We all celebrate weddings with great joy and fun. Reflecting the beauty of our culture and bringing the best of our hospitality and values, weddings have become more than just a ceremony. As Qatar is a country, believing in the beauty of traditions and cultures, weddings here can be a fairytale to witness. Traditional Qatar Wedding is all about family gatherings, ceremonies, customs, and celebrations that bring happiness and a reason to rejoice. No matter how one plans to host a wedding, in a royal practice, or an intimate ceremony, it will hide every glimpse of their culture and tradition.

Sneak Peek Into Traditional Wedding In Qatar

Traditional Wedding In Qatar

A Wedlock is one of the most significant events for all. In Qatar, nuptials are more than a one-day celebration, followed by many rituals and events. Marriages can be defined as Farhat al Hayat, stating the beginning of new life followed by the custom and Arabic religion. While there are some regulations and rituals bound with marriage ceremonies, it holds a significant place in the culture of Qatar.

A lot has changed with time, but the beauty of their traditionality is still prevailing. There was a time when choosing the bride, or the groom was based on criteria like looks and beauty, but today, people are prioritizing education and compatibility.

Similarly, earlier the custom was not to inform the girl of her marriage until the date came, therefore, no preparations were done, keeping the ceremony simple and private. The Bedouin culture allowed a girl to apply perfume and eye makeup only after the matrimony. But today, weddings in Qatar have become the most lavish event with banquets, flowers, parties, gatherings, and more.

Something hasn't changed till now, which includes the embellishment rituals. Even today, the bride applies Warss (Curcuma), Mashmoom (Basil), Henna, rose water, and perfumes on her wedding day.

Top Ceremonies in Qatar Traditional Wedding

Top Ceremonies in Qatar Traditional Wedding

A traditional wedding is followed by perfect wedding attire, ceremonies, family gatherings, dinners, and so more. There was a time when the Qatari society used to host more than one ceremony on the wedding day. The celebrations were organized separately at the groom's and brides' houses. The women folk bands would perform at the bride's place, and on the Qatar wedding day, the celebration would begin in the afternoon and last until sunset.

Later after the wedding, other parts of celebrations were held at the groom's house, the night before the wedding.

There are many custom added to the celebrations today. Here is all you should know.

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1. Henna Ceremony

Henna Ceremony

Heena is a kind of natural and temporary tattoo applied on the hands-on some auspicious occasions. Not only Qatar but many Asian and Gulf countries believe in the beauty of Heena and have included the use in many traditional rituals. There is a special evening during the Traditional wedding of Qatar when Henna is applied to the bride. In today's time, the ceremony is followed by family dinners, soothing music, and celebrations. Similar small ceremonies are there for Curcuma and Mashmoom or Basil. The Henna Ceremony is an essential event in the bride's house.

2. Zarif Dance

Zarif Dance
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Coming to the celebration at Groom’s house, there are two events organized the night before and on the wedding day. A day before the wedding, the men at the groom's house sing Samiri, Liwa, Habban, or Tamboura. These are the old and traditional dances that are performed at Qatar weddings before dinner.

Later, on the day of the marriage ceremony, Zafir Dance is performed. The man dances with a sword in front of the groom's house and walks along till they reach the bride's house. All the dancing and singing is organized in an open area. As per the Bedouin rituals, the men gather in the Majlis, sing, dance, and clap their hands on the song praying to God to bless the couple with a happy life and a healthy child. The lyrics follow:

Oh God, may it be blessed and joyful

The boy and girl's wedding

May she have a child

And be guided left and right.

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3. The Wedding Feast

The Wedding Feast

Coming to the day of the wedding in Qatar, the ceremony lasts for around 4 to 6 hours. There is a separate section for men and women- tents are set up for men while women celebrate in the hall. The ceremony is followed by dinner and a fancy fest that includes the best traditional food in Qatar offered to every guest attending the ceremony. From roasted lamb to seafood, rice and vine leaves are some foods listed on the wedding menu. Gifts are offered to the bride and groom while the elderly bestow them with blessings.

Planning A Qatari Royal Wedding

Planning A Qatari Royal Wedding

Weddings can be intimate, simple, or royal. Today weddings have become an element of social status that has encouraged royal celebrations. There was a time when marriages were kept private between families, today, a wedding calls for a grand celebration and hosting the biggest event of life.

Qatar has always been in talks due to its lavish lifestyle and wealthy choices. Maintaining the status of being the richest nation, Wedlocks here can never be expected to be simple. If you have a royal wedding in mind, we have some tips listed that could help you save some time, but not money.

  • Choose The Best Venue in The City

There are many wedding places in Qatar that promise to deliver you the wedding you have dreamt of. From banquet halls to hotels, you have the option to choose your ideal spot to share vows and exchange rings. Most venues come with wedding planners in Qatar to assist you in every possible manner.

  • Set A Theme for Decoration

You can make your wedding look grand by opting for a theme. If you don’t have a budget for booking a wedding space or hotel in Qatar, you can style up your venue by creating a dreamy theme. Make it a color contrast theme that goes well with your attire. Choose flowers that are appealing and organize the most royal-looking outdoor wedding in Qatar.

  • Keep it Simple And Elegant

The key to looking royal is to adopt an elegant style that is unmatchable. Overdecoration can ruin the look and beauty of your venue, thus it is best to play with lights and flowers to keep it simple yet lavish. You can go for flower arrangements and candles or chandeliers that will beautify every corner of your venue.

Traditional Wedding in Qatar is a reflection of their culture and tradition. The ceremony is an essential part of their enriching culture and customs that involve their rituals and customs and more. Qatar is famous for its magnificent heritage and has attracted many to celebrate the biggest day of their life, here amidst its culturally rich ambiance. There are banquet halls, wedding venues, and luxury hotels that are offering just the right ambiance for your wedlock. If you have any plans to witness the beauty of a traditional wedding in Qatar or celebrate your day as one of the Qatari royal weddings, the country welcomes you with utmost love.


Q1. When is the wedding season in Qatar?

The months from February, March, and April are considered to be the best time to plan a wedding in Qatar. The rest of the month experiences a higher temperature that makes it difficult to host any event. Therefore, these months are ideally best to host a wedding in Qatar.

Q2. What are the rituals of a traditional Qatari wedding?

A traditional Qatari wedding has many rituals and events that include the Henna event, wedding feast, folk dance, and music. Some events are organized at the brides' home while others are at the groom's house. Over the course of time, weddings have become more social while earlier, many communities in Qatar kept the ceremony private.

Q3. How can I plan a wedding in Qatar?

Qatar welcomes expats to host a destination wedding. You can book a wedding hall or hotel that offers a wedding space. Some planners could assist you in organizing the space, decoration, and more. You can organize an intimate or a royal wedding in Qatar.

Q4. Are there any wedding halls in Qatar?

Yes, you will find the best halls and ballrooms in Qatar to host a perfect wedding. The hotels like Four season Doha, or the venues like Regency halls that offer a perfect space to host a grand wedding. Most of the hotels in Qatar have a dedicated area for events and celebrations.

Q5. Can I marry in Qatar?

Qatar is emerging as a wedding destination for many tourists. With its luxuriating beauty and imperial style, Qatar has attracted many expats. To organize a wedding in the country, all you need is to reserve a venue and get a visa to Qatar to enter legally. Make sure to get your marriage registered in your home country.

Q6. Are there any wedding planners in Qatar?

You can easily find a wedding planner in Qatar to organize a dream wedding. Many hotels in Qatar offer complete assistance in planning and designing the venue.

Q7. How to reach Qatar?

Hamad International is the only airport that allows international tourists. You can board a flight to Qatar from any Asian, European, or African country and fly off from your home nation to Qatar. There are direct and connecting flights to Qatar available daily.

Q8. Is Qatar a wedding destination?

The rich culture and beauty of Qatar make it the best wedding destination. The beautiful heritage and luxury hotels of Qatar offer a perfect location for a destination wedding in Qatar.

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