatar offers you the best of the country. Set in the capital city of Qatar, Doha, Morimoto is a fine dining restaurant and offers you with best delicacies. The spot caters to all the fancy dinners and celebrations. You can get yourself a lavish treat and treat yourself with the best in taste liquor. The luxurious interiors and the intricate artworks add a touch of modern and contemporary style to its decor. Sitting in one of the finest hotels of Qatar, Mondrian, Morimoto Doha is one of the best restaurants that you should definitely visit for a placid and calm meal.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit this restaurant to experience the perfect blend of American taste and Japanese zest. Book your flight tickets to Qatar and taste the best delicacies of the country.

P.S. - Don’t forget to soak up the beauty of this spectacular nation. Witness the snow dunes, participate in thrilling activities, visit the famous landmarks, taste the delicious delicacies, and most importantly indulge yourself in enjoyment.  


Q1. What are the top offerings of Morimoto Doha?

Sushi and Steak, Desserts, and After Works are the top menus of the Morimoto restaurant. Whitefish carpaccio, wagyu beef carpaccio, Lobster Carpaccio, Salmon poke, toro tartare, Sushi, Sashami, and Chirashi Sushi are the top offering of the Morimoto Restaurant.

Q2. Where is Morimoto Doha located?

Morimoto Restaurant is located in Mondrian Hotel, Doha, Qatar. Mondrian is one of the finest hotels in Qatar and offers a luxurious and comfortable stay. With great ambiance, best in class service, and scrumptious dishes, Morimoto offers the best of the country. These delicacies lure out people from all over the world.

Q3. What are the timings of Morimoto Restaurant?

Morimoto restaurant is open every day of the week from 6: 00 PM to 11: 00 PM. This restaurant is one of those, with fancy and lavish interiors, sophisticatedly designed landmarks, and it gives out the aura of utmost comfort. Morimoto restaurant has one of the finest dishes in the country, Qatar

Q4. What are the famous dishes in Qatar?

The famous dishes of Qatar are Machboos, Luqaimat, Warak, Enab, Shawarma, Falafel, Samboosa. Machboos is a meal consisting of rice, meat, and vegetables, and is the national dish of the state of Qatar. Seafood and dates are the staple food of the country.

Q5. What is the best time to visit Qatar?

The best time to visit Qatar is from mid-November to mid-March. During these months the weather here is pleasant and suitable for all kinds of activities. This span is considered a transitional span which means the weather is hot but tolerable.

Q6. How can I reach Morimoto Restaurant from Hamad International Airport?

The distance between Morimoto Restaurant and Hamad International Airport is 25 kilometers approximately, and it takes about 24 minutes to reach the restaurant. Upon arrival at the airport, you can book a cab or a taxi to reach the restaurant. Morimoto Restaurant Doha caters to a perfect fusion of culinary art.

Q7. Which are the best restaurants in Doha?

The capital city of Qatar, Doha, has several international restaurants. The ones that you should not miss out on are The Cellar, Ruby Wu's. Restaurant, Ric's Kountry Kitchen, Mykonos. Restaurant, Spice Market, NOBU, OPAL, and L'Wzaar Seafood Market

Q8. Are there any happy hours in Morimoto Doha?

Yes, there are happy hours available in Morimoto Doha. From 6: 00 PM to 12: 00 AM one can enjoy Morimoto Doha Happy hours. Serving the best cocktails or champagne along with those tempting Asian delicacies. Reserve your slot to get the best package for the evening with drinks and food.