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The Grand Mosque stands as the quintessential Islamic site, brimming with revered components and ceaseless activity. From the sacred tawaf courtyard surrounding the Holy Kaaba to the Sa'I ritual, where pilgrims traverse between the hills of Safa and Marwa, it's an experience of profound significance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the culture in Saudi Arabia? 

The majestic country of Saudi Arabia practices rich Islamic culture and follows traditions. But once a historic trade hub, the country has undergone cultural transformations with time making it a perfect blend of antiquity and contemporary. Unmarried guests may now stay together in hotels, and females can also drive. 

What traditions are practiced in Saudi Arabia?

Tourists and locals should respect the traditions of Saudi Arabia. It includes turning off the music in public places during prayer times and many shops close for a brief interval. Eating or drinking in public places should be avoided during the sacred month of Ramadan out of respect for Muslims who fast from early morning to evening time. Tourists and locals should dress modestly.

How is the weather in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia experiences four different types of seasons from chilly winter in January to extremely hot and dry during August. The season is not always hot and varies from moderate to chilly winters during the year, making it a perfect holiday destination for tourists where they can enjoy all kinds of weather and indulge in numerous adventure activities.

How do you get around in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia connects different cities and provinces with various modes of transportation including trains, buses, car rentals, and taxis. Ride-sharing apps can be considered while traveling in a particular city to save time. Tourists must carry their passports on public vehicles. 

Is alcohol consumption allowed in Saudi Arabia? 

No, the purchase, sale, and consumption of alcohol are strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia. Also, tourists can’t bring liquor or any other illegal drugs into the country as doing so is a punishable offense. Rather, plan a visit to the plethora of cafes and restaurants brimmed in the country to make you savor the aromatic beverages and cuisine to uplift your holiday moods.

What is the dress code in Saudi Arabia?

Tourists visiting the charming country of Saudi Arabia should dress decently. One should avoid wearing tight-fitted clothes wherein women must cover their shoulders and knees. Although, now it's not mandatory for female guests to wear an abaya or hijab but wearing a bikini or revealing clothes on a beach or inside pools is strictly not allowed.