Doha is a hub for shoppers. With the myriad of attractions and entertainment options, the city brings you some fascinating places where you can shop your heart out. There are souks and malls, boutique marketplaces, and every fancy shopping site that is offering you an array of shopping delights. Centuries back, the traditional markets were the only spot for the public to shop, but later with time, as the city started developing, there were malls built to enhance the experience. The Mall Doha is one of the finest places in Qatar, which brings you the pleasure of shopping, dining, and entertainment. Offering you an unparalleled experience, let us find out every hidden feature of this shopper’s stop.

The Mall Shopping Complex, Doha: Highlighting The Best Features

The Mall Shopping Complex, Doha: Highlighting The Best Features
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The very first mall by Equinox, the Mall in Doha was built in the year 1997 to offer people a unique experience of shopping, and entertainment. This was the very first project that brought up the concept of fancy and luxury shopping in Doha and soon turned out to be a success. From locals to vacationers, or tourists, the mall is now a center of attraction for every shopper in the city. The friendly service and myriad of shopping options make it an ultimate stop for every one.

It has been a decade or two since the Mall is offering a wide range of quality products and world-class facilities. Even though there was a drastic development in terms of malls and complexes, the Mall retained its fame and quality to stand as the top malls in Doha. Giving a tough competition to every rivalry, this shopping place is now a center of entertainment and fun, delivering a range of activities for fun and leisure. There are retail shops, showrooms, brand outlets, and dining spaces with entertainment units to make it the best hub for families. Explore every outlet and store that is providing an exquisite selection and features that include goods, renowned international and local brands.

The Mall Shopping Center, Doha Bringing An Exciting Array Entertainment

The Mall in Qatar is among the oldest and the best destination for family entertainment. While there are a number of attractions in Qatar, the shopping complex is an ideal place to kill the heat and enjoy a day of fun.

1. The Cinema

The Cinema

Cineplex cinema at the Doha Mall is among the top entertainment options you can find at this shopping arcade in Doha. Offering the best cinema experience to each of the guests, Cinemax also provides snacks to complement the experience. This 3-state-of-art movie is an ideal option to enjoy the blockbuster and latest Bollywood and Hollywood shows. The top-notch audiovisual will make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your family.

Opening Hours:

  • Saturday – Friday: 01:30pm – 12am

2. Fun Day

Fun Day

Among the top theme parks in Qatar, Fun Day is one of the top entertainment centers for your family, especially kids. This indoor theme park is best for kids, where they can enjoy a myriad of activities, rides, and games. The clean and safe environment offers a friendly place for kids, and adults too, with a seating area, café, shopping place, and more. School trips, birthday parties, and other tour packages bring ample options you can choose for your day.

Opening Hours:

  • Saturday – Wednesday: 10am - 10pm
  • Thursday – Saturday: 10am - 10:30pm
  • Friday: 04pm - 10:30pm
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An Exclusive Zest Offered At Top Eateries Of The Mall Gallery in Doha

There is nothing that the Mall Doha is not offering for an unforgettable experience. There is a separate section of food and dining where you will find the top Doha Restaurants presenting every delightful taste of Qatar and neighboring countries. There is every excellent choice you can find at the complex for perfect family dining and pre-movie snacks.

  • The Mall in Doha, Qatar will offer you the quality service of a top Doha restaurant. There are options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, traditional cuisines, and fancy European, Chinese and Italian courses.
  • You can grab a quick bite of your favorite snacks from the best fast-food joint at this shopping Mall in Qatar. From burgers to fries, wraps, and more, there is a huge variety of food items served to make it the most zestful day of your vacation.
  • Cafes in this Mall of Doha are bringing you an array of culinary delights from Asia, Arabia, and other countries known for the best food. From coffee shops to tea lounges and more, there are the best Doha Cafes available for your savoring experience.

The Best Eateries At The Doha Mall Qatar

The Best Eateries At The Doha Mall Qatar
1. The Café Ceramique

Now dine with the finest artistic flavor of Café Ceramique, the best destination for the family to spend an evening together. The cool and friendly ambiance of the café offers you a quality time to relish after a long tiring day.

2. McDonald’s

A name that is globally renowned for the best service and facilities, McDonald’s brings you the known taste to make you feel at home. With the variety of food like crispy fries or burgers with your favorite cold and refreshing drink, you can now temptingly spend your leisure. The cool friendly ambiance and heartwarming service of Mcdonald’s have made it one of the leading fast-food chains in the world.

3. Opera Café

With an assorted menu, the Opera Café in Doha stands out as an ideal restaurant to enjoy quality and taste. The convivial ambiance, the chic interiors, and the gourmet food section are some handpicked features of Opera café. The menu of Opera can serve people an appetizing meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinners.

4. The Royal Indian

Luxury and grandeur come together at the Royal Indian, The Doha Mall. Offering flavorful dishes with raw Indian herbs and spices, this is the perfect dining restaurant in Doha for a family dinner. The exotic taste of India is served here in an authentic manner, resembling the aroma and taste. From the famous platter of butter chicken to the baked bread and Kababs, the restaurant brings you every delight and makes your taste buds dance.

5. Costa Coffee

Coffee lovers can now head off to this Mall in Doha to discover a whole new world of Coffee. A place where you can find more than thousands of options, Costa coffee is a whole world of freshly brewed cocoa. The Italian punch, the quality of the bean, and the perfect blend of taste and aroma enhance the ambiance adding a bit of passion and love. To add more to your plate, there is a wide range of salad and pastries, cakes, and sandwiches.

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Luxury Brand For Your Home And Wardrobe at The Mall Doha

Luxury Brand For Your Home And Wardrobe at The Mall Doha

The Mall in Doha is one of the first shopping places that is bringing you the joy of shopping an ultimate class for your home. Upgrade your styling and the closet collection from thousands of brands available here. From Claires to Body Shop and Digital House, Samsung showroom, Lela, Memento, and more, the Mall brings you the most exciting experiences of choosing your perfect piece of accessory. The category list includes every clothing brand, accessories for matching the statement, the essential departmental stores, electronics, cosmetics, and so more.

The wide collection and an array of quality materials for all your needs have made this galleria a perfect shopping place in Qatar. The collection is not just bound to fashion, but there is a lot such as kids' fashion, men’s fashion, home decor, kitchenware, supermarkets, electronics, mobile and gadgets, etc. Etc.

So, whatever may be your reason to shop, the Mall has every item listed for your interest.

Guest Facilities At The Mall Doha

Guest Facilities At The Mall Doha
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The Mall Shopping gallery presents the best facilities and service for each guest for making the visit easy and comfortable. Every service offered here caters to every need of the visitor, be it a tourist or the citizens of Qatar. From the finest brands to shops to restaurants, the mall in Doha, Qatar has the best of guest services to offer. Let us Have a look to know about the additional services offered by the Mall.

1. Lost & Found

Worried about losing something valuable at the mall accidentally while you shop. No need to worry. Well, the Mall in Doha has added a services desk for the guests where they can reach out to the designated staff assistance for finding your valuables. All you need to do is inform the staff immediately with every detail possible and the staff at the shopping center will help you find it.

2. ATMs

Running out of cash? There are ATMs distributed at every corner of The Mall Doha, Qatar. The merchant shops and showrooms are accepting online and card payments, but there might be a need for cash anytime during your visit. The Automatic Teller Machines are there to help you out.

3. Prayer Rooms

One of the best features of the shopping place is the prayer room. Qatar, being a county devoted to religion and culture, takes care of the sentiments and spiritual values. The Mall is also respecting the values of each guest by offering a separate prayer room.

5. Security

This Doha Mall is one of the safest shopping destinations in Qatar. You will find complete security arrangements inside and outside the shopping center. This makes it a place perfect for your family and kids. The security personnel ensures a safe and friendly environment for tourists and locals visiting.

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The Mall Doha brings you every pleasure of shopping in Qatar. The vast and spacious corridors, air-conditioned interiors, and ample shopping and dining options have made it the first choice of many. Built as the first and the best mall in Doha, Qatar, The Mall has served its visitors with the best and world-class service. Get an extra bag to shop your heart out with every trending fashion statement. There is entertainment, fun, and quality under one roof, which makes it an ideal spot for families on a vacation. So, book your flights to Qatar and be all set to shop what compliments your style.


Q1. Which is the best place to shop in Qatar?

There are many malls and souks in Qatar that are best for the shopping experience. Talking about the best place where you can shop, the Mall Doha can be the right answer. This is the first mall by Equinox, which brought the top brands to Doha.

Q2. Are there any malls in Qatar?

Yes, Qatar has a number of malls that makes it a shoppers' destination. Here are the top malls you can visit:

  • The Villaggio Mall
  • The Mall of Qatar
  • Doha Festival City
  • Doha Mall
  • City Center Doha
Q3. Where is The Mall Shopping Center Doha?

The Mall shopping Center is a landmark on D-Ring Road, Doha. The mall is connected to almost every famous attraction of the city, making it popular and accessible by taxi, cabs, or buses.

Q4. What are the opening hours of Mall Doha?

The Mall is open six days of the week, except Saturday, but the opening hours may differ. There might be a difference in the option hours of the mall and other entertainment units and cafes. The details are as follow:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 04:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Q5. What signature facilities are offered at the Mall in Doha?

The Mall in Doha, Qatar has listed a line of signature facilities, making it the best shopping center in the city for shopping and dining. From Lost and found to security and prayer room, the Mall takes care of every comfort of the visitors.

Q6. Are there any entertainment options available at the Doha Mall?

The complex is a hub for entertainment where you will have a myriad of options. Apart from dining and shopping, the Mall has a Cinemax cinema and fun day indoor theme park to spend a day with family.

Q7. What options are there for dining at the Mall in Qatar?

You will find the best cafes and restaurants at Mall Doha to enjoy the most delicious meal of the day. Here are fast food joints, cafes, and dine-in restaurants to eat after shopping.

  • Costa Coffee
  • The Royal Indian
  • McDonald’s
  • Café Céramique
  • Opera Cafe
Q8. Why is the Doha Mall, the best shopping hub in Qatar?

The Doha Mall is the first mall by Equinox, which brought the top brands to Doha. The collection boasts the latest trends, quality material, and something for every visitor. You will find gadgets, electronics, home décor, and cosmetics with top brand tags, which is making the Mall Doha, the best shopping destination in the last two decades.