How do you intend to spend your vacation? Well, if shopping is on your bucket list, Qatar is the most amazing place to shop. You will find the most luxuriating amenities, traditional souvenirs, and the best cosmetic collection. Qatar, with the best malls and markets, has enhanced the experience of shoppers and added an unmatched luxury. Al Hazm Mall, Qatar, is among those top-picked shopping destinations where you can spend the most happening day of your vacation. To magnify your experience, the mall presents a range of exclusive features and benefits for all. Let us discover every highlight before adding it to your attraction list.

Al Hazm Mall: A Hub for Ultimate Luxury Experience

A Hub for Ultimate Luxury Experience

Al Hazm- or as translated "the higher grounds" the mall is one of the most magnificent attractions that lure tourists to discover its charm and beauty. Qatar has a number of malls and shopping places that are exhibiting the best of its art and heritage, but what makes Al Hazm Doha a unique and special spot is its classic design and infrastructure. The architecture, features, and highlights of the mall have made it an anomalous landmark, where there is a royal touch in every corner. Calling it a landmark that defines the enriching wealth of Qatar won't be wrong, as this mall has redefined every aspect of beauty.

The fusion of Arabian hospitality and the timeless classic art of Italy has created the masterpiece. There is affluent art and luxury in this shopping center that one can never afford to miss in Al Hazm Mall. The mall brings a range of exclusive and most expensive brands under one roof that is presenting the extravaganza. The elegance of its style is a compliment, and the excellence collection is a style statement that has added much to its popularity.

The Striking Architecture and Design of AL Hazm

The Striking Architecture and Design of AL Hazm

Apart from Shopping, Al Hazm is a center of architectural wonders that is one of the best examples of Qatar's rich art. The Hazm Mall Doha was designed with 41000 tons of stones and marbles, brought exclusively from Tuscany. If the exterior reflects the class, the interiors are exhibiting the beauty of Arabian art and motifs. The influence of heritage and culture can be easily observed with its splendid architecture.

The use of the best quality material and expert mind are major characteristics of its exquisite and regal ambiance. Every highlight of the mall has distinguished it as one of the city's richly crafted wonders, providing an amazing experience.

Al Hazm Doha is an example of a traditional eternal style where every feature is designed to revive the sense of wonder. This mall is standing as an astonishment for anybody who walks through its well designed columns, vaults, and curves. The surrounding boasts of olive fringes that were brought from Spain and Italy a long time ago. The history of these olives can be 600 years old, but the beauty complements modern architecture. Therefore, it can be rightly defined as an amalgamation of modernity and traditional art where you will find the touch of every ancient motif, be it European it Arabian.

The striking design of the Hazm mall will leave guests inspired by the interesting and startling splendor. The use of space and elements can be seen in its open areas and patio, where there are shows and special celebrations hosted for public entertainment.

To better understand the design and beauty of this mall in Qatar, here are some highlights that clearly reflect the idea of its architecture.

  • A traditional continental style with an ancient Italian shopping arcade.
  • Imposing pillars, domes, and arches around the complex.
  • State of-the-art outdoor cooling system
  • Beautiful water fountains and well-designed corridors
  • Heat-absorbing white marble floor to make the ambiance cool and relaxing
  • Open space and exhilarating the panoramic terrace for shows and special events
  • Space for relaxation and leisure
  • Verdurous central gardens surrounding the entire architecture
  • Outdoor pavilions with vast space and seating
  • flower gardens enclosed by ancient olive trees
  • shaded kiosks and restaurants
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Hazm Mall Doha Offering The Most Exhilarating Shopping Experience

Hazm Mall Doha Offering
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It is the luxury that has added much fame to the beauty and name of Hazm mall. This is a place for the wealthiest where the collection is unique and beyond imagination. Every luxury brand of the world is listed here, and the collection offers the unmatched experience of shopping in Qatar. The sections are defined by their exclusive collection offering the finest cosmetics and fashion accessories, apparel, accessories, beauty products, and lifestyle collection. There is a categorized section, offering you top picked fashion material for kids or adults, without compromising on the quality. Well, the place is surely not for budget shoppers, but window shopping through the corridors is something that cannot be missed.

You will find a fine quality displayed to attract tourists and the wealthy names in Qatar. The affluent can be spotted shopping for every luxury and class, Al Hazm exhibits. The renowned brand has made it a trusted center, where you will find the best value for your money.

Qatar is known for the best perfume collection, and the malls bring you the most exotic perfumes to add to your classic accessories. Every fragrance offered there reflects the beauty and essence of Aarab, making it a perfect fit for your souvenir. Adding more to your wardrobe, there is a lavish collection of sunglasses, Cosmetics, jewelry, and more.

Here are some recommended brands and collections to shop at Al Hazm mall Qatar.

  • Style de Vie- For fashion apparels
  • Viaggio- For men footwear
  • Palazzo Nero- For designer Abaya
  • Sole Avenue- For women shoes and bags
  • Little Ones- For your Kids fashion
  • Shades- For best sunglasses
  • Mirwad or Scentsation- the best perfume collection
  • Glam District- Skin Care and Cosmetics
  • Velour Jewellery and Djula- Imperial Jewelry collection

Al Hazm Mall Restaurants For Discovering The Hidden Delights

Al Hazm Mall Restaurants For Discovering The Hidden Delights
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Being a culinary delight, Qatar is one of the best places to relish the taste of Arabian cuisine and international dishes. Al Hazm Mall in Qatar is presenting a wide range of the Best authentic and fancy food menus to treat your taste buds. Reflecting the culture of Qatar and its heritage, the mall has every traditional cuisine listed on the menu of restaurants. Let us find the best culinary highlight of Al Hazm that will make your gastronomic experience worth a memory.

1. The Middle Eastern cuisine

Al Hazm Mall, Qatar, serves the enriching flavor of Arabian and Middle Eastern food at the top Qatar restaurants. You will find options like Lebanese cuisine or Persian dishes and Qatari food listed on the menu of restaurants like Dar Al Karam, Al Manchab, and Takht-E-Jamshid. The sophisticated interiors of the restaurants are set to enhance your dining experience.

2. The international Cafes

Fancy food like pizza or burgers is on the favorite list of all, especially for kids. There are many people who prefer having an Italian or French meal, therefore Al Hazm brings the best cafes in Doha at your service to offer you a Savory platter. You can reserve your seats at Sasso, Ridge la Cuisine, Le train Blue, Belgravia, Signor Sassi, and other restaurants in the mall.

3. Al Hazm Restaurant with Special Cuisine

Seafood and meat are the most preferred meal options in Qatar. Taking care of the gastronomic experience of every visitor, the Lobster and Butcha Steakhouse have prepared their menu with the most striking taste of the day. The freshly prepared meat and seafood speak for the quality and skills of the chefs in Al Hazm Mall restaurants.

Where to Dine at Al Hazm Mall

The taste of the cuisine at the cafes and restaurants at the mall offer the most authentic and cultural vibes, which is one of the many things to embrace. Al Hazm Mall is the ideal place to enjoy excellent traditional Qatari cuisine with one’s family at some of the best restaurants and cafes around. People are offered an experience of lifetime with the multi-culinary menu and the demands that are taken care of the staff. Some of the best restaurants and cafes are found at the mall.

Some of the restaurants and cafes people can boost their appetite include:

1. Al- Manchab Restaurant

Al- Manchab Restaurant
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The birth of Al- Manchab restaurant is quite interesting.  Even though the past was beautiful, simpler and fun, development, openness and change were needed, which is how the restaurant was given birth too. The purpose was to blend a set of ideas collected and offered to the youth, who have been given a treat to the simple past and are craving for more with development and innovation.

The restaurant aims to inculcate the essence of the Qatari’s heritage and presenting it like it is. People are given an advantage of learning about the past and present. Furthermore, people get to see the beauty of Qatari hospitality. The taste buds will be given a treat to some of the finest Qatari cuisines which include some of the finest chicken and lamb.

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2. Takht e-Jamshid Qatar

Takht e-Jamshid Qatar
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The Persian luxurious restaurant, Takht e-Jamshid Qatar boasts of its stunning atmosphere which crafts a memorable Iranian hospitality experience. One of the most stunning attractions at the mall is its stained glass and decorative mirror wall work. These things bring color to a dull looking space along with the stunning light patterns. The tone of the restaurant interior includes elegant patterns, range of colors and the ability to harness light that makes the stained glass a powerful tool.

3. Belgravia Restaurant

Belgravia Restaurant
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The modern cuisine at Belgravia restaurant includes a range of dishes from London with an influence of Europe. The founders of the restaurants worked together for 6 and half years to finally given birth Belgravia Restaurant.  The Middle Eastern people fell in love with Belgravia in London which led to choosing the name Belgravia in Qatar.

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4. Le Train Bleu

Le Train Bleu
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The exquisite museum like restaurant with carvings, chandeliers and frescos on the walls and ceilings, Train Bleu offers the ultimate exquisite experience to everyone.  Tucked away in a corner of Al Hazm Mall, the restaurant is similar to the branch outside Paris. People are attracted to the blue neon lights as they walk into the restaurant.  Some of the finest cuisines people should try is the salmon, ravioli, pasta filled with soft butternut lemon confit. When it comes to choosing from the main course, there are a range of cuisines like artichoke, carrot and zucchini, and a sweet saffron, citrus and honey reduction, and a slow-cooked lamb shank.  The best part is yet to come, which is the desert. People are given a treat to the best black forest ice cream which is served with a cherry on top.

5. Sasso Restaurant

Sasso Restaurant
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The meaning behind the name Sasso, which means stone, is a beautiful story of the restaurants journey to old Italy. There is something quite mysterious about it. It is said that the stone is a lucky charm and so, every time people get obstructed by stone, they believe it will bring luck. Every time people visit the restaurant, they think of the story and have a hearty laugh. The restaurant offers the best services in a happy environment. - “nothing about the restaurant”

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6. Rosemary Café

Rosemary Café
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Have you ever been to the Rosemary café in Doha? If you haven’t yet, then what you waiting for? Rosemary café is not like any other café people often visit in Doha. Nestled in the Al Hazm Mall, Doha, people can tuck into some of the most wholesome foods at breakfast, then have coffee in the evening under the roses and end the day with a sumptuous dinner with friends and family. There is always something to feast on and enjoy at the café.

7. Antico Café

Antico Café
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Have you ever been to a café and had the best coffee? If one steps into Antico Café, one will be taken on a journey to Italy and will be given a taste of the Roman and Italian flavors along with sipping the best kind of coffee, deserts and much more. Let the café create magic for you.

Services And Facilities At Al Hazm Mall Qatar To Make It A Leisure Experience

AL Hazm Mall Qatar To Make It A Leisure Experience

The excellence of Al Hazm can be rightly defined with the facilities that are served here for visitors. Being a popular name among the affluent, the mall tends to present the most leisurely experience. While every mall in Doha, Qatar, is known for the best hospitality and service, the experience at Al Hazm Mall is surely unmatching and beyond one’s imagination. There is a long list of features apart from healthy dining and quality shopping. Let us briefly understand the best highlights Al Hazm offers to its visitors.

1. Limousine Service

Have you ever sat in a limousine, or seen such services offered in a mall, just for a day visit? The popularity of AL ham makes it easy to reach from any corner of the famous landmark in Doha or Qatar. But ensuring the comfort and ease of their guests, the mall brings you a Limousine Service, making your experience worth a memory. The Mall has established a luxury limo service to provide secure and comfortable travel to and from the mall with a trained driver to assure the best comfort. The available limousine services will pick you up from the airport and drop you down at the Al Ham Mall. This service is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the best attractions in Qatar while reaching your destination with utmost ease.

2. Information Desk

The Hazm mall is, no doubt, an excellent piece of architecture where you will find a range of exclusive facilities and features. When exploring every nook and corner of the mall can be a task, there is an information desk available for the visitors to get their queries resolved. A team is assigned for offering you the best facilities and helping you out to find the designated spot in the mall. You can even leave your query online at the official site that will be soon acknowledged by the expert team sitting there.

3. Valet Parking

You are free to drive or hire a can to reach the Al Hazm mall from the airport in Qatar or any other point. If you're driving your own car, Hazm Mall offers valet parking to help you escape the hassle of finding a parking spot. The parking facility provided by the Labbeh is open every day from 14:00 hr to 00:00 hr. There is complete assistance offered to the people who are looking for the parking facility. This is one of the best malls where you can find an upgraded valet parking service.

4. Car Care

The Hamz Mall is offering you the best feature to offer complete care of your vehicle. You can find the best facility like car care, car wash, and other services. You can now maintain your care hygiene by taking advantage of this exclusive feature while shopping with your family. There are best service providers like Detailer Car care at Al Hazm Mall who are offering the best deals every day 01:00 pm - 9:00 pm, except for Fridays.

5. Additional Services

The Hazm mall in Qatar is constantly developing features to add more facilities and services. There will be a designated kid's area, and other facilities offered to the visitors. You can appoint a personal shopper too if you have heavy luggage. The personal shoppers will add more to the luxury experience here at Hazm Mall.

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Al Hazm Mall Offering The Best Cultural Experience

Al Hazm being the most famous shopping avenue is catering to every interest of tourists and citizens. The mall has extended its features from basic entertainment to cultural enlightenment bringing a fusion of art, culture, and luxury. Unlike other malls in Doha or Qatar, Al Hazm offers a unique cultural experience with its design, motifs, ambiance, gastronomy, and other features. The library of Al Hazm mall houses a large collection of textbooks, novels, fiction, biographies or autobiographies, and other books for literature lovers and history buffs. The collection of novels and other literature includes the best translation in English and Arabian languages respectively. The luxurious surroundings and comfortable couches with calm and tranquil ambiance make it an ideal place for some alone time, away from the chaos.

It is rightly called the Al Hazm Cultural Centre, where you will find a relaxing setting to unwind and appreciate the cultural significance in Qatar and neighboring nations.

1. Discover the culture at Al Hazm Library

Discover the culture at Al Hazm Library
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When it comes to craving a moment of tranquility and admiring the culture, people should visit Al Hazm library. The library is home to some of the most valuable collections of texts, novels, fictions, biographies or autobiographies and much more all the literature lovers.  English and Arabic are some of the languages that the books are written in.

2. Transforming Fashion Accessories At Al Hazm Mall in Qatar

Transforming Fashion Accessories At Al Hazm Mall in Qatar

The mall is home to a wide collection of exotic perfumes and accessories that compliment your living style. The mall caters to every tourist in Qatar with its fragrances that can be a souvenir. Sunglasses from shades, perfumes from Mirwad or Scentsation, Cosmetics from Glam District, or jewelry from Velour Jewlery and Djula are some of the things people can explore at the mall.

Al Hazm Mall Qatar is a new definition of luxury and class that has enhanced the experience of all. Located in the capital city Doha, the mall brings unmatched leisure and the most surreal architectural beauty. From the design to the services and facilities, the mall is a real marvel to witness when you are in Qatar. The lavish collection and relish taste served at the restaurants will enhance every experience of yours. So, without a delay, book Qatar flights and be ready to explore the fascination of this splendid attraction.


Q1. What is the timing of Al Hazm Mall in Doha?

Al Hazm is open for all to explore the fancy stores and relax in its beautiful courtyard. The timings are as follow:

  • Saturday to Thursday from 9:00 am till 12:00 midnight
  • Friday from 10:00 am till 12:00 midnight
Q2. Which are the top malls in Doha for Luxury shopping?

The top malls in Doha for a luxury shopping experience are:

  • Al Hazm Mall
  • Villaggio Mall
  • Lagoona Mall
  • Tawar Mall
  • City Center Mall
Q3. What facilities are provided at Al Hazm Mall?

Al Hazm Mall is famous for the best facilities and service it offers. The mall has a dedicated dining area with the best restaurants and café, a cultural library, and other facilities like:

  • limousine service
  • Valet Parking
  • Car wash
  • Personal Shopper
  • Information desk
Q4. Are there any restaurants at Hazm mall?

Yes, Al Hazm Mall offers the best culinary experience to the guest with the finest menu of Arabian dishes or international food. For the best family dinner, you can reserve your seats at:

  • Ridge La Cuisine
  • Al Manchab
  • Belgravia
  • Bab Al Amoud
  • Le Train Bleu
Q5. What all can I shop from Al Hazm Qatar?

Al Hazm Mall Doha is popular for the most exclusive collection of cosmetics, perfumes, fashion accessories, and more. The mall exhibits the best brands for clothing and sportswear, offering you a wide range of products to shop for.

Q6. Why is Al Hazm so popular among the affluent?

Al Hazm stands for the higher grounds, and the luxurious beauty of the mall has made it a hotspot for affluents. It is the magnificent architecture, the high-class facilities, and the collection of luxury brands that have made it a popular name among every high-class citizen.

Q7. Is there any entertainment option available at Al Hazm Doha?

Entertainment at Al Hazm is nothing like other malls with cinemas and amusement parks. The mall reflects a cultural and sophisticated environment where people can indulge in luxury and spend their time at the cultural library of the food court.

Q8. How can I reach Al Hazm Mall from the airport in Qatar?

Al Hazm is a popular name in Doha, therefore, cabs and taxis are easily available for commuting. You can call for limousine service from the mall or can rent a car as the mall has a valet parking facility.