Are you looking for something different to satisfy those taste buds? Korean street cuisine is comfort food that will make people dream about walking along the Myeondong streets or visiting the Gwangjang market in Seoul. If you are really craving for street food, then Qokio Qatar is the restaurant for you, known for its signature Korean chicken varieties. With such delightful treats, people will always boast about it with their friends and family.

QOKIO Qatar Menu: The Perfect Dishes For Your Stomach To Feast On

Most of us are the biggest foodies who could eat just about anything served on a plate. Speaking of being served food on a platter, Korean street food is something people should enjoy while on vacation in Qatar. One of the best restaurants that serve such delicacies is Qokio Qatar.

1. Corn Dog

Corn Dog
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Have you ever given those taste buds a treat to the Korean version of Corn Dog? Corn Dog is one of the most delicious sausages covered with fluffy dough with a crunchy coating. The Korean’s call it gamja- hotdog but the other version is more of hotdog and French fries. If you want to make the dish more interesting, then you can put sugar and lightly drizzle both ketchup and yellow mustard on top. It is one of the most ideal dishes on the Qokio Qatar menu.

2. Odeng Soup

Odeng Soup
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A processed fish cake made with pureed fish and other ingredients, Eomuk is used in various Korean dishes like gimbap and eomuk bokkeum. People should try the street version of the dish, called Odeng soup, which is served on long skewer with hot broth served in a cup. The restaurants in Doha ensure people are served some of their finest delicacies, only found in the Middle East. The beliefs and values of the 3000 South Koreans living in Qatar are noticed by the Kdrama fanatics, Kpop idol fans, those who are found of Korean beauty products and those who have been to South Korean and love their food and culture. It doesn’t come as a surprise as to why there are several restaurants even in countries like Qatar, where there are a handful of Koreans.

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Tteokkochi or spicy rice cake is one of the most famous Korean dishes found at various street stalls, cooked in a spicy red chili paste known as Gochujang. It believed that the dish originated from Sindang-dong Tteokbokki Town, a favorite in South Korea. For all those rice cake lovers, you should try this dish in different flavors to suit their pallets. Apart from giving yourself a treat to some of these foods, you can even spend a day at one of the beaches in Qatar.

4. Fried Japchae Rolls

Fried japchae rolls
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Japchae rolls are made with seaweed sheet. So, if you like your fried food, then fried japchae rolls is the dish for you. This is the one dish you should miss at Qokio Korean fried chicken Qatar. With so much to treat your taste buds too, people should make a plan to Middle East at least once.

We can never resist good yummy food that is known to melt in our mouth within seconds. It is a known fact that people will always crave for more as such delicacies are only served in the Middle East. Street food has always been a hot favorite amongst everyone from all over the world. What more can anyone ask for? It is an experience of a lifetime given to people who love giving their taste buds a treat to such good food. So, when it comes to trying new street food, think of Qokio, one of the most ideal restaurants in the Middle East. So, go ahead and book your flights to Qatar.


Q1. What makes Qokia Qatar so popular among the locals and tourists from around the world?

Qokio Qatar is known for its amazing South Korean Street food. The street food will ensure people are transported to the Myeondong streets or the Gwangjang market in Seoul.

Q2. What are some of the ideal cuisines offered at Qokia Qatar?

Corn dog, Odeng Soup, Tteokkochi and Fried japchae rolls are some of the most delicious cuisines offered at the restaurant.

Q3. What is the best time to visit Qatar?

The best time to visit Qatar is between December and February as the weather is pleasant.

Q4. What is a corn dog?

Corn Dog is yummiest sausages covered with fluffy dough with a crunchy coating. It is called gamja- hotdog in South Korea but the other version is more of hotdog and French fries

Q5. Is it worth going on a holiday to the Middle East just for food?

If you love food and are interested in giving those taste buds a taste to new flavors, then it is worth going to the Middle East.

Q6. Apart from trying out more cuisine, what more can people do?

People can roam the streets of Qatar and explore the various attractions. They can even go on a shopping spree and much more.

Q7. Is Qatar a safe country to visit?

Qatar is one of the safest countries in the Middle East people should visit to explore its riches and culture.

Q8. What is Tteokkochi?

Tteokkochi or spicy rice cake is one of the most famous Korean dishes found at various street stalls, cooked in a spicy red chili paste known as Gochujang.