Are you always up for an extravagant expedition to an offbeat destination, especially when you are in Egypt? Egypt’s Asyut city is a history enthusiast's trove to unfold fascinating backstories and rich historical facts associated with the colossal architectural and historical masterpieces that will transport you the bygone days of Egypt, full of spirit and glory. Start preparing your list of things to do in Asyut, Egypt if you are planning an Egyptian getaway this winter. Even though Asyut will not give you thrills during your trip, it will promise you in-depth historical and cultural insights for facing the biggest endeavors in life. Photographers can hone their skills by capturing the best silhouette shots in the colossal landmarks during the sunset to represent mastery over the art.

Best Things to Do in Asyut: Let’s Begin the Day by Gazing at the Architectural Marvels

Things to do in Asyut

Asyut, being the home to largest settlement of Upper Egypt, located on the west of Nile Riverbank, it has happened to be the developing city in terms of tourism in the recent times. Visitors can take reference of this list of things to do in Asyut and visit these remarkable places to escape the hustle & bustle of life and break the monotony for a lifetime experience. Start your Egyptian quest by visiting the most holy Virgin Mary Monastery throwing light on the chronicles of Jesus and his family to picnicking on the most picturesque Banana Island by gazing at the enchanting sceneries for an alluring affair. Never forget to miss out on these activities to carry out while in Asyut for an everlasting experience.

Start ticking on the long list of top 8 things to do in Asyut to complete your historical and cultural Egyptian tour for a wholesome experience.

  1. Visit the Holy Virgin Mary Monastery
  2. Explore the Meir Monumental Tombs
  3. Pay a Tribute to the Deir Rifa Tombs
  4. Plan a picnic on Banana Island
  5. Visit the Paradise Park
  6. Devour an Egyptian Meal at Bahia Restaurant
  7. A walkthrough to Masjid Al Mojahideen
  8. Shopping in Asyut

1. Visit the Holy Virgin Mary Monastery: A Walkthrough to Jesus’s Account

Virgin Mary Monastery

Located at about 10 kilometers (about 6.21 mi) from the Asyut city, the Holy Virgin Mary Monastery in Doronka is perched on the West bank of Nile River, Egypt that draws visitor's attention throughout the year. Unravel the mysteries and untold stories of Asyut and its relation to the Holy family’s last visit by paying a tribute to the most historic and significant landmark in the governorate of Asyut. Mostly inhabited by the Coptic Christians in the city, it is believed to be the home to the oldest cave in Egypt inside the Chapel of St. Mary built in 1st century A.D. The Holy family’s halt in Asyut before after escaping from Bethlehem in Palestine and before leaving for Nazareth attracts visitors in August since the family paid their visit to this city in the same month. Never fail to visit this sacred monastery to undertake an insightful and spiritual journey which can be added to the list of things to do in Asyut Egypt.

Address: Western Asyut, Asyut, Egypt

Opening Hours: During Daytime

Entry Fee: Free Entry

Famous for: Religious Purposes

Must-see Attractions: Churches within the premise, Cave Chapel, Prayer Room, Convent Hall, Gravestones of Christian Copts

2. Explore the Meir Monumental Tombs: Unfurl the Stories Behind Deep Engravings

Meir Monumental Tombs
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Tucked within the rugged mountains and away from the main Asyut city, the Meir Monumental Tombs are the most historic sites that redefine nobility at its best built for the legendary monarchs and their families. What fascinates the visitors is the colossal tombs engulfed in majestic engravings and intricate designs depicting scenes of everyday life like rituals, furniture, fishing, farming, and hunting throwing light on the Old-Middle Kingdom of 6th to 12th dynasty prevailed during that time. If you are a true history buff and interested in Egyptian burial beliefs and practices, the Meir Monumental Tombs is the ideal place for you to delve into its history and mysteries. With a typical chapel and burial chamber, you will be awestruck by the unique concept of this majestic place to honor the dead and settlement in afterlife. Explore every nook & corner of the tombs for a full-fledged historical tour at one of the best places to visit in Egypt.

Address: CP57+MPH, Asyut Desert, Al Wahat Al Dakhla Desert, The New Valley Governorate 2130064, Egypt

Opening Hours: During Daytime

Entry Fee: Free Entry

Famous for: Engravings, Elaborate reliefs, Daily-life Illustrations

3. Pay a Tribute to the Deir Rifa Tombs: Peep Through the Rifa Tomb Towards Egypt’s History

Deir Rifa Tombs
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Situated on the west bank of the river Nile, Deir Rifa tombs will offer you an opportunity to take a walk-through Egypt’s Middle Kingdom’s history which can be added to the list of best things to do in Asyut. Best known for the three distinguished chambers along with three burial pits, you can dig into Egypt’s phenomenal and elaborative burial process that portrays Egypt’s rich historic past that every Egyptian takes pride in. These rock-cut structures are the home to smaller tombs and most of the tombs are raided from other sites, whereas the tombs of two brothers Nekht-Ankh and Khnum-Nakht were excavated by the famous archaeologist Flinders Petrie in 1906. You will find cemeteries of common people near the Tomb of Two Brothers near the Nile that resembles the Middle Kingdom model clay houses which were termed as “soul houses” by the Egyptologists. Begin your Egyptian quest as an intrepid traveler to explore the unexplored.

Address: Deir Rifa Village, Asyut, Egypt

Opening Hours: During Daytime

Entry Fee: Free Entry

Famous for: Tombs, Cemeteries

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4. Plan a Picnic on Banana Island: Manifest A Fun-filling Day in Asyut

Banana Island
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Visit the most picturesque island nestled in the northernmost part of Asyut city, Banana Island is the home to a large variety of fruits where you can devour some fresh picks and can be added to the list of things to do in Egypt. This natural retreat is best known for its pleasant surroundings and don’t fail to miss out on the golden hour that the island boasts of. Undertake a boat ride from the Nile Riverbank and sail across the blues to reach this paradise of incredible fruits and herbs and enjoy your picnic amid the greens for a wholesome experience. Visit the popular coffee shop called Asda on the island that serves exceptional products to the guests. Take up a banana farm tour to the nearby banana farm that will provide you with insights on the farming and harvesting techniques. Spot the endangered crocodiles and monkeys while touring the farm and never forget to take up guided Felucca tours where you can just relax by having some fruity bites.

Address: North of Asyut City, Egypt

Opening Hours: During Daytime

Ride Duration: 2-3 Hours

Nearby Attractions: Banana Farm, Spot Wildlife

How to Reach: Take a Felucca Boat Ride from Nile Riverbank

5. Visit the Paradise Park: Gaze at the Majestic Nile

Paradise Park
Image is for reference purpose only

Paradise Park of Asyut will promise you an amazing evening with the mesmerizing views of the Nile along with the sunset hues that will create a striking image of Asyut city in your mind. Often considered as the Asyut Governorate’s green park, you can see numerous ecological measures taken up and initiated for a revolutionary change in the current times. One of the most famous things to do in Asyut is venture around the sprawling restaurants and food joints waiting to tempt the visitors with sumptuous delicacies brimmed with tastiest dips showcased in the forefront. One of the must-visit places in Asyut to spend a beautiful evening by the Nile riverbank to inhale positivity. There’s a separate kid's zone well-equipped with a plethora of swings, sea saw, and other slides where they can unwind in the best possible way by devouring munchies at the same time.

Address: 55HX+JF6, Kornish Al Nile (Al Thawra), An Nasereyah (Sharq Al Khazan), Asyut 2, Assiut Governorate 2090051, Egypt

Opening Hours: 9 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Visit Duration: 2-3 Hours

Entry Fee: 2.00 LE

Famous for: Evening Stroll, Restaurants, Food Joints

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6. Devour an Egyptian Meal at Bahia Restaurant: Savor the Best Taste

Bahia Restaurant
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Take a break from your usual sightseeing activity in Asyut and dine at one of the best restaurants in the city to drool over an authentic Egyptian meal. Even though the restaurant has a casual and decent interior, it will promise you top-notch hospitality and comfort to enjoy your meal. Best known for the wholesome Egyptian and Mediterranean dishes, you should try out their delicious meat and grilled items at Bahia restaurant which will lure you for recurrent visits. With calm and serene surroundings, enjoy your chicken meal to tantalize your tase buds to experience an extreme culinary cult in Asyut. Though the city is not flooded with fine dining restaurants accompanied by luxurious setups and private spaces, this restaurant will not compromise with food quality for which the entire team boasts of delivering excellence to the tourists and locals. Since the restaurant remains open till late night, you can have a delicious dinner at the restaurant by experiencing the nightlife in Egypt.

Address: عمارات جامعة الأزهر, Al Walideyah Al Westaneyah, Asyut 2, Assiut Governorate 2091301, Egypt

Opening Hours: 9 a.m. to 3 a.m.

9 a.m. to 12 a.m. (Only on Sunday)

Cuisine: Egyptian, Mediterranean, Barbecue, Vegetarian

Must-try Dishes: Lamb Moza with Rice, Lamb Ribs, Grilled Chicken, Mixed Grills

7. A Walkthrough to Masjid Al Mujahedeen: The Sacred Treasure of Asyut

Masjid Al Mujahedeen
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One of the oldest hanging mosques in Asyut, Masjid Al Mujahedeen was built on the ruins of Mameluke Mosque with black burnt bricks adorned by intricate wooden artwork which dates to the golden Ottoman era. This architectural wonder fascinates many of the visitors with its grandeur and vigor which is reflected on its grand Ottoman architectural style that also throws light upon the Egypt’s rich history. Moreover, the quadrangular tall minaret is the major highlight of the mosque which draws attention of the visitors for the fine exquisite artwork with studded embellishments. You will encounter the majestic entrance decorated by wooden paintings and stone engravings in distinguished Ottoman style for an appealing effect. Never forget to pay a visit to this marvelous architectural and religious landmark that for an enriching historical experience which is one of the best Asyut things to do.

Address: Mohammad Mahmoud St, Asyut, Egypt

Opening Hours: Visit during Daytime

Entry Fee: Free Entry

Famous for: Tall Minaret, Ottoman Style Paintings

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Shopping in Asyut
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Asyut is one of the most recognized shopping destinations in Egypt, famous for the traditional handicrafts and apparels. If you are on an Egyptian shopping spree, start exploring the local markets sprawling all over the city and the important tourist sites to take some memories of Egypt with you. Being the home to a multitude of industries, Asyut is popular for handcrafting exquisite rugs, also known as Kleem, intricate woodwork, and pottery crafts adorned with extravagant artwork. You can buy these Egyptian artefacts to uplift the skilled artisans and their lifestyle, recognize their hard-earned efforts for bringing a positive change in the community to boost economic sustainability. Even though there are numerous shopping malls in Egypt, but exploring the local shops in Asyut should be added to the list of things to do in Asyut for a memorable experience. Never miss out on visiting the Antique Gallery to grab some of the best souvenirs.

Shopping Options: Antique Gallery, Local Street Shops

What to Buy: Traditional Egyptian Shawls, Rugs, Pottery Crafts

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Bid adieu to your Egyptian tour by undertaking this beautiful journey to the most historic city of Asyut, Egypt. Ensure to carry out every activity added to the list of things to do in Asyut during your Asyut tour planning and make the best of it starting from exploring the historic and religious sites to shopping in the most exclusive artisan’s store. Asyut, not only famous for its significant historical sites, but also treat you with an exquisite natural splendor making it a must-visit destination in Egypt. Visit this secluded, yet an offbeat destination in Egypt to experience a new scenario for an in-depth cultural journey. Start booking your Egypt tour packages at affordable rates for a deep dive in Egyptian history and culture.

Things to Do in Asyut FAQ’s

Q1. What is Asyut famous for?

Asyut is one of the famous cities of Egypt that which is gaining popularity in terms of tourism in the recent years resulting in rapid development and tourist influx. Being the home to the religious and architectural sites along with the largest textile industry in Egypt, Asyut is mostly famous for the silver applique-work shawls. The city is also best known for producing rugs, pottery crafts, and inlaid wooden artwork.

Q2 What is special about Holy Virgin Mary Monastery?

The Holy Virgin Mary Monastery is in the historic city of Asyut which will transport you to a different world of Jesus and his Holy family. Since it was the last halt for the Holy family before leaving for Nazareth, this monastery is best known for religious purposes and spirituality. You can find a sacred Chapel, prayer room, convent hall and the Coptic gravestones which will trace out its rich historic past.

Q3. What is Dei Rifa Tombs famous for?

Dei Rifa Tombs is famous for the Tomb of Two Brothers and the cemeteries of common people that date back to the legendary Middle Kingdom. These rock-cut structures will offer the history buffs an opportunity gain insight on Egyptian burial practices and beliefs for an invigorating experience. You will find numerous big and small tombs that depict the heroism of the legends belonging to that age.

Q4. When is the best time to visit Asyut, Egypt?

The best time to visit Asyut, Egypt is during the months of December to February. It is better to plan your Asyut trip during the winters for a comfortable & pleasant stay and try to avoid the summers.

Q5. How many days are required for Asyut, Egypt?

2 days are ideal enough to spend in Asyut, Egypt to cover the major highlights of the destination for an enriching experience. You can also extend your trip based on your preferences.

Q6. Why is the Masjid Al Mujahedeen, Asyut famous?

Masjid Al Mujahedeen, Asyut is famous for the Ottoman architectural tombs and minarets that attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year. Even though the Masjid serves the visitors for religious purposes, but it is also best known for its distinguished architecture adorned by intricate wooden and stone artwork.

Q7. How to reach Banana Island, Asyut?

Located towards the north of Asyut city, Banana Island is best known for its banana farms engulfed in tranquility. You can access this island by undertaking a boat ride from the Nile riverbank which will make you witness captivating sights of rich wildlife and fruit trees.

Q8. What are the attractions on Banana Island?

Banana Island is mostly known for the banana plantation farms where you can devour some fresh and ripe bananas with tea. You can also encounter black crocodiles and monkeys on the way to Banana Island which is very intriguing. Moreover, you will find a traditional house, mud oven to make bread, broken water wheel that depicts the simple lifestyle prevails among the locals.