Embarking on a New Year's adventure in Georgia is an invitation to a celebration unlike any other. Picture the streets of Tbilisi adorned with fairy lights, an infectious energy filling the air. As the clock strikes midnight, join the locals in Freedom Square, where laughter and joy blend seamlessly. Cafés overflow with warmth, and the cityscape becomes a canvas of celebration. It's not just the turning of a calendar page; it's a vibrant, shared experience that welcomes you with open arms into the heart of the Caucasus. If you're dreaming of a spirited New Year in Georgia, this is where the festivities truly come to life.

New Year in Georgia: Welcome 2024 in the Heart of the Caucasus

New Year 2024 in Georgia

Away from the city bustle, Georgia's ancient towns and snow-kissed mountains offer a tranquil escape into the New Year. In the UNESCO-listed town of Mtskheta, the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral Square transforms into a fairytale setting as the first snowflakes gently fall. Venture into the Caucasus, where winter unveils a pristine wonderland. Amidst the quiet beauty of snow-laden landscapes, raise a toast to new beginnings. Georgia, with its unique blend of tradition and winter magic, beckons travelers to embrace the New Year in Georgia in a setting that feels both ancient and refreshingly new.

Here are the top 8 cities to celebrate New Year in Georgia:

  • Tbilisi
  • Mtskheta
  • Bakuriani
  • Kutaisi
  • Sighnaghi
  • Batumi
  • Gudauri
  • Uplistsikhe

1. Tbilisi - Freedom Square: Vibrant Urban Celebration


Freedom Square pulsates with energy on New Year in Tbilisi. Illuminated by a dazzling array of lights, the square transforms into a lively spectacle where laughter and joy intertwine. St. George's statue oversees the jubilant crowd, and the cascading fountains become part of the spirited new year celebration in Tbilisi. As the clock strikes midnight, Tbilisi's Freedom Square isn't just a location; it's a vibrant canvas of best nightlife in Georgia with contagious enthusiasm. Join the revelry for a spirited start to the next chapter in the heart of the Caucasus, where the city welcomes the New Year 2024 with open arms.

Location: Tbilisi’s Riverside Europe Square, Orbeliani Square

New Year's Eve: Sunday, 31 December 2023

New Year Eve 2023 Tbilisi: Concerts

  • New Year Eve Musical Concert at Tbilisi’s Riverside Europe Square that includes performances by DJ Anna Sue, other vocal performers, Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theatre Orchestra performance, followed by Singer Nato Metonidze, Ensemble Rustavi and other performers.
  • Tbilisi’s Christmas Village at Orbeliani Square that includes the recreational areas of Dedaena Garden, April 9 Garden and Dry Bridge, with a concert of various Georgian performers

New Year Events in Tbilisi:

  • Big Christmas Tree is ceremoniously lit in the middle of December
  • Children's performances and costume shows, night, bands perform and electronic music concerts in Tbilisi’s Christmas Village.
  • The Village decoration includes Santa's house, concert stages, a Christmas market, food spaces, a photo booth and a children's area for “magic shows”, as well as entertainment performances, fairytale characters, sweets festival that makes it one of the best places to celebrate New Year in Georgia with family.
  • Georgian Santa Claus, Tovlis Babua, "comes down" from Svaneti to Mtatsminda Park with gifts for kids on New Year’s Day.
  • Concert performance in Tbilisi. Nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants.
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2. Mtskheta - Svetitskhoveli Cathedral Square: Fairytale Landscape


In the town of Mtskheta, the UNESCO-listed Svetitskhoveli Cathedral Square becomes a fairytale setting for New Year in Georgia. Dressed in sparkling lights and adorned with the gentle descent of the first snowflakes, the Cathedral seems to be one of the best places to visit in Georgia. Ancient stone walls witness a celebration that transcends time, where locals and visitors come together to ring in the New Year amidst the echoes of history. Mtskheta's Svetitskhoveli Cathedral Square offers not just a celebration but an immersive experience, weaving together the magic of tradition and the allure of a winter wonderland.

New Year's Eve: Sunday, 31 December 2023

3. Bakuriani - Snow-Kissed Wonderland: Cozy Mountain Retreat


Bakuriani, cradled in the Caucasus mountains, invites New Year in Georgia revelers to a serene winter wonderland. Blanketed in pristine snow, this charming retreat beckons with pine-covered slopes and cozy retreats. Picture a celebration where laughter mingles with the crackling of the fireplace, and the air is filled with the tranquil hush of snowfall. Bakuriani isn't just a destination; it's an escape into the quiet beauty of winter, where the New Year begins amidst the snug embrace of mountain charm.

New Year's Eve: Sunday, 31 December 2023

4. Kutaisi - Bagrati Cathedral Viewpoint: Panoramic Cityscape


For a celebration of New Year in Georgia with a view, ascend to the Bagrati Cathedral viewpoint in Kutaisi. The city unfolds below like a vibrant tapestry of lights, and the atmosphere is filled with the anticipation of the countdown. It's a panoramic setting where every corner offers a glimpse of the festive fervor. Kutaisi's Bagrati Cathedral viewpoint isn't just an elevated spot; it's a front-row seat to a grand New Year's Eve spectacle, adding a touch of grandeur to the countdown as the city welcomes the dawn of a new beginning.

New Year's Eve: Sunday, 31 December 2023

New Year Events in Kutaisi: Fireworks shows, dazzling light shows, and live performances

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5. Sighnaghi - Wine Country Celebration: Picturesque Vineyard Vibes


In the "City of Love," Sighnaghi, a unique New Year's celebration unfolds amidst the vineyards of Kakheti. This picturesque town, with its cobblestone streets and charming architecture, sets the stage for a cozy and romantic welcome to the New Year in Georgia. Picture a celebration where the clinking of glasses is accompanied by the aroma of renowned Georgian wines at one of the best restaurants in Georgia. Sighnaghi isn't just a destination; it's a celebration in wine country, where tradition, romance, and the New Year converge in a picturesque setting.

New Year's Eve: Sunday, 31 December 2023

6. Batumi - Black Sea Extravaganza: Coastal Lights and Breeze


Celebrate Batumi New Year's Eve 2023, where the city lights twinkle in harmony with reflections on the water. The coastal breeze adds a touch of magic to the lively atmosphere and makes it a dynamic destination for welcoming the Batumi New Year 2024. Fireworks burst over the Black Sea, creating a spectacular backdrop to the festivities. Batumi isn't just a coastal city; it's a vibrant showcase of lights, sea, and celebration, where New Year's Eve is a dynamic experience and one of the best things to do in Georgia by the water's edge.

Location: European Square, & Batumi Boulevard

New Year's Eve: Sunday, 31 December 2023

New Year Eve 2023 in Batumi- Events:

  • Christmas Tree of the city, new year stage and different new year decorations
  • December 25 - Christmas tree lighting and gala concert with fireworks
  • December 25, 31 and January 7 - Entertainment programs (fire show, acrobats, illusionists and clowns)
  • From December 25 to January 7 - new year's market

New Year Events in Batumi: Concerts

  • December 26, 27, 28, 29 - Local bands (from Batumi) concert
  • December 31 - New Year's main concert (with fireworks)
  • January 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - Local bands (from Batumi) concert
  • January 7 - Christmas main concert
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7. Gudauri - Mountain Heights Revelry: Alpine Thrills and Chills


Gudauri, perched in the Greater Caucasus, promises a unique New Year's 2024 celebration in Georgia at high altitudes. Overall, the Evacuation peaks, and as night falls, join the festivities. When you are in Georgia, travel to Gudauri that offers exciting activities to do as amazing things to do in Tbilisi, the capital of the country. One may have an extraordinary combination of mountain adventure and spirited revelry. Imagine a celebration of the new year where the thrill of skiing or snowboarding is complemented by the warmth of a New Year's toast in the alpine heights. Gudauri isn't just a mountain destination; it's an invitation to celebrate amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Greater Caucasus.

New Year's Eve: Sunday, 31 December 2023

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8. Uplistsikhe - Ancient Charm Countdown: Historical Countdown


Transport yourself to the ancient rock-hewn town of Uplistsikhe for a celebration of New Year in Georgia steeped in history. Amongst the archaeological wonders of this unique site, each moment becomes a journey through time. Picture the countdown amidst ancient stone walls, the echoes of celebrations from bygone eras resonating through the air. Uplistsikhe isn't just a destination; it's a step into the past, where the New Year begins with a historical charm that adds a touch of magic to the present, creating an unforgettable start to the next chapter amidst ancient marvels.

New Year's Eve: Sunday, 31 December 2023

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Special New Year Events in Georgia: From Fireworks to Festivities, It's Georgia's Time to Shine

New Year Events in Georgia

Celebrate the New Year in Georgia with special events that capture the essence of joy and tradition. From citywide concerts to candlelit processions, coastal fireworks, historic bell ringing, and torchlit descents in the mountains, each event adds a unique flavor to the festive atmosphere, inviting locals and visitors to ring in the New Year with unforgettable experiences.

1. Mtskheta Candlelit Procession

Witness the beautiful candlelit procession in Mtskheta, where locals and visitors walk to the Jvari Monastery carrying candles, symbolizing the transition into the New Year.

2. Batumi Seafront Fireworks

Batumi's Seafront hosts a dazzling firework display that reflects over the Black Sea, creating a mesmerizing spectacle to mark the beginning of the New Year.

3. Kutaisi Bagrati Cathedral Bell Ringing

Experience the historic tradition of bell ringing at the Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi, signaling the arrival of the New Year with a resonance of joy.

4. Gudauri Torchlight Descent

Join the Torchlight Descent in Gudauri, where skiers and snowboarders descend the mountain slopes with torches, painting the night with a cascade of light.

5. Tbilisi New Year's Concert

Attend the grand New Year's concert in Tbilisi, where live performances and music echo through the city streets, creating a festive ambiance.

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As the clock strikes midnight and echoes of laughter fill the air, celebrating New Year in Georgia isn't just a moment; it's a melody of traditions, festivities, and unforgettable moments. From the enchanting streets of Tbilisi to the historic charm of Mtskheta and the coastal allure of Batumi, Georgia welcomes you to embrace the New Year with unique experiences. In this spirited land, each celebration becomes a timeless memory, inviting travelers to be part of Georgia's warm embrace and start the year with the promise of new adventures and cherished memories. Discover the magic, feel the joy, and let the spirit of Georgia accompany you into the New Year and beyond with one of our best Georgia tour packages.

New Year in Georgia FAQs

Q1: What makes celebrating New Year in Georgia special?

Georgia's New Year celebrations blend ancient traditions with modern festivities, creating a unique and vibrant atmosphere. Celebrating new year in Georgia is always an experience of a lifetime.

Q2: Are there specific cultural customs during New Year's in Georgia?

As a primary ritual, Georgians often take part in candlelit processions. Georgia's New Year's Eve celebrations also include fireworks, bell ringing, and special toasts. So, if you're in Georgia for New Year's, make the most of it.

Q3: Which cities are best for New Year's Eve celebrations in Georgia?

Visit the following cities for diverse and lively New Year celebrations 2024 in Georgia:

  • Tbilisi
  • Mtskheta
  • Batumi
  • Kutaisi
  • Gudauri
Q4: What is the weather in Georgia during New Year?

As the celebrations in Georgia starts from December itself so one can see cold weather during the time. While in late December, and early January one may expect colder weather, with snow in mountainous regions and cooler temperatures in cities.

Q5: Can tourists participate in the candlelit processions in Mtskheta?

Although the candlelit procession in Mtskheta is a communal event but it is open to locals Georgians and visitors alike. If you like, take part in the celebration with the locals to know more about the culture.

Q6: What is the significance of bell ringing at Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi?

There are many different traditions connected with the New Year celebrations around the world. Similarly, the bell ringing symbolizes the transition into the New Year and is a historic tradition celebrated with joy.

Q7: Are there any unique culinary traditions during New Year celebrations in Georgia?

We have observed numerous food and drink-related rituals across the world to greet the new year. Similarly, classic Georgian delicacies such as khachapuri and Khinkali are frequently served on New Year's Eve tables.

Q8: How can families enjoy New Year in Georgia?

Georgia entices guests of all ages with its numerous sights and activities. There are also numerous family-friendly events on New Year's Eve, such as citywide concerts, fireworks displays, and family-friendly picnics.