The first thing people notice when they land in another country or city, is the airport. Comfort and convenience while traveling is a must for every traveler, things which the airports in Qatar provides.  The airports welcome their tourists is style, situated close to the best hotels, flaunting its serene architecture and world- class facilities.

People can get rid of their jetlag after a long journey and stopover with a spa treatment or simply rest in the lounge. Their needs are taken care off, as the airport ensures they have a comfortable time. Hamad international airport, the famous and only commercial airport in Qatar, offers a warm welcome and hospitality to its travelers, which makes it the 3rd best in the world. Let’s get a sneak peek into the facilities offered by the airport and learn about the other airports in Qatar.

Best Airports In Qatar For Their World- Class Facilities

People from around the world are often attracted to a country’s rich heritage and culture. These are things that make a country the one stop holiday destination. With all the richness seen in the heritage sites, did you ever stop to think for once, that an airport is one of the most beautiful places people can relax and enjoy themselves, even if it's only for a couple of minutes?

With an area of only 11,571 sq km in the middle east, the tiny nation of Qatar has only 3 airports, Hamad international airport, being the major one. The international airport takes care of all the domestic and international flights. Let’s look into the different airports in Qatar that cater to various kinds of travelers.

Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar

Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar
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Did you know Qatar has a 5-star airport that offers the most fancy and luxurious experience not found anywhere else in the country? Often called the New Doha international airport, Hamad is the third best fancy 5-star airport that boasts of a 5-star hotel and its glistening and shinning roofs, walls and floors.

The airport offers its travelers the best facilities beyond their expectations. It is one of the busiest places to visit in Qatar as it caters to over 12 million passengers each year. Based on several reviews and opinions, the airport has been given a 5-star rating.  The authorities at the airport take care of their travelers needs and help them get through security clearance easily.

Architecture Of The Hamad International Airport

Architecture Of The Hamad International Airport

Have you ever spent time at a fancy airport just for its appearance? If you haven't, then maybe you take time out and just go. Boasting of luxurious designs in terms of its interiors and architecture, Hamad international airport Doha was designed and built by the best architectural firm named HOK. The landscapes and culture of Qatar are reflected through the architecture and designs of the airport.

The airport is designed in a curved shaped representing a curvy ocean waves and sand dunes. Qatar offers passengers arriving at the airport elegance and luxury. This airport is one of the fanciest and grand buildings in Qatar with its richly designed interiors with  modern and fancy spaces, aesthetic ceilings and glass decors.

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Shopping At The Airport

Shopping At The Airport

Do you buy things at the airport or just simply go window shopping? Tourists can enjoy the most fancy and luxurious Qatar airport shopping experience, arriving or leaving at the Hamad International Airport. Coach, Burberry, Harrods, Gucci, Michael Kors, Swarovski, Victoria Secret and many others are some of the brands people can shop for at the airport.

Shopping at airports is one of the best things to do in Qatar as one can enjoy splurging on all kinds of products. With such facilities, what more can anyone want? It will be the best experience of a lifetime and people will always come back just to shop for all the fancy products.

Dinning At The Airport

Dinning At The Airport

Did you know you can get a quick bite to eat at one of the airport restaurants in Qatar? To enjoy the ideal dining experience, one can treat themselves to some of the most scrumptious, mouthwatering foods at Burger King, Illy Café, Red Mango, Yumcha Asian Food, Starbucks, Farggi and others.

It is one of the most stomach satisfying experiences of a lifetime people should not miss out on. So, the next time people are either leaving or coming into the airport, they should give their taste buds a treat to some of the most amazing cuisines.  These are certain things that make travelers happy and satisfied, as it makes them come back for more.

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Relax And Chill Out At The Hamad International Airport

Relax And Chill Out At The Hamad International Airport

The Doha airport offers travelers several ways to simply unwind and relax, a way of enjoying world class experience. There are several amenities a traveler can take advantage of for all their jet lags and long stopovers which include using the business and first-class lounges to unwind. The lounges offer free high-speed Wi-fi to family rooms, shower facility and smoking rooms, things that travelers often want after a long flight.

Oryx Airport Hotel is a fancy 4-star hotel in Doha the airport flaunts and boasts about for its premium hospitality and serene aura. One can take advantage of all the facilities and easily spend an entire day of peace and leisure.

To enjoy a whole hearted experience, travelers are given access to the fitness center and dining area at the Doha airport hotel. The rooms are equipped with all the basic facilities and are spacious with comfortable bedding. If you have a long stopover in between your flights, you can book a stay at the hotel.

To get acquainted with the art and culture of the country, the airport has an art exhibition, travelers can see.  The art gallery is the ideal way for people to get a sneak peek into the rich and culture of Qatar.  People can go crab a cup of coffee at a café or buy souvenirs at the stores and enjoy some of the finest international and local flavors of the middle east.

One of the many things to do in Doha at the airport, before catching the next flight is to go to a quiet room and enjoy the reclining chairs. You can read a book or simply take a nap in the room.

Qatar airways is one of the major airlines operating from the Hamad international airport, among various others. The airline offers the most comfortable journey and people can enjoy the best facilities at the airport. One can easily check in and out of the airport within minutes.

Other Facilities

Are you looking for some specific kind of facilities? Not to worry, the airport has you covered. Travelers can avail of certain other facilities like baby strollers, indoor activity nodes which are fully equipped, parents' rooms for infant care, priority boarding and so much. These are certain necessities which most travelers often look for when arriving at an airport in another city.

The Qatar airport ensures a traveler’s needs are taken off and they have a smooth transit. With so much to offer at the airport itself, people may not want to leave the country ever. Hence, whenever you travel to Qatar, ensure to take advantage of all the facilities available. What more can anyone ask for when it comes to having such a delightful experience?

Interesting facts About The Airport

  • It is one of the finest and busiest 5-star airport in the world
  • The airport has over 30 million passengers flying in and out. It will soon be upgraded to 50 million.
  • It is the biggest building with an area of 600,000 square meters in Qatar
  • The first-class passengers of Qatar airways are entitled to 14 out 138 well-designed check in counters.
  • The western runway is about 4850 meters long and is the 8th longest runway in the world.
  • The airport’s maintenance hangar has a holding capacity of about 13 panes, the largest in the world.
  • The airport can land and take off over 100 aircrafts in an hour.
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Al Khor Airport, Al Khor, Qatar

Al Khor Airport, Al Khor, Qatar
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One of the other places to visit in Doha is the Al Khor Airport, a non- commercial airport in the country known to cater private jets.  It is a place where the famous Al Khor fly- In event are held. The event is open to the public for 2 days where they get to see aviation sports and adventures.

It has been hosting the events since 2008, which includes narrating stories about the latest technologies being use in the aviation industry. Tourists get to interact with the pilots and understand their experience while flying an aircraft.  Private charters can be hired from the airport. Visiting such places make a trip worthwhile as one learns a lot about a country or city. It is an experience of a lifetime which people should discover.

Even though it is not Qatar’s international airport, tourists should visit it just to get a glimpse of what it looks like and learn something about it. It is one of the most unique ways of spending time in Qatar, which may not be found anywhere else. What more can anyone want? Don’t wait any longer. If you ever get the chance, then explore the place with your family and friends.

Qatar is one of the most famous holiday destinations in the world known for its rich culture and heritage. Speaking of heritage, the architecture of the airports in Qatar flaunts the country’s history. They play an important role in their own way for instance speedy security, medical care and much more. Al Udeid Air Base serves as the ideal base for security. One of the major attractions in Qatar is the Hamad international airport as tourists from around the world are awe struck by its architecture and design. So, if you haven’t been yet, then why not go and see what the airport is all about for yourself. It is worth the  experience at least once, as you will not be disappointed at all.


Q1. How large is Hamad International Airport?

The 22 km sqaure area with 600,000-meter square long passenger terminal, Hamad International airport is one of the largest airports in Qatar.

Q2. How to reach the Doha city center from Hamad International airport?

One can easily rent a car or limousine from the airport and reach the city center from the airport. Travelers can even take a taxi from the Taxi pavilion from the airport. People can even travel by bus and reach their final destination without any problems.

Q3. How many terminals does Hamad International Airport have?

It has 3 terminals which include arrival, departure and transfer and the first class and business class passengers have a premium terminal.

Q4. Is the Hamad international airport safe for travelers?

It is one of the largest and safest airports in Qatar that offer the best world class amenities for all kinds of travelers. People can feel right at home with all the facilities offered to them.

Q5. How long does it take to reach the city center from the airport?

One can reach the city center in about 15 minutes by car or taxi.

Q6. How many airports does Qatar have?

Qatar has about 4 airports, out of which one is a military base.

Q7. What are some of the things one can do at the Hamad International Airport?

Duty-free shopping, fine-dining, explore art galleries, sleep in the quiet rooms, book a comfy stay at the airport hotel, having a good time at the lounges or a refreshing spa session are some of the things people can enjoy and do at the airport. People can feel right at home and have the best time availing some of these facilities offered at the airport.

Q8. Can one take a nap at the airport?

Yes, one can take a nap in the quiet rooms at the airport to recover from their jet lag.

Q9. Is it safe to travel to Qatar?

Qatar is filled with surprises for all kinds of travelers. It has so much to offer with its heritage sites. Tourists will never get bored and will always come back for more.

Q10. What is the one interesting thing tourists should know about the international airport?

The western runway is about 4850 meters long and is the 8th longest runway in the world. It is the one thing tourists should know about the airport.