Dubai, a dream city of many is adorned with the mesmerizing beauty of scintillating skyscrapers, turquoise water beaches, enchanting mountains, and ancient ruins for a thrilling holiday. Blessed with a heavenly charm, the islands in Dubai are perfect spots to relish in ultimate peace amidst soothing landscapes of nature. From the crystal-clear waters, lush greenery, soothing atmosphere, and blissful vibes, the islands will let you enjoy a soul-relaxing holiday close to the natural charm. The captivating city is home to many natural and man-made islands to make you escape into a land of utmost delight. Want to know more about these mesmerizing islands? Voila! Keep scrolling!

Best Islands in Dubai: For a Soul-Soothing Holiday in the Gorgeous City

Offering a myriad of adventures and fun, the islands in Dubai are a perfect place to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle. Featuring deluxe resorts, residential areas, and leisure activities, the islands are pure bliss. Here are the best man-made and natural islands for a soothing retreat:

  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Jumeirah Bay Island
  • Bluewaters Island Dubai
  • Lebanon Island Dubai
  • Palm Jebel Ali
  • Deira Islands
  • Marsa Al Arab
  • Burj Al Arab Isle

1. Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah

One of the best islands in world, Palm Island Dubai is a fantastic place to enjoy time in nature’s lap. The tree-like shape of the Jumeriah Island comprises of 17 fronds, ultra-luxurious villas, lavish apartments, townhouses, and a vibrant lifestyle making it the best island of the city. The main attractions are the pretty beaches and deluxe aura of the soul-refreshing landscape. there are many restaurants in Dubai on this island offering international delights and world-class services to pamper the guests with hospitality.

Location: Jumeirah coastal area of Dubai

Attractions: Luxurious villas, lavish apartments, lifestyle, restaurants, and picturesque landscapes

2. Jumeirah Bay Island

Jumeirah Bay Island

Nestled on the Arabian Gulf, the enchanting Jumeirah Bay Island is an iconic place to experience utmost peace, luxury, and bliss. The island offers a blissful escape amidst the heavenly vistas and luxurious lifestyle to soothe your senses. Offering numerous amenities, this is one of the best islands in Dubai. Home to world-class Bulgari Resorts Residences, 101 rooms and lavish suites, 20 hotel villas, and dine-in spots, the island has it all. The 300-metre-long bridge provides a smooth travel route to the island

Location: Jumeirah 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Attractions: World-class Bulgari resorts residences, hotels, gym, dine-in spots, and adventure activities

3. Bluewaters Island Dubai

Bluewaters Island Dubai

Bluewaters Dubai is brimmed with every deluxe amenity, adventure activities, dine-in and more making it one of the best Islands for a getaway. A paradise for guests, the island features low-end residences and is home to 698 apartments, 4 penthouses, and 17 townhouses and more. There is a myriad of water sports activities to keep tourists entertained with its exceptional waterfront lifestyle. Guests can enjoy a world-class culinary ride in fine restaurants and indulge in numerous amusement and leisure options for a gladsome holiday in the UAE.

Location: 500 meters off the Jumeirah Beach Residence coastline

Attractions: Deluxe restaurants, exceptional waterfront lifestyle, lavish residential buildings

4. Lebanon Island Dubai

Lebanon Island Dubai

One of the best places to visit in the UAE, Lebanon Island is an iconic destination for a luxurious stay. Offering incredible views of mesmerizing landscapes and astounding views, the islands are situated in the middle of the World Islands, Dubai. Adorned with natural beauty, luxury, and peace, the islands are an ideal place for a soothing vacation away from the hustle and bustle. The world-class restaurants offering delicious cuisines allures numerous tourists here for a heavenly retreat. Witness the enchanting sunset and sunrise views and rejuvenate amidst the panoramic scenery. The lavish services like volleyball courts, soothing spas, bars, and nightlife make this an ideal place to hang.

Location: The World Island, Lebanon Island, Dubai

Attractions: Deluxe bars, opulent restaurants, volleyball courts, spas, luxurious accommodations and water adventure

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5. Palm Jebel Ali

Palm Jebel Ali

The long-term project of the Nakheel Group, Palm Jebel Ali is a beautiful island that is about 50% larger than Palm Jumeirah. Brimmed with residential, commercial, entertainment, luxurious resorts, restaurants, bars, and more, the majestic island is all set to welcome guests for a lavish holiday close to nature. The 70 KM long scenic beaches, six marinas, and blissful aura make it one of the best islands in the UAE. Completed and opened in 2021, the man-made hypnotic island awaits a luxurious holiday for you. Housing about 250,000 people, the island offers a perfect escape into a land of utmost comfort and luxury.

Location: Coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Attractions: Lavish residentials, scenic beaches, six marinas, sumptuous restaurants and hotels.

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6. Deira Islands

Deira Islands

Offering one of the cleanest and most scenic beaches in the UAE, the Deira Islands is heaven on earth. Brimmed with picturesque landscapes, deluxe hotels, and opulent restaurants with a view, the island is a complete family entertainment zone for guests. Other attractions include enthusiastic leisure spots, retail shops for shopping, resorts, and hotels. Featuring an area of about 745000 square meters, the island creates about 80,000 jobs in different factors from restaurants, cafes, lifestyle, sports activities, and more, the island is a top attraction in Dubai. The lavish lifestyle and captivating beauty make this one of the best places to visit in Dubai.

Location: Off the coast of Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Attractions: Lavish buildings, malls, hotels, marketplaces, nightlife, and water sports on scenic beaches

7. Marsa Al Arab

Marsa Al Arab
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One of the most iconic Islands in the charming city of Dubai, Marsa Al Arab is brimmed with every luxury and comfort for guests. The man-made island in Dubai is a perfect destination for a leisurely holiday close to nature amidst all amenities required for a lavish lifestyle. The top attractions include theatres, water parks, a marina park, restaurants, cafes, deluxe hotels, and leisurely accommodations for a lavish getaway away from the ho-hum. If you are on your honeymoon in Dubai, this is a place you must visit and relish a heavenly holiday.

Location: 14 Al Seef St - Umm Hurair 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Attractions: Hotels, restaurants, cafes, theatres, water parks, marina park, and top-notch accommodations

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8. Burj Al Arab Isle

Burj Al Arab Isle
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Staying in a deluxe ambiance amidst the natural beauty of the turquoise sea and lush greenery is one of the best things to do in Dubai. Burj Al Arab Isle is an iconic landmark that is renowned for its astounding buildings and luxury. The artificial island is a huge attraction for tourists and is famous for nearby helipads and placid beaches. Got 6 years in total to get built, the jaw-dropping architecture of the island is best to explore if you are looking for a quick escape into luxury and tranquility. The helipad, beaches, and exotic restaurants make it a perfect honeymoon island in Dubai.

Location: Off the coast of Jumeirah

Attractions:  Helipad, restaurants, and hotels

If you are looking for a lavish escape amidst luxury and natural beauty, the islands in Dubai are the best options for you in the UAE. Embellished with scenic beaches, mesmerizing landscapes, a vibrant aura, and natural charm, the islands offer a fantastic time amidst a blend of natural and man-made wonders. There is no dearth of amenities including fine restaurants, opulent resorts, spas, gyms, malls, shopping complexes, and more for a holiday like never before. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and avail of the Dubai tour packages for a gladsome holiday.


Q1. What are the best islands in Dubai?

Here is a list of the top islands in Dubai for a delightful vacation with your loved ones. The islands offer every amenity and luxury for a holiday like never before.

  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Jumeirah Bay Island
  • Bluewaters Island Dubai
  • Lebanon Island Dubai
  • Palm Jebel Ali
Q2. What is the best time to visit Dubai?

The best time to visit the charming city of Dubai is during the winter months from November to April. At this time, the weather is ideal to explore the splendor the city and indulge in numerous adventure activities.

Q3. What are the best places to visit in Dubai?

There are many amazing places to visit in Dubai for an amazing vacation close to scenic beaches and scintillating skyscrapers. It includes:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • The Dubai Fountain
  • The Dubai Mall
  • Dubai Miracle Garden
  • Global Village
Q4. What are the top attractions of the Palm Jumeirah Island?

The top attractions of Palm Jumeirah include Luxurious villas, lavish apartments, lifestyle, restaurants, and picturesque landscapes. The amenities make it a perfect place for a leisurely holiday.

Q5. What are the adventure activities one can enjoy on Islands in Dubai?

One can indulge in numerous adventure activities on various Islands in Dubai. It includes scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, kite surfing, skydiving, flyboarding, hot air balloon, ziplining, helicopter tour, and more for a holiday like never before.

Q6. What are the amenities available on Jumeirah Bay Island, Dubai?

Jumeirah Bay Island, Dubai is brimmed with amazing facilities for a fantastic vacation. Guests can enjoy leisure time at world-class Bulgari resorts residences, hotels, gyms, dine-in spots, and indulge in adventure activities for a fun-filled holiday.

Q7. Which island is famous for its helipad in Dubai?

Famous for nearby helipad, Burj Al Arab Isle is a man-made island in Dubai featuring numerous facilities for a lavish holiday. The island is famous among those planning a honeymoon in Dubai for a leisurely stay amidst the beautiful landscapes.

Q8. How many days is enough for Dubai?

A total of 5 to 7 days is enough to explore the majestic beauty of Dubai for an amazing vacation. One can stroll around the city and explore the astonishing architecture, visit the beautiful islands, indulge in water activities, and savor delicious cuisine for a lifetime experience.