Qatar welcomes every tourist with an open heart to endeavor leisure. The country with enriching beauty is also known for its wealth, where you can discover luxury and sustainability. People from all walks of life visit Qatar to admire the magnificence, the culture, and the passion of its tradition. While there are several hotels and resorts where you can plan a staycation, the  Zubarah Hotel is surely the place where you can relax and enjoy an affordable holiday. Here are the best features of this lavishly designed hotel you should know before booking.  

Zubarah Hotel Qatar Welcoming You For Palatial Stay

Whether it's a business meeting or a family holiday, the Zubarah Boutique Hotel is known for its friendly environment. Boasting of ultimate elegance and grandeur, the hotel reflects an invigorating aura to make you feel at home. With more than 45 guest rooms and spacious design, the hotel is one of the finest accommodations for your holiday in Qatar. There is tranquility and a calm serenity to make your holiday a peaceful affair.

This boutique hotel is featuring a range of every exclusive amenity, be it a spacious stay or the most relishing taste of local, authentic cuisines. Seek an ultimate leisure experience and a world-class facility that is served here for your personalized vacation and a reasonable luxuriating lifestyle.

The Zubarah Hotel is one of the first international brands of the hotel in Qatar that is creating a contemporary style in its unique location. There is a sense of art and culture with music and literature to celebrate authenticity. Influenced by the hospitality and the warmth of Qatari culture and tradition, the Zubarah boutique hotel promises a satisfying experience. While Zubarah, back in the days, was a major port in Qatar, today, the name of this palatial hotel has upgraded its significance with the best facilities. Introducing you to the history and beauty of Qatar, Hotel Zubarah delivers the warmth of Qatari values.

The Best Accommodation At Zubarah Boutique Hotel Doha

Celebrate your holiday by embracing the beauty of Qatari hospitality. The Zubarah proffers a sustainable style with its intricate design to make your stay comforting. The hotel holds a vision to serve every desire of a luxury holiday by sharing the tradition and values with every guest. There are 45 rooms and suites, bringing you exceptional quality to suit your living style. The blend of soothing tones and the luxuriating interiors have added every style and comfort in every room of this Doha Hotel.

Let us dive deeper to better understand the quality and every exclusive feature offered with the best accommodating space.

1. Zubarah Classic King

Zubarah Classic King

Cool and soothing colors, the intricate Arabic design, the eye-catching patterns, and the immaculate technology is all you will be offered at this Zubarah Classic King. Built over a space of 29m2, the room has 1 king-size bed, amenities like a flat-screen TV, desk, and a lot more to make your living easier, and leisurely. A separate bathroom with bathtub and shower will be attached with this room of Zubarah Hotel, Doha. The living area with a private balcony opens up to the city view offering you a serene landscape.

Other facilities in the room are iPod dock, Safe, Air conditioning, Interconnecting room(s), Minibar, Dining area, Coffee machine, and more.

2. Zubarah Classic Twin

Zubarah Classic Twin

The Zubarah Classic Twin guest room shares the same feature as the Classic rooms with a balcony, air conditioning, separate bathrooms, and modern furnishing. What's different is the twin beds set over an area of 29m2. The interiors and the décor reflect a sense of sophistication, adding more comfort to your vacation. The room is not just but is also offering a blend of modern high-tech amenities and a contemporary look. You can admire the serene view of the Doha skyline from the balcony.

The best Room Facilities offered in Classic Twin rooms of Zubarah hotel Qatar are iPod dock, Air conditioning, Iron, Bathtub, Hairdryer, Free toiletries, Minibar, Coffee machine, and more.

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3. Zubarah Junior Suite

The elegant and sophisticated style of the Zubarah Junior suite is all you need for your holiday in Qatar. While the rooms are spacious, offering you a well-equipped space of 39m2, there will be every luxury and comfort to make you feel at home. The blend of modern and contemporary décor with exquisite furnishing brings a personalized touch to your vacation. The room will feature an overlooking balcony from where you can embrace the glamor and splendor of the best Qatar attractions.

The Zubarah Junior Suite will offer you the best Facilities like TV with satellite channels, iPod dock, Sitting area, Wardrobe, Free toiletries, Minibar, Dining area, Coffee machine, and more.

4. Zubarah Suite

Zubarah Suite

If luxury is all you need, the Zubarah Suite is the best accommodation you can choose at this suite at Zubarah boutique hotel, Doha. Every amenity included in the room brings a personalized touch to make you feel at home. There is a separate sitting area and bedroom, offering you utmost leisure and privacy. The spacious settings with an area of 46m2 with 1 king bed, and every exquisite furnishing defines the luxury of the hotel room.

Here are some of the best room Facilities to make your holiday more lavish: Flat-screen TV, iPod dock, Air conditioning, Desk, Free toiletries, Minibar, and more.

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An Unwinding Experience At Zubarah Hotel Spa

Zubarah Hotels and resort is among the top spa hotels in Qatar where you can unwind your body and soul. The serene beauty of the surroundings and the thriving features of the hotel pleases you to take a break and relax, seeking ultimate leisure. Pamper yourself with the award-winning spa technology, and the traditional holistic healing offered to every guest. The Zubarah Rayhaan Spa brings exquisite massage and spa therapies for both men and women, taking care of privacy and comfort of all.

There are exclusive deals on some days for ladies that bring them the best spa sessions with different spa rooms, sauna, jacuzzi, treatments like facial, manicure, and Pedicure. While Zubarah hotel, Qatar, uses every calming and relaxing technique to make it the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience of a lifetime, you can always ask for a personalized spa, which is tailored by the experts to offer the best experience. The Rayhaan spa takes it as pride by offering an unforgeable experience enriched with the culture of Qatar, the traditional spices, technique, hospitality, service, and more.

You can get your reservation for a spa day at the Boutique hotel. The timings are as follows.

  • Opening hours: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Last reservation : 09:00 PM
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Zubarah Boutique Hotel In Qatar Bringing You More Than Just Luxury

Zubarah is not just another luxury hotel in Qatar, but there is a lot more to its beauty and features. The hotel offers a wide range of facilities and services that could make your stay a memorable staycation. c Catering the most soulful experience, here are the top features that you can take advantage of while sending quality time here.

The Fitness Center

The Fitness Center

Take care of your health while you are on vacation. The Zubarah Hotel, Doha, offers you a well-equipped fitness center offering you a wide range of gym equipment and a healthy environment. Overlooking the serene view of Doha, you can indulge in every physical and mental exercise, be it yoga, aerobics, weights, or cardio.

The Meeting Room

The Meeting Room

Business trips and seminars can be your reason to be in Qatar, and for this reason, the Zubarah hotel in Doha has listed the finest state-of-art-technology for your official meets. The hotel features meeting rooms, conference halls, and other facilities to offer you a perfect professional environment for every seminar. There are projectors and laptops, and other electronic devices available in every private executive meeting room.

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A Soulful Gastronomic Experience At The Best Restaurants of Zubarah Boutique Hotel In Doha

It's time to discover the hidden taste at Zubarah that can serve you the perfect meal to celebrate the day. The fine-dining restaurants and lounge at this hotel can be the best way to delve into the relishing taste of Qatar and other food destinations. For your family dining to breakfast and evening much, you will find the perfect menu for all your occasion and mood. Here are the best dining spaces you can reserve for each day.

1. Caminito

Discover the delicious taste of Argentinian cuisines served at the best Qatar restaurant, the Caminito. With the specialized taste of Europe and the fresh Latin Zest, the eatery is offering you a taste to die for. The prices are reasonable, and the quality of food is beyond description. Every specialty of the menu is crafted by world-class chefs who are presenting you with a zestful culinary style. There will be the main course and mocktails to serve you a complete course of the meal. Have the top picks of the day with a series of appetizers and desserts to make it a satisfying affair.

Opening Time: 6:30 PM – 11:30 PM

2. Baraha

The true sense of Arabic and Qatari food is presented only at the Baraha restaurant of Zubarah Hotel Doha. There is a complimentary taste that will leave you spellbound with a rich and refreshing aroma. The blend of traditional and modern cooking not only serves you an authentic and enriching taste with every fancy platter. Try the most innovative cuisine on the menu for a unique and unforgettable experience. With the best food in Qatar, the restaurant is always open to present you with a heartwarming meal and hospitality.

Opening Time: 6:30 AM – 11:30 PM

3. Zubarah Lounge

Zubarah Lounge

Nightlife in Doha can be an everlasting experience, but the Zubarah Lounge has something more to offer. Rejuvenate your mood and relax while sipping your favorite fresh drink of the day. There are Mocktails, and some signature beverages served along with the lounge menu. Order the best to compliment your mood while the dining menu is there to serve you a satisfying course of the meal.

The lounge of Zubarah Hotel in Qatar is family-friendly and ideal to offer you a leisurely evening. From the hot cup of coffee to the cold punch of fruit juice, you have ample options to choose from.

Opening Time: 6:30 PM – 11:30 PM

Zubarah Hotel, Doha stands as one of the most affordable accommodations that can offer you utmost leisure and luxury. Located close to the famous landmarks of the city, the hotel presents you with the same lavish holiday as offered by any 5-star accommodation in the world. The touch of Arabic art and decorations has enhanced the experience of guests living here. The handmade carpets, the earthy tones, and the spacious living area will offer you the most relaxing holiday of your lifetime. So, without a delay, book your Doha flight tickets, grab your bags, and head off for an exciting holiday in Qatar.


Q1. Is Zubarah hotel in Doha a luxury property?

Zubarah Hotel is a boutique 3-star property that is offering the best services at a reasonable price. The features and services of the hotel make it no lesser than a 5-star hotel in Qatar. The hospitality and facilities make it one of the best accommodations for a staycation.

Q2. How close is Hamad international to the Zubarah Boutique Hotel?

The Hamad International airport is just9 km from the Zubarah Hotel. There are cabs and city buses, easily available to commute without any hassle. Moreover, the hotel is also nestled close to many attractions like Souq Waqif and more.

Q3. What facilities are there at Zubarah Boutique in Qatar?

The Zubarah Boutique hotel provided a wide range of services and facilities to make it a memorable holiday for every guest. There is a spa and fitness center, dining area, and meeting room available to take care of your every need. Even the rooms are well-equipped with every amenity.

Q4. Can I stay with my family at hotel Zubarah?

Yes, the Zubarah hotel in Doha is the ultimate family place. The hotel represents the tradition and culture of Qatar with its heartwarming welcome and hospitality. The family-friendly environment will make you feel at home.

Q5. Is there any spa facility available at Zubarah Boutique Hotel, Doha?

The Rayhaan spa at Zubarah Boutique Hotel is one of the best spas in Qatar, where you can relax and unwind your mind. The use of traditional Arabic techniques and holistic healing sessions will make you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.

Q6. What are the best dining options at the Doha Zubarah hotel?

Zubarah Hotel in Qatar is home to selective restaurants that are serving the best food. There will be a fancy international and authentic menu served at Zubarah Lounge, Baraha, and Caminito.

Q7. Are there any services available for business trips and seminars?

Zubarah Hotel is offering a professional space with private meeting rooms that are well-versed with high-tech amenities and facilities. These rooms are best for all official meetings, conferences, seminars, and more.

Q8. What are the best room categories at Zubarah Hotel Qatar?

There are four room categories available to take care of your leisure and comfort. You can choose to stay at any of the best rooms from:

  • Zubarah Classic King
  • Zubarah Twin King
  • Zubarah Junior suite
  • Zubarah Suite