Tabuk is the capital city of the Tabuk region in northwestern Saudi Arabia and celebrates a mixed culture. The Jordanian and Egyptian pilgrims are one of the main attractions here. The region of Tabuk is a nexus of many civilizations, that’s why leading to a cuisine that is strongly influenced by its neighbors as well as the usage of ingredients particular to its topography. Seafood is typically served alongside Levant-inspired plates on a Tabuki table. The menu of the restaurants in Tabuk adjusts to the season, with locals striking a balance between their appreciation of the light flavors of the sea and the hearty meat dishes that provide warmth in the winter. Even though this might be the case, you can always locate some timeless classics in the city.

Best Restaurants in Tabuk: Splendid Settings for Family Dining

Best Restaurants in Tabuk

If you are a food lover and visiting this region of Saudi Arabia, don’t miss out to try some of the most appreciated restaurants in Tabuk. These restaurants are junctions for serving classical cuisines from Egypt and Jordan because of the ancient trade relationship. The Tabuk region's basic foods, shrak, alrashoof, and mansaf, show off their strong culinary ties to Jordan. Restaurants in Tabuk are renowned for serving dishes from both regional and global cuisines. These eateries maintain a warm atmosphere while providing visitors from all around the world with fantastic cuisine so, bring your family and friends and get the best of it all. Here are a few of them:

  • Western Road Steak and Grill
  • Jandofly
  • Syed Al Biryani Restaurant
  • Fridays
  • Atoll Fusion Restaurant
  • Potatoes Mix
  • Punjab Restaurant
  • Al-Qaryah Al-Turathia
  • La Villa

1. Western Road Steak and Grill:  Savor the Exotic American Cuisine

Western Road Steak and Grill

Western Road Steak and Grill, considered to be Tabuk's top restaurant overall, is well-liked by visitors. It serves some of the greatest steaks in the city along with American and other cuisines. The almost 300 seats in this American casual dining establishment are further separated into five different categories making it one of the best places to visit in Tabuk. The Western Road Steak Grill offers VIP rooms for those who need privacy and is best suited for family dinners and breakfast. Additionally, it provides several services like reservations, delivery, and takeout.

Location: King Abdullah Rd, street, Tabuk 47312, Saudi Arabia

Speciality: American and international cuisine

Timing: Everyday 10 AM to 1:30 AM

2. Jandofly: Diving into Sea of Flavors

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Jandofly is the perfect choice of restaurant in Tabuk if you are looking for premium quality seafood as it is famed as Tabuk’s best seafood restaurant. The fried fish and big prawns are known as the signature recipes of this place. They are well known for their siyadiah (a variety of brown rice), sijan, seafood soups, mixed seafood platters, and an extensive list of seafood grills. If you are here don’t miss the chance to try Siadiah, a variety of brown rice with fish and prawns as this is one of the best things to do in Tabuk. The grilled seafood available here is no less than a cherry on the cake for the guests. One can get many services here along with a private sitting area, spacious dining area, and on-table service too.

Location: King Abdulaziz Rd, opposite King Khalid Military Hospital, Tabouk, Saudi Arabia

Speciality: Seafood

Timings: N/A

3. Syed Al Biryani Restaurant: All the Way from Mughal Kitchen

Syed Al Biryani Restaurant

If you are in search of delicious Asian cuisine in Saudi Arabia, Syed Al Biryani Restaurant is the best Indian restaurant in Tabuk. This restaurant is regarded as one of Tabuk's best dining establishments and is well-known for serving cuisine from the East. The restaurant is well-known for its savory Indian cuisine and is well known for its biryani and kebabs. From fish and poultry to red meat, the Syed Al Biryani Restaurant delivers savory, hearty meals with an added layer of spices. Service at the restaurant is prompt and kind. Syed Al Biryani Restaurant is a wonderfully unusual spot to take family and friends for lunch or dinner and offers excellent value.

Location: King Abdul Aziz Road, Shop No. 2, Ezza Tower, Tabuk

Speciality: Indian and Mughlai cuisine

Timings: N/A

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4. Fridays: Appetizing American Food

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One of Tabuk's most well-liked American-style eateries, Fridays is a favorite with both visitors and residents. The restaurant serves American cuisine and is renowned for its delicious food and top-notch service. Among the best meals at this restaurant are steak and pasta. The restaurant offers rapid service and a great atmosphere. The restaurant is a great spot to bring friends and family, and it has many amenities like a large seating area, wifi enabled hall, parking, and more.

Location: 8227 King Abdullah Road, Al Muruj B, Tabuk

Speciality: American Cuisine


  • Saturday to Wednesday- 11 AM to 1 AM
  • Thursday to Friday- 11 AM to 2 PM
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5. Atoll Fusion Restaurant: Junction of Culinary Culture

Atoll Fusion Restaurant
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The Atoll Fusion Restaurant, one of the most well-liked family restaurants in Saudi Arabia, is regarded as the greatest Asian restaurant in Tabuk. A wide range of different cuisines, including Middle Eastern, Asian, and contemporary, are served at the restaurant. The place is close to King Abdullah Road Garawe. The restaurant has a wonderful ambiance and distinctive architecture with high ceilings and contemporary furnishings. Private dining, reservations, and outdoor sitting are just a few of the comfortable amenities available at the Atoll Fusion Restaurant. The team of the Michelin high-end restaurant is all set to serve the best-ever tasted food with a beautiful presentation. The staff of the place is well trained, full of etiquette, and always ready to make the guests feel special with their services.

Location: King Abdullah Road Garawe, Tabuk

Speciality: Middle-Eastern, Contemporary and Asian

Timings: Everyday- 1 PM to 1 AM

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6. Potatoes Mix: Best suited to Vegetarians

Potatoes Mix
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Potato Mix is among the top-rated restaurants in Tabuk Saudi Arabia. This place features best of the Turkish and European cuisine. The most interesting part of this place Is the use of potatoes to create a variety of delicious dishes. They have many potato dishes including the classic potato, grilled potato, mortadella potato, and veggie potato with the addition of a variety of drinks such as tea, coffee, mocha and cappuccino, and others. This place is most affordable, clean, calm, and family-friendly with delicious food served on the table by supportive staff.

Location: Omar Ben Alkhattab Street, Tabuk

Speciality: Turkish and European cuisine, suitable for vegetarians

Timings: N/A

7. Punjab Restaurant: Looking for Chicken Curry in Saudi?

Punjab Restaurant
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One of Tabuk's top restaurants, The Punjab Restaurant serves Pakistani and Middle Eastern food. This restaurant, which is well-known for its cozy atmosphere, is located in Shah Re Aam Tabuk. Both locals and visitors enjoy eating at Punjab Restaurant, which is known for its extensive bread selection and chicken curry. The eatery serves succulent tandoori chicken that stays juicy on the plate. For a complete dining experience, one also receives a warm atmosphere and prompt service.

Location: 8831, Al'awayshah, Al Awayshah, 3778, Tabuk

Speciality: Pakistani and Middle Eastern cuisine

Timings: Everyday- 5 AM to 12:30 AM

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8. Al-Qaryah Al-Turathiyah: Best of the Authentic Tabuk Cuisine

Al-Qaryah Al-Turathiyah
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This restaurant is for you if you are searching for a restaurant in Saudi Arabia to taste Tabuk's regional specialties. It is situated across from the Hala Hotel on King Khaled Street. The restaurant is well decorated, emulating the local heritage, with old objects and images of Tabuk displayed on the walls. The restaurant serves traditional Saudi di dishes, including kabsa (traditional dish), mandi, and madhbi. The food complements the inside and external vernacular style well. The atmosphere and the staff are so friendly and positive that once you come here, will come time and again.

Location: King Khalid Rd, Al Faisaliyah Ashamaliyah, Tabuk

Speciality: Regional cuisine

Timings: Everyday- 11 AM to 2 AM

9. La Villa Restaurant: Colors of Tasty Flavors

La Villa Restaurant

If you are looking for Italian cuisine in Saudi Arabia, La Villa restaurant in Tabuk is the best place. Here, one can enjoy a variety of Italian dishes like pizza, and pasta in the affordable range. One can try the international option too for example burgers, steaks, and fresh seafood. This restaurant serves Indian and American cuisine too. This place is talked about for the quality of food, good ambiance, and organized staff. The restaurant is decorated with a beautiful interior and has a poolside table settlement too. The crispy chicken and fried shrimp with rice, mushroom soup, dynamite shrimp, red meat steak, and others are signature dishes here.

Location: 7998, Alfaysaliyyah Al Janubiyyah, 4008, Tabuk

Speciality: Italian, American, and Indian cuisine


  • Saturday to Thursday- 6 AM to 11:30 AM, 1 PM to 12 AM
  • Friday- 1 PM to 12 AM

With its bustling souks, pristine islands, beautiful white beaches, coral reefs, and delicious food Tabuk is becoming a more popular tourist destination. The local restaurants in Tabuk are likely to satisfy your appetites, whether you're so curious to try some local fish and rice or in need of some specialty coffee. Whether you want to taste the international cuisine of Turkey, Italy, India, Pakistan, or America. These restaurants in Tabuk are decorated so beautifully and serve the guests so nicely that one cannot stop themselves from coming here again. So, avail yourself of the best Saudi Arabia holiday Packages and make a plan to visit Tabuk, Saudi Arabia don’t hesitate anymore to try the cuisine in the above-mentioned restaurants for a flavorsome experience.


Q1. Which Middle Eastern eatery in Tabuk is the best?

The top-rated Middle Eastern restaurant in Tabuk is Al Qriah Al Tarithia. It is well known for its top-notch cuisine and friendly customer service. It is the greatest choice if one wants to indulge in the cuisine of the area.

Q2. What is the special dish/ traditional dish of Tabuk?

Lunch is traditionally the main meal of Saudi Arabia, and it almost always includes a rice dish, like kabsa, considered the national dish of Saudi Arabia. If you are here don’t miss to try kabsa, grilled meat, roasted chicken, tangy salsa, or a fish delicacy with rice for the lunch.

Q3. Where can I find local Tabuki food?

If tourists want to try the local Tabuki food while visiting Tabuk, they can try eating kabsa in Al-Qaryah Al-Turathia Restaurant. This is a well-acknowledged place for local traditional food.

Q4. What are the best restaurants in Tabuk?

Tabuki is very rich in its cuisine and there are multiple restaurants that offer best quality dishes in the city, some of them are:

  • Western Road Steak and Grill
  • Jandofly
  • Syed Al Biryani Restaurant
  • Fridays
  • Atoll Fusion Restaurant
Q5. What is Tabuk known for?

Tabuk is renowned for its historic battles, historic oases, historic rock art, historic pilgrimage routes, and historic Hejaz railway. It is a singular tourist attraction that feeds the eyes with attractive places and feeds the hunger with a variety of mixed cuisine.

Q6. What is the best Italian restaurant in Tabuk?

If you are looking for Italian cuisine in Saudi Arabia, La Villa restaurant in Tabuk is the best place. Here, one can enjoy a variety of Italian dishes like pizza, and pasta in an affordable range.

Q7. Is there any vegetarian restaurant in Tabuk?

Potatoes Mix is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Tabuk where they use potatoes to create a variety of delicious dishes. They have many potato dishes including classic potato, grilled potato, mortadella potato, veggie potato, etc.

Q8. What are the tourist attractions in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia?

Tabuk is home to countless sightseeing spots waiting for tourists to explore. Some of them are:

  • Tabuk castle
  • Al Tawba Mosque
  • Wadi Al Disah
  • Souq Twaheen
  • Maghaer ShuaibRes