Believe it or not there is more to vegetarian food than a tasteless heap of leaves and raw uncooked veggies. No matter if you have a dietary restriction, or avoiding meat is your personal choice these vegetarian restaurants in Qatar are churning out wholesome meals that are completely meat-free with no compromise on taste.  These eateries know the talisman of infusing flavors into plant-based dishes. If you are looking for gourmet green food, then this list is for you. Enjoy the creative menus of the 6 vegetarian restaurants in Doha that are enlisted below.

List of 6 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Qatar

No wonder Qatar is a rich country, rich in culture, traditions, taste and economy. The tourist visiting the nations are never disappointed in regards to anything. In foreign countries, tourists generally struggle a lot to find the familiar taste and vegetarian food but, the case is not the same in Qatar, they can check out these amazing outlets to satiate your cravings for vegetarian food.

  1. Evergreen Organics
  2. The Cheesecake factory
  3. Nobu Doha
  4. Bharat Vasanta Bhavan
  5. Isaan Thai Restaurant
  6. Falafel Al Akawi

1. Evergreen Organics

Evergreen Organics
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The first 100% vegan café, Evergreen organic is located in Qatar is the first and one of its kind. They process delicious vegan food in Qatar with utmost nutritious value. They have amazing dine-in and delivery services catering to the location near and far. To border and beyond to offices, home and school and airplane cabins they are contributing their bit to encourage people to a healthy lifestyle. The menu is trifurcated in three categories: Breakfast, all day menu and Drinks. They use the highest quality ingredients that are organically sourced. Juices serves are cold pressed using hydraulic press for maximum nutrition and least oxidation. There is a detox service which is termed as cleanse. The counted benefits of registering for cleanse are:

  • Increase in energy
  • Weight loss
  • Healt skin and eyes
  • A sound sleep
  • A Boosted immune system
  • Mental clarity
  • Well-functioning digestive system


Address: Palazzo 1, Mercato Qanat Quartier, Pearl Qatar, Doha

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday; 7AM - 11 PM

2. The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory

When we talk about the cheesecake factory then it must be highlighted that, it is not strictly a vegetarian restaurant.  This is one of the few best veg restaurants in Doha, that serves to taste of all bus has vast menu that serve delightful vegetarian dishes. Their bestseller vegetarian delight is prepared with beets and asparagus, so don’t forget to try the veg cobb salad along with avocado egg rolls, whenever you visit the restaurants. The Cheesecake Factory menu boasts food under, more than two hundred categories made fresh from scratch daily including Small Plates & Snacks, Appetizers, Pastas and of course a different section for non-vegetarian dishes.

3. Nobu Doha

Nobu Doha
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Owned by renowned chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, Nobu has been dominating the market since its inception in 2015, and has been marked as one of the biggest vegan restaurants in Doha. Famous for its extensive menu including modern Arabic cuisines, Cocktails and a wide variety of vegetarian food. Despite being a Japanese restaurant Nobu is serving the authentic taste form the different nations namely India, China and Thailand. If you are looking for vegetarian and Vegan option then this place could be a perfect destination where you would love to stop by Nobu Doha every time you are in the city.


Address: Four Seasons Hotel, The Corniche, Dafna, Doha

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday; 6:30PM-11:30PM


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4. Bharat Vasanta Bhavan

Bharat Vasanta Bhavan

Popular for renditions of Indian servings, Bharat Vasanta Bhavan is a stand by vegetarian outlet that serves Indian vegetarian delicacies, on a go! You can try authentic dishes especially from the southern part of India in this best Indian restaurant in Doha. Try their Paper thing Dosa, filled with spicey potato and vegetables. This serves as a haven for the homesick Indians working and studying in Qatar, who crave for their home-like Indian food in Qatar.


Address: Near Jaidah Flyover, Al Khaleej Street, Fereej Bin Mahmoud, Doha

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday; 7AM –3PM & 6PM-11PM

5. Isaan Thai Restaurant

Isaan Thai Restaurant
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At Grand Hyatt Doha, Isaan is a renowned for its spicey tongue tingling food. It is hotel’s signature restaurant and basically serves Thai cuisine. Guests can enjoy their alfresco seating, and delicious vegetarian food served here. If you are searching for a decent place to have dinner with your entire family that includes diverse taste and preference, then this food joint can be a perfect place for you.


Address: Second Floor, Grand Hyatt Doha Hotel & Villas, Westbay, Doha

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday; 6:30PM to 11:30PM

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6. Falafel Al Akawi

Falafel Al Akawi

One must have heard the praise of the wide range of non-vegetarian food in Doha, but people surely haven't explored the vegetarian side of Qatar. Falafel al Akawi is one such veg restaurant in Doha and serves amazing falafel balls that are crispy outside and melting inside alongside their famous dip. The combination is served accumulating falafel, tender eggplant, fries, tahini wrapped inside the Akawi. The popularity can be estimated by the 5 successful outlets across Qatar and has been a very famous standby for snack food in Qatar.


Address: Opposite Al Aswar Furniture, Ibn Mahmoud Street, Fereej Bin Mahmoud, Doha

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday; 24 hours

Qatar apart from a rich cultural history has richness in eating varieties. It is true that not everyone one in Qatar is non-vegetarian and there might not be many options for vegetarian food in Qatar, but the country stands to the expectations with the least options that it has. Check out this worth trying vegetarian restaurants in Qatar for appetizing greens and meat free food alternatives. There are many aspects that can be explored when you are looking of things to do in Qatar, but how about eating at different spots and experiencing Savoury refreshments.


Q1. Where can I have vegetarian food in Qatar?

There are many vegetarian restaurants in Qatar. Here is the list of vegetarian eateries that you can check out to enjoy vegetarian delicacies.

  • Evergreen Organics
  • The Cheesecake factory
  • Nobu Doha
  • Bharat Vasanta Bhavan
  • Quick Bites
  • Falafel Al Akawi
Q2. Is there any option for south Indian food in Qatar?

Yes, there are many south Indian restaurants in Qatar, one of the most famous is Bharat Vasanta Bhavan.

Q3. Which is the best Indian restaurant in Doha?

Indian restaurant such as Saravanaa Bhavan, Aryaas, Royal tandoor and Ajnjappar restaurant are one of the bets Indian restaurants in Doha that serve authentic indian food.

Q4. Where is Nobu restaurant located in Doha?

Nobu restaurant is located in Four Seasons Hotel, The Corniche, Dafna, Doha

Q5. What are the bestsellers in Bharat Vasantha Bhavan?

You must try their Paper thing Dosa, filled with spicey potato and vegetables

Q6. Does evergreen organic serve only organic food?

Yes, the Evergreen organic serve organic food which is highly efficient in maintaining health.

Q7. Is Falafel Al Akawi open on sunday?

Yes, Falafel Al Akawi is open 24x7 throughout the week.

Q8. Does Isaan restaurant serve only vegetarian food?

No, Isaan has a wide menu catering to the needs of all the visitors.