Qatar, the name is enough to depict the country's grandeur and the legacy that it carries. With all the places to explore and all the adventurous things to do, Qatar offers the yet most prominent aspect that attracts many tourists, and that is FOOD. Every vacation is incomplete without a good culinary experience since satiating our taste buds is also a moral obligation! Isn't it? There are many places to eat in Qatar, out of all Timeless Restaurant in Lusail is very popular that serves succulent pan Asian cuisines. The expansive menu of the restaurant gives a plethora of options to the visitors who love delving into the spices and recipes of different origins.

Timeless Restaurant in Lusail Offering A Classic Interior and a Sublime View

Timeless Restaurant in Lusail Offering A Classic Interior and a Sublime View

From the moment you enter Timeless Restaurant in Lusail, Doha, you'll be completely taken by its timeless aura, which is exemplified by its modern décor with clean lines, soft spotlighting, and innovative use of space. The huge glass walls offer breathtaking views over Doha making it a perfect place for al-fresco dining. White with gold trimming, the restaurant's decor, and innovative design provide the perfect setting for a meal that's as timeless as the restaurant itself.

As the name suggests, this Timeless Restaurant in Lusail is about meeting up for good food, drinks, and company. With three options: inside, semi-private room, and outside, you can spend a special date, celebrate with friends or have an amazing view of the sunset over the marina after a hard day at work. The central star of the menu is sushi, but there are plenty of other tempting dishes to make sure nobody feels left out from a culinary standpoint. And Lusail itself also offers great facilities for families; as well as plenty to do on land, it's home to fantastic beaches and entertainment like skating centers.

Discover Timeless Restaurant in Lusail

Discover Timeless Restaurant in Lusail
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Delicious food, friendly staff, cosy ambience and optimism are the primary concerns that are adhered to, at the restaurants. A Japanese restaurant that offers pan Asian cuisines in Qatar, Timeless restaurant is the ultimate place to visit if you are craving to relish Japanese food in Qatar while enjoying the breathtaking luxury and stunning ambience. Not only do you get to delve into the spellbinding taste of the authentic spices but also get your hands on an opportunity to glance at the astounding view of Marina. Located in Lusail, the restaurant is surrounded by many popular places to visit in Lusail city, you can simply enjoy your meal and head towards the marina promenade after your dinner. Take a stroll and enjoy the tranquility of the hypermodern city.

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The Menu of Timeless Restaurant In Lusail

The Menu of Timeless Restaurant In Lusail
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It is a fact undeterred that the country has many options to explore and, if exploring gastronomy is enlisted in your planned things to do in Qatar, then you must include "Timeless restaurant" in it. With the wide range of dishes, the restaurant caters to the taste of all, irrespective of their age. The entire menu is categorized into 8 sections ie. Entrees, Past& dumplings, Pizza, Robata Grill, Rolls, Soups and Salads, specialities and sushi. Don’t miss out on their prawn skewers, onyx rib eye, unagi roll, spicy crab roll and their tuna poke prepared with the Raw Tuna, edamame, cucumber, avocado, Furikake, Ikura, chilli oil, spring onion, sesame, Tanuki and Togarashi. In Soups and salads, the most loved inclusion is the lobster bisque soup and the special timeless salad served at a price of QR 60. Given its taste and ambience, this restaurant in Qatar is popular amongst tourists and local Qatari people.

Facilities at Timeless Restaurant Lusail

Facilities at Timeless Restaurant Lusail
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When you enter the doors of Timeless Restaurant you are stepping into a dream and within minutes you will be pampered with warm and friendly service, exquisite food, and an ambiance that takes you on a journey. At Timeless Lusail, the chefs have traveled afar to bring you a unique menu that is as inclusive and diverse as possible. The menu here sources fresh ingredients from around the world and makes sure they are as fresh as possible. Each member of the Timeless team knows the restaurant and the food like the back of their hand, and they will help take you on a special journey of food, flavors, and the making of fond memories.

Whether it be an intimate family gathering, small business luncheon, or celebratory evening, Timeless Restaurant caters to all occasions and will help take you on a journey of sharing the flavors in our food with friends and family.

Additional Info:

Address: 6th Floor, Tower B, Twin Towers, Lusail City - Qatar

Opening Timing:

  • Sunday to Wednesday: 4 pm - 12 am (midnight)
  • Thursday to Saturday: 1 pm - 12 am (midnight)

How To Reach Timeless Restaurant Lusail?

People traveling to Lusail can travel in style and comfort, without having to worry about delays, detours, or any other possible inconveniences. Lusail is a city that lies in North-Western Doha and is considered to be one of the most popular residential areas in Qatar. Several modes of transportation are available for people to travel abroad from Lusail. This city is closely connected to many other cities so getting there by car, taxi or bus is also very easy. For example, tourists can also travel by Metro as there are many stations available along with cabs that can be used if needed. Tourists usually visit the city with the help of cabs, taxis, and other forms of public transport available in Qatar.

Are you a foodie? Even if you are not, after a trip to Qatar you would become one hardcore food lover. The wide range of authentic and fusion food the country would definitely spoil you. While you are here in Qatar, try to visit the Timeless restaurant in Lusail and discover the mouthwatering dishes served here, while celebrating the view of Lusail Marina. Qatar is a beautiful land that satisfies the soul of all the travellers who love exploring new countries, so next time you plan a vacation don’t forget to keep the country into consideration.


Q1. What are the best restaurants in Qatar?

Qatar houses a plentitude of restaurants in Qatar, that serve mouthwatering authentic as well as fusion food. Here is a list of the few best restaurants that must be visited at least once, if you are travelling to the country.

  • Spice Market
  • Al-Majles Diyafa Restaurant
  • Novikov Doha
  • La Spiga by Paper Moon
  • Pearl of Beirut Al Khor
  • Yasmine Palace
  • Zengo Restaurant
Q2. What are the best Indian restaurants in Qatar?

Qatar being an enriched country caters to all, be it expats, tourists or locals. If you are craving Indian food, then you can explore the following Indian restaurants in Qatar.

  • Bombay Balti
  • Teatro
  • Chingari
  • Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor
  • Jamavar Restaurant
Q3. Where is Timeless restaurant located?

Timeless restaurant is the ultimate place to visit if you are craving to relish Japanese food in Qatar while enjoying the breathtaking luxury and stunning ambience. The restaurant is located at the Twin Tower in Tower B in Lusail.

Q4. What are the best dishes served in Timeless Restaurant in Qatar?

During your visit to the Timeless restaurant in Lusail, try the most recommended prawn skewers, onyx rib eye, unagi roll, spicey crab roll and their tuna poke prepared with the Raw Tuna, edamame, cucumber, avocado, Furikake, Ikura, chilli oil, spring onion, sesame, Tanuki and Togarashi.

Q5. What are the best bakeries in Doha?

For all the sweet lovers, the country has aplenty of options. While you are done with the dinner scenes and looking for something sweet to eat, you can hop in the amazing bakeries that are perfect for spending an evening alone or with friends. Check out these best bakeries in Doha.

  • Batteel Cafe & Bakery
  • La Patisserie
  • Gourmet house
  • Coral All Day Dining
  • La Cigale Traiteur
Q6. What are the famous places to visit in Lusail?

Lusail is a smart city that promotes a sustainable lifestyle and community. There are many stunning places to visit in Lusail. While you plan a visit to the city, check the list of the places worth visiting.

  • Crescent Park
  • Lusail Marina
  • Lusail Stadium
  • Lusail Promenade
  • Place Vendome Mall
  • Suspension Bridge
Q7. How to reach Lusail?

Lusail is a city closer to Doha city which can be reached by personal cab or public conveyance. Visitors can drive to Lusail in 30 minutes or use the Doha Metro system as well to conveniently reach the destination.

Q8. What is Katara Tower?

The Katar Tower is an iconic development of the city of Lusail, with the architectural design of a crescent-shaped building inspired by the two swords present in the national symbol of Qatar. Symbolically intertwisted swords represent Qatar’s heritage and represent traditional scimitar swords.