United business development, a specialist of food and beverages, established their first Indian restaurant in Qatar in 2009. The purpose was to introduce fine dining establishment that reflects the Indian culture, which meets the changing palates of the people in Doha. What began as a modern and retro Indian cuisine has now become an award- winning restaurants in the country.

People are given a treat to some of the finest cuisines and culture of India through its exotic flavors, taking one’s health and spiritual well-being. Saffron Restaurant Doha, nestled on the waterfronts of the Katara cultural village, offers a unique hospitality, ambience and authentic Indian food that will ensure people will always come back for more.

Tea Lounge At Saffron Lounge Doha

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People are offered a tantalizing range of tea from around the world at a restaurant in Qatar. The tea lounge is one of its kind nestled close to the restaurant. The purpose is to help the old times when business deals were made, new ideas were born, relationships were strengthened over a cup of tea.


Sunday- Tuesday: 12:00- 23:00

Dining At The Saffron Lounge

Guests can enjoy the exotic flavors of authentic Indian cuisine at the restaurant in Doha with a stunning sea view during the day and brightly lit cobblestone façade at night. It is surrounded by traditional wooden artwork along with chandeliers and soothing aromas. People will keep coming back for more mouth-watering dishes.


Sunday- Wednesday: 12:00- 23:00

Enjoy A Meal At The Outdoor Area Of The Restaurant

One of the most ideal ways to create the perfect dining experience is to enjoy the stunning settings and view of the sea.


Sunday- Saturday: 12:00- 23:00

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Food Served At The Lounge

Food Served At The Lounge
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The food on the saffron lounge menu is custom designed for various occasions. Saffron Lounge caters to all kinds of specific needs right from business lunch or birthday, special occasion or a celebratory dinner. If one has a specific request, then that is also taken care off.

Soups & Salads:

  • Kachumbar Salad
  • Chicken Tikka Salad
  • Moong Nariyal Shorba

Tandoori Kebab:

  • Murgh Malai Tikka
  • Murgh Angara Kebab
  • Tandoori Macchi Tikka
  • Tandoori Malai Jheenga


  • Raj Kachori
  • Cone Chaat
  • Dahi Papri Chaat
  • Gol Gappa Shots

Veg Sides:

  • Paneer Khurchan
  • Dal Angithi
  • Aloo Zeera
  • Cucumber Raita


  • Crispy Lamb Chukka
  • Kataifi Prawns
  • Murgh Shami Tikki
  • Tandoori Malai Broccoli

Awadhi Dum Biryani:

Murgh Dum Biryani

Jheenga Biryani

Gosht Dum Biryani

Subz Handi Biryani

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Awards Won By The Lounge Doha

Tea Lounge At Saffron Lounge Doha
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2012-2019 Time Out Doha Award

The Saffron Lounge has won the time out Doha Award each year, as they are known, recognize the highly commended Indian restaurants in Doha.

Trip Excellence Award

It has proved its excellence by winning the Trip Advisor certificate of Excellence 2015.

One of the finest dining options nestled in Doha’s Katara Cultural Village is Saffron Lounge Doha. The restaurant with its chic environment, excellent service and delicious food, people will enjoy the flavors of the authentic Indian flavors in Qatar. When you make plans to travel to Qatar, you can book your flights to Qatar and ensure you put the restaurant on the bucket list of places to eat at.


Q1. Where is Saffron Lounge Doha located?

The Saffron Lounge is seen on the waterfront of the Katara Cultural Village in Doha, Qatar.

Q2. What are the Saffron Lounge timings?

Sunday to Thursday from 12:00 to 23:00, Friday: 13:00 to 23:00 and Saturday: 12:00 to 23:00 are the timings of the restaurant.

Q3. Do they serve alcohol at the restaurant?

No, alcohol is not served at the restaurant.

Q4. Are vegetarian dishes served at Saffron Lounge Doha?

Yes, both vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes are served at the restaurant.

Q5. When was the Saffron Lounge Doha established?

The Saffron Lounge Doha was established in 2009.

Q6. What are the awards won by the restaurant?

Time Out Doha Award and Trip Excellence Award are the two awards won by the restaurant.

Q7. What kind of interiors does Saffron Lounge Doha have?

The interiors are decorated with traditional wooden artwork along with chandeliers and soothing aromas.

Q8. What are some of the appetizers offered the lounge?

People will get to taste a range of appetizers like:

  • Crispy Lamb Chukka
  • Kataifi Prawns
  • Murgh Shami Tikki
  • Tandoori Malai Broccoli