A crescent of Golden Beach, overlooking the grandeur of deep blue water and the dazzling skyline of Qatar, Banana Island is a luxury escape. This holiday retreat, located close to the capital city of Doha, offers travelers a scenic experience on their holidays. The Banana Island Qatar brings you the pleasure of staying in a surreal environment, where there is an extravagant beauty and a romanticized aura. Sprawling to an area of 2 hectares, this island turned resort has enlisted every luxury and leisure to make it a picture-perfect destination for a holiday.

Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara

Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara

Imagine living on a scheduled island, possessing peace, luxury, and bliss to relax and unwind your soul! The Banana island resort is one of the perfect places that welcome every traveler to seek the leisure they need. The resort, with magnificent architecture and heartwarming hospitality, has redefined luxury and added more to your experience.

Banana island is a private Qatar island, allowing guests to dive into its charm. While the island is a piece of beauty and elegance, the resort enhances each of its features, making it nothing lesser than a wonder. There is an essence of Arabian art and modern furnishing to add a contemporary touch to its style and look. The Qatar Banana Island, a Resort Doha by Anantara, therefore, has made itself a promising staycation to find comfort and solitude.

Now, if you have planned a stay to observe the luxuriating ambiance of this private beach resort, well, here is all you need to know to give it a perfect start.

1. Well-Appointed Accommodating Units To Discover the Comfort

Well-Appointed Accommodating Units To Discover the Comfort
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Do you often plan a vacation reserving your stay in a huge villa with every fancy feature, luxurious interiors, and opulence of beauty? The Banana island resort has made every dream of yours, come true. With 141 sea view rooms, suites, beach, and overwater pool villas, located just next to the 800 m golden shoreline, the private island resort in Qatar is a paradise.

There are 9 distinct categories of rooms and suites that are designed with one perspective- to make it lavish and grand. No matter where you choose to spend your vacation, every accommodating space has its own feature and facility to make it a leisure spot. Uncover the bliss as you escape in a completely different world of Anantara, which will magnify your experience. The resort has added some basic and exclusive amenities in each living area. Making it a bit easier, here is a brief idea of what these villas and suites of Banana Island hotel offer, with their unwinding beauty.

  • Premier Sea View Room offers Sea and lagoon pool views, a private balcony or terrace with a lounging area
  • Deluxe Sea View Room offers Serene Arabian Gulf views with a private terrace and lounging area
  • Junior Suite comes with a separate living area, sea and lagoon pool views Private balcony or terrace with lounging area
  • Anantara Sea View Suite has a separate living area with serene Arabian Gulf views and a private terrace with a lounging area
  • There are one-to-five-bedroom villas with separate dining area

Each of the accommodating units brings you its own comfort and facility. While most of the rooms at Banana Island Qatar have an overlooking deck, or balcony, terrace, and window, you can observe the panorama and admire the serenity around.

Something is there for all. Room assistance and certain amenities are available for each guest irrespective of the accommodation category you choose. Ensuring comfort and ease, here is what you will get to feel the comfort of your home.

  • flat-screen TV
  • Separate Bathrooms
  • Minibar
  • Private seating Area
  • Lounge
  • Villa hosts in each villa
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2. Spa To Make It A Lifetime Experience

Spa To Make It A Lifetime Experience
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What is your definition of a perfect stay?

The banana island in Doha brings every captivating experience to make it more pleasant and memorable. There are spa facilities to compliment the staycation, enhance your leisure and comfort. The practice of traditional Arabian spa techniques and wellness facilities have made it a retreat to unravel yourself in its tranquility.

The Balance Wellness by Anantara and Anantara Spa are the two major highlights that have made this place one of the best hotels in Qatar to seek the utmost comfort. There is an authentic and distinct range of holistic healing techniques that will help you uncover your essence and rejuvenate. The spa and wellness facility of Anantara banana island is about creating a world to discover peace and unwind with the recreational experience. Embrace the ease and comfort of Middle eastern hospitality with some diverse techniques inspired by Thai Healing and other traditional methods of services. Here are the top three signature facilities that will make you relax a bit from your hectic schedule.

  • The Anantara Majestic Replenishment encourages cell regeneration and adds moisture to the skin. The use of salt scrub nourishes the skin by removing the dead cells and at the same time, using nourishing ingredients and the rich detox, boost healthy growth of the skin cells. The replenishment therapy focuses on the use of effective message methods, essential oils, and hydrotherapy.
  • Get the best banana island deals by booking your session for signature Hydra Facial. This spa and massage therapy is best to provide hydration and boost the growth of skin cells, collagen, and elastin. The therapy includes a gentle exfoliation and the use of essential oils.
  • The Banana Island signature Hammam is the most surreal experience. Hammam has always been a part of Arabian culture, and the signature spa therapy includes indigenous techniques and materials.

3. Other Facilities Of Anantara Banana Island

Other Facilities Of Anantara Banana Island

The Banana Island resort is a perfect staycation for all. Whether you are on a family holiday, honeymoon, or business trip, the resort has listed every facility to make it an experience for all. Banana island resort is among the most expensive resorts and hotels in Doha where you can discover the comfort and ease of a perfect vacation.

Talking about the amenities and facilities, the resort not just offers a perfect accommodating space, but a wide range of features too. From meeting space to the pool, private beach, and recreational activities, here is everything you can expect from this private island resort.

  • Meeting rooms and halls- Your business trip can never get more fascinating. The banana island hotel has meeting space with a visionary design that not only offers a space to carry on with your business work but also a serene view to enhance the ambiance. There are majlis-style meeting rooms with exquisite interiors, furnishing, modern technology, and a light soothing environment. The meeting rooms and halls of the resort have free WI-FI connectivity.
  • The golf course and Tennis court at this island resort have magnified the experience of all. Keeping you engaged with something you love, the resort has a space for your golfing hobby and games like tennis. The nine-hole golf course is open for every guest with programs for beginners as well as professionals.
  • Kids and Teens club, a place where your kids can enjoy while you discover leisure at Qatar Banana Island. There are games and books for kids, a babysitting service for infants and toddlers, and other activities available for the children.
  • Surf Pool, lounge pool, Kids pool and kids water park are additional attractions and entertainment centers of the resort that makes it a perfect family hotel in Qatar. From surfing to diving, pool dining, and water adventure, there is so much entertainment and adventure to enjoy.
  • Guests in Banana Island can request some additional tours and activities too. There are bicycles and Segway available for rent for your beach tour.

Top Restaurants For A Savoring Experience at Banana Island Qatar

Restaurants For A Savoring Experience at Banana Island Qatar

From relishing the taste of the most authentic Qatari dishes to the international cuisines, the banana island offers you some of the top cafes and restaurants in Doha. The diverse menu and the heartwarming hospitality of these eateries have made this Anantara resort, a perfect place for an unforgettable gastronomic experience. From Italian to Chinese, Asian, European, and Mediterranean taste, restaurants and cafes at the Banana Island resort serve you a delightful platter.

Dining here is not just unique, but it is exceptional and too mesmerizing. From private dining space to in-room dining and floating restaurants, the Qatar Banana Island has everything to make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all.

Banana Island in Qatar also offers an exotic and private dining experience. While you enjoy the stay at your luxury villa, the resort offers you the facility of in-villa dining. Each villa of the resort has a separate dining area, which is nothing less than a splendid 5-star restaurant. But if you need a perfect restaurant with all those cozy vibes and fancy settings, there are many options to choose from.

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Here Are The Top Eateries At Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara.

Have a look at the top restaurants and cafes at Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara.
  • Q Lounge and Restaurant is a spot for all-day dining and relaxing amidst the scenic pool. The lounge not only serves refreshing beverages but an authentic taste of Indian dishes. The menu includes exotic salads and freshly made seafood. There is indoor and outdoor seating available to suit your comfort.
  • Ted's is a perfect place to experience dining in a retro style, inspired by the American culture of 1960. Ted’s is among the top restaurants of Banana Island in Doha, designed with cool interiors and a sophisticated ambiance. The menu is crafted well with every Fast Food option and the main course to make it a place for everyone.
  • What about taking a break from everything to enjoy a lazy pool day and enjoy the best food in Qatar. Tanzania is an ideal spot for you to discover the relishing taste of every exotic dish served here. The café not just brings you the quality of taste, but a perfect mood to relax and enjoy the holidays.
  • Spice Spoons serve the best Arabian Cuisines, prepared by the use of authentic species. The aroma and the taste of every dish served will take you back to the time when these dishes were prepared to mark any occasion. The menu even includes some Italian fantasies to create a fusion of distinct flavors. You will feel the touch of spices and herbs in every bite.
  • Azraq, for your classic and stylish dining experience in Banana Island Doha, Qatar. The menu here is crafted with every delicious Middle Eastern food, Asian cuisines, and other delicious food items that are world-famous. This restaurant in Banana Island has a La-Carte menu and buffet theme to serve you the best.
  • You can embrace the beauty of the surroundings while enjoying the best food at Al Nahham. This is one of the finest dining restaurants in Qatar where you can relish the taste of traditional meals served. The restaurant boasts a well-styled interior with thatched pavilions and a serene view of the Gulf.
  • If you love Italian, book your seats at Riva. The place is closed on Sundays but operates from Monday to Saturday, serving you the finest Italian platter. Apart from the menu, it is the interior of the place that makes it so popular among the guests living there. You can dine indoors or book your seat at the terrace, offering you a magical view of the island.
  • Zest brings you a sweet and savory experience with its fascinating menu. This is the only café and bakery in Qatar Banana Island that has some tempting desserts, cakes, and baked food to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you are planning for a celebration, you can have this venue fixed.
  • How about dining in an Arabian cabana around the splendid beauty of the banana island? Dining by Design is the place to enjoy private dining in Banana Island. Be it any small occasion or a grand celebration, the resort sets up an ideal spot that will have every service and facility to make it the best meal of your life.

Banana Island Qatar is the best luxury resort for your holiday when you need an escape from the chaos of city life. This private island resort offers you splendid scenery and utmost leisure to discover peace and comfort. The resort offers adventures and activities, spacious villas, and accommodations that are so designed to make you feel at home. From Spa to meeting space and gastronomic experiences, there is a lot to make your staycation in Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara, a memory of a lifetime. Reserve your nights today and get your Qatar flight tickets for a perfect staycation.


Q1. Where is Banana Island in Qatar?

The Banana Island is located off the coast of downtown Doha. It is a private island in Qatar that offers a luxury stay and the best facilities to tourists on holidays. The Banana Island is famous for its Banana Island resort Doha by Anantara.

Q2. Are there islands in Qatar?

Qatar has some of the most beautiful natural and man-made islands that make it a perfect holiday spot. The top islands in Qatar are:

  • Banana Island Doha
  • The Pearl Qatar
  • Al Safliya Island
  • Al Aaliya Island
  • Ishat Island
Q3. How long can I stay on Banana Island?

Your stay in Banana Island depends on your holiday plan. While there is nothing much to explore but for a luxury vacation, Banana Island is the best place in Qatar. For the best experience, you can book at least 2 nights here.

Q4. How can I reach the banana island from Doha’s Hamad International Airport?

If you are arriving from the international airport, there is a shuttle service provided by the resort. You can even get a catamaran ferry ride from Al Shuyukh Terminal. The Catamaran operates every hour and can allot space for 45 passengers.

Q5. Is there any restaurant at Banana Island resort?

Banana Island resort has a number of restaurants and cafes that are serving every international and authentic dish. You can choose in-villa dining or enjoy food at these restaurants.

  • Azraq
  • Q Lounge & Restaurant
  • Riva
  • Ted's
  • Al Nahham
Q6. What accommodations are there to choose from in Banana Island resort?

Depending on your budget and holiday type, Banana Island resort has a number of accommodations available to choose the best. You can pick an ideal stay from:

  • Premier Sea View Room
  • Deluxe Sea View Room
  • Junior Suite
  • Anantara Sea View Suite
  • One to five-bedroom Villa
Q7. How can I spend my holiday at Banana Island?

The Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara not only offers luxury accommodation and facilities but also activities to enjoy the holiday. Here are some of the best activities you can enjoy:

  • Surfing
  • Bowling
  • Beach tour
  • Tennis and sports
  • Kids Water Park
Q8. What facilities are there at Banana Island resort?

The banana island resort in Qatar has every luxuriating facility and service that can make your stay pleasant and comforting. There are restaurants and café, activities, a spa and wellness center, meeting rooms, and more to meet all your demands.