If you are dreaming of lying on soft, golden sand watching kids splash around in the water, you may be in for a bit of a disappointment. The beach and the sea are at a distance from each other, and the waters that are shallow are ideal for a swim. Simaisma Beach Qatar is the best place for blowing cobwebs away. One of the rarest examples of natural greenery and wildlife in Qatar are the mangroves.  It is one of the most breathtaking views budding explorers, nature lovers and bird- watchers will enjoy exploring.

The texture of the sand is muddy and slippery, which is often expected in a mangrove-friendly area. If you are okay with messy play, then your kids will have the best time covering themselves with the mucky, squidgy sand, an amazing experience. Spending a morning at Simaisma Family Beach is one of the best outings a family can enjoy. To ensure a hassle-free family day out, it has all the amenities like toilets, shaded areas, playgrounds, a soccer pitch and food and drink outlets. Kids will have the ideal time playing on the three playgrounds and enjoying the freedom to run around in the open, kick a ball and even discover the mangroves.

Along with the playground, the Simaisma beach Doha offers amenities like barbecue and fly-fishing chances. Look for shells and watch seabirds along the beach as they flit among the mangroves along the shoreline. A lot of the family activities happen on the beach contrary to the water. Kids can spend an entire day playing all kinds of games like beach soccer and volleyball games. People can even enjoy a barbecue and sit under the cabanas along the length of the beach. Tourists can remove the sand in the washrooms and showers at the end of the day.

Simaisma beach, a long shallow shelf is a place where one can see a long stone jetty stretching out at the midpoint. Some of the adventure activities in Qatar, people can enjoy are jet skis or boat rides from the far end of the pier. People can easily drive out onto the jetty from the beach and enjoy fly-fishing from the boat next to the pier. They may even get a glimpse of queen fish, needlefish, halfbeaks, and bass swimming in and out of the water.

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Features of The Simaisma Beach Qatar

The Simaisma Beach Qatar
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Simaisma family beach Qatar has some of the most ideal features people can take advantage of like for instance:

  • The beach has restricted washrooms and showers for public use, so people will have to ensure they carry their own toiletries.
  • Shades to relax and enjoy the sunset and admire the colors falling on the coast.
  • The soft sands of the beach are ideal for long walks. Tourists will have to be careful of the insects that could be roaming around the area.
  • The beach is ideal for fishing, one of the many things to do in Qatar and does attract the wild.
  • People can see migratory bird species flying in from a close by continent.

How To Reach Simaisma Beach Qatar

How To Reach Simaisma Beach Qatar
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The main airport in Qatar is the Hamad International Airport, where most of the airlines’ land. In case people are driving, then there is a fixed route which they will have to follow, which include taking the Al Khor road, then go on the Lusail International race circuit, then go on the Simaisma overpass, then keep driving straight for a few kms and then take 2 roundabouts and then turn left to park on the beach.

Simaisma Beach Qatar is one of the most ideal beaches in the Middle East for an entire beach. There are several activities people can enjoy like barbecue, volleyball and beach soccer. It is the ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life. What more do you want? Go ahead and book your flights to Qatar.


Q1. Is there an entrance fee for Simaisma Beach Qatar?

There is no entrance fee for the beach. People can visit the beach anytime of the day with their families.

Q2. Besides Simaisma Beach, what are the other family beaches in Qatar?

Some of the family beaches in Qatar besides Simaisma include

  • Banana Island
  • Khor Al Adaid
  • Al Thakhira Beach
  • Fuwairit Beach
  • Zekreet Beach
  • Umm Bab Beach
Q3. Can one swim at Simaisma Beach Qatar?

Yes, one can swim in the shallow waters of the Simaisma Beach Qatar.

Q4. What are some of the activities people can enjoy at the beach?

People can enjoy volleyball and beach soccer along with barbecue at the beach.

Q5. How much time can one spend on the Simaisma Beach Qatar?

People can spend about 2 hours on the beach.

Q6. What are some of the facilities offered at the beach?

Some of the facilities offered at the beach include washrooms and showers among a few other things.

Q7. What is the main attraction of the beach?

People can explore the mangroves, one of the main attractions of the beach.

Q8. Is it worth visiting the Simaisma Beach Qatar?

It is worth spending a day on the beach to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.