One of the major reasons these days to travel both domestically and abroad is gastronomy. The one stop destination for all the hunger tourists is Azerbaijan, the most in demand destinations for an epicurean holiday. The place is overexposed with people looking to satisfy their taste buds at restaurants in Baku. Plenty of tasty food shops and shopping places covers most of the area of Azerbaijan. Highlighting major layers of background, Azerbaijani cuisine is most famous. Let’s get into the flavors of the city to explore more about the delicacies.

Restaurants in Baku- Where to Eat the Best?

Restaurants in Baku

Baku Azerbaijani Restaurants never fails to impress the experienced palate with the combination of all the taste from unique blend of Persian, Eastern European and Middle Eastern flavors. The major typical dishes included in the Azerbaijani cuisine includes dishes like exquisite pilafs-rice blended with lamb or meat, flavored with dried fruit and nuts, and seasoned with tarragon and saffron, another one which is mouthwatering is tandoor-baked fragrant flatbreads, delicious stews and much more. The place has trendy and innovative chefs with eye-catching restaurants. So, let's get into the guide to know more about Baku best restaurant.

1. Nergiz


3. Shirvanshah Museum Restaurant

4. Nakhchivan

5. Tonqal

6. Sehrli Tendir

7. Paul's Steakhouse Baku

8. Muzey Shirvansha

9. Mari Vanna

10. Cafe City Statistika

1. Nergiz: Baku Famous Restaurant

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For most of the people visiting Azerbaijan, Nergiz serves as one of the top attractions among both locals and foreigners. This has served the tourists for more than 30 years now, therefore dining here is one of the things to do in Azerbaijan. In terms of customer care, comfortable interior and local cuisine served here, it always wins the hearts of all. Through the carpets and images, you can go back to the history of the old city. The interior is beautifully designed with the finest of handicrafts. The place offers incredible food, situated on one of the major squares in town, Fountain Square. If you really want to taste the delicious dish at Nergiz then you must taste their Sadj.

Address: Fountain Square, 9 Tarlan Aliyarbeyov, Baku 1000, Azerbaijan

Timings: Monday to Sunday, 12 pm to 3am

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, After-hours, Drinks

Special Diets: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Halal, Gluten Free Options

Cuisines: European, Healthy, Georgian, Azerbaijani

2. Firuze: Home to Thriving Food

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If you love exploring ancient places with the authentic aroma of old culture, food and heritage, then don't miss out to have your eyes on Firuze. Firuze is in Baku in the underground setting as most of the places are found in Azerbaijan. This is one of the best restaurants in Baku Azerbaijan that will surprise you with the nice Baku food, which will be worth tasting. This place has been considered as of the finest places in Baku since 1986. This is situated in Baku, at 14 Tarlan Aliyarbeyov.

Address: T. Aliyarbeyov St. 14 Fountain square, Baku 1000 Azerbaijan

Timings: Monday to Sunday, 12pm to 12 am

Cuisines: Healthy, Azerbaijani, Arabic

Special Diets: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Halal

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3. Shirvanshah Museum Restaurant- for Travelling gastronomes

Shirvanshah Museum Restaurant
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This is the place giving you the feel of a Western Museum with authentic food, one of the top Restaurants Baku. To boost your mood throughout your stay here, you will be entertained by the performers playing soothing national and ethnic music, perfect for those who prefer quiet nightlife in Baku. Not only this, here you can witness the works of Azeri Artists showcasing their talent through their artworks. Some of the finest artworks, jewelry, and many other ancient things can be found here, dating decades back and even a century. With this Shirvanshah Museum Restaurant becomes one of the top restaurants in Baku.

Address: 3, Qazi Mahammad Street, Baku 1095 Azerbaijan

Timings: 9am to 11pm

Cuisines: Azerbaijani

Special Diets: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Halal, Gluten Free Options

Meals: Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, After-hours, Drinks

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4. Nakhchivan: Most Classic and Well-Loved

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Are you the Rice lovers? If yes, then it's the place you should never miss. If you wanted to taste same Nakhchivan dishes from the Azerbaijan enclave, then come and satisfy your buds at Nakhchivan Restaurant. The exquisite preparations are done by the chef here who has good hands on all the local regional ingredients and flavors'. A huge variety of more than 15 different types of plovs, Ordubad snacks, and Nakhchivan kebabs are found here. If you want to explore something which is not easily available in the country, then go here to Nakhchivan Restaurant located at 8 parliament Ave in Baku.

Address: 8A Parliament Avenue, Baku Azerbaijan

Cuisines: Azerbaijani

Special Diets: Vegetarian Friendly

Meals: Lunch, After-hours, Drinks, Dinner, Brunch

5. Tonqal- Best for Baku’s Food Scene

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One of the most Baku famous restaurant, with high-class establishment found is none other than Tonqal. A place serving Traditional Azeri tendir, and its own wine cellar which impresses its visitors with the best services. If you wanted to add some Western flavors with the tropical Azerbaijani food, then taste Tonqal dishes. Rightly balancing the Azerbaijani food with Western flavors. To serve the delicious dishes on your plate the finest ingredients are used. Not only food, but once you visit this place, you will definitely fall for its comfort, ambience and the pleasure they offer with one of the best nightlife in Azerbaijan . One of the best things about Tonqal is that it is made for all, providing comfort from families, solo travelers to couples who are looking for some peaceful time with romantic evenings. Located at 82 Acad. Rue Hasan Aliyev in Baku.

Address: Hasan Aliyev St, Baku, Azerbaijan

Timings: Sunday to Monday 10 am to 12 am

Cuisines: Azerbaijani, Barbecue

Special Diets: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Halal, Gluten Free Options

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6. Sehrli Tendir- For Every Taste and Budget

Sehrli Tendir
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If you are willing to have a look in the old town of Baku, then come here at Sehrli Tendir one of the finest Baku places to eat with a well-known Baku establishment. This place sells authentic Azeri food at very affordable prices. The food in taste is best and the cost is very pocket friendly. The architecture of the place i quite quine, having cave like structure, also the food served to you is placed in the burning clay oven over which the Qutub and other Dishes are made. If you wish to have some staples of Azerbaijani cuisine like omelets, dolma, Piti and many other, then Sehrli Tendir serves them with perfection.

Address: Old Cuty near Sosha Gala gates, Baku Azerbaijan

Timings: 8am to 11pm

Special Diets: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Halal

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch

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7. Paul's Steakhouse Baku- Serving Traditional Ingredients  

Paul's Steakhouse Baku

Heaven for all the meat lovers is right here for you- Paul's Steakhouse Baku. The place should not be left unattended if you wanted to try something special. One of the major attractions of this place is that it offers one of the best steaks in the world. A well-trained staff here gives the beef which comes from Argentina, then the famous Azerbaijani wine is mixed with it to get the best flavors on. The place offers the best place to enjoy the city as it has a large terrace to have a look at and admire the beauty of the city. Located in Baku at Nigar Rafibayli.

Address: 10 Nigar Rafibeyli, Baku 1001, Azerbaijan

Timings: Monday- Saturday, Sunday- closed, 5pm to 10pm

Cuisines: Steakhouse, German, Bar, Barbecue, European, Pub

Special Diets: Vegetarian Friendly

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8. Muzey Shirvansha- Most Exciting Foodie Destination

Muzey Shirvansha
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In every travel guide, Muzey Shrirvansha wins the hearts of all. With the museum-like interior, outstanding service and tasty Azeri cuisine this place wins the hearts of all. The place has precise detailing, has two floors, different types of seating, tables in large halls and private dining rooms for groups of people.  Also, there are many good to go bars in Baku which you can cover for more fun and exposure.

Address: Salatin Asgerova, 86, Baku 1009 Azerbaijan.

Timings: 9am to 11 am Monday to Sunday

Cuisines: Azerbaijani

Special Diets: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Halal, Gluten Free Options

Meals: Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, After-hours, Drinks

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9. Mari Vanna: Bringing Plenty of Flavors

Mari Vanna
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Baku serves you all different kinds of flavors. Let's explore places to visit in Baku for the best food. So, here it is also serving the Russian flavors at Mari Vanna, a Russian Restaurant in Baku, which is providing home cooked dishes with best of flavors intact. The authentic Russian dishes can be found in the menu from dumplings, borscht, beef stroganoff to typical pelmeni. Not only the food but the place is providing vintage interior and retro furnishings which will arise the memories of Soviet-era Russia. This place also provides private dining options for the guests in which you can enjoy your meals in absolute peace and privacy.

Address: Zarifa Aliyeva St., 93, Baku 1005 Azerbaijan

Timings: 12pm- 12am Monday to Sunday

Cuisines: Russian, International, Grill

Special Diets: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options

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10. Cafe City Statistika- Perfect Breakfast Stop

Cafe City Statistika
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After the Hussle of the entire day, if you wish to have a peaceful cup of tea/coffee then heads straight towards cafe City Statistika. Feel the beauty of Modern and Urban decor at the same place, having dark floors and white walls providing you a peaceful environment. Sit with the chill mind here and decide what things to do in Baku in peace. To make your time more comfortable and peaceful, the right kind of comfy chairs, tables and sofas are provided. In the menu you can have options such as omelets, cakes, sandwiches, pastries and more. Cafe City is a gem is you are looking for some great breakfast options. To add on to your mornings it also has a cute book shelve.

Address: 38 Inshaatchilar avenue, Baku 1073, Azerbaijan

Timings: 9am- 12am mon-sun

Cuisines: Cafe, European

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch

Features: Delivery, Takeout, Reservations, Seating, Street Parking, Highchairs Available, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service

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So, for the delicious and well-prepared dishes visit Azerbaijan, which will fix your taste buds. From the perfect grills to the smoky favors, you can fix your appetite here at Restaurants in Baku. Azerbaijan becomes home to all the food lovers thriving to have food and drinks with traditional methods. It has much to offer to all the gastronomes. The meal tables at Azerbaijan have everything best for you. The streets offer unapparelled fine dining and restaurants which you can find with our Baku tour packages which cover all the essentials requirements to offer for the easy trip to Baku.

Restaurants in Baku FAQ’s

Q1. What is the most happening street in Baku?

Nizami Street, also known as Targocity Street is one of the happening street in Baku. The street offers myriad shops, restaurants, coffee shops and beautiful cafes.The place is very happening and one the of best places to visit in Baku.

Q2. Is Baku famous for nightlife?

The city of Baku is one of the happening places during the night hours. It is the hub of happening nightclubs and bars where you can enjoy, relax, party your heart out and explore the different variety of food and authentic cuisines.

Q3. What is Baku famous for?

Baku is loved and praised by all for its stunning architecture designed with perfection, beautiful parks where you can find epitome of peace and fresh environment. Apart from this you can also explore the bustling streets of Baku, which are famous and mostly visited for its happening clubs and nightlife.

Q4. What is best in Baku?

Few of the best things in Baku includes:

  1. Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center
  2. Baku Boulevard
  3. Flame Towers
  4. Highland Park
  5. Fountain Square
Q5. Which is the best season to visit Baku?

The best time to go to Baku is the span from April to October. This is the time of the year when the weather and pleasant and visitors can enjoy and explore the city of Baku. As the city is having dry weather, so months months of January, July and November must be avoided in order to avoid the dryness of the place.

Q6. What food is Baku known for?

Few of the most popular food in Baku includes:

  1. Dolma
  2. Lahmacun
  3. Lamb Stew with chestnuts and dried fruit
  4. Baliq Kebab
  5. Plov
Q7. What is the national fruit of Baku?

Pomegranate is the national fruit of Azerbaijan. This is really good for health. Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants and protects cells from damaging and reduces inflammation.

Q8. What are the best things to purchase from Baku?

Carpets, Copperware, Silk Headscarves, Wool socks and Papaq hats are some of the things that can be the best purchases from Baku.