Qatar, with its unique diversity and splendid architecture, has amazed every tourist. Despite being a small Arabian nation, a holiday here can be exciting and enthralling. There are markets and shopping places in Qatar that have lured shopaholics for a fun weekend. Doha Festival City Mall is one of the best malls that brings the leisure and fun of shopping, dining, and entertainment. From the top international brands to the finest collection of home décor and accessories, there is every luxury you need for an upgraded fashion sense. Have a look at every feature of this mall before you plan a family fun day.

Doha Festival Mall: What’s Inside This Shopping Paradise?

Doha Festival Mall: What’s Inside This Shopping Paradise
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Doha Festival Mall bring you the luxury of shopping, dining, and entertainment. It was in 2013 when the mall opened its door for visitors to shop from the first IKEA store, and since then, it is the best place when it comes to shopping. It is marked as the largest mall in the city, where there are more than 400 brand collections, 100 restaurants, and a large parking area.

Talking about indulging in luxury and style, the Doha festival city offers some of the top global brands, be it Harvey Nichols, or Charlotte Tilbury, Kiehl’s, ACE, and Dior Beauty Boutique. You will find an array of domestic and international brands exhibiting their excellence in fashion, art, and more. Similarly, dining here is fancy and perfect for all your mood. Grab a quick bite from the fast-food joints, or you can always reserve your seat at Jamie's Italian, Five Guys, or the Aimee's Café.

Have a look at the Doha festival city shops list, entertainment, and dining service offered here.

1. Brand Collection For Your Upgraded Wardrobe

Brand Collection For Your Upgraded Wardrobe
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400 shop collection! Doha Festival City is a hub of luxury, style, and comfort. Celebrating every small and big event of your life, the mall features every perfect outfit for everyone. From kids to men and women, there are fashion apparels available for everyone to make each day, a grand occasion.

The collection ranges from sportswear to jewelry, cosmetics, gadgets, watches, perfumes, and so on. The brand stores like ACE, IKEA, and some hypermarkets have made it a perfect place for shopping in Qatar. Look out for home accessories, gardening material, kitchenware, and so more, available at the vast shopping area of Doha Festival City. You can check the operational hours of top stores in the mall before planning your visit:

All Retail Stores

  • Weekday- Saturday to Wednesday: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Weekend- Thursday and Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Closed during Friday prayers)


  • Weekday- Saturday to Wednesday: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Weekend- Thursday and Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Closed during Friday prayers)

IKEA Store

  • Weekday- Sunday to Wednesday and Thursday: 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
  • Weekend- Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.; 1:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.


  • Weekday- 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.
  • Weekend- 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

2. Dining Options For Your Lavish Meals

Dining Options For Your Lavish Meals
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Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can plan any meal with your family while spending a day at DFC Doha. Dining at Doha festival city, Qatar, means going on a culinary journey where there will be top dishes from every corner of the globe. While there are more than 100 restaurants and cafes, try out every fancy Italian, Arabian, Asian or Mediterranean dish with its authentic taste. Making it easier for you to choose, we have curated a list of the best eateries and restaurants in Qatar located here.


  • Karafirin
  • IKEA Restaurant
  • Five Guys
  • Nando’s
  • Carluccio's Italian Dining


  • Paul Café
  • StarBucks
  • The Coffee Club
  • Godiva
  • L’ETO Café


  • Baskin Robbin
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Maia Chocolate
  • Edible Arrangements
  • Cinnabon
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3. Keeping You Up with the Best Entertainment

Keeping You Up with the Best Entertainment
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Doha festival city offers a wide variety of entertainment and services to make your day memorable. You can now experience the thrill and fun with some top adventure in Doha as the mall has a vast space for your family entertainment.

Doha festival mall is way more than just a shopping hub. While dining has added some popularity to its name, activities and adventure centers have made it a famous spot for families, especially kids. Keeping you updated with the latest adventure rides and entertainment options, here is how you can spend your leisure time at Doha Festival City Mall.

The Vox Cinema

The Vox Cinema
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Add a family movie day to your to-do list and get your tickets booked for The Vox Cinema experience. Doha festival mall has 18 screens cinema where the best Bollywood, Hollywood, and Arabic movie shows are hosted. The cinema experience at VOX is unreal and fascinating. And what's the best about the cinema is you will have the option to choose from THEATRE, 4DX, MAX, and KIDS.


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Gamers, get ready for some fun and thrill at Virtuocity, Doha Festival city center. This gaming zone is best for thrilling video gaming where you can get competitive with your friends. This is the first gaming hub in Doha that features full-motion racing simulators, a multipurpose sports arena, escape rooms, and so more. The virtuocity welcomes both adults and youngsters, keeping no age barrier when it comes to entertainment. The use of cutting-edge technology and the latest game development makes it quite popular in the city. There is also a retail store where you can shop for every gaming accessory, limited edition, and more.

Outdoor Leisure Trail

Outdoor Leisure Trail
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Keeping your fitness in mind the Doha festival city offers an outdoor leisure trail for cycling or jogging and running. The trail is open for the public and features a variety in designing for a perfect surface. There are 13 different trails for every activity be it a running track, biking lane, or walking space. The green space with an exercise station is a perfect setup for some outdoor workouts. Some highlighted feature of Outdoor trail includes, Grade Reversals, Berms, a Pump Track, a Rock Causeway, Drop Offs, Wedges, Water Causeway, Rock Gardens, EcoPlastic boardwalk, Rollers & Jerms, Mist Tunnel, and Rock Climbing.

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Highlights Of Doha Festival City Mall

There are many malls in Qatar yet, the Doha festival city Mall has a unique recognition and highlight to add to its popularity. Apart from housing a huge collection of international brands, dining centers, and entertainment options, here is something that makes it an attraction.

1. The angry Birds’ World

The angry Birds’ World
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An amusement park for kids, angry bird's world is the best Qatar attraction that is located in Doha Festival City. Designed with the theme of famous angry birds, this amusement park has a collection of more than 20 rides to engage the kids and adults. Families can spend a weekend break in a whole new world where there will be adventure and fun.

From riding on a 17-meter-tall tower to Go-karting fun and activities like wall climbing, rope courses, roller glides, and more, there is every enthralling feature to keep you engaged. The Park welcomes both kids and adults, irrespective of age as this angry bird's festival city has fun and adventure for each one. You can buy a family card worth QAR 25 or get the best package deal depending on your group number. There are special event cards also available for birthday celebrations and more.


  • 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Saturdays to Wednesdays
  • 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM on Thursday
  • 1:00 pm To 12:00 am on Friday

2. Snow Dunes Park Qatar

Snow Dunes Park Qatar
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Coming to another famous attraction in Doha, the snow dune park is the perfect place for your family holiday. While Qatar is a deserted region with a hot climate, snow dune park is a highlight that will let you have some mountain fun in the desert. With multiple rides and some fun games, the park welcomes every visitor to try a new adventure.

Snow dune park in DFC Doha has many attractions like snow slides, white dunes, snowy mountains, snowstorms, etc. The Snow Dunes also has some cafes and restaurants where you can get a quick bite or a coffee after a tiring affair. You can even book a VIP room at snow dune park to spend your leisure time. The VIP lounge may cost QAR 1500.

There are three packages available to enjoy a day at Snow dunes Park in Doha City Center Mall, Qatar.

Platinum Package offers unlimited time and access to the VIP lounge. You can enjoy Arabian Coffee and Tea, included with the cost.

The Gold Package is valid for three hours with rides like Slope, Snow Motion, Snow Slide, Dune Dash.

The silver package comes with a play time of two hours and access to the locker room and activities like Slope, Cold Slide, Carousel, and the Dual Racer Ride.

3. Monoprix Doha Festival City

Monoprix Doha Festival City
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The Monoprix is the largest hypermarket in Doha located at the famous DFC mall. This hypermarket is the complete shopping destination in itself as the collection here includes every item of necessity, be it fashion, household, grocery, or more.

Being the world's largest Monoprix, the hypermarket has upgraded the lifestyle of many. This is among the top shopping hub where you can indulge in some quality shopping. As people are becoming aware of health benefits, adopting a healthy lifestyle, the hypermarket brings every delight and fresh food products to promote healthy eating. You will find organic food options, dairy supplements, gluten-free and backed food items.

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The Best Facilities And Signature Services At Doha Festival Mall

The Best Facilities And Signature Services At Doha Festival Mall
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Apart from offering one kind of shopping experience, the Doha festival Mall in Qatar has every service and facility for visitors. While the mall takes care of all your needs, be it shopping, dining, or entertainment, the services here do not end here.

  • Managed by a team of the best professionals, Doha Festival City has included a number of facilities and services in the list. Some of them are as follows:
  • Some In-Mall Assistants can help you in carrying the bags, holding your child, or babysit your kid for the time being. You can hire one to make your shopping easy and more fun.
  • The entire mall has its own Wi-Fi connection that is free for every visitor. Connect your phone network to the internet and enjoy Doha festival city online shopping.
  • Are you tired of roaming around the mall for hours? The Doha festival city mall has In-Mall Taxi for getting around the mall premises, saving time and energy.
  • Not leaving the sentiments and religion of people behind, the Doha festival mall has a prayer room for those who follow their prayer time with utmost dedication.
  • Valet Parking is something we all need. The mall in Qatar has a special VIP Valet parking for guests arriving in their personal vehicles.
  • If you are on holiday with a toddler and need a stroller for carrying the child, well, you can get one easily at the mall for the time you shop and spend the best day at the Doha festival city location. There are wheelchairs also available for differently-abled.
  • There is Customer assistance and guides to assist you during your shopping hours. Catering to every comfort and ease, the assistance facility is best for first-time visitors. They will help you in finding the best store without wasting much time.
  • Do you know that you can shop and drop your items to get them delivered? Doha Festival City mall shopping comes with the facility to get your bags delivered at your doorsteps after you are done shopping for the day.
  • There are ATMs available for your cash emergency.

Doha Festival City Mall, listed as the best shopping destination is a hub for all your entertainment and fun. The mall is connected to almost every corner of the city via Doha Metro and other transportation. If you are one of those travelers who are keen on shopping and trying something new, every time they step outside, you must spend a day here. The mall is nothing lesser than an entertainment hub that brings you thrill and leisure under one roof. So, get tour Qatar flight tickets today and fly off to Doha to discover every excellence of Doha Festival City.


Q1. Where is the Doha festival city mall in Qatar?

The Doha Festival city mall is located in Doha, Umm Salal Mohammad, Ad Dawhah, Al Daayen. It is known to be one of the largest malls for Shopping and Dining. The mall features more than 400 brand outlets and 100 restaurants.

Q2. How can I reach Doha Festival city?

The Doha festival city mall is connected with major attractions via Doha Metro. All three lines, red, gold, and green lines are interlinked with the mall, offering the fastest connectivity. You can even get a taxi or rent a car to reach the mall.

Q3. What facilities are there at Doha Festival City Mall?

The Doha festival mall offers the trendy fashion collection of global brands and the best restaurants. Apart from dining and shopping, there are a number of facilities that can be availed by the guests like:

  • Valet Parking
  • Shop and Drop
  • Customer Assistance
  • In-Mall Taxi service
Q4. What are the best cafes and restaurants at Doha festival mall?

The best restaurants and cafes for your family meals in Doha festival city are:

  • Karafirin
  • IKEA Restaurant
  • Godiva
  • L’ETO Café
  • Baskin Robbin
  • Dunkin Donuts
Q5. What entertainment option is there in Doha Festival City Mall, Qatar?

To offer you the utmost entertainment and fun, Doha Festival City Mall has listed a number of entertainment activities and games for all. There is a VOX cinema to enjoy theater and movies. The amusement parks like angry bird park and snow dunes parks are a major highlight.

Q6. Are there any amusement parks in Doha?

The two famous theme parks Angry bird's world and the snow dune park are located at Doha Festival City mall. These parks are best known for an adventure rides, fun games, and special activities for kids to keep them engaged. Both the parks allow entry to everyone depending on the package you bought.

Q7. How much is the entry price of Sand Dune Park in Doha Festival city?

The Sand Dune Park has three packages as Gold, Platinum, and silver. You can buy any of the three packages as per the time and activity you want to enjoy. The entry price of the theme park and activities are included in the same.

Q8. Is Doha Festival city the best mall in Qatar?

Doha Festival City Mall offers the best fashion collection with more than 400 brand outlets. Not limiting the features to just shopping and dining, the mall also has an adventure park and theme park for family entertainment.