Adorned between the Caspian Sea and Caucasus Mountains, which span Asia and Europe, Azerbaijan is a beautiful country and a top tourist attraction. The capital city of Baku is famous for its dramatic coastline and astounding architectural wonders. A paradise for nature enthusiasts, Azerbaijan is brimmed with captivating lush green landscapes, cascading waterfalls and a soothing aura. Although there are many amazing adventures and activities to try but hiking in Azerbaijan will let you discover yourself while exploring the thrilling route. The beautiful trails let you escape into the hypnotic beauty of nature for a restorative experience with its magnetic atmosphere, peacefulness, and panoramic splendor. Want to know more about the best hiking trails? Keep reading!

Hiking in Azerbaijan: To Lost Yourself amidst the Hypnotic Trails

Hiking in Azerbaijan: To Lost Yourself amidst the Hypnotic Trails

No doubt, there is a myriad of gorgeous hiking trails in the country famous for lush greenery and a hypnotic aura. From the scenic photoshops, surreal scenery and secluded spots ideal for relaxing, makes hiking in Azerbaijan a must try adventure to spend time close to nature. Here is a list of the best trails in the country to give a massive push to your adrenaline.

  1. The Azgilli – Chiragli Trail
  2. Amirvar – Mahrasa Temple Trail
  3. Khinalig – Galakhudat Trail
  4. Griz – Grizdahna Trail
  5. Laza – Kuzun Trail
  6. Jar – Honzogor – Gabizdere Trail
  7. Gumukh - Gashgachay Trail
  8. Chiragli – Javadkhan Peak Trail

1. The Azgilli – Chiragli Trail

The Azgilli – Chiragli Trail
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Named after the name of an ancient Turkic-speaking ethnic group, Sirkas or from the Chiragli tribe within the Gizilbash, Chiragli is a scenic landscape village in Azerbaijan. Hikers can walk along the Goygol and Dashkasan regions while enjoying the stunning views of mountains and lush green forests. First, you have to travel upwards for the initial 1.8 km and then walk on a flat region for the following 2km. Later, you have to walk down the hill to reach Chiragli village. Witness the old cemetery, beautiful forests, and click panoramic photographs of the enchanting valley.

Total Distance: 9.3 Km

Time Required: 3 Hrs 45 Mins

Nearby Trails: Azgilli – Javadkhan and Chiragli – Dastafur

Best Time: All year round

2. Amirvar – Mahrasa Temple Trail

Amirvar – Mahrasa Temple Trail
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One of the best things to do in Azerbaijan, hiking is an activity one just can’t afford to miss. The beautiful trail connects the Dashkasan and Gadabay regions where hikers can witness the Maidan Tower, Mahrasa Temple and enjoy scenic views of the Shamkir River. Dedicated to the temple of fire, Mahrasa Temple is a divine place to worship the celestial bodies. The path further leads to the Amirvar waterfall which is another surreal hotspot where tourists can visit. Keep walking 3.9 Km in the forest and reach the bank of the Shamkir River. Follow the signs and continue tracking for 2.15 Km to reach the crossroads leading to the Maiden Tower. This path is steep and slippery so one must be careful. Also, the area is quite secluded so if you want to do an overnight camping or a short stay, one must carry their own amenities like tent, food, and water.

Distance: 10.4 Km

Time Required: 3 Hrs 5 Min

Nearby Trails: Mahrasa – Soyugbulag Trail

Best Time: Autumn and Spring (avoid during rainy season)

3. Khinalig – Galakhudat Trail

Khinalig – Galakhudat Trail
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If you are looking for the best places for hiking in Azerbaijan, Khinalig – Galakhudat Trail is an area you should definitely visit. With a charismatic aura, tranquility, scenic beauty, the trail lets you escape into the mesmerizing beauty of nature for a rejuvenating experience. While walking on the trail one can enjoy the soothing views of Mount Gizilgaya, the vast Gudyalchay river valley and the agricultural land nearby. Get lost in the magical vistas of the Greater Caucasus Mountains and witness Khinalig, one of the highest villages in Azerbaijan. The route will also take you to the neighboring village of Galakhudat from where one can follow the signs to reach Mount Gizilgaya. Witness the village of Bostankesh that will be in your way. Do carry the basic amenities with you and be extra careful on the steep cliffs.

Distance: 8.2 Km

Time Required: 3 Hrs 10 Min

Nearby Trails: Galakhudat-Griz Trail

Best Time: Between May and July to enjoy the lush green landscapes and between December and February to witness the snowy mountains

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4. Griz – Grizdehne Trail

Griz – Grizdehne Trail
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One of the best hiking trails in Azerbaijan, Griz – Grizdahna Trail will let you enjoy the magical views of the Gudyalchay canyon and forests of the Guba region. A heaven for adventure lovers, the trail is famous for its snowiest villages like Griz where tourists can explore the most ancient ethnic groups of the country. One can follow the sign boards and climb this 8.5-meter track along the path called as Eh Road by the locals. Visit Khan Kek to reach Rooster Rock and relax near the Grizdahna waterfall. Be extra careful as the route is slippery and finally reach  Grizdahna village via a thrilling walk through the forest. The village is brimmed with some of the best traditional restaurants in Azerbaijan to delight your taste buds with aromatic local cuisine. One can also plan a stay here in the cozy hotels of the village offering every amenity.

Distance: 8.5 Km

Time Required: 3 Hrs 40 Min

Nearby Trails: Galakhudat-Griz Trail

Best Time: May to July

Note- The trail is not safe to visit during snowfall and should be visited from May to July when the landscapes are green and the weather is favorable.

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5. Laza – Kuzun Trail

Laza – Kuzun Trail
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If you are on your honeymoon in Azerbaijan, then, Laza – Kuzun Trail is one that you should definitely visit. From the steep cliffs, cascading waterfalls, lush greenery, and ancient wonders, the trail has it all for a couple. The adventure starts with walking along the route through the picturesque scenery of the Gusarchay river valley. Witness the 300-year-old mosque, twin waterfalls, and more in the ancient kingdom of Caucasian Albania which is one of the best places to visit in Azerbaijan to delve deep into the rich culture. Enjoy the captivating views of the snow-clad peaks of Gizilgaya and Shahdag. Follow the signboards and keep walking via the mountain pass and then downhill to reach the bridge over the Gusarchay river that further leads to Kuzun. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants, and shops for an ideal stay in the village.

Distance: 6.5 Km

Time Required: 2 Hrs 40 Min

Nearby Trails: Kuzun-Yergi Kek Trail

Best Time: May to July to enjoy lush green landscapes, and in December to February to see snowy mountains

6. Jar – Honzogor – Gabizdere Trail

Jar – Honzogor – Gabizdere Trail

Looking for some adventure in Azerbaijan? Jar – Honzogor – Gabizdere Trail has it all for a perfect holiday. Start your journey from the Jar village which is surrounded by mountains from three sides. Walk through the shepherd camps on the Honzogor plateau and reach the beautiful Gabizdere village. Witness the majestic 16th century fortress known as Jingoz and delve deep into the rich culture. Enjoy relaxing near the waterfall and witness the charming views of forests and meadows. Keep following the signboards and continue through the village to cross the small river. Later, walk along the forest line of the subalpine meadows to witness the landscape of the Zagatala State Reserve and Honzogar Plateau. The village is brimmed with hotels, cafes, and shops for a nice stay.

Distance: 15.6 Km

Time Required: 8 Hrs

Nearby Trails: N.A

Best Time: May to September

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7. Gumukh - Gashgachay Trail

Gumukh - Gashgachay Trail

Gumukh - Gashgachay Trail is a place for nature lovers. The route from Kumukh to Gashgachay is ideal for exploring the ancient charm of the picturesque villages adorned close to nature. The 7th century village is a top tourist attraction and a worth-visiting spot for an exciting experience. Reach Gashgachay and witness the surrounding mountains and ravines. Follow the marked paths and walk through the forests, climb the steep slopes and narrow routes to reach the beautiful village of Gashgachay. Follow the signboards to reach the main road and enjoy hiking in the scenic landscapes. There are small shops, hotels and cafes in the villages for an ideal Azerbaijan hiking experience.

Distance: 5.5 Km

Time Required: 2 Hrs 10 Mins

Nearby Trails: N.A

Best Time: May to September

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8. Chiragli – Javadkhan Peak Trail

Chiragli – Javadkhan Peak Trail
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Ranking amongst the best hiking spots in Azerbaijan, Chiragli – Javadkhan Peak Trail connects the Goygol and Dashkasan regions where one can enjoy witnessing the stunning picture-perfect vistas of nature. Walk along the route and visit the Goygol and Dashkasan regions and click best panoramic photos of Mount Kapaz, Mount Goshgar and the Murov. Discover the monument of Javad Khan, the last Khan of Ganja which is situated at the top of the Javadkhan peak. Then, walk near the banks of the Ganjachay River Valley in the Chiragli Village. Stop near the photo stops and click the best panoramic photographs. Don’t miss savoring the traditional cuisine in the village and shopping for the local handicrafts for a lifetime experience.

Distance: 13,9 Km

Time Required: 5 Hrs 20 Mins

Nearby Trails: N.A

Best Time: All year round

Brimmed with natural landscapes adorning cascading waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, luxuriant greenery, and man-made wonders, Azerbaijan is a top tourist attraction. Although there are numerous adventure activities to enjoy but hiking in Azerbaijan is something one just can’t afford to miss. The country is blessed with numerous gorgeous trails to indulge in a fascinating time away from the ho-hum. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready to feel the thrill. Avail of the best tour packages for a thrilling retreat in nature’s lap.


Q1. What are the best hiking trails in Azerbaijan?

Here are the best hiking trails in Azerbaijan for a thrilling getaway close to nature:

  • The Azgilli – Chiragli Trail
  • Amirvar – Mahrasa Temple Trail
  • Khinalig – Galakhudat Trail
  • Griz – Grizdahna Trail
  • Laza – Kuzun Trail
Q2. What is the best time to visit Azerbaijan?

The best time to visit Azerbaijan is between April to June and September to October. At this time, the weather is pleasant and perfect for a rejuvenating holiday experience away from the mundane routine.

Q3. What are the best tips for hiking in Azerbaijan?

Here are some of the best tips that one should keep in mind for a nice hiking experience in Azerbaijan:

  • Be careful in the slippery routes
  • Avoid hiking in the rainy season
  • Avoid hiking during or after snowfall
  • Carry all amenities like water, food, tent and medicines
  • Take your camera and sunscreen along
Q4. What are the best hiking destinations in Azerbaijan?

Laza and Khinaliq are the two best hiking destinations in Azerbaijan for a thrilling experience. With scenic mountains, waterfalls, and mesmerizing scenery, the hiking destinations are heavenly spots for tourists.

Q6. What is the main international airport in Azerbaijan?

Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku is one of the six international airports in Azerbaijan. Connecting the country to the world, the airport is one of the busiest in the country.

Q7. What are the best places to visit in Baku?

Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan is blessed with many amazing places for an amazing holiday. It includes:

  • Baku Old City
  • Baku Boulevard
  • Flame Towers
  • Maiden Tower
  • Fountain Square
Q8. What are the best things to do in Azerbaijan?

Here are some of the best things to do in Azerbaijan for an exciting holiday:

  • Try hiking amidst the mountains
  • Explore Sheki's old town
  • Visit ancient churches
  • Marvel at Baku’s modern wonders
  • Savor traditional cuisine