Filled with charm, Al Manchab brings out the feeling of stepping into a Qatari home. The bright airy space welcomes you into a world of dhow boats on display and light wooden blue doors. When one visits Al Manchab Restaurant Doha, they get to see a classic painting of three generations of a Qatari family.  The story of how the restaurant is a beautiful one that should be told. With a stunning, simple and amusing past, and the notion of openness, the birth of Al- Manchab Restaurant come about.

A blend of idea brought together is served on a platter to the youth of Qatar through its simplicity and finesses. Development and innovation are indispensable, which is one of the most unique things people will discover. Furthermore, the pride and heritage of the country are given a lot of importance. It is one of the biggest advantages that is distinguished between the people and society.

The restaurant in Qatar ensures people have a genuine experience that flaunts the delicate details of the country’s hospitality. A dream was changed into reality which offers a blend of giving the taste buds a taste of old and new.

Meaning Behind The Name Al Manchab

Meaning Behind The Name Al Manchab
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The name arises from the dialect of Qatar and has often been used in the past, but rarely at present. In the past, the elders often used it as a part of their colloquial dialect, traditions and culture. The word means wooden utensils, used to serve and eat food in.  The verb means to make food to be served. The restaurant has been designed with a combination of modernity and simplicity, its seats and the combination of the colors white and blue, which represent the present and past. It enriches one’s mind and soul.

Aim and Mission Of The Restaurant

The restaurant aims an being the first to serve the most ideal Qatari cuisines and serve them in the most contemporary way that is pleasing to everyone’s taste.  The biggest challenge has been to attract people from all over the world and to ensure they stand out in the crowd as one of the best restaurants that serves traditional Qatari cuisine.

Furthermore, the restaurant aims at offering international quality standards, which includes making their customers happy, to create the best services and creative styles, along with ensuring working with professional people and last but not the least to aim at creating a special bond with the customers.

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The Exquisite Menu Served On A Silver Platter

The Exquisite Menu Served On A Silver Platter
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The exquisite menu offered on silver platter includes some of the local khaleeji favorites with a contemporary twist. Cool and ripe dates are some of the dishes that are put under favorites on the menu. So, when it comes to some of the dishes people should give themselves a treat to include a beetroot hummus decorated with walnuts and sprig of mint. One can eat with steaming hot zaatar bread.

Furthermore, the avocado, which is an absolute favorite can be eaten with a creamy labneh along with thin pieces of avocado and pine nuts. The bread soaks the cream up perfectly which gives the dish a tanginess and a richness to it. It is the one dish that will make the stomach happy. One of the most common dishes people should not miss out on is the fresh grilled sea bass cooked with all kinds of spices like curry powder and garam masala. To make it a lot more interesting one can eat with a spicy eggplant pickle. This is just a part of the Al Manchab  Restaurant Menu Doha, there’s a lot more that makes it interesting.

Last but not the least, the lamb machboos is absolutely heavenly, served with a sea of fragrant rice with sprigs of rosemary. People can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at this restaurant. One of the best things about the restaurant is the vintage look combined with an elegant ambience. Visitors are introduced to several traditional dishes, served with a smile on one’s face. A combination of modern zest with spices and flavors of the ancient era will ensure people come back for more.

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Why Should One Eat At Al Manchab Restaurant Doha?

Eat At Al Manchab Restaurant Doha
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Apart from serving the most delicious foods in Qatar, there is a lot more to the restaurant people will discover like the ambience and the charm of the place. People will be transported into another world of food, which will ensure they wouldn’t want to come back from.

Services Offered At Al Manchab Restaurant Doha

Some of the services offered by the restaurant in Doha include:

  • Taking outdoors orders or serving in cuisines
  • Carriage, Talabat, and Rafeeq Mobile Apps are apps that offer home delivery.
  • Creates the finest buffet for outdoor parties and events for individuals, government officials and embassies.
  • Preparing sublime buffet for VIP
  • Welcoming delegations and tourists and  ensuring they get to  experience the Qatari hospitality.
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Attractions Close To The Restaurant

Attractions Close To The Restaurant

The restaurant is located in AL Hazm Mall, so long with eating, people can go shopping as well.  We all love shopping at the mall as it is the ideal place to eat, shop and spend time with family and friends. The mall has something for everyone and is a treat to the eyes. Have you been there yet?

Al Hazm Mall

The mall has a very unique European inspired architecture, surrounded by olive trees, a rosemary café, and a Horatii Tiramisu Lounge. These are some of the things people can discover and visit while at the mall. There is a lot one can do when it comes to taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

How To Reach Al Manchab Restaurant Doha

One of the most common ways of reaching the restaurant is by either cab or metro. In case one is coming from another place, then they will land at the Hamad international airport and reach their final destinations easily. These are some of the most convenient ways to reach the restaurant. In case one gets lost along the way, they can always ask for directions.

Al Manchab Restaurant Doha is among the many ideal places to eat as it gives the taste buds a treat to some of the finest flavors and raw aroma of Qatari spices. It is known for its style and setting that is seen through some of its traditional cuisines of the country. One can enjoy the pleasure of shopping and other activities as the restaurant is located at the Al Hazm Mall. So, when it comes to visiting the restaurant, one will have to book their flights to Doha and enjoy the finest dishes that is known to leave a happy memory. With the food, people can even visit some of the ideal places around the restaurant.


Q1. Where is Al Manchab Restaurant Doha located?

Al Manchab restaurant Doha is located at Hazm Mall, Al, Al Markhiya St, Doha, Qatar.

Q2. What are the timings of the restaurant?

The timings of the restaurant are 9 am- 11 pm Sunday to Thursday and 1 am- 11 pm on Fridays. People can visit the restaurant anytime during the week.

Q3. Does the restaurant allow takeaway?

The restaurant offers takeaway. People can take advantage of such offers.

Q4. What are some of the dishes one can eat at the restaurant?

Fresh grilled sea bass and Lamb Machboos are some of the dishes one can eat at the restaurant. There are a number of other dishes people can try apart from these two.

Q5. Are there any attractions close to the restaurant?

Al Hazm Mall is the main attraction where people can go eat, shop and spend time with their family and friends.

Q6. What is the meaning behind Al Manchab Restaurant Doha?

The word Al Manchab is derived from the Qatari dialect and has been used by the elders in the past which reflects their culture and traditions. Furthermore, it said that the world means wooden utensils.

Q7. How can one reach the restaurant?

One can either take a cab or travel by metro to the restaurant.

Q8. Which are the apps people can use to order food from the restaurant?

Carriage, Talabat, and Rafeeq Mobile Apps are apps that offer home delivery.