One of the most stunning places to see is the Doha Corniche, a 7 km long stretch of promenade along the Doha Bay. The Corniche Doha today is a half-moon-shaped waterfront promenade that is surrounded by lush- green spaces and modern architecture. The colorful aura and breathtaking views of corniche attract people from all over the world, making it a popular one-stop destination. The modern skyline overlooking the promenade is a stunning visual to see. There is a lot to do apart from all this, which makes the vacation a memorable one.

Doha Corniche Qatar: A Scenic Stretch Adorning the Best Architectural Wonders

Doha Corniche Qatar

A 7km crescent-shaped iconic attraction, Doha Corniche is a gem to explore in Qatar. From being an instagrammable place to a hot spot for dining, the corniche is an entertainment hub that will leave you amazed by its spectacular beauty. The gorgeous promenade overlooks famous architectural wonders like the Museum of National Art or the Al Dafna Park representing the distinct features of the city that makes Doha the epitome of culture and diversity.

This corniche in Qatar is more than just an attraction. Holding great significance in every way, the place has served as a venue for many national events and festivals like the National Sports Day and more. Calling it an object or muse won’t be wrong as the place has inspired many to be an admirer of art, photographer, or nature lover. The harmony of man and nature can be observed here as one side of the corniche overlooks the bay with boats and Dhow sailing over the azure waters and the man-made architectural wonders that are redefining the excellence of art and science. Some of the major highlights of Doha Corniche in Qatar are:

  • Museum of Islamic Art
  • National Museum of Qatar
  • Pearl Monument
  • Doha Skyline
  • MIA Park

Fun Things to Do at Doha Corniche  

One of the most scenic spots for tourists is Doha Corniche, as it has a lot to offer as one of the stunning places to visit in Qatar. It is one of the ideal places to hang out and go for an evening walk as it is filled with restaurants, clubs, parks, and cultural attractions. Tourists will never get bored with so much to do. People on vacation, can stay at some of the most lavish hotels and go on a dhow cruise.

Doha Corniche at night looks stunning at night overlooking the stunning skyline of Doha. There is no dearth of entertainment as there are several nightclubs to visit at night. The place offers the most amazing experience in a happy ambience. Look into some of the fun things to do here that will ensure you fall in love with the city all over again.

1. Enjoy the Stunning View of Dawn and Dusk  

Enjoy The Stunning View Of Dawn And Dusk

Dawn and Dusk is said to be the ideal time to head to the corniche Doha as the view of the sunrise and sunset is worth capturing on camera. In the morning, you will find people jogging and exercising and will get to see the sun setting behind the skyscrapers, which make a breathtaking view in the evening. You can enjoy the breeze from the sea and admire the stunning view of the sunset while walking down the paved pathway.

2. Enjoy the Traditional Dhow Cruise

Enjoy The Traditional Dhow Cruise

One of the fun things to do in Doha is to enjoy the Dhow cruise at sunset and get a glimpse of the shimmering skyline of Doha. Dhows are traditional Arabic boats made of wood, that was used by the merchants. Today, these boats are quite famous in every Gulf nation, offering tourists a perfect way to explore the region and delve into luxury. At Doha Corniche, there are many Dhows lined by the shore that operate daily to let the tourists explore the beauty of the shores and enjoy the dynamic skyline of Doha. The best way to enjoy a peaceful evening is to walk through the corniche in the boats, which one of the most satisfying experiences travelers will enjoy. Some of the most stunning attractions people should see are the Dubai Towers and the Museum of Islamic art.

3. Discover a Great Dining Experience with a Pristine Sea-View

Discover A Great Dining Experience With A Pristine Sea-View

Tourists can have the best soul-satisfying gastronomic experience at some of the best cafes and restaurants in Doha. With the most enchanting view of the sea, people can give their taste buds to the yummiest Arabian and Lebanese delicacies. Enjoy the stunning vistas at the restaurants along with indulging in the yummiest meals close to the corniche. Celebrities and Business Tycoons can be seen enjoying a meal at Al Mourjan Restaurant. There are a few other restaurants like La Veranda Italian Restaurant and West End Café & Patisserie at the Doha Corniche in Qatar.

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4. Take Pictures of The Pearl Monument

Take Pictures Of The Pearl Monument

One of the places to go in Doha is the Pearl Monument, nestled at Dhow Harbor. Tourists can take a few pictures of the attractive and eccentric place, shaped like a pearl. The huge monument has always attracted people from all over the world every year. It is the one place where people take insta- worthy pictures. Now don’t get confused between the Pearl monument and the Pearl Qatar as both the attractions are different. The Pearl Monument was built to pay homage to the rich pearling history of Qatar. Pearl is quite a significant gem in Qatar that is associated with its history and heritage and to honor that, this impressive piece of architecture was installed on Corniche Street, Qatar, right at the entrance of the Dhow Harbor. It lights up at night and offers an ideal spot to capture the dazzling beauty.

5. Spend Time at the Green Parks

Spend Time At The Green Parks

Al Bidda Park: Doha Corniche is a lot more than a promenade brimmed with skyscrapers and a bay. It is a lush green space where people can spend some quality time with their loved ones. Al Bidda Park is one such park nested on Corniche Doha Street. A play area for kids with swings, slides, and other play equipment is one of the things the park boasts of. Tourists can enjoy skateboarding and skating.

People can even go on a shopping spree at the shops close to the water canal selling knick-knacks and handicraft items. Tourists can indulge in several kinds of snacks, soft drinks, ice creams, burgers, tea, and coffee at Kiosks. Al Bidda Park is one of the places to visit the Doha Corniche, while on vacation.

Al Dafna Park: Al Dafna Park is one of the stunning places, nestled close to the Sheraton Hotel, built in an area of about 93,297 square meters. People can enjoy the most stunning view of the Arabian Gulf, being of the most gorgeous gardens in Doha. Stunning flora like neem, palm, European olive trees, and Alalbeza.

The charm and beauty of the park are seen in the flowers grown. Tourists can enjoy certain facilities like a boat ride, cafeteria and a restaurant, free internet service, children’s play area, and washrooms. It is the ideal place to spend the day with families and friends.

Hotel Park: Blessed with several scenic green spaces, people can enjoy special moments with their family and friends. The Park is a must-visit place in Corniche Qatar to explore for its architecture and design. Some of the most breathtaking views tourists will get to see are the mini-fountains, streams, man-made waterfalls, cobbled pathways, and lush greenery. The beautiful view of the West Bay and promenade are features that make visiting the park even more interesting.

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6. Experience the Joy of Kite Flying

Experience The Joy Of Kite Flying

When it comes to having a bit of fun, there is no dearth of it at Corniche Qatar. Along with entertaining tourists, the place allows people to enjoy the local views as well. Speaking of having fun, flying a kite at the Corniche is one of the most enjoyable activities here. Kite flying is an activity that people can enjoy with their kids together all day long. Kite festival is one of the most popular activities the country has been hosting for the last 2 years.

7. Explore the Beauty of Historical Attraction Near Doha Corniche

Explore The Beauty Of Historical Attraction Near Doha Corniche

Museum of Islamic Art, a stunning cultural site to see, is only a couple of minutes from Qatar Corniche. The museum is a breathtaking sight to view from inside and outside as it represents the culture and Arabic art of Qatar. There are several exhibits from all over the world people should explore. One of the best things to do in Qatar is going on a guided tour of the museum. People should grab a bite to eat at the restaurants within the premises of the museum and enjoy the stunning view of the promenade and Doha Bay.

8. Shopping at Souq Waqif

Shopping at Souq Waqif

Spending time at the heart of Doha is one of the best things to do while on vacation. Souq Waqif is a paradise on earth where tourists can enjoy the chance of discovering the charm of Qatar. Once upon a time, the market was a trading site where animals and other things were traded the nomadic way. There are several restaurants in Qatar where one can give their taste buds a treat to some of the local cuisines.

Some of the best antiques are found here which can be given as gifts to people. There is so much to do at the market right from top-notch cafés and international restaurants to a wide range of restaurants offering traditional cuisines in Qatar Corniche. Travelers are advised to visit the market in the evening as the weather is cooler as compared to the daytime.

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9. Admire Art and Culture

Admire Art and Culture

The best thing about the Corniche Doha is that it will take you on a cultural tour where you can admire the art and culture of Qatar. The museum of Islamic art and the Qatar National Museum are the two gems near the Qatar Corniche where you can enjoy the art, the artifacts, discover the diverse culture, and more. A corniche is a wonderful structure that houses over 10,000 antiques. All these impressive art pieces were collected throughout the years from many Islamic and neighboring countries.

10. Enjoy The Luxury of Qatari Hospitality

Enjoy The Luxury of Qatari Hospitality

The Doha Corniche not only has a rich heritage and art, but it is the best area to stay and delve into the luxury of Qatari hospitality. The best hotels in Doha are an approximate mile from the corniche which makes the place famous among vacationers to stay in. From the Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel to the Saraya Corniche Hotel Doha, you can choose your ideal staycation in the country, and discover the magnificent view of the cornice while enjoying your stay. These hotels not only offer a perfect luxury stay but also some heartwarming facilities like a spa, dining and so much. You can read more about the best hotels near the corniche.

Places to Stay Near Doha Corniche

When on vacation in the middle east, there are several hotels in Doha people can think of staying at.

1. Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel

Rating - 4.5

Location - Al Corniche, Doha, Qatar

Distance From Doha Corniche - 1.5 KM

Exclusive Features -

  • 25 Event Spaces
  • Temperature-Controlled Swimming Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Restaurants
  • 24-Hour Fitness Center

The Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Convention Hotel located near the Corniche Qatar, is a 5-star property known for its comfort and luxury. With 7 dining options, overlooking the Arabian Gulf, a hotel is a place people should stay at. The 24 - hour fitness center is located close to the gardens, the finest cuisines at the restaurants offering cuisines like Italian, Asian and Middle Eastern are some of the amenities people should enjoy. People can enjoy the ideal meal on the rooftop restaurant of the hotel with beachfront dining and a themed buffet.

The rooms and suites are fully equipped with all the best amenities and are designed elegantly. With an attached balcony, the rooms offer a stunning view of the sea, sunset, and skyline of Doha. The tennis court, temperature-controlled swimming pool along with a jacuzzi, private parking on-site, and squash courts are some of the additional facilities guests can enjoy.

2. Ezdan Hotel & Suites

Ezdan Hotel & Suites
Image Credit

Rating - 4.5

Location - 920, Doha, Qatar

Distance From Doha Corniche - 1.9 KM

Exclusive Features -

  • Massage Center
  • Spa
  • Convention Center
  • Olympic Size Swimming Pool
  • Restaurants

Within walking distance from Corniche Doha, Ezdan Hotel is one of the ideal hotels in Qatar, the perfect haven for those who want to stay close to some of the attractions in the country. 3,000 units of fancy luxurious apartments and rooms, the hotel is designed with a sense of comfort and luxury.

The hotel has the finest health clubs, swimming pool, and much more for all the guests to avail of. There are several restaurants within the hotel offering the best international and local delicacies. Guests can even have their business meetings here at the hotel in the conference room.

3. Saraya Corniche Hotel Doha

Saraya Corniche Hotel Doha
Image Credit

Rating - 4.0

Location - Al Safliya Street, Zone No.18, Building No.1، Doha, Qatar

Distance From Doha Corniche - 4 Minutes' Walk Away

Exclusive Features -

  • Spa
  • Bar
  • Fitness Center
  • Cafe
  • Saloon
  • Meeting Room

Saraya Corniche Hotel Doha is one of the best places to stay, for its comfort and tranquility. Located at the heart of Doha, it is a 5-star hotel that offers the best holiday experience overlooking the sun-drenched shores of the Arabian Gulf. The rooms and suites at the hotel are designed with sheer brilliance and are fully equipped with all kinds of facilities.

Private treatment rooms, saunas, steam rooms and so much more, the spa offers aromatherapy treatment, foot massages, hot stone massages, and Swedish massages are some of the services people can avail of at the spa at the hotel in Doha Corniche. The best part is the swimming pool and the cafe or Shisha Garden people can enjoy in the evening.

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4. Double Tree By Hilton Doha

Double Tree By Hilton Doha
Image Credit

Rating - 4.5 stars

Location - Al Meena Street, Doha, Qatar

Distance From Doha Corniche - 1.2 km

Exclusive Features -

  • Swimming Pool
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Restaurants

The Hilton Doha Corniche is one of the best for its facilities and heartwarming hospitality. People can have the perfect staycation and enjoy several activities. It is within walking distance of the market and other attractions. The spacious rooms are equipped with the best furnishing, lavish interiors, separate bathroom, and much more. Claw BBQ Grill & Crab shack are the best restaurants known for their international and authentic cuisines. The hotel has a swimming pool and fitness centre, which adds to the comfort of one's stay.

5. Four Seasons & Hilton hotels Qatar

Four Seasons & Hilton hotels Qatar
Image Credit

Rating: 4.5

Location - The Corniche, Doha, Qatar

Distance From Doha Corniche- 2.8 kms

Exclusive Features -

  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Spa
  • Bed and Breakfast

Hilton Hotels and Resorts have expanded themselves to 80 countries with establishing its finest Hitlon Doha in Qatar.  The rooms are fully equipped with all kinds of amenities, along with a ballroom that has a capacity of 750 people, dedicated conference wing and a spa at the hotel. It is one of the finest hotels located near the Doha Corniche, where people should stay while enjoying the holiday in Qatar.

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Getting To The Doha Corniche

Getting To The Doha Corniche

Doha Corniche, Qatar is accessible through private and public means of transport. You have the option and comfort of picking your ideal means of transport and exploring the rich and intriguing beauty of this promenade.  While buses and cars are easily available from major stations, the Doha metro is the fastest and the easiest way of traveling to the corniche. The West Bay QIC is 0.6 to 0.9 miles from the corniche. Other nearest stations to reach Doha Corniche location are:

  • Al Bidda: 2.0 km / 1.2 mi
  • Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre (DECC): 2.0 km / 1.2 mi
  • Msheireb: 3.0 km / 1.9 mi
  • Al Doha Al Jadeda: 4.5 km / 2.8 mi
  • Al Qassar: 4.7 km / 2.9 mi
  • Umm Ghuwailina: 5.6 km / 3.5 mi

Latest Events in November 2022 at Doha Corniche: You Just Can’t Afford to Miss

Doha Corniche

Numerous fascinating events will start from 14 Nov 2022 and end on 18 Dec 2022 in the Doha Corniche. Tourists heading to the beautiful country during FIFA 2022, can be a part of all the excitement, fun, and adventure for a thrilling experience like never before. Visit the Corniche and get a chance to witness the hypnotic global street carnivals along the 6KM waterfront. Enjoy the daily water shows, light shows, live shows, and indulge in complete entertainment. The biggest street carnival will make you delve deep into the rich Qatari culture and traditions. Savor amazing food and shop for the best souvenirs from the official merchandise for a lifetime memory while attending the events in Qatar during November 2022.

The event features over 90 special events that feature around 6000 shows and performances in 21 various sites. Guests can explore various art forms, artistic shows, fashion shows, music, film screening, and handicrafts for a delightful experience. Stroll around the vibrant streets to discover the charm of the rich culture and beauty of the iconic destination. From live performances to delicious food and shopping markets, Doha Corniche will make you relish a fantastic time away from the mundane.

Doha Corniche is one of the best places to visit in the middle east has it has a lot to offer in terms of its attractions and scenic beauty. Tourists can take a leisurely walk along the streets and enjoy the several things to do. Book Qatar honeymoon package and make the most of the vacation. Tourists will have the best time of their lives and will always come back for more.

Doha Corniche FAQs

Q1. How far is the international airport from Doha Corniche?

People can travel by cab or taxi from the airport and reach Doha corniche within 25 minutes. The spot is about 18.6 kms away from the airport.

Q2. Is there an entry fee for Doha Corniche?

No, there is no entry fee for Doha Corniche.

Q3. Can one visit Doha Corniche at night?

Yes, people can go on a leisurely walk after 7 pm and admire the Doha skyline.

Q4. How long is Doha Corniche?

The breathtaking promenade is about 7 kms long, known for its shops, restaurants, water sports facilities, cultural attractions and dhow cruise.

Q5. Which are some of the good nightclubs close to Doha Corniche?

Al Corniche, Champion Pub, The Vogue Club, Crystal Lounge Doha, Club Ozone, The Club at the St. Regis Doha and Black Orchid are some of the nightclubs close to Doha Corniche.

Q6. Can one take a cruise from Doha Corniche?

Yes, one can take the Dhow Cruise from Doha Corniche.

Q7. Which are some of the parks close to Corniche people can spend a day at?

Sheraton Hotel Park, Umbrella Park, Hotel Park, Al Bidda Park and Al Dafna Park are some of the parks people can spend at entire day at.

Q8. Which ate some of the places to stay close to Doha Corniche?

Saraya Corniche Hotel, Double Tree by Hilton Doha and Ezdan Hotel & Suites are some of the known hotels people can think of staying at while on vacation.