Are you up for the signature Ferrari ride to take up this vacation during your Dubai trip? If yes, gear up for the upcoming biggest adventure for a soul-stirring experience. Being home to the world’s fastest rollercoaster, highest loop ride, tallest frame structure and more than 40 exuberant attractions, the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is itself a wonderland to plunge into the pulse of adrenaline. Free yourself up to conquer the Ferrari World and challenge yourself with the hurdles and set your way free.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: Set on a Record-Breaking Journey

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Often recognized as the world’s first Ferrari branded theme park, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will take you through a challenging journey with fascinating rides and experiences. Ranging from grabbing instant bites to the leisure fine dining experiences, it serves the best Italian cuisine and a multitude of international cuisines from across the world. Located at the heart of Yas Island, this award-winning theme park boasts of its achievement for bagging the Best of the Best Traveller’s Choice Award 2022 by Trip Advisor for its top-notch hospitality service.

A Quick Glance at the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

While planning your visit to Abu Dhabi, adding Ferrari World to your bucket list should be your top priority. Create a handful of memories at one of the best parks in Abu Dhabi. Now, have a glance at the quick facts of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi theme park.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Address: Yas Island - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Park Timings: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Nearest Airport: Abu Dhabi International Airport

How to Reach Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Park

  1. From the Airport you can board the metro ride from Airport Terminal 3 and get off at Ibn Battuta Mall. Take a bus and it will drop you off at Shahama which is about 56 mins of travel. From Shahama, you can hire a taxi and get off at the entrance gate of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.
  2. If you are planning to take a bus from Airport, head towards Terminal 2 and take a bus. You will be dropped by at Ghubaiba Bus Station at Abu Dhabi which will take about 2 hours. After reaching Abu Dhabi, head towards Al Wadha Terminal and go on a bus ride for Yas Island Ferrari World Park Abu Dhabi.

Dining at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: The Tasty Ticket, IL Podio, Espresso Rosso, Mamma Rosella, Officers Food Quarters

Activities & Events at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: Winter Fest, Formula Run, Race into Summer

Best Season to Visit: During Summer

Nearby Attractions: National Aquarium Abu Dhabi, Qasr Al Watan, Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi, Louvre Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Tickets

  1. Single Day Ticket (Access to Rides & Attractions, Complimentary Shuttle Bus, Free Parking)
  2. 2 Park Ticket (Access to 2 Parks or Visit one park twice within 14 days (about 2 weeks), Complimentary Shuttle Bus, Free Parking)
  3. 3 Park Tickets (Access to 3 Parks or Visit one park thrice within 14 days (about 2 weeks), Complimentary Shuttle Bus, Free Parking)
  4. 4 Park Tickets (Access to 3 Parks or Visit one park four times within 14 days (about 2 weeks), Complimentary Shuttle Bus, Free Parking)

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Rides

  1. Formula Rossa
  2. Flying Aces
  3. Turbo Track
  4. Fiorano GT Challenge
  5. Turbo Tower
  6. Mission Ferrari
  7. Formula Rossa Junior
  8. Flying Wings
  9. Speedway Race
  10. Bell Italia
  11. Junior Grand Prix
  12. Karting Academy
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Zones at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Zones at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari Amusement Park Abu Dhabi has broken records in terms of fabulous rollercoaster rides and heart-thumping experiences. With a total of five incredible zones and over 40 pulse-racing rides, get ready to enjoy a world of Ferrari fueled fun.

  1. Welcome Plaza: Greets the guests with the flamboyant execution of colorful events, entertainment activities, and outstanding live performances. Go shop at the Ferrari Store and don’t forget to take some Ferrari memories with you.
  2. Family Zone: Family Zone invites the kids for the miniature version of iconic rides to enjoy with their families. Experience Turbo Tower, Formula Rossa Junior, Flying Wings, Speedway Race, Karting Academy, Tyre Twist for a unique Ferrari feeling with your kids. It’s also the home to Espresso Rosso.
  3. Racing Zone: Conquer the world’s first rollercoaster with a speed of 0 to 240 km (about 149.13 mi)/hr. in 4.9 seconds and a height of 52 meters. Feel the excitement of being an F1 racing champion by driving up the fast speed racing cars at Junior Grand Prix, Benno’s Great Race, Nello’s Adventureland, Viaggio in Italia, Driving with the Champion, Junior Training Camp. Moreover, it houses the Il Podio Restaurant and these zones are the best places to visit in Abu Dhabi.
  4. Italian Zone: Go on an adventure ride to explore the vigor and beauty of Maranello town also known as the home of Ferrari. With a scale of 63m at a 51-degree incline and a speed of 120 km/hr., experience the Flying Aces, also known as the world’s highest rollercoaster loop. Challenge your friends on the twisting tracks of Fiorano GT Challenge, iconic racetracks of Bell Italia, fantastical 4D universe on Speed of Magic, navigating the boats and cars on RC Challenge. Moreover, Made in Maranello can turn your car designing dream into reality whereas try testing your luck at Motor Midway Games. It houses the Mamma Rosella & Officers Food Quarters to savor worldwide delicacies.
  5. Adventure Zone: The heaven for all adventure junkies to unwind for endless fun and entertainment. Experience the rush of the continuous thrills with each ride at Turbo Track, act like a pro Ferrari driver at Scuderia Challenge, and feel like a Ferrari pit crew member at Tyre Changing Experience. Also, don’t forget to try your hands at driving everyone’s dream car, a Ferrari, for a memorable ride. Pay a visit to the Ferrari Store Driving Experience to have a glimpse of an exclusive collection of branded products.

Experiences at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Experiences at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi location always happens to be a reason to redefine your level of joy and excitement. Visiting this world-class theme park with friends and families and having novel jaw-dropping experiences will double up will joy. Let’s have a look at the unique experiences it offers:

  1. Ferrari Drive: Live your dream of driving a Ferrari once in your lifetime. Experience the thrill of touring around Yas Island on the magical wheels of the Ferrari.
  2. Racing Stimulators: Featuring a total of 3 Advanced Stimulators, maximize your F1 racing potential and feel like a trained Ferrari driver. Since it's a onetime experience with limited time, sign up early to take it up.
  3. Roof Walk Experience: Get a unique walking experience on the roof of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Take some close ups of the logo and achieve new heights of the Ferrari’s incredible experience.
  4. Karting Academy: Brush up your racing skills to go on a 290 meter (about the height of the Empire State Building) long Ferrari World Karting track. Bring the best out of the first electric go-kart circuit.
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Dining Experiences at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Dining Experiences at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi comes with a multitude of dining options to treat your taste buds and it has some of the best theme parks in Abu Dhabi. Starting from the exotic international cuisines to our very own wholesome Indian platters, Ferrari World has a lot to offer.

  1. The Tasty Ticket: Purchase a single day ticket and gorge on some of the best delicacies after the thrilling and twisting rides.
  2. Il Podio: Featuring an array of food stations with Arabic, Indian, and Western cuisine, Il Podio is one of the best food joints to stop by.
  3. Espresso Rosso: With a uniquely designed European coffeehouse, Espresso Rosso will enliven your sweet tooth with the best Italian pastries and sumptuous homemade gelato.
  4. Mamma Rosella: Mamma Rosella is award-winning trattoria to devour Italian delicacies like fresh baked pasta and authentic pizzas.
  5. Officers Food Quarters: Gear yourself up by grabbing some instant savory bites before your next thrilling ride.
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Shopping Experience at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Shopping Experience at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Never let your shopping urge down while you are at the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi for the first time and can be added to the list of things to do in Abu Dhabi. Bring back a handful of Ferrari memories from the exclusive shopping stores in the theme park.

  1. The Ferrari Store: With a tapestry of accessories and garments dedicated to the Ferrari World, you can find an amalgamation of Maranello’s distinctive character in the apparel to create a a sporty look while wearing. It also showcases a wide variety of souvenirs to dazzle up your space at home.
  2. Ferrari Store Driving Experience: A retail space in the Ferrari World with a rich display of branded products and memorials. You can get fun toy Ferrari cars to relive the dream of driving a Ferrari from time to time.

Further Details to Navigate to Ferrari World

Navigate to Ferrari World

If you are new to the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, have a look at the points below to travel hassle free and avoid last minute rush on the adventure day.

Top Facilities at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

  1. Free Parking with each ticket
  2. Single Day Ticket with a Meal Voucher
  3. Medical Facilities
  4. Mother’s Lounge
  5. Prayer Rooms
  6. Wheelchair Rentals
  7. Lockers

Things to Know Before Visiting Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

  1. There are some limitations in terms of the rides and races based on the size and height of visitors.
  2. The Park is a smoking free zone except for some designated areas.
  3. Outside food and beverages are not allowed in the park.
  4. Children above 4 years are allowed to take individual entry tickets. Children under 12 years of age are strictly advised to visit the park along with their families.
  5. Pets are not allowed in the park.

Tips Before Your Ferrari World Visit

  1. Avoid waiting in the long queue and start booking your tickets online before the day of the visit.
  2. Try to visit the Park during weekdays since it gets crowded on weekends.
  3. Get a waterproof electronic wristband
  4. Make use of the free Yas Express Shuttle.
  5. Purchase a group ticket for some offers and savings.
  6. If you have kids along with you, take snack breaks in between and stay hydrated.
  7. Ensure that your phones and cameras are adequately charged.
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A remarkable theme park, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a testament to legacy and passion of Ferrari offering visitors a one-of-a-kind experience to indulge in the exhilarating world of the iconic Italian automaker. With a blend of high-octane rides, stunning attractions, and rich cultural experiences, the park stands out as a must visit destination for anyone who would love to live the spirit of Ferrari once in a lifetime. Book your Abu Dhabi tour packages with us at affordable rates for your next vacation.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi FAQ’s

Q1. What is the dress code for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

Visitors should ensure that they are dressed modestly with knee-covered shorts and covered shoulder dresses. As you are going to take up rushing rides, it is advisable to wear light comfortable clothes by keeping the mind the local laws and customs.

Q2. What is the validity period of tickets in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

The validity period of tickets in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is only for a single day. It also depends on the type of ticket (Single Day Ticket, 2 Park Ticket, 3 Park Ticket, & 4 Park Ticket) you purchase, and you can visit the park twice thrice and for the fourth time within 14 days (about 2 weeks).

Q3. How much time is required to spend at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

It is recommended to spend 4 to 5 hours at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi during weekdays. And it will take the whole day during weekends since it gets too crowded.

Q4. What is the entry fee for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

The entry fees for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi are:

  • Single Day Ticket: AED 345 for adult & AED 265 for Juniors
  • 2 Park Ticket: AED 475
  • 3 Park Ticket: AED 575
  • 4 Park Ticket: AED 675
Q5. Can we take food inside Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

No, you cannot take outside food to the Ferrari world park. But there is a provision that you can go out of the park and come inside again by informing the Guest Services Team. They will put a stamp on your wristband, and you need to show it to them while returning.

Q6. Are all rides free in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

Yes, once you purchase a ticket, you get access to all the rides in the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi except Karting and Stimulators.

Q7. Is Ferrari World Abu Dhabi suitable for kids?

Yes, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is very suitable for kids since some of the record-breaking rides are uniquely designed for children with the best possible technicalities.

Q8. Can I celebrate birthdays at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

Yes, you can celebrate birthday parties in the Ferrari World theme park since there is a dedicated event team to cater to your needs. From stylish boutique conference rooms with seating arrangements for 10 people to the vast gala spaces for hosting over 1500 people, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has a lot more to offer.