With a population of over 35 million, Saudi Arabia is 4 times the size of France!! Fascinating, isn’t it? Who would have imagined a place this kingdom is as big as France!! Well, this historical birthplace of Islam and Arab Bedouin has always attracted millions of tourists from around the world. Tourists exploring this middle eastern kingdom are fascinated by the old charm seen in the towns of Mecca and Medina. There is a lot more to Saudi Arabia than meets the eye. Hence, if you haven’t been to this part of the middle east, make a list of all the largest cities in Saudi Arabia and explore each one of them.

10 Largest Cities in Saudi Arabia: Discover the Natural Beauty and Architecture

Discover the numerous options for thrill and fun, from modern skyscrapers to huge parks and museums, these largest cities in Saudi Arabia will give you a reflection of the natural beauty and man-made luxury and cultural bliss. A list of cities embracing the charming mountain valleys, huge festival celebrations, religious prestige, and many more are curated below to relish the happiest moments of your life.

  • Riyadh
  • Makkah
  • Jeddah
  • Madinah
  • Dammam
  • Taif
  • Khobar
  • Tabuk
  • Abha
  • Al-Kharj

1. Riyadh: Celebrate the Culture and Heritage


Riyadh city has its own aura with its breathtaking landscapes and modern skyscrapers. Known for its rich culture and heritage, this is the place that has swiftly transformed from a small tribal region to one of the astonishing cities in Saudi Arabia. This capital city with its great architecture is known for huge Festivals celebrations. Noor Riyadh, a festival of light and art is one of them delivering several incredible experiences. This biggest city in Saudi Arabia has also bagged the title of being the cultural capital of Arab in 2000 by UNESCO.

How to reach: This city is well connected via railways, airways, and roadway networks. Also, the King Khalid International Airport is located in the city.

Top attractions: Museums, Parks, Architecture, Historical Centers

Top Activities: Shopping, Explore the heritage, Visit the largest parks, Enjoy several landmarks, Trekking

2. Makkah: Enjoy the Religious Landmarks


Get the religious feel of the holy city of Makkah, with its various sacred sites. Well-Known for the Great Mosque of Makkah also called the Masjid Al-Haram this city is a famous tourist attraction. From exploring its newer infrastructure to its huge cultural heritage there are several adventures you can have here. The city is also famous for its lip-smacking fast food which you can enjoy in any of its paradise restaurants. Tourists from all over the world visit the city not only for Hajj but also for the beautiful regional landmarks like ‘Aisha Mosque’. Known for the world's most expensive buildings this is one of the major cities in Saudi Arabia.

How to Reach: Nearest Airport to the city is King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah. It is connected to the rest of the city via road networks and fantastic road networks.

Top Attraction: Great Mosque of Makkah, Kaaba, Abraj Al-Bait Towers

Top Activities: Visit Masjid Al-Haram Mosque, Explore Makkah Royal Clock Tower, Tour of Cave of Thawr

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3. Jeddah: For a Gladsome Holiday


From its astonishing museums to its record-breaking skyscrapers, this city is also known for its rich culture and heritage. You can enjoy the tradition here with its festivals, beautiful events, international book fairs, and amazing Open-air art. This city offers you several mesmerizing resorts where you can have a fascinating time with your friends and family. The Bride of the Red Sea offers tourists on a historical vacation some of the most delicious seafood. Hence, enjoy this one of the largest cities in Saudi Arabia with its several popular tourist attractions and important historical places.

How to Reach: Jeddah Airport, King Abdulaziz International Airport links to major cities all over the world. Apart from this Jeddah has connectivity via railways, airways, waterways and roadways.

Top Attraction: Museums, historical landmarks, Resorts, Beaches

Top Activities: Enjoy Roller coasters, Shopping, relax on beaches, visit Public Aquariums

4. Madinah: Discover the Fascinating Arabian Culture


Known as the second holiest city in Islam, Medina is one of the most religious and culturally important places in Saudi Arabia. Established by Prophet Mohammed the city is brimmed with so much cultural, religious, and historical prestige that makes it worth visiting. Not only this, but one of the many major cities in Saudi Arabia, Madinah, also boasts several shopping complexes and restaurants for tourists to get the best flavors of Saudi and a great shopping experience. If you are fascinated by Arabian culture, then exploring its local food and culture will be one of the best things to do in Saudi Arabia. Also, it's surprising landscape will make you come here again for your next holiday.

How to Reach: Medina has its regional Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport.

Top Attractions: Mosque, Museums, Historical sites, Malls

Top Activities: shopping, visiting religious places, Restaurants

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5. Dammam- For a Relishing Lifetime Experience


One of the hubs for trade and Commerce, this country has several fascinating landmarks and mosques with religious significance that make it one of the 5 major cities in Saudi Arabia. Scenic Beaches, picturesque islands, ports, historical and cultural spots, and entertainment parks, there are several places to visit in Dammam. You can also enjoy the most popular sport of Dammam, which is Football in the Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Stadium. If you are a food lover, then there are several international food brands here waiting for you. Also, its traditional dishes have their own richness and variety.

How to Reach: Dammam is connected to the whole kingdom by King Fahd International Airport. It also has railway networks, well-maintained roads and seaports.

Top Attractions: Beaches, Islands, historical places

Top Activities:  Dolphine show, Adventurous ride, Amusement Parks, Shopping

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6. Taif: Get Closer to Nature and Historical Art


Known for its famous Saiyad National Park which is full of greenery and is a paradise for nature lovers, this city is located on the beautiful slopes of the Hejaz Mountain. This city is one of the best places to visit in Saudi Arabia having its own aura with historical spots, and natural attractions. The breathtaking valleys full of aromatic rose flowers, majestic mountains and centuries-old markets are the main tourist attractions in this one of the most tourist-friendly Saudi Arabia cities. Also, you can enjoy the traditional Okazu Market Festival and Crown Prince Camel Festival with the locals here.

How to Reach: Taif Regional Airport has both domestic and international flights. The city is well connected by roads. Cabs are the most popular mode of transport here.

Top Attractions: Malls, Parks, Museum, National Park, Mountains

Top Activities: Camel races, Mountain Hiking, Shopping

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7. Khobar: Spend time in this Spectacular City


Enjoy the panoramic views of the city hosting several beaches and resorts offering delicious local cuisine. You can also make your day more memorable with a great shopping experience in several shopping malls and lifestyle centers in the city. It even has local chains of restaurants where you can try some delightful and flavorful delicacies. The old markets of the city will give you the chance to explore Arabian culture and traditions. Khobar, one of the top 5 richest cities in Saudi Arabia, is also famous for its beautiful recreational parks where you can get a view of attractive monuments like Prince Ibn Jalawy Park and Eskan Park. Hence, visiting this city is one of the best things to do in Saudi Arabia.

How to Reach: The nearest airport to Khobar is Dawadmi Domestic Airport. But you can choose Bahrain Airport and drive across King Fahd Causeway to Khobar.

Top Attractions: Recreational Parks, beaches, shopping malls, restaurants

Top Activities: Shopping, Scuba diving, Parasailing, Horse Riding

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8. Tabuk: Get the Glimpse of the Heritage


Known for its rich culture and pristine beaches, this is one of the major cities in Saudi Arabia. If you want to explore the culture and heritage of Saudi Arabia then this is the best place for you full of archaeological sites, beautiful forts, and palaces. Most notable are its attractions like Moses Springs near Maqna or Maghaer Shuaib in the desert. There are several unique sites here which you can explore including the Tabuk Castle which has been turned into a museum with several beautiful artifacts. So, if you are making a plan for a peaceful and relaxing holiday then Tabuk is the best option for you.

How to Reach: Tabuk is well connected to the major cities of the country via regular flights.

Top Attractions: Mountains, Beaches, Historical destinations, Forts, Palaces

Top Activities: Enjoy Food, Visit historical places, Shopping

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9. Abha: Enjoy a Thrilling Experience


If you are a mountain lover and looking for a hill station in Saudi Arabia, then Abha should be your first choice. Known as one of the most scenic cities in Saudi Arabia, Abha is dominated by beautiful mountains. There are several places to visit in Abha including beautiful gardens, museums, historical sites, theme parks and national parks. Also, if you are inclined toward history and culture then you should definitely visit the Aseer Regional Museum and the famous and colorful art street which truly represents the local culture. Enjoy the hill trekking through the Aseer National Park if you love adventure and thrill in your life.

How to reach: Abha has its Abha Regional Airport connected to the important cities of Saudi Arabia.

Top Attractions: Green Mountain, Parks, Museums, Historical sites

Top Activities: Paragliding, Trekking, Shopping

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10. Al-Kharj: Embrace Excellent Architecture


Just 100 kilometers away from Riyadh this place is constantly adding to its architecture and tourist attractions. Although it comes under the list of the biggest cities in Saudi Arabia, it is still not much explored. The hidden attractions here include several grand palaces, amazing mosques, thrilling amusement parks and water parks and so much more. You can also experience the shopping scene of Saudi Arabia with a few beautiful malls here. If you want a calm and relaxing holiday, then this is one of the best places to visit in Saudi Arabia for you. You will find yourself here in a peaceful and refreshing atmosphere. Get the positive vibes of this city and explore its culture, history, and architecture.

How to reach: The nearest airport is King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh at a distance of 109 kms

Top Attractions: Palaces, Mosques, Amusement Parks, Water Parks

Top Activities: Shopping, Visit Zoo, Visit Water Tower, Get Adventure rides in Amusement Parks

Hence, if you are planning an amazing holiday then choose one of these largest cities in Saudi Arabia for a thrilling experience. From brilliant architecture, beautiful mountains, and fascinating beaches to amazing mosques and amusement parks there are several places where you can enjoy your heart out. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and avail best tour packages to enjoy plenty of fun and thrill superb vacation.


Q1. Which are the 5 Largest Cities in Saudi Arabia?

There are several largest cities to visit in Saudi Arabia for a great vacation. It includes:

  • Riyadh
  • Makkah
  • Jeddah
  • Madinah
  • Dammam
Q2. What are the top attractions in Riyadh?

The top attractions in Riyadh include Museums, Parks, Architecture, and Historical Centers. The city is also famous for its festivals like Noor Riyadh, a festival of light and art delivering several beautiful experiences.

Q3. What are the top activities of Jeddah?

The city is known for its rich culture and heritage and there are several activities you can do here like the adventurous Roller coasters, Shopping, relaxing on beaches, visiting Public Aquariums, etc.

Q4. What is Damman famous for?

Damman is known for its fascinating landmarks and mosques that hold religious significance. You can also visit the beautiful beaches, islands, and cultural spots for a memorable experience.

Q5. What are the top attractions of Abha?

Abha city is full of beautiful mountains, Parks, Museums, and Historical spots. People can also visit theme parks, famous and colorful art streets for a memorable experience.

Q6. What is the best time to visit Saudi Arabia?

The best time span when you can visit Saudi Arabia is from November to February. At this time the weather is mild and the temperature remains average. Summer is the time to be avoided visiting Saudi Arabia.

Q7. How can we reach Khobar?

The nearest airport to Khobar is Dawadmi Domestic Airport. But you can choose Bahrain Airport and drive across King Fahd Causeway to Khobar.

Q8. How many days are enough to explore Al-Kharj?

A total of 3-4 days is enough to explore Al Kharj's beauty and charm. From shopping malls to water parks there are several places here that make it a perfect vacation spot.