A country bounded by the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains must be one of the best lands to indulge in all kinds of adventure sports. Known for its rich heritage and culture, delicious traditional dishes, mind-blowing landmarks, picturesque landscape, historical monuments, and much more; Azerbaijan is also one of the top spots for people who are crazy about skiing and other snow activities which are available from mid-December till April. Skiing in Azerbaijan is not something new, the country is famous for being an amazing skiing destination that offers beautiful resorts in the vicinity to stay and relax. Some of the cities in the country are situated on or near the Caucasus which allows them to be the skiing destination for people who visit there from all over the world.

Skiing in Azerbaijan: Glide Down the Whitest Slopes

Skiing in Azerbaijan

Adventure seekers always look for new destinations and thrilling challenges to get that adrenaline rush up and going. Skiing is one such exciting snow sport which demands precision, dedication, and patience to learn. All the spots are equally exciting and thrilling and people can choose either one of them or all of them for the ultimate skiing adventure. There are many other snow sports available for people to indulge in like snowboarding, sledging, cycling, and quad biking. If you are visiting Azerbaijan during the winter months, do not miss trying snow-related activities to have more fun.

Here are the three amazing spots for skiing in Azerbaijan.

  • Qusar
  • Gabala
  • Agbulag

1. Qusar: Enjoy Snow Adventures in Heavenly Vistas

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Popularly known as Azerbaijan’s Northern gates, this region has some of the highest peaks in the country that are best for an amazing experience in skiing. The area is explored by trekkers, hikers, and campers during the summer. Months of winter cover this area with beautiful soft and white snow. Skiing and other snow activities are a major part of this region. However, these snow activities can be dangerous, presence of security and trainers are necessary. Shahdag Mountain Resort is one of the top resorts in the region that offers everything from accommodation, and restaurants to skiing equipment and skiing training.

There are 18 ski slopes in the area; between 1,435 and 2,351 metres above sea level. There are four hotels included in the resort. The resort also runs a ski school where amateurs and skilled or young and old, everyone is welcome to give a chance at skiing. The school organizes both personal and group lessons. There are four kinds of passes that include pedestrian pass, season pass, weekends pass, and weekdays pass and the prices vary as per the days of stay. The resort also has a ski shop that has all the required equipment for skiing and other snow activities. Skiing in Azerbaijan becomes more enjoyable if you decide to stay in the amazing resort.

Other snow activities:

  • Riding segways
  • Riding Snowmobile
  • Ziplining
  • Quad biking

Location: Qusar, Leze, Motor Road, Qusar, Azerbaijan

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2. Gabala: Witness the Panoramic views from the Top


A beautiful combination of majestic mountains, beautiful landmarks, and a producer of delicious traditional dishes; Gabala is one of the amazing destinations for people looking for skiing. Some of the tallest peaks including Bazarduzu, Bazaryurd, and Tufanly in the Caucasus surround the area which is perfect for skiers to take on new challenges and show off their skills while gliding down the green, blue, and even black slopes. One of the places to visit in Azerbaijan is Gabala; a mesmerizing region that showcases a rich and diverse variety of flora and fauna. The mountains are home to noble deer, gazelles, wild boar, grey rabbit, bears, wolves, foxes and birds like pheasants, partridge, francolin, etc. People looking for an amazing skiing experience must plan their stay at Tugandag Mountain Resort which is the perfect place to learn, experience, and understand exciting snow sports like skiing.

Other than offering all the basic things like accommodation, ski passes, ski equipment, and training; it’s the mix of the red and black trails for experts that attracts the ski pros to Tugandag Mountain Resort. The 12-kilometres ski trail is challenging but fun even for skilled skiers. There are easier options available for beginners to learn and practice. There are seven types of passes available; half day, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, extra day, night sky, and season pass. The prices vary according to weekends and weekdays. There are shops available to rent all kinds of equipment from snowboarding to skiing. The resort also runs a ski school for beginners and experts.

Other snow activities:

  • Sledging
  • Snow tubing
  • Riding snowmobile
  • Snowboarding

Location: Duruca kəndi, Gebele 3600, Azerbaijan

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3. Agbulag: Relish in the Picturesque Landscape


Believed to be the land of Prophet Noah, Agbulag is nothing less than a paradise with brimming glaciers, beautiful valleys, charming lakes and a diverse range of flora and fauna. A part of Nakhchivan, which is an autonomous Azerbaijani republic; Aglubag is known for its distinct food and flavors. One of the things to do in Azerbaijan is skiing and this region has some of the best peaks which are perfect for skiers, adventure seekers, and trekkers. The region is popular for being home to a beautiful ski resort, Agbulag Ski & Resort.

The location of the resort is mesmerizing enough and makes the visitors just spend some days even if they don’t feel like indulging in any activities. The accommodation offered by the resort is perfect for staying. The rooms are comfortable and cozy as visitors will be spending some of the coldest days on the property, making skiing in Azerbaijan easy and fun. The slopes in the area are at the height of 1580 metres above sea level, making it fun for skiers. There are different kinds of ski passes available for children to a certain age and adults. The charges for the passes vary as per the ages and days of the week. The resort also offers ski courses for people who want to learn the activity. There is a ski shop that lets you rent all the required equipment for skiing and other snow activities.

Other snow activities:

  • Snowboarding
  • Sledging

Location: Azerbaijan / Nakhchivan AR, Nakhchivan AZ 7000, Nakhchivan city

If you are among those adventure seekers who love snow activities as much as you love water sports; then plan a holiday and try skiing in Azerbaijan. These regions are among the best spots to get introduced to, learn and become a champ in one of the distinct adventure activities, skiing. There are not many regions or countries around the globe that offers such a diverse option of slopes, resorts, equipment, and training. The exhilarating altitudes at these skiing spots are perfect to provide that adrenaline rush and make to take on a new and thrilling challenge.  


Q1. Is Azerbaijan worth visiting?

Yes, the stunning country of Azerbaijan has diverse terrains which offer panoramic views and a lifetime of memories. From historical places, beautiful landmarks, and opulent restaurants, to thrilling activities like skiing, trekking, hiking, camping, snowboarding, and many more; Azerbaijan is a perfect holiday destination.

Q2. What is the best time to go skiing in Azerbaijan?

Planning a skiing holiday between December and April is ideal. During these months, the mountains are covered with snow and one can enjoy all the thrilling and exciting snow activities with much fun and enjoyment.

Q3. What is special about the Shahdag ski resort?

Shahdag ski resort is the first-ever ski resort in Azerbaijan which is located in the Qusar region. The resort offers everything from stay, ski training, and ski equipment to trainers, restaurants, and spa and wellness services.

Q4. what kind of passes are available in Tugandag Mountain Resort?

There are seven types of passes available in the resort. They include half day, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, an extra day, night sky, and season pass. The prices vary according to weekends and weekdays.

Q5. How many days are enough to spend time skiing in Azerbaijan?

Spending 5 to 6 days in the skiing region in Azerbaijan is more than enough to get the rich experience of the snow sport. The days would involve learning the activity if you are an amateur or taking up new challenges if you are a pro.

Q6. What are the travel tips for Azerbaijan?

Here are some of the important tips to keep in mind while exploring Azerbaijan.

  • Always keep your passport
  • Learn the local vocabulary
  • Carry a water bottle
  • Try traditional dishes
Q7. Which are the places to visit in Azerbaijan?

There are many interesting places to visit in the beautiful country of Azerbaijan.

  • Baku
  • Sheki
  • Shamakhi
  • Nakhchivan
  • Ganja City
Q8. Is there a shop inside Agbulag Ski & Resort?

Yes, there is a ski shop at Agbulag ski and resort where visitors can rent or purchase all the equipment required for skiing. The shop also rents equipment that is needed for other snow activities.