Celebrating Sheikh Jassem’s rise as a father and founder of the country, National Day, also known as Founder's Day, is celebrated every year in Qatar. People are given a reason to celebrate history and those who worked towards making Qatar a great nation. Qatar National Day is celebrated on 18th December- a day of peace and unity for the country. Qatar has always been a country that has kept its traditions and history alive. This important day in the history of Qatar, should not be missed for all the FIFA fans visiting the country. Although, the day is celebrated with utmost bliss every year but in 2022 the country is organizing around 4500 events to celebrate the day with a special gala with the fans.

History of Qatar National Day

History of Qatar National Day

Qatar National Day celebrates the unity established by Sheikh Jassim Mohammed bin Thani, that began back in the year 1878. Mohammed bin Thani’s rule defined Qatar as a unified cohesive entity and an independent country.

This day was made an official holiday by his Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, the Crown Prince and Heir Apparent. The chance to address the founders of state of Qatar’s effort, as they went through severe hardship and paid a price of the nation’s unity was given rise to at the national day.

The historical accomplishments of all the founders confirm the identity and history of Qatar. The identity reflects the believes and values of the national Qatari identity. The memorable moment when Qatar achieved its unity, love, pride and gratitude to its people, is celebrated on the 18th of December. Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed bin Thani took an oath of loyalty and obedience and to be his country in solidarity.

To introduce Qatar’s heritage, customs and traditions of the society, there are all kinds of events and celebrations held in December. One of the many celebrations is the national path, celebrated on the 18th December that is hosted in the presence of his excellency the Emir, at Doha corniche. It is one of the biggest gatherings with all the ministers, dignitaries, citizens and residents. At the end of the celebrations, fireworks are launched that brighten the night the Doha sky.

Qatar National Day 2022 is highlighted through the programs and events held, as it represents the different national occasions. It marks the day of national affiliation and loyalty.

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Qatar National Day 2022- How the Day will be Celebrated?

Qatar National Day 2021

One of the biggest events in the country, Qatar National Day 2022 will be celebrated under the slogan "Our Unity is the Source of Our Strength". Although every year the event is celebrated with a unique vibe, but this year, the occasion is extra special due to the FIFA 2022 hosted by Qatar. The event is celebrated at the Darb Al Saai's new and permanent venue in Umm Salal Muhammad area. The slogan of 2022 National Day is derived from the speech of by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Than. Offering numerous amenities, the venue also features central services and logistical equipment.

Located in an area of 150,000 square meters, the venue of the event is accessible from all parts of the country. The country will host about 4,500 heritage, cultural, artistic, sports and recreational activities in the 2022 Qatar National day Events. Football fans visiting the country can’t just afford to miss the special gala. There are more than 40 cultural and literary events that include seminars, poetry evenings, theatrical performances, and concerts for a fantastic experience.

The celebrations will take place from 25 November to 18 December and tourists and locals can enjoy various events organized by the government. On this National Day of Qatar, people will get to see a national parade at Doha Corniche, along with an air and sea show held by the air force and navy. The air and water show will be held in the afternoon.

Along with all this, there are all kinds of cultural and heritage events will be held at Katara Cultural Village. Opera and musical shows, parachuting, trade festivals, theatrical performances, sword dances, flag relay, mall shows and other fun events are held. These are some things to do in Qatar while enjoying the national holiday.

Significance of Qatar National Day’s Symbol

Qatar National Day’s Symbol

Ladaam or Al Adaam in Arabic, is the main symbol displayed on the National flag of Qatar. The flag is a marron and 9-pointed edge white colored flag. The Arabic translation means "to the Qataris, since the ancient times." The flag is a symbol of identity and pride. The national flag was adopted in 1971 when the country was declared a sovereign state. The color maroon is a symbol of Sheikh Jassem Bin Mohammed Bin Thani, and the nine- pointed edges portray the 9th member of reconciled Emirates.

Qatar National Day Events

There are several events that are organized by the Government to celebrate the day in a festive spirit. Some of the major events held this day are:

1. Qatar National Day Parade

Qatar National Day Parade

The defense, the air force and the navy take part in the parade each year along with an air and water show by the air force and navy. It is one of the grandest parades people get to watch with pride as it presents what the country stands for. What more can people want when it comes to watching one of the best biggest events of their lives?

2. Firework Show

Firework Show

One of the major highlights at the Qatar national day event is the fireworks along with music and lighting. The fireworks can be seen along the corniche. It is one of the best things about the day people often wait to see.

3. Air Show In Qatar

Air Show In Qatar

Air Show in Qatar is something interesting and to look forward to during the Qatar National Day celebrations. It is held in the morning hours and is often a fascinating sight to see. The air show is hosted by the air force and navy. It is a spectacle to watch and not something people will forget. It is one of those events people will always want to see throughout the year.

4. The History of Qatar National Flag At The Museum

Qatar National Museum

The national flag is the national symbol of the country which offers a sense of unity and loyalty to the country. People from all over the world come to learn about the history of the flag at webinars held in Qatar. There are all kinds of activities like national daybracelet making at the museum, along with a movie and flag snack decorations. Sounds interesting right? What else can anyone want when it comes to celebrating this important day the fun way? The museum is of course one of the many places to visit in Qatar.

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5. Saet Khater

Saet Khater
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Saet khater is a show that calls upon various poets, artists and athletes to perform. National songs, paintings, calling the audience to take part in some of the segments are included in the program. The aim is to bring people from various societies together to discuss various issues and subjects. It is one of the most interactive sessions people should attend and take part in.

6. Tahadi & Injaz

Tahadi & Injaz
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Tahadi and Injaz is one of the most unique cultural competition youth programs that enables students to participate in various live steam broadcasting episodes. Patriotism, national independent personality and cultural awareness is something the program focuses on. It is one of the many programs that people should attend specially students as it quite interesting. So, what more can anyone want?

7. Historical Discussions

Historical Discussions
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The historical events have stood the test of time as it one of the most important things held on Qatar Independence Day. Historical discussion talks about how the national defense Qatari men sacrificed themselves for the country and bring about the historical and honorable championship. When it comes to talking about the true example of patriotism, the ideal example would be to improve upon the national affiliation and identity.

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8. Doha Studio

Doha Studio
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The program network, Doha Studio is a special occasion celebrated on National day, as it is a symbol the patriotic spirit and a reflection of society. It improves upon the national identity that includes its elements like Qatari personality. The past and present of the country is reflected upon in all its glory. The ideal example would be to reflect upon the journey of the ancestors and the current and future generations.

Qatar National Day is the grandest day in Qatar, as it is a day of celebrations. It is a massive spectacle that should not be missed. The celebrations begin with a bang on the morning of 18th December, for which people from around the world book their flight tickets to Qatar for. People will be left spell bound will the air show and the parade. A sense of patriotism arises among the locals, which of course makes it one of the most iconic events in history. Avail of the Qatar tour packages today to be a part of the majestic celebrations and witness FIFA football matches for a lifetime experience.


Q1. When is Qatar national day celebrated?

Qatar National Day is celebrated on the 18th of December every year. This year the celebrations will start from 12 to 18 Dec 2022 from 6 PM to 8 PM at Katara Cultural Village. The country will host about 4,500 heritage, cultural, artistic, sports and recreational activities this year.

Q2. What marks Qatar National Day as an important day in history?

Also known as Founder’s Day, Qatar national day is celebrated on 18th December to celebrate the unification of the country in 1878. It is also a day when Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammad bin Thani become the leader of the tribes of Qatar.

Q3. What are the best events that will be held on Qatar National Day?

The government of Qatar will organize a plethora of events on Qatar National Day including cultural, artistic, sports, poetry, dance, firecrackers, parades, food festival, and more to celebrate the grand day.

Q4. When was Qatar founded?

3rd September 1971 was the day Qatar was founded. Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani is the founder of Qatar national day which is celebrated every year on 18th December.

Q5. What are the best places to visit in Qatar?

Qatar is a beautiful country brimmed with myriad of attractions for a perfect holiday experience. It includes:

  • Katara Cultural Village
  • The Corniche
  • National Museum of Qatar
  • The Pearl Qatar
  • Museum of Islamic Art
Q6. How is Qatar national day celebrated?

The national day is celebrated with a festive spirit through various events organized by the government. These events are organized to celebrate the country’s history. People get to see a national parade at Doha Corniche, along with an air and sea show held by the air force and navy.

Q7. What is Saet Khater?

Saet khater is a show that calls upon various poets, artists and athletes to perform. National songs, paintings, calling the audience to take part in some of the segments, are included in the program.

Q8. Where in Qatar can I enjoy witnessing the Qatar?

One of the best things to do in Qatar is to witness the magical beauty of the sparkling fireworks alongside the corniche. Enjoy the mesmerizing music, lighting, and savor exotic food in the restaurants nearby for a world-class culinary experience.