When it comes to studying abroad, Qatar has always been on the bucket list of places students often aspire to go to. The demand for the rise in legal education has become important as the country’s development has gained momentum. With this, college of law was born in 2006 and since then it has grown leaps and bounds. At present it has a population of over 800 faculty which include highly educated and diverse academics.

British Accreditation Council for independent further and higher education was given to the college of law at Qatar. Apart from this, the college has been accredited with the bachelor in law program from the " High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education" (HCERES) in France.

To improve upon the curriculum and to achieve the college’s mission, a range of programs were introduced like Center for Energy and Sustainability law, Externship program, legal writing program, clinics in Domestic violence, Human rights, environment and much more. The methods of teaching, curricular and research program have been improved upon which has resulted in several research grants, interaction with the industry and graduate students. A law library and moot courtrooms has been built in the new multi- purpose building.

Foresight Of The College

The college dreams being the first law college to offer the best academic program, the faculty and graduate achievements and its service to the local and international society.


The college is dedicated to offering students the best legal education that is equipped to offer par excellence professional success. Students will be offered the legal scholarship and distinctive service to the society.

College of Law Courses

College of Law Courses
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Students are offered the best law education through the college of law courses. Some of the courses include:

LLM in International Economic and Business Law

The 1-year program is offered to the established graduate students of law. It is applicable to those working as lawyers or dreaming of working in various international business, private practice, academia, government and judiciary. There is a high dependency on the legal and business tools to retain and grow the international trade and investment. The key to be able to work efficiently in the field of law requires the understanding the principles of law and how it can be applied in various situations.

The program deals with a range of problems linked to international business and enables students to develop their problem- solving skills and attain substantive knowledge.

Objectives of the Course

  • To allow students to attend basic legal facts, theories and principles
  • To teach students about the national and international rights
  • To enable students to understand, critique and apply legal rules
  • To attain drafting and pleading skills
  • To enhance a student’s legal ethics and values
  • To develop the skill to practice legal critical thinking and solve problems
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International Law And Foreign Affairs

The one-year program is dedicated to offering the best academic and professional training in international law and foreign policy decision making. At the heart of the region, Qatar needs leaders to sustain a multi- faceted relationship that deal with various legal systems and have control over a range of skills. Those who aspire to deal with the international regulation in various fields like sustainable development, energy and environment, infrastructure development, health care, new technologies, anti-corruption, and the global economy.


The course curriculum includes Global Legal Systems, International Law, Administrative Law, Academic Legal Writing and Research Methods, and Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility in a Global Context.  Students are given the chance to reflect upon the diplomatic work of defining the qualities needed to shape a career in international affairs. Detailed courses and seminars on international law and global governance are offered by the curriculum.

During the course, students are requested to write a these on the policy sector with focusing on evaluating the present legal framework, giving reasons for reforms using skills needed. When it comes to writing the thesis, students can visit the library in Qatar and avail of all the information required.  Professional skill training sessions, internships and placements which bring out skills like contract drafting, trial advocacy, alternative dispute resolution, and effective negotiation and presentation techniques are some of the features offered by the program.

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Certificate Program

Do you want to learn the practical side of Qatari law? Are you keen on gaining new insight into the legal issues affecting Qatar? The college in Qatar is offering “law in practice in Qatar”, its first certificate program. The purpose of the certificate program is offer students a detailed insight into the fabric of what is said to be the legal culture of Qatar. The program is accepted by the Ministry of Justice of Qatar as a journey for those who have a complete the 6- month course with a recognized law degree.

Admission Process At College of Law

Admission Process At College of Law
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LLM in International Economic and Business Law

An aspiring student needs to have a minimum of score 3.0 GPA out of a 4 from a well- known university. Those who attain a maximum score of 3.3 GPA out of 4 will be given preference. These are a certain criteria’s students will have to keep in mind when it comes to applying for admission.

LLM in International Law and Foreign Affairs

Law, International Relations, Political Science, History, Economics, Business and Finance, Sociology or Anthropology are subjects that will need a minimum score of 3.0 GPA.  Students with a 3.3 GPA in law, international relations, political science or Economics are given strong preference.  Apart from these scores, students will have to clear their TOEFL or IELTS tests with a score of 6.5 or 79 to show how proficient they are in English.  Students will be exempted from certain requirement’s if certain conditions are met like:

  • Completed education from a university where English is taught
  • An official letter is given stating they have received their degree from a university where English is taught
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LLB Program

The LLB program is an academic program that is much more than just coursework.  Students get to experience and deal with intellectual dialogues, experience in lawyering and clinical work, and training leaders and the legal minds of tomorrow. Some of the courses offered by the program include:

  • Public International Law - LAWC 3

A perspective on public international law covering the rule and principles that deal with the relations between states is delt with in the course. It also offers a source, a definition and branch of international law and legal binding nature of the rules at the college law of school in Doha. Students are trained to develop their practical skills in reasoning and arguing on international problems.

  • Legal Writing

Students are introduced to the objective of legal writing, reasoning and research. The art of how to research, prepare and submit a memorandum of law is taught. Moreover, students are taught how to think like lawyers.  This is part 1 of legal writing.

Part of legal writing and research pays attention to the objective of written advocacy and legal argumentation.  Students will be taught how to write an appellate on behalf of a client. It is one of the many assignments that will train students how to use the law and facts for their client’s legal problems.

  • Externship

The aim of the university in Qatar is to train students to practice law through experiential learning, which is learning what is important. There are certain skills that are only applicable outside of the classroom. The externships give students exposure to various models of legal skills in certain fields of law, enabling students to achieve a sense of professional insight and given them a chance to reflect upon their past learning experiences.

  • Advocacy Skills

These skills pay attention on training students to become future advocates. The process of shaping their ability to read and analyze the law along with persuasive writing skills through an arbitration brief. In the form of oral arguments before a moot arbitration panel will refine their oral advocacy skills. Top advocates will be invited to take part in the championship round at the end of the semester. They will also be called to represent the university at several moot competitions at regional and international levels.  Students are offered the best education in Qatar.

Learning Outcomes  

The necessity to achieve a set of learning outcomes is needed in practicing the law, at an international or local level, offered by college of law school in Doha. The outcomes of learning are seen in the knowledge, skills and core values attained after completing the Bachelor of law. The course is focused on inculcating the learning outcomes by the end of the year. The initial learning outcome pays attention to the knowledge, 2nd, 3rd and 4th pay attention to the professional values and conduct.

1st Learning Outcome: The students will be able to:

  • Understand the historical foundations of legal issues in Qatar
  • Discover and the ability to explain the principles of the legal system along with its substantive and procedural rules
  • Showcasing knowledge based on comparative legal perspectives and foundations of international law.

2nd Learning Outcomes: Legal Thinking

  • Identifying Legal issues
  • Evaluating the provisions of laws, court rulings and scholar’s perspective
  • Application of legal rules on a set of facts
  • Weighting, evaluating and reconciling the provisions of laws, court rulings and much more.

3rd Learning Outcome: Scholarly Research Graduates

  • Collating legal research materials
  • Creating a coherent and balanced research plan
  • Evaluating, weighing and reconciling legal research materials
  • Writing a detailed legal research report

4th Learning Outcome: Communication Graduates

  • Effective verbal communication skills
  • Effective written communication skills seen through drafting of various legal documents

5th Learning Outcome: Ethics and Professionalism

  • Basic ethical rules that control the legal profession
  • Application of ethical rules while making decisions
  • Dedication to the pivotal role of the legal profession

6th Learning Outcome: Self-management and Co-operation

  • Working on assigned legal tasks independently
  • Evaluating one’s own performance
  • Take professional feedback in positive manner
  • Working together as a team to develop leadership qualities in the future
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PhD in Law

The PhD in Law is an extension of the graduate programs offered at the college of law. The researcher is given a Ph.D. in law after completing the needed graduation needs, that happens to start in the fall semester.  The researcher needs to attain at least 60 credit hours, out of which 12 hours are given to the course during the first academic year and 48 hours to the doctorate dissertation.

The research-based Ph.D. program are accessible in three languages which include:

  • The Public Law (in Arabic).
  • The Private Law (in Arabic).
  • The International Law (in English).

It is one of the leading programs in the economic and social development in Qatar, the strategic plan of the state of Qatar and for the university. Students are trained to develop advanced research legal skills and legal knowledge to be able to apply it in the future.  The college research experience in the fields of law will expand and research publication in journals accredited by the college of law.

Goals of The Program  

The goals of the program include:

  • Prequalifying students to become researchers;
  • Give students the chance to improve knowledge in specific areas of law
  • Train students to undertake intellectual initiatives.
  • The goals will aim to teach and robust research contributing to the progress and development of legal knowledge.

Documents Needed For Admission

  • Master’s degree in law with a minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.
  • Proof of applicant’s research competence
  • A research proposal for the Ph.D. dissertation
  • Detailed CV.
  • A reference letter stating the applicants desire to join the program
  • Two academic recommendations from professors who taught the applicant during Masters studies.
  • Applicant should successfully pass the personal interview.
  • Applicants should have cleared their English proficiency tests

Students from around the world plan on becoming the best lawyers the world has seen and so, when it comes to attaining quality education, they can think of college of law Qatar. The college ensures the demands of the students are met. Law is one of the best courses students can pursue and practice anywhere in the world, especially Qatar. So, if you are one of those aspiring students, then pursue your higher education at this college.


Q1. What does LLB stand for?

LLB stands for Bachelor of Legislative Law or Legum Baccalaureus.

Q2. Which are some of the best law courses students can think of pursuing?

Some of the best law courses students can think of pursuing are:

  • Diploma in Criminal Law.
  • Diploma in Business Law.
  • Diploma in Corporate Laws & Management.
  • Diploma in Co-operative Law.
  • Diploma in Cyber Law.
  • Diploma in Criminology.
  • Diploma in Human Rights Law.
Q3. What are some of the languages the Ph.D. Program is taught in?

Some of the languages the program is taught in

  • The Public Law (in Arabic)
  • The Private Law (in Arabic)
  • The International Law (in English)
Q4. What are the scores needed to get into law?

An aspiring student needs to have a minimum of score 3.0 GPA out of a 4 from a well- known university. Those who attain a maximum score of 3.3 GPA out of 4 will be given preference.

Q5. What are some of the documents needed for the Ph.D. program?

Some of the documents needed when it comes to applying for the Ph.D. program are:

  • Proof of applicant’s research competence
  • A research proposal for the Ph.D. dissertation
  • Detailed CV
Q6. What is the objective of LLM Program?

The objective of the LLM Program include:

  • To allow students to attend basic legal facts, theories and principles
  • To teach students about the national and international rights
  • To enable students to understand, critique and apply legal rules
  • To attain drafting and pleading skills
  • To enhance a student’s legal ethics and values
  • To develop the skill to practice legal critical thinking and solve problems
Q7. What is the tuition fee at the college of law of Qatar?

To know the tuition fee, students can get in touch with the admission office and find out all the details needed.

Q8. What is the score needed for TOEFL or IELTS tests to get admission in law?

TOEFL or IELTS tests scores needed are 6.5 or 79 to get admission in law.