Every year, like every other holiday, Christmas arrives on the 25th of December. It is holiday where people get into the festive spirit with Christmas afternoon tea, gingerbread house decorating classes to tree lit up with decorations and dinners and brunches. Christmas in Qatar is like a lid of a Tupperware container sitting at the back of a cupboard. Tourists on holiday will see Christmas trees in the foyer of hotels with several celebrating with a tree lighting ceremony. People will see the supermarkets filled with turkeys and churchgoers singing carols at Church. It definitely feels like Christmas as people get to spend it with their loved ones.

Christmas in Qatar - Making The Holiday Special

Christmas in Qatar
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Christmas is one of the most special holidays most people often look forward to every year. Even though, the festive season may not be celebrated in a big way in the Middle East, the Christians living in Qatar celebrate it privately.

Symbols and Decorations

Symbols and decorations like Christmas tree, candy canes, gifts, lights and the star are one of the many things that comes to mind. These are things that make the festive season more delightful. Decorating a home and exchanging gifts makes the holiday complete.

Christmas Food

Most hotels and restaurants offer special Christmas eve dinner which include traditional dishes like turkey. It’s not just dinner, the residents and tourists can enjoy a special brunch and lunch as well. Every often, most homes cook their own special meals for Christmas and have a small gathering. Special Christmas themed goodies and a few special items to make the stuffing for the turkey and pie are sold at some of the super markets in Qatar.

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Where to Celebrate Christmas in Qatar

Celebrating Christmas in Qatar- Where and Things To Do
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Christmas has arrived in Qatar, which marks the beginning of the celebrations for several Christan residents. Qatar has so much going- on to get its people into the festive spirit, even though most plan to travel during the holiday.

Most hotels in Qatar have special events that celebrate the lighting of their Christmas trees. Each year, nestled on Pearl- Qatar, Marsa Malaz Kempinski has its lighting ceremony on its Grand staircase. The joyful sounds of Christmas in Doha, a visit by Santa, yummy food like cookies and hot chocolate is placed around the Christmas tree.   Like Marza Malaz Kempinski, Intercontinental Doha, the city has people singing Christmas carols and offers festive mocktails. Tourists can enjoy the tree lighting ceremony at the Grand Hyatt Doha along with songs sung by the singers of Doha. One of the nicest things people can enjoy is the festive songs, the drinks and canapes served at Hilton Doha along with the Gingerbread house at Melia Doha.

Christmas Concerts

One of the many concerts people should enjoy is the “Season of Joy” sung by the singers of Doha, the Doha community Orchestra, wind symphony and Doha youth choir. Tourists should also attend “Handel’s Messiah” performed by the Doha Bach Choral society and Anglican center. Christmas is one of the many festivals in Qatar enjoyed and celebrated by many.

Christmas Fair

When it comes to shopping for Christmas in Doha 2021, people will find all kinds of handmade goodies at the Christmas fair at the West Bay Lagoon Festive Market.  The fun and festivities don’t end just here, it’s only just begun. The craft fair is one of the many things people should attend, especially kids, as there are all kinds of fun activities for them as well.  Presents for a rescue animal is allowed and is in fact, encouraged, which is of course placed under the Christmas tree.  Handmade art and craft, a picture with Santa’s Grotto, bouncy castles and book sales are some of the things featured at the market.

Religious Services

Several religious services a week before and during Christmas period will be held at the Doha’s churches, on the outskirts of the city. Several worshippers have attended masses on Christmas eve and on Christmas morning, every year. So, if you like, you can attend a mass in anyone of the churches.

Home to several Christian denominations, including the Anglican church of the Epiphany, the Anglican center has a crib service all day long.  The church is one of the many places to visit in Qatar, for its masses.

Festive Decorations For Christmas

Festive Decorations For Christmas
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Christmas is never the same without shopping for presents and decorations. It is the one time of the year, where people shop for everyone else but themselves. So, when it comes to shopping, there are a couple of places people can buy their decorations from.

Naaz Store

Besides shopping for things like stationery, school bags, Islamic books, people can shop for all kinds of decorations for the festive season at Naaz Store. It is one of the most favorite stores in Doha people often come too. Speaking of shopping for the festive season, people will be in heaven with the range of things the store has to offer. One of the many things to do in Qatar is shop for all kinds of decorations and of course a Christmas Tree. The store is your one stop shopping destination for the store.

Daiso Japan Qatar

People will have the most interesting shopping experience at Daiso Japan Qatar.  Gifts, makeup, stationery, storage containers, garden tools, pet products, accessories are some of the things people can shop for, even during the festive season. There is so much to choose from, which will ensure people will never want to leave and may come back for more.

Dollar Plus Qatar

The one- stop value store, Dollar plus Qatar is your one stop place for all kinds of household and family merchandise. There are a million merchandises and products that can be found at the store. The best part is that people can find all kinds of vibrant decorations and festive items for their homes. What more can one ask for when comes to shopping for Christmas? It brings absolute joy when it comes to shopping for your loved ones.

Al Rawnaq

One of the leading stores in Qatar, Al Rawnaq is one of the best stores in Qatar, a favorite among families. All kinds of school and office supplies, toys for kids, educational aids, Arabic and English books, arts, crafts materials, balloons, gift bags, wrapping paper, shoes and all kinds of household goods are found at the store. People will not be disappointed when shopping during the festive season. It will be one of the most memorable holidays for people.

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When one thinks of Christmas, one thinks of the presents and the special food cooked. Christmas in Qatar is one of the most special holidays that gets people into the festive mood. It brings absolute joy when shopping for your loved ones and decorating one’s home. It will be one memorable holiday season will remember for a long time.


Q1. How is Christmas celebrated in Qatar?

Since Christmas is not a public holiday in Qatar, Christians celebrate the holiday in private.

Q2. What is the 12 days after Christmas called?

Epiphany Eve, also known to the world as the 12th night is festival that marks the coming of the Epiphany.

Q3. What is the period leading up to Christmas called?

The period leading up to Christmas is called Advent, which begins close to 30th November and ends before the 25th December.

Q4. What kind of food is served on Christmas?

Turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and vegetables are some of the foods that is served on Christmas.

Q5. What is said to be the Christmas colors for 2021?

Red, gold, beige and tan shades, pink, orange, purple, green and blue are the Christmas colors for 2021.

Q6. What is the most popular dish for Christmas?

Roast potatoes for Christmas are is the most popular dishes.

Q7. What is the traditional meal served on Christmas eve?

Fish pie is the traditional meal served on Christmas eve.

Q8. Where is the Christmas fair held in Qatar?

The Christmas fair is held at the West Bay Lagoon Festive Market in Qatar.