Qatar is a culturally rich destination, living by its values and beliefs. Welcoming people from all walks of life, the country has become a new wedding destination for many. If there is a luxury, there is a beauty of tradition that has made it the quintessential place to start a new life. From the lavish décor to the tantalizing menu and heartwarming hospitality, wedding places in Qatar boast their exemplary service in every possible way. If you are planning to mark your new journey royally, many wedding places in Qatar will cater to every demand, making it a dream wedding.

Top Venues To Plan A Wedding In Qatar

Make your wedding day memorable with a perfect venue in the country. If you have a perfect dream wedding in mind, here are some top places you can book to celebrate the day.

1. Regency Halls

Regency Halls
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Your marriage ceremonies can never be as grand as celebrating the day at Regency halls. It is their excellent service, the sophisticated ambiance, and the grand decoration that makes Regency Halls, the best place for your destination wedding in Qatar. The company is delivering every assistance for crafting a perfect menu, designing an ideal space for the occasion, and arranging for a gala dinner. This makes it a one-stop destination to host all your ceremonies.

You can choose from the Red Hall and the Andalusia Hall, which offers perfect space and settings. The staff will provide complete designing assistance, flower arrangements, access to luxurious bridal suites, and a private guest area, ensuring privacy and comfort. The Regency halls have a valet parking facility for every guest.

Location: Near Al Ahli Club, Opposite the Mall, D-Ring Road, Doha – Qatar

2. Bab Al Rayyan Hall

Bab Al Rayyan Hall
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If you have a dream wedding in mind, the team of Bab Al Rayyan Hall is there to help you plan the best ceremony of the year. Opened in the year 2014, this wedding place in Qatar is famed for its grand decoration, unwinding beauty of the interiors, and royal setting. There are matrimonial packages crafted with unique venue ideas, food menu, and service so that you can fancy the best idea, and make your wedding a luxury investment. The vast space can accommodate 800 people at a time and can allot more than 600 cars at the parking space.

Following the latest trends and quality décor, Bal Al Rayyan is the best wedding planner in Qatar who will assist you throughout the ceremony.

Location: Muraikh, Al Rayyan, Doha - Qatar

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3. Royal Halls

Royal Halls
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For a royal Qatar wedding, the Royal Hall is a perfect venue you can book. The outstanding services, professional compensation, and grand decoration arrangement has made them the top demanding wedding venues in Doha. The arrangements offered by the team of Royal Hall make them nothing less than a luxury venue of 5 hotels in Qatar. You can get a diverse menu like Lebanese, Continental & Gulf Food to add a tempting touch to your special occasion. Buffet lunch and dinner options are also available for a budgeted option. The team can help you choose the best flower arrangement, set up quality decor, and modern technology organizations with a camera and mobile availability. You can customize your matrimony plan with the best packages available for the customers.

Location: Al Medan Street Muaither, Doha – Qatar

4. The Torch Doha

The Torch Doha
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Whether it’s a wedding party, engagement ceremony, or reception, the Torch Doha is another perfect place for weddings in Qatar. The hotel, boasting its finest service and luxurious beauty, has added a vast space for weddings and celebrations to its features. There is an Aspire Ballroom, spreading to an area of 446 meters that can allot space to more than 300 guests. The natural lighting, the candelabras, and the excellent atmosphere magnify the beauty and experience of all. While the hotel is catering the best facility to each guest, you can reserve a catering area, get access to the private VIP lounge and ask for other assistance to make your marriage commemoration a grand celebration for all.

If you have a short guest list, you can choose any location and reserve Torch Catering to serve the best meal and add more zest to your ceremony.

Location: Al Waab Street, Aspire Zone, Doha, Qatar

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5. Four Season Doha

Four Season Doha
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Choose the most royal setting and luxury ambiance amidst the waterfront beauty to share your vows. Four season Doha is a perfect venue for a destination wedding in Qatar, offering you just the perfect space and settings to celebrate the day with your family. Understanding the sentiments and values of people, Four Seasons Doha is recognized for its service, assistance, and venue options.

Four season Doha is one of the best venues for weddings as there are options to choose the right spot. You have Al Mirqab Ballroom, Garden Terrace, and other venues for an indoor and outdoor wedding in Qatar to suit your preference and customize your decoration as per your mood. The soothing beauty of the halls and overlooking the vista of the Gulf will enhance the ambiance to make your day luxurious than you have imagined.

Location: Diplomatic Street, The Corniche, West Bay, Doha – Qatar

6. Mondrian Doha

Mondrian Doha
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If a fairy tale wedding is on your list, Mondrian Doha is the right place to plan a wedding in Qatar. The 2,000 sq meter ballroom is one of the best wedding places in Qatar where you can share the rings and share the vows to spend life together. The hall at the hotel has a direct link to Opal Suite through a 24K gold-sculpted caged elevator and marble suitcase, offering you a grand entrance as a bride.

You can get special arrangements for engagement parties or the main ceremony, plan bridal showers, and rehearsal dinners at the best venue of Mondrian Doha. From your receptions to engagement parties and other ceremonies, the hotel offers an exceptional facility to each guest. You can get the menu decorated as per your dream theme and set the menu with the best available food in Qatar.

Location: West Bay Lagoon, Doha – Qatar

7. Ezdan Palace Doha

Ezdan Palace Doha
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Weddings in Qatar can never be dull if you have chosen Ezdan Palace Doha as your venue. Built over an area of 1,905 sqm, the Jawaher ballroom at the hotel is just the right place to reserve for the day. Designed with grandeur crystal chandeliers and decorative walls, the hall stands as one of the most glamorized spots for all your marriage celebrations.

The hotel has an exclusive banquet hall that offers unique bridal suites to add a luxury touch. You can get an intimate dining menu, space for more than 1500 people, and an elegant space to host your event. Ezdan Palace Doha also has a reception venue at Rise Skybar, a luxury lounge, and restaurant in Doha. If you are planning to celebrate the entire wedding at the hotel. You can reserve the best accommodating units for your guest to experience the beauty of Qatari hospitality.

Location: Al Shamal Road, Doha – Qatar

8. W Doha

W Doha
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From your wedding to your honeymoon, W Doha is the perfect place to start life with a spark of love. W Doha has the best venue for destination weddings in Qatar, where you can plan a dream-like wedding without any hassle. The hotel boasts of 7 event rooms, with a space of 18,858 sq ft, where you can manage to host the best ceremony.

The catering facility of the hotel is excellent and delivers every intimate taste for every occasion. Be it rehearsal dinners or engagement, reception, or bachelorette, W Doha is a perfect wedding planner in Qatar. There will be a perfect backdrop, stylish interiors, and luxury to enhance your experience. The hotel has also added a Pre-Wedding facility to its service list.

Location: West Bay, Zone 61, P.O. box 19573, Street 831, Building 262, Doha

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9. Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Convention Hotel

Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Convention Hotel
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Being a perfect family spot in Qatar, Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Convention Hotel have now become a new destination and one of the best wedding places in Qatar. Delivering the best quality service and an intimate venue for a celebration, the hotel promises to make your day worth memory.

Built over a space of 94,937 sq ft, the hotel has 16 event rooms that can allot a vast space for your ceremonies. The timeless beauty of the ballrooms or banquets is perfect to complement the sophistication and standard of your luxury choice. The warm hospitality and facilities of the hotel make it an ideal place to get married in Qatar.

Location: Al Corniche Street, West Bay, Doha – Qatar

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10. St. Regis, Qatar

St. Regis, Qatar
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Carrying the legacy of Qatar, St Regis is a perfect place for a destination wedding in Qatar. The majestic surrounding and the luxury of the place has made it an ideal spot for starting a new life. The halls are designed over a space of 29,116 sq ft with 11 event rooms where you can plan to celebrate events like reception, bachelorette, engagement party, and more. The ballroom and allot space to more than 1800 guests with a perfect indoor setting.

The unforgettable experience of the ballroom will make your occasion more lavish and classic. The matrimony planners at St. Regis Qatar provide assistance with flower arrangements, tailoring a perfect menu for the evening, honoring the guest with hospitality and warmth, and so more.

Location: Al Corniche Street, West Bay, Doha – Qatar

Why Plan A Wedding In Qatar?

Why Plan A Wedding In Qatar

Weddings are the time to rejoice and celebrate every moment. From family gatherings to music, dance, events, and a lot of pleasure and fun, marriages can be the best occasion to come together and mark the day with the best memories. While there was a time when Wedlock were just a tradition, today, a grand wedding is a living statement.

Planning to host a marriage ceremony in Qatar itself is a luxury affair to invest in. Irrespective of the religion and custom, some venues offer a perfect ambiance to make your day a memory for life. Qatar not only offers grand luxury hotels but there are many weddings or banquet halls where you can plan to host the fest.

Now the question is, why Plan a wedding in Qatar? There are many reasons to choose this Middle Eastern region as your venue. If you are planning an outdoor winter wedding, Qatar experiences sublime weather with warm and cozy sunlight to make your day ideal in every possible way. If your event is falling during summers, you can exchange your rings at a lavish and royal venue designed with excellent infrastructure and an air conditioning facility.

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Destination weddings are the most trending events in today's time. While there are many places around the globe offering a serene and magnificent location, Qatar is one of the culturally rich countries where weddings can be really impressive and luxurious. Weddings places in Qatar can be the best venue for your dream wedding plan where you can enjoy the luxury infrastructure, heartwarming hospitality, and a delish menu for catering. There are hotels and banquet halls that are designed with styling and decoration to make the special event of your day, enduring memory forever.


Q1. Can I get married in Qatar?

Yes, Qatar is one of the leading destinations for weddings. Many halls and hotels in Qatar offer a vast space to celebrate events like reception and engagement parties. The professional teams working at these wedding venues ensure to assist you with every need and demand.

Q2. Which are the top venues for weddings in Qatar?

If you are planning a wedding in Qatar, you will find many halls and luxury venues at top hotels in the country. Delivering you the best facilities and a perfect space to organize the events, here are the top venues you can choose:

  • Four season Doha
  • Regency Hall
  • Royal Hall
  • Bab Al Rayyan Hall
Q3. What are the top hotels that offer wedding hall service in Qatar?

Hotels in Qatar are not just offering a luxury stay option but caters to the needs of party organizations and more. There are hotels where you will find vast ballrooms and halls to throw the best wedding party. Here are a few to name:

  • Four Season Doha
  • W Doha
  • Ezdan Palace Hotel
  • Mondrian Doha
  • Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Convention Hotel
Q4. Is there any wedding hall or banquet at Four seasons Doha?

Four Seasons Doha is one of the top wedding venues in Qatar, where you can choose from the Al Mirqab Ballroom, Garden Terrace, and other indoor and outdoor weddings venues. The hotel offers the best ambiance and service to meet your needs. The banquet halls and event space at the hotel also offer facilities to personalize your decor according to your mood.

Q5. What is the best time to visit Doha?

Doha is best for winter break as the gulf city experiences a moderate and pleasant climate. Summers can be extremely hot, making it difficult for sightseeing and more. While there are malls with proper air conditioning, it is best recommended to plan a holiday between November to March.

Q6. Are there any wedding halls in Qatar?

Qatar being the best destination for weddings offers top halls where you can arrange the best event to celebrate your wedding. If you are planning to invite your family and plan a destination wedding, these are the top halls in Qatar to reserve the date:

  • Royal Hall
  • Doha Celebration Hall
  • Bab Al Rayyan Hall
  • Regency Halls
Q7. Is a wedding in Qatar expensive?

Yes, Qatar weddings can be expensive and royal as the country offers the top luxury halls and wedding space with the best facilities and features. Most of the banquet halls in Qatar are located at top hotels offering you luxury accommodation along with a perfect wedding venue.

Q8. Can I reserve a banquet at Ezdan Palace Doha?

Yes, you can reserve a wedding space at the Ezdan Palace. The hotel has a Jawaher ballroom, built at an area of 1,905 sqm. It is designed with grandeur crystal chandeliers and decorative walls, offering you the best space for marriage celebrations. You can get an intimate dining menu, space for more than 1500 people, and an elegant space to host your event.