Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan is a blend of ancient heritage and modern architecture. Baku is one of the most exciting new tourist destinations, offering a thrilling blend of oil-fueled modernization and old Asian traditions. The city has a great blend of old and new, with futuristic buildings juxtaposed against the antique architecture of local mosques and other attractions. Baku is a continuously changing tapestry of life and activity, from market to penthouse. Baku, as a seaside city, is naturally open-minded and welcoming. Guests are invited to wander along many places to visit in Baku like the Caspian promenade (the Boulevard), explore the Old City (known locally as Icherisheher), and marvel at the unique architectural combination of East and West. Baku is the perfect hidden tourist destination with a plethora of activities.

Top Places to Visit in Baku: Old City with Futuristic Vibes

Top Places to Visit in Baku: Old City with Futuristic Vibes

Baku's historical center reflects the city's turbulent history, from its origins as a Silk Road port city through its oil boom and Soviet period. The ancient city contains a network of lanes, mosques, medieval buildings, and defensive ruins, notably the Palace of the Shirvanshahs and the Maiden Tower, both of which have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city is much more than a historic monument; it also has a thriving art and cultural scene, as well as a thriving modern commercial sector. Highlights include savoring local cuisine, touring medieval palaces, and taking a city promenade to view more modern architecture. The capital city carries a big list of places to explore for tourists of all tastes, here is a list of the top 10 places to visit in Baku.

  • Baku Eye
  • Flame Towers
  • Teze Pir Mosque
  • Icherisheher Fortress Walls
  • Bilgah Beach
  • Nizami Street
  • The Carpet National Museum Azerbaijan
  • Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku
  • Ateshgah - Fire Temple
  • Highland Park

1. Baku Eye

Baku Eye

Baku Ferris Wheel, also known as Baku Eye or Devil's Wheel, is located in Baku's Seaside National Park. The Baku Ferris Wheel (Baku Eye) boasts a fantastic Baku site seeing on a boulevard overlooking the Caspian Sea and provides panoramic views of the city and its coastal environs. The wheel was initially constructed for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest that Azerbaijan hosted, and it has since grown to be one of the most well-known landmarks in the area and become one of the most famous places in Baku. The wheel was built by a Dutch manufacturer. The wheel is around 200 feet tall and features 30 enclosed cabins that can sleep up to eight people. There are two VIP cabins, each with a capacity of four passengers. Taking a ride in this wheel allows you to see Baku Bay, Crystal Hall, Flag Square, and a panoramic view of the entire city.

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan


  • Monday to Saturday- 12 PM - 10:30 PM
  • Sunday- 6 PM to 10:30 PM

2. Flame Towers

Flame Towers

The Flame Towers in Baku are a trio of buildings, the highest of which is 182 meters tall. The flame-shaped towers represent the element of fire. The flame towers have 130 residential units distributed across 33 Storeys, as well as office buildings and service flats. The tower's construction began in 2007 under the direction of HOK, the principal architect. The three glass buildings that make up the Flame Towers are relatively new to the skyline—they were just finished in 2012—but they have already established an iconic presence. The three towers, which are perched on a hill overlooking Baku Bay and the historic city center, were motivated by the traditional Azerbaijani practice of fire worship. Don’t forget to explore this beautiful building as this is one of the best places to visit in Azerbaijan while you are traveling here.

The blue-tinted reflecting towers are striking during the day, but at night, when more than 10,000 LED lights cover their surfaces in patterns resembling fire, water, or the colors of the flag, they become simply amazing. Most of the offices and homes, as well as the Fairmont Baku Hotel, are located inside the structures and will undoubtedly catch your attention as you enter the towers.

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Timings: Everyday- 9 AM to 6 PM

3. Teze Pir Mosque

Teze Pir Mosque

Teze Pir Mosque, also known as Taza Pir Mosque, is a significant historical mosque in the capital city that was built between 1905 and 1914. Nabat Khanum Ashurbeyov, an Azeri philanthropist, came up with the whole concept for the mosque as well as the funding. It is one of Baku's earliest religious structures, as well as a renowned tourist destination. The interiors of this mosque were designed in accordance with the Muslim designs of the east by Zivar bey Ahmedbayov, the mosque's principal architect.

The interior of the mosque is 1400 square meters in size and is covered with decorations from Azerbaijan's art schools as well as samples from eastern ornaments. The mosque's mihrab and dome are built of marble, while ornamental components such as minaret tops and labels are made of gold.

Location: 7 Mirza Fatali Akhundov, Baku 1001, Azerbaijan

Timings: Everyday- 4:00 AM to 9:00 PM

4. Icherisheher Fortress Walls

Icherisheher Fortress Walls

Icherisheher Fortress Walls is one of the biggest forts, consisting of the Icheris Sheher and the turrets that surround it. One of Baku's most prominent attractions was included to the UNESCO World Heritage list in the year 2000.

Shirvanshah Manuchohr III ordered the walls to be built between 1138 and 1139. For increased security, the castle has a double wall. According to the nation's origins, the fort is an Armory. The best Baku tourist attraction is this area, often known as "Gala" or simply "Old City," which is also a historical and architectural reserve. Icherisheher, a museum that is open to the public, was constructed on a 22-hectare site in the form of an amphitheater. The city, which is perched atop a tiny hill near the Caspian Sea, is encircled by trenches and castle walls that are 8 to 10 meters high and 3.5 meters wide.

As soon as one enters Icheri Sheher, they are overcome by the pleasant energy and distinctive atmosphere of this strange and fascinating location. An immediate medieval atmosphere replaces the hot-tempered life of the city, which is packed with noise, movement, and deep emotions of people just a few steps away. The streets, which have seen the history of the millennia, are revealing numerous mysteries to you without destroying the allure of peace and is among the best Baku tourist place. With each step, emotions shift, and the intriguing fusion of antiquity and modernity fascinates the individual.

Location: Baku 0100 Azerbaijan, Icherisheher

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5. Bilgah Beach

Bilgah Beach

Bilgah Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations for honeymoon in Azerbaijan, where visitors may experience the strange shorelines. You may take advantage of the clean sand, blue water, and fresh air there for nothing at all! There are cafes around where you can eat inexpensively and directly by the water. The beachfront is lined with some of Baku's most luxurious hotels, which may provide you with unforgettable moments. Next to the free public beach is "Amburan" beach which is really a luxurious location, although it is rather pricey. However. This region delivers a sensation of renewal throughout your stay because it is dotted with some of the most stunning natural components. If you go to this location, you will be able to experience the warmth of the smooth white sands on these beautiful beaches in Azerbaijan.

Location: 94 Glebe Street, Bilgah District, Azerbaijan 1122

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6. Nizami Street

Nizami Street

Nizami Street, named after the classical Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi, is one of the biggest pedestrian and commerce lanes in downtown Baku. The roadway was created during the town planning project in 1864. You will be able to view some of the attractive age-old buildings as well as heritage monuments as you travel from downtown in the west to downtown in the east.

Nizami Street has all your heart desires in terms of shopping which is one of the things to do in Azerbaijan if you are in this area. This is one of Baku's most well-known retail avenues, a hip and lively pedestrianized boulevard with a diverse range of shops, including small outlets, souvenir shops, and supermarkets. The primary retail district begins in Fountain Square and is a hotspot for clothing, particularly in high-end stores. This area of town is also known for its costly and fashionable restaurants and hotels in Baku. It also houses certain German, Norwegian, Austrian, and Dutch embassies in Azerbaijan.

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

7. The Carpet National Museum Azerbaijan

The Carpet National Museum Azerbaijan

Located on the seaside Boulevard, The Carpet Museum is one of the most modern architectural icons and one of the most famous places in Baku. This building is designed by Austrian architect Franz Janz in the shape of a rolled-up carpet. This museum was listed in UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity because of exhibiting Azerbaijan’s ancient art of carpet weaving. Today, the Carpet Museum is home to the largest collection of Azerbaijani carpets in the world – over 6,000. These carpets display the art, nature, belief, and culture mainly from the region and style of the 17th to 20th century. In addition, the museum has a large collection of carpets and handicrafts. There are seven divisions to investigate: pile carpets, flat-woven carpets, carpet goods, artistic metalwork, ceramics, glass, wood, paper, textiles, costume, embroidery, and jewelry. You may also see live demonstrations of Azerbaijani carpet making, learn about the famed Azerbaijani carpet designer Latif Karimov, and buy souvenirs at the gift store.

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan


  • Tuesday to Sunday- 11 AM to 7 PM
  • Monday- Closed
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8. Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center

Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center

The Heydar Aliyev Institution is a major cultural center in Baku, Azerbaijan's capital, situated in an iconic edifice built by Zaha Hadid Architects. It's in a 10-hectare public park near the Baku Convention Center.

The Heydar Aliyev Center, in addition to holding cultural events and promoting Azerbaijani language, history, and culture, was envisioned as a symbol of Azerbaijan's nation-building process as well as the country's recent economic progress and modernization. The Heydar Aliyev Center, with a gross floor area of about 57,000 square meters, is a multi-functional facility that has a 1000-seat auditorium, temporary exhibition spaces, a conference center, workshops, and a museum.

The Center's activities mix Azeri history and traditions with modern culture, both local and worldwide, and include temporary art, science, and history exhibitions, music concerts, theatrical performances, movies, conferences, seminars, educational programs, and special events. The museum located in the center offers permanent displays centered on the history of Azerbaijan, as well as the legacy and personal life of national leader Heydar Aliyev, through an ensemble of artworks, historical relics, architectural models, documentaries, and interactive exhibits.

Location: 1 Heydar Aliyev Ave, Baku 1033, Azerbaijan


  • Tuesday to Friday- 11 AM to 7 PM
  • Saturday to Sunday- 11 AM to 6 PM
  • Monday- Closed
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9. Ateshgah - Fire Temple

Ateshgah - Fire Temple

Baku is home to the famed Ateshgah, often known as the "Fire Temple of Baku” and the most amazing thing to see in Baku. Today, this is a popular tourist attraction in Surakhani town, a suburb of Baku, Azerbaijan. Ateshgah is an exceptional feature of Azerbaijan since it has eternally blazing natural flames of oil and gas. This Ateshgah in Surakhani is the most attractive spot for its natural flame. This fire temple holds special importance in this area. The temple served as a Hindu, Sikh, and Zoroastrian worship site. This is a pentagonal compound with a courtyard encircled by monk cells and a tetra pillar-altar in the center.

The Ateshgah Fire Temple, also known as the Baku Fire Temple, is located near Baku in Surakhani. In contrast to suggestions that it was a Zoroastrian Fire Temple, the inscriptions in either Sanskrit or Punjabi reveal that the site was a Hindu center of devotion. It now contains a museum and is no longer utilized as a temple. The museum's natural fire burned out in 1969, although it is presently supplied by mains gas pumped in from Baku city. Whether it is a Hindu temple, a Sikh temple, or a Zoroastrian temple, this Ateshgah has a history that you may learn about and further explore by visiting the site.

Location: C285+5CR, Baku, Azerbaijan

Timings: Everyday- 10 AM to 7 PM

10. Highland Park Baku

Highland Park Baku

Baku's highland park is the highest point in the country's capital, offering a stunning view over the city and the harbor. People from Baku and visitors alike frequently visit here to get a bird's-eye view of the city and to go for a stroll. Highland Park got its name from its location. Because the park zone is positioned on a hill, the observation platforms provide a spectacular view of the neighboring sights, including Baku’s beautiful places such as Boulevard, Baku Bay, the Shirvanshahs Palace, the Old City of Baku, and the Maiden's Tower. Locals refer to the area as "Dagustu Park," which translates to "Upland Park." The Green Theater and the Gulistan Palace are the primary park attractions.

Location: 9R5H+4G3, Baku, Azerbaijan

Timings: 24*7

One of those undiscovered treasures, Azerbaijan is not well known as a travel destination, but once you arrive, the stunning wonders will leave you speechless. Adventurers and ardent tourists will have a great time in a country with various landscapes. When you first arrive in Baku, you'll be astounded by how well-kept and tidy the entire city is. Both ancient stone buildings and ultramodern constructions are tucked away in the old town, ready for you to explore. These above-mentioned places will give you thrill and pleasure both so, don’t wait anymore and avail yourself of the best Azerbaijan tour package to explore these amazing places to visit in Baku.


Q1. Is Baku worth visiting?

Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan and is famous for its historic and modern architecture. Apart from this Baku is well known for its exotic nights and adventure activities.

Q2. What is the best time to visit Baku?

The months of April through October are the ideal times to visit Baku. Baku has tremendously intense sun beams in the summer and severely low temperatures in the winter. It's always incredibly dry in Baku. To prevent the area from becoming too dry, avoid the months of January, July, and November.

Q3. What are some most famous places to visit in Baku?

Baku is a land of a combination of tourist places from historical to modern, from mountain to coastal side. Here are a few places to visit in Baku for the best experience:

  • Flame Towers
  • Teze Pir Mosque
  • Icherisheher Fortress Walls
  • Bilgah Beach
  • Nizami Street
  • Highland Park
Q4. What is the main airport in Baku?

Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku, is one of the six international airports serving Azerbaijan. One can take Aero Express Bus which serves 24*7 from the airport to the city.

Q5. What is the most famous architecture of Baku?

The Flame Towers in Baku are a trio of buildings, the highest of which is 182 meters tall is the most famous and world-famous architecture in Baku. These flame-shaped towers represent the element of fire.

Q6. Where can one do shopping for locals?

One can do shopping from Nizami Street if you are in this area. This is one of Baku's most well-known retail avenues, a hip and lively pedestrianized boulevard with a diverse range of shops, including small outlets, souvenir shops, and supermarkets.

Q7. What is the world-famous carpet museum in Baku?

Located on the seaside Boulevard, The Carpet Museum is one of the most modern architectural icons and one of the most famous places in Baku. Today, the Carpet Museum is home to the largest collection of Azerbaijani carpets in the world – over 6,000.

Q8. How many beaches are there in Baku?

Baku has a few beaches that are free from oil pollution including Shikhov Beach, Crescent Beach, Bilgah Beach, Amburan Beach, and SeaZone. These are among the best beaches in Baku, Azerbaijan that travelers can visit for leisure and water activities.