Under Phuket's skies so blue, Honeymoon dreams come true. Beaches kissed by golden sun, Love's journey has just begun.

Shoutout to all the romantic couples out there! Wedding bells around the corner or have you recently got married? Then, planning a honeymoon must be on your mind now for sure! Bathed in the golden embrace of the sun and blessed with picturesque landscapes, Thailand is an ideal destination for a dream holiday. From the powdery beaches, lush greenery, crystal-clear blue waters and a dramatic shoreline, the pulchritudinous city of Phuket in Thailand invites wanderers to rejuvenate. The honeymoon in Phuket is a perfect way to bloom your romance and ignite the wanderlust amidst amazing activities and luxury. Want to know about all the fun that you can do in this untamed and panoramic haven? Keep scrolling!

Honeymoon in Phuket: Relish a Soul-Satisfying Holiday Together

Honeymoon in Phuket, Thailand

Starting a lifetime journey of love and togetherness is a delightful phase in any couple's life, and what better way to begin this chapter than with a dreamy honeymoon in Phuket? Nestled in the heart of Thailand, Phuket is an exotic paradise that promises newlyweds an unforgettable experience. With its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and luxurious resorts, Phuket sets the stage for a honeymoon that's equal parts romance and adventure. So, let's dive into this gorgeous destination and discover the myriad of experiences that await in this heaven.

We have cherry-picked all the fun activities you can do with your love in Phuket to ignite your romance in this land of smiles:

  1. Enjoy Boating in the Crystal-Clear Waters of the Phi Phi Island
  2. Enjoy a Mesmerizing Cruise Ride in the Picturesque Islands
  3. Interact and Click Photos with Tigers at the Tiger Kingdom
  4. Try Scuba Diving to Discover the Hypnotic Marine Life
  5. Take Your Love to New Heights with a Helicopter Ride
  6. Savor Delicious Thai Cuisine on a Candlelight Dinner
  7. Visit the Divine Temples to seek the blessings of God
  8. Intertwine love and nature at Kathu Waterfall
  9. Rejuvenate Your Senses with a Couple Spa at the Phuket Old Town
  10. Indulge in a Thrilling Nightlife at Bangla Road

1. Enjoy Boating in Crystal-Clear Waters of the Phi Phi Island

Boating in Phuket

Adorned with the mesmerizing charm of aquamarine pristine beaches, lush greenery and scenic picture-perfect mountains in the backdrop, Phi Phi Island is a heaven for love birds. Spent a romantic day on the island amidst the breathtaking beauty of the sun-kissed shores with sparkling sands. Stroll around and immerse yourself in the gorgeous views of nature, especially when the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of pink and gold. One can enjoy boating and do romantic talks with your better half for a delightful experience.

Location: Located in the Andaman Sea, between the island of Phuket and the west Strait of Malacca coast of the mainland

Water Activities to Do:

Snorkeling, scuba Diving, kayaking, boat tours, cliff jumping and swimming

Places to Visit on Phi Phi Islands:

  • Maya Bay: Famous for its stunning scenery and featured in the movie "The Beach
  • Bamboo Island: Known for its pristine beaches and excellent snorkeling spots
  • Viking Cave: A site with ancient wall paintings and a gathering spot for swiftlet nests
  • Phi Phi Viewpoint: Hike up for panoramic views of the islands and surrounding seas
  • Monkey Beach: A beach where you can encounter playful monkeys.
  • Loh Dalum Bay: A lively area with beach bars, restaurants, and nightlife.


  • Stunning Beaches, limestone cliffs, nightlife, marine life, relaxation, local culture

Best Restaurants in Phi Phi Islands:

  • Anna's Restaurant
  • Unni's Restaurant
  • Jungle Restaurant
  • Pum Thai Restaurant
  • Gypsy Restaurant
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2. Enjoy a Mesmerizing Cruise Ride in the Picturesque Islands

Cruise Ride in Phuket, Thailand

Going for a cruise ride on your honeymoon amidst the enchanting views of nature is one of the best things to do in Phuket. The beautiful city will make you enjoy a dreamy escape away from every hustle and bustle after the hectic wedding celebrations. The Andaman Sea's azure embrace sets the scene as you and your beloved sail towards secluded serenity. The gentle lull of the waves creates a romantic rhythm, inviting tender moments. With hands intertwined, discover hidden beaches, share sunset kisses, and indulge in a romantic cruise dinner. Witness the best sunset views and click the panoramic photographs of the scintillating city.

Places to enjoy cruise ride in Phuket:

  • Patong Beach
  • Phang Nga Bay
  • Phi Phi Islands
  • Similan Islands
  • James Bond Island
  • Coral Island
  • Racha Islands
  • Sunset Dinner Cruises

Location of Cruise Tour:

  • Salt Sailing Phuket
  • Phuket Island Hopper
  • La Moet Phuket
  • Sea Angel Cruise
  • Phi Phi Cruiser Phuket

Other Attractions:

  • Dining options
  • Recreational activities (swimming, snorkeling, etc.)
  • Entertainment (music, performances, etc.)
  • Relaxation (sun decks, spas, etc.)
  • Adventure activities (water sports, island exploration)
  • Child-friendly facilities
  • Fitness and wellness options
  • Bars and lounges
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3. Interact and Click Photos with Tigers at the Tiger Kingdom

Tiger Kingdom, Phuket

If you are exploring some of the unique things to do in Phuket for couples, then a visit to the Tiger Kingdom is something you just can't afford to miss. Offering a once in a lifetime experience where you can meet, play, and have your photo taken with tigers, this place is very popular among tourists from all over the world. Savor delicious food from the nearby restaurants and indulge in the whole new world of majestic tigers.

Location: Kathu, Phuket, Thailand

Timings: Opens daily from 9 AM to 5 PM

Things to Do at Tiger Kingdom, Phuket:

Interact with tigers, capture memorable photos with animals in a controlled environment

Nearby Restaurants:

  • Flying Hanuman: Offers Thai cuisine with a zipline adventure
  • Palazzo: Italian restaurant with a variety of dishes.
  • Street food stalls along the nearby roads.

Places to Visit Near Tiger Kingdom, Phuket:

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary: A tete-a-tete with the elephants

Big Buddha: Iconic 45-meter-tall statue with panoramic views

Patong Beach: Popular for its vibrant nightlife and water activities

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4. Try Scuba Diving to Discover the Hypnotic Marine Life

Scuba Diving, Thailand

Explore the depths of the Andaman Sea hand in hand, discovering vibrant marine life and surreal underwater landscapes that mirror the depth of your love. Koh Phi Phi, Similan Islands, and Racha Noi are some of the best honeymoon islands in Phuket with exceptional scuba locations, each offering unique underwater wonders. Indulging in a scuba diving escapade during your Phuket honeymoon promises unparalleled enchantment. There are many beaches in Phuket where you can also enjoy other water activities and stroll around hand-in-hand to have the best time of your life.

Places to enjoy scuba diving in Phuket:

  • Similan Islands
  • Racha Islands
  • Phi Phi Islands


  • Sanook Scuba
  • Siam Dive Center
  • DiveRACE
  • Sea Bees Diving
  • Aussie Divers Phuket

Other attractions: Nature walks, photography, water sports and swimming

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5. Take Your Love to New Heights with a Helicopter Ride

Helicopter Ride in Phuket

Elevate your Phuket and Krabi honeymoon with a breathtaking helicopter ride that paints your love story across the island's canvas of beauty. Soar above the azure waters of Phang Nga Bay, capturing iconic limestone formations and hidden lagoons from a celestial perspective. Fly over the serene beaches of Patong and Kata, your hearts entwined as the world unfolds beneath you. This aerial romance, etched in memory, amplifies the magic of your love, making Phuket a celestial haven for your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Location of Helicopter Ride in Phuket:

  • Advance Aviation Company Limited
  • UN Tour & Travel
  • Thailand Activity Travel
  • Skydance Co.

Things to Do: Photography and views from the top

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6. Savor Delicious Thai Cuisine on a Candlelight Dinner

Candle light dinner on honeymoon in Thailand

What are the most romantic things to do in Thailand that you want to try? Undoubtedly, a romantic candlelight dinner is a must to rejoice your new journey!  Indulge in the epitome of romance with your spouse by planning a spellbinding dinner date. Dress up in red and black and let the scenic aura do the rest. As the sun sets over the Andaman Sea, a table for two awaits on the soft sands, adorned with flickering candles that mirror the stars above. Savor the delectable Thai cuisine and feel the aromatic flavors in every bite.  With each sip and every shared smile, your candlelit evening here becomes a timeless memory of your love.

Best Restaurants in Phuket for a candlelight dinner:

  • La Gritta
  • Mom Tri's Kitchen
  • Diavolo Restaurant
  • On The Rock
  • Wok Pagoda Kitchen
  • Sizzle Rooftop Restaurant

Best Cafes in Phuket, Thailand:

  • The Old Phuket Coffee
  • Eleven and Two
  • Feelsion Café
  • Rose Espresso
  • Gaolad Café

Famous Food of Phuket, Thailand:

  • Pad Thai (stir-fried rice noodles)
  • Pancake (Roti)
  • Kuay Teow (Noodle Soups)
  • Som Tum (Papaya Salad)
  • Pad tau-hu priew waan (sweet-and-sour fried tofu)
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7. Visit the Divine Temples to Seek the Blessings of God

The divine temples are one of the best places to visit in Phuket to understand the rich culture and seek the blessings of God. There are numerous Thai and Hindu temples in Phuket for a blissful delight. Embrace tranquility amidst ornate architecture and serene courtyards to experience the ethereal beauty of Wat Phra Thong, where a partially buried golden Buddha emerges from the earth. At Wat Srisoonthorn, marvel at the intricate carvings that depict tales of spirituality. These temples, adorned with fragrant incense, create a spiritual aura that strengthens the depth of your bond. Seek the blessings and discover the architectural splendor for a lifetime delight.

Famous Temples in Phuket:

  • Wat Thepnimit
  • Wat Kosit Wihan
  • Wat Khao Rang Samakkhitham
  • Wat Nakaram
  • Phuket Thandayudapani Murugan Temple
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8. Intertwine Love and Nature at Kathu Waterfall

Kathu Waterfall ranks among the best places in Phuket for honeymoon if you are looking for a secluded hotspot away from the hustle and bustle. Nestled amidst lush greenery; it offers a romantic escape for a refreshing experience. As you trek through the tropical forest, the sound of cascading water mesmerizes your senses. The tiers of the waterfall reveal themselves in delicate beauty, creating tranquil pools where you and your partner can enjoy a refreshing dip. The serene ambiance and the touch of cool water against your skin create an intimate haven, perfect for quiet moments and shared laughter.

Location: Phuket

Nearby Places to Visit:

  • Patong Beach: Experience the vibrant nightlife, shopping, and entertainment.
  • Phuket Old Town: Discover historic architecture, local markets, and cultural charm.
  • Wat Chalong: Immerse in spiritual tranquility at the island's largest Buddhist temple.
  • Big Buddha: Witness the majestic 45-meter-tall statue with panoramic views.
  • Bangla Road: Explore the bustling nightlife and international dining options.

Things to Do Near Kathu Waterfall:

  • Trekking, swimming, photography and picnicking

Other Attractions:

  • Phuket Cable Ski: Try your hand at water skiing and wakeboarding nearby
  • Flying Hanuman Zipline: Experience an adrenaline rush with ziplining through the jungle
  • Go-Karting: Enjoy a thrilling go-karting experience at the nearby circuit
  • Jungceylon Shopping Mall: One of the best shopping malls in Phuket to shop for souvenirs, and clothing
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9. Rejuvenate Your Senses with a Couple Spa at the Phuket Old Town

Thai Spa

What could be better than a soothing couple spa session after all the hectic post wedding celebrations? Well, one of the best Phuket honeymoon places, the Old Town offers a perfect fusion of chic and tradition for tourists. Amidst the island's tropical serenity, surrender to the soothing embrace of side-by-side massages, rejuvenating facials, and fragrant therapies that transcend mere pampering. The air is scented with invigorating aromas, creating an atmosphere of pure tranquility as skilled hands work their magic. Select the spa according to your mood and experience complete relaxation to rejuvenate the memories of your romantic escape.  

Best Couple Spa Centers in Phuket:

  • The Raintree Spa
  • Kim's Massage & Spa 5 Phuket Old Town
  • Anda massage and spa Phuket
  • Kim's Massage & Spa 9
  • Lamoonspa

Famous Types of Spas in Phuket, Thailand:

  • Traditional Thai Massage: Combines acupressure and stretching for holistic healing.
  • Aromatherapy Spa: Utilizes aromatic essential oils to enhance relaxation and balance.
  • Herbal Spa: Incorporates Thai herbs for detoxification and rejuvenation.
  • Hot Spring Spa: Utilizes natural hot springs for therapeutic benefits.
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10. Indulge in a Thrilling Nightlife at Bangla Road

Nightlife in Phuket

Immerse yourself in an electrifying nightlife experience on Bangla Road, Patong Beach, Phuket. This iconic street comes alive after dark, offering a kaleidoscope of vibrant lights, pulsating music, and an eclectic mix of entertainment. Bars, clubs, and street performances create an atmosphere that's both invigorating and unforgettable. From neon-lit venues hosting live bands to energetic dance floors and delicious street food stalls, Bangla Road caters to every taste. Whether you're seeking wild parties or a more laid-back evening on your honeymoon trip in Phuket, this bustling strip is a must-visit for those seeking to indulge in Thailand's thrilling nocturnal scene.

Best Nightclubs in Phuket:

  • Sound Phuket
  • Phuket Dance Club
  • COMICS Cafe & Bar Phuket
  • Pink Lady Club
  • Glimpse Bar & Bistro Phuket

Best Things to do in Phuket at Night:

  • Shop at the Phuket Town Weekend Night Market
  • Stroll on the Phuket Street
  • Party at Patong Beach
  • Enjoy shows in the Simon Cabaret

Additional Information:

Best Time to Visit Phuket: Between November and February

Best Accommodation in Phuket for Honeymoon:

Here are some of the best places to stay in Phuket for honeymoon:

  • Six Senses Yao Noi
  • Amari Phuket
  • The Village Coconut Island Beach Resort - SHA Extra Plus
  • Keemala
  • Trisara
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Planning a honeymoon in Phuket is a dream brought to life. With its pristine beaches, azure waters, and luxurious resorts, Phuket sets the stage for a romantic escape. From tranquil sunsets by the Andaman Sea to adventurous island hopping and pampering spa treatments, it's a paradise for newlyweds. Whether you're savoring exquisite Thai cuisine or exploring the vibrant culture, Phuket offers a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement. So, if you're ready to create unforgettable memories, book your Thailand honeymoon packages today. Let the enchanting beauty of Phuket weave its magic as you begin this journey of love and togetherness.


Q1. What makes Phuket an ideal honeymoon destination?

Phuket's pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and a diverse range of activities create a romantic haven. Couples can relish intimate beach dinners, indulge in spa treatments, and explore local markets for unique souvenirs.

Q2. When is the best time to plan a honeymoon in Phuket?

The best time is from November to February, during the dry and cooler season. This ensures pleasant weather for outdoor activities, clear waters for diving or snorkeling, and optimal conditions for romantic sunsets.

Q3. What are some must-visit beaches for honeymooners in Phuket?

Patong Beach is famous for its energetic atmosphere and water sports, while Kata Beach offers a quieter ambiance with excellent surfing opportunities. For seclusion, Freedom Beach provides a tranquil escape.

Q4. Apart from beach time, what other activities can honeymooners enjoy?

Couples can explore the charming Old Phuket Town with its vibrant markets, colorful Sino-Portuguese architecture, and eclectic boutiques. Island hopping to nearby gems like the Phi Phi Islands offers adventure and scenic beauty.

Q5. What are some popular dishes to try while honeymooning in Phuket?

Delight your taste buds with the iconic Pad tau-hu priew waan and Pad Thai. Sampling local street food is also a must for a complete culinary experience.

Q6. What's the nightlife scene like for honeymooners in Phuket?

The lively Bangla Road in Patong transforms after dark, offering a variety of bars, clubs, and street performances. For a more relaxed experience, waterfront lounges and beachfront bars provide a romantic setting.

Q7. Where can I enjoy scuba diving in Phuket?

Some of the best places to enjoy scuba diving in Phuket include Similan Islands, Racha Islands and Phi Phi Islands. One can also explore the colorful coral reefs and indulge in a lifetime of delight.

Q8. What is Phuket, Thailand famous for?

Phuket, Thailand is renowned for its stunning palm-fringed beaches, vibrant nightlife, and a diverse range of water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and island hopping. Additionally, its rich culture is showcased through historic Old Phuket Town and bustling local markets offering a glimpse into Thai life.