What about a walkthrough to this quirky café that celebrates the dynamic and rich Arabian culture? Sipping a hot cup of ‘gahwa’ instigates conversations with your beloved under the beautiful canopy that will evoke memories of your bygone days, often occupying the edge in your treasure box. Arabian Tea House Café takes you back to the Arab’s historic past through the transformation of a heritage house into a socialized place. Never miss out on a chance to visit this café for a heartwarming experience with a platter full of happiness and the fragrant coffee. Dubai’s coffee culture can be summed up by recalling the pictures and the flavored aroma of baked coffee beans that will still linger in your mind.

Arabian Tea House Café: Let’s Discover the Story of this Elegant Café

Arabian Tea House Café

Located in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, the Arabian Tea House Café started in 1997 is the perfect portrayal of distinguished Emirati culture manifested on the setting and ambience for the soulful aura. Also known as Basta Art Café, the old timers get a chance to recreate and relive the surreal moments spent over the past years in this space. Sprawled all along the café, the use of ruffled curtains, rattan chairs, turquoise benches and dried flowers will make you appreciate the vivid artistic wonders. The genuine Emirati platter brimmed with colorful toppings curated beautifully will leave you speechless and in awe.

Let’s have a glance at the basics before your visit to the Arabian Tea House Café.

Address: Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE.

Opening Hours: 7 a.m. to11 p.m.

Best Time to visit: During Winters

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Food at Arabian Tea House Café Dubai

Food at Arabian Tea House Café
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Starting from the healthier breakfast options to the scrumptious appetizers, greens on your plate, savory bakes, soulful meals, delectable desserts, Arabian Tea House Cafe offers a palatable taste for tantalizing your tastebuds. Never miss out on a chance to try out chef’s recommended dishes like Lemon Lamb Tikka, Karkade or Hibiscus Tea, Dates Cake, Mixed Barbecue, Sambosa, Emirati Breakfast Tray, Harees, Reqaq Bread, Dates Milk Shake, Kid’s Breakfast Tray, Salona Deyay, Balaleet, Tahta Laham, Laham Machboos, Khabisah, Karak Tea, Special Lime & Mint during your visit to this cafe for a wholesome experience. The Arabian Tea House Restaurant and Cafe also serves the kids with their best specially curated dishes, keeping in mind the needs of their taste. The salad bowls and breakfast platters are presentable in such a unique way that the visuals themselves can treat your soul. The chicken wraps are a must savory delight loaded with cheese and meat to delight your senses. The cafe itself is a way to make your day with the scrumptious meal options, keeping in mind the nutritional aspects.

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Service at Arabian Tea House Café Dubai

Service at Arabian Tea House Café
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The Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Cafe Al Fahidi, often considered as the most celebrated and secret garden to blow away your minds with the classic Emirati aura and the authentic Emirati dishes for your delight. Known for the top-notch hospitality service, the team promises the guests to deliver quality over quantity at the best affordable rates. You can rely on the team for bringing out the best taste by maintaining hygiene factors. Nevertheless, the soulful aura of the Arabian Tea Cafe Dubai itself acts as a cherry on top of your platter.

Major Attractions Near Arabian Tea House Cafe Dubai

Attractions Near Arabian Tea House Cafe

Arabian Tea House Restaurant and Cafe is itself a major culinary hub and a hyped cultural affair that you should experience during your trip to Dubai. After slurping your fingertip, you can visit some major places to visit in Dubai near the Arabian Tea House Cafe Dubai.

  1. WOW Kids Amusement Arcade: Known as the best spot for providing futuristic environment for the kids, the Wow Kids Amusement Park will help your kid develop creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills.
  2. The Mall Jumeirah: Located at Jumeirah Beach Road, the Mall started functioning in the beginning of 2016 and is considered a shopper’s paradise to meet your fun and entertainment factor.
  3. Wild Wadi Waterpark: With the rip-roaring water slides and thrilling rides, Wild Wadi Park will indulge you in some of the best things to do in Dubai with your friends and family for lifetime treasures.
  4. Tao Spa: Pamper yourself in this haven, beautifully crafted for women with the ideals of Taoism to create balance and harmony in your life. Try visiting this cafe to get the luxurious feeling and comfort to treat your senses.
  5. Jumeirah Archaeological Site: One of the historical landmarks in Dubai, the Jumeirah Archaeological Site is the storehouse of extracted jewels, artifacts, ancient pottery, coins, tools.

Things to do Near Arabian Tea House Cafe Dubai

Things to do Near Arabian Tea House Cafe

While you are on the cafe hopping game, you can add numerous activities to carry out in the list of things to do near Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Cafe Jumeirah. Since it’s located in the hub of Al Fahidi historical neighborhood, you can embark on a historical and cultural journey to explore the hidden gems that the city holds for you to unfold. Since the historic city was built by the Persian merchants brought to Dubai for seeking better trade opportunities, the architectural wonders in the space will give you the best shot for your upcoming Instagram post.

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Travel Tips for Dubai

Travel Tips for Dubai

While planning your trip to Dubai, never forget to follow the best travel tips to make it super comfortable and memorable. Have a look at the best travel tips for your honeymoon in Dubai.

  1. Visit Dubai during Winters: For favorable weather conditions and to enjoy wholeheartedly in the splashing waves of picturesque beaches, try to plan your trip during winters.
  2. Pack your Summer Clothes: Start packing floral printed dresses adorned with ruffles, slippers and a hat to make yourself comfortable while basking in the sun on the sandy beaches in Dubai.
  3. Follow a Modest Dressing Sense: Apart from the male community, women should be aware of following a modest dressing style, covering their shoulders & knees and should avoid revealing clothes.
  4. Avoid overpriced food stalls: Try avoiding food stalls near the tourist attractions as they are overpriced as a part of your touristy trait. You can try out food in the local stalls and recommended restaurants in Dubai available the market area.
  5. Choose the cheapest way of touring around: You can save a lot of money by opting for public means of transportation like the metro and taxis. Go for it and hop around the beautiful islands in Dubai.

After your gracious visit to this sprawling Arabian Tea House Cafe, you cannot help yourself from jotting down the best experiences gained for the extravagant decor and the rich Emirati delicacies. If you are keen in writing, this is the best space to pen down your array of emotions related to the appealing visuals of the traditional summer Arab Houses engulfed by trees on all side. You will feel like honing the skill of turning dreams into reality just like the masterminds behind this vibrant social house did. So, are you up for your next trip? Book Dubai tour packages with us right now at cheap deals.

Arabian Tea House Cafe FAQ’s

Q1. Where is the old Arabian Tea House Cafe located Dubai?

The old Arabian Tea House is located at Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It’s situated in the middle of the historic city of Dubai and can be a major advantage if you plan for heritage tours.

Q2. Where are the other branches of Arabian Tea House Cafe Dubai?

The Arabian Tea House Cafe Dubai was started in 1997 in Al Fahidi street, and it opened new branches where you can experience the best of Emirati culture. The other branches of Arabian Tea Cafe House are:

  • Mercato Mall, Jumeirah
  • Sharjah, Al Merijah
  • Archaeological Site, Dubai
  • Jumeirah Public Beach, Dubai
  • Montenegro, Europe
Q3. What makes Arabian Tea House Cafe Dubai special?

Arabian Tea House Cafe is best known for the huge Emirati spread over the table along with the tinge of cool colors to recreate the age-old Arabian summer houses and the languid air will lull you to doze off.

Q4. What are the timings of Arabian Tea House Cafe Dubai?

Arabian Tea House Cafe Dubai is open every day and you can pay a visit anytime you want. The usual working hours of this cafe are from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Q5. What is the best time to visit Arabian Tea House Cafe Dubai?

The best time to visit Arabian Tea House Cafe Dubai is during the winters in the evening hours as it will serve as a sweet escape from your daily schedule. You can get the stunning views of the port and the old Arabian city of Sharjah.

Q6. How many days are enough for Dubai?

You can spend up to 4-5 days in Dubai for a well-rounded experience starting from visiting the historic landmarks to undertaking culinary journeys to savor wholesomeness of Arabian food. You can extend your trip as per your preferences and requirements.