Qatar is a beautiful country exemplifying the combination of ancient forts and modern architectural buildings. Tornado tower is one of its kind which highlights the city skies.

Out of other innovative designed master pieces in Doha namely, Dubai towers, Doha towers, Qatar national museum, Tornado Tower Qatar is the most astounding and pleasing to the eyes. So, if you are planning to visit Doha, do not forget to visit Tornado Tower and relish the luxury.

Amazing Facts About Tornado Tower

Amazing Facts About Tornado Tower
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  • This 52 Storey aww-inspiring building became a part of Doha’s skyline in 2008. It stands 200 meters (660 ft) tall and is situated in West Bay, the commercial district of Doha. With the unique architecture of Tornado Tower has an amazing 360-degree panoramic views of the city and the Corniche.
  • The tower consists of 16 high speed lifts, that travel 2 floors per second. The tower has a total of 1700 parking spaces over three basement levels.  The entrance lobby of the tower consists a media belt broadcasting finance and business news from around the globe.
  • 27th floor of the tower is a furnished health club with a fully equipped workout arena while 28th floor is a dining space with mesmerizing lounges and restaurant. The top level that is the 51st floor of the tower is for the VIP entrants and has direct access to a helicopter and landing pad.
  • The tower offers 58,029 sqm of office space in Qatar. The top three floors of the tower are luxury office space and are surrounded by terraces and balconies. By night the tower completely transforms into a spectacular light show with a combination of 35000 different lights.
  • The Tornado Tower Doha is the 10th tallest building in Qatar.

Project Configuration of Tornado Tower Doha

Project Configuration of Tornado Tower Doha
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The Tornado Tower, also called the QIPCO Tower was completed in 2008. It is a building technologically monumented in the capital city of Doha. Given to the intelligently networked building system, the overall design of the building sets new standards. The tower adds charm to the skyline with its unique architecture. It has been awarded with titles for being the best and tallest building by the Council for Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

As the dusk falls the high-rise with its state-of-the-art lighting system transforms into an illuminating art work pioneering building technology. Tornado Tower optimizes an efficient structural system housing more than fifty floors in a 200-meter-tall building. Moreover, the project aims to put optimal utilization of the site focusing on innovative usage of materials, energy conservation and water consumptions to minimize the effects on the natural environment. The building takes consideration to the needs of the community in which it is located, and adds economic vitality to its dwellers.

There are many ravishing towers in Qatar that stand robust on its grounds but standing tall to 52 Storey, Tornado tower steals the show with its topnotch design efficiency.

Tornado Tower west Bay located in the thriving business district of Doha is one of the most extraordinary tourist attraction in Qatar. The name “Tornado” is aptly given the tower as it resembles a tornado in the desert offering approximately 58,000 m² of world-class office space. Additionally, it consists of shops, restaurants and a health and fitness center. High-speed elevators run at a speed of approximately 8 m/sec transporting the visitors to their desired destination.

The aim was to make Tornado Tower a landmark for maximum security and flexibility while offering the highest level of comfort, and this could be attained by intelligently integrating building technology disciplines. Torando was the name that was suggested by the design team to describe the hyperbolic shape of the building. The design Is further enhanced by one of its kind lighting systems designed especially for the tower. Fluctuation of the kinetic lights suggest a torsion of tornado. The programmable lighting system can produce over 35,000 variations of lighting patterns creating a spectacular visual effect at night.

The Splendid Architecture And Design of Tornado Tower

Architecture And Design of Tornado Tower

While planning the building, the postulation was to construct a relatively lightweight building, which required employment of a tubular steel “diagrid” to structure the external envelope. The diagonal pattern on the exterior surface adds to the stiffness of the lateral force-resisting system of the periphery of the walls. The concrete structure of the architecture building in Qatar is connected to this peripheral structure with clear spanning steel beams which has a composite slab on the top creating a flexible, column free office space at each floor level. The design of the floors is an architectural panning with state of art flooring systems providing maximum flexibility for the office space planning.

Out of total ground area of 18,500 m², building occupies only around 3,000 m² leaving free space in the premises to enhance the visual appearances of its shape, size and form. Sixteen high-speed elevators swiftly serve over 84,000 m² of office space throughout the building.

Due to the shape of the building, the total office space that is accessible on each floor varies from 1,260 to 2,400 m² per floor. This space offers high flexibility in both the size of office space available and the specific sub-division layout of office space within those areas. The terrace area renders a 360-degree view, albeit the topmost three floors of Tornado tower are dedicated to the work space of VIPs.

The design of the building is an integral part of the design expression that is portrayed with the exposed tubular structural system of the facade clad in part with aluminum composite panels.

The building is made up of high-performance glasses and in-built sun blocking devices to ensure the reduction of cooling costs. The architectural detailing of Tornado Tower outturns a relatively airtight space, reducing air leakage. In addition, rainwater is recycled and used for irrigation purposes.  Dedicated fire lifts and extra stairs are implemented as a strict fire safety measure. The utilization of a metal structures provides a slender design accentuating an uninterrupted panoramic view across the city and beyond.

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Building Features

Tornado Tower Building Features

The Tornado Tower in the West Bay district of Doha - an almost entirely manmade peninsula. Other features of the building include:
• A helipad on the 51st floor
• 16 high-speed lifts which travel at 2 floors per second
• 1,700 parking spaces over three basement levels
• Gym
• Restaurants and cafes
• Retail outlets
• A complex external Thomas Emde-designed lighting system.

Best 8 Restaurants At Tornado Tower To Grab a Healthy Meal

With a vast space and innovative approach, the Tornado tower in Qatar has added an advanced element to the infrastructural beauty of the country. Managed by the QIPCO groups, the tower has offered a perfect space for all retail and corporate gatherings. Apart from lending an office rental space, the tower is also home to a number of fancy restaurants, delivering a quality taste and the most exquisite place to savor the food in Qatar. Dining here at the Tornado Tower in Qatar can be intriguing and exciting as the restaurants here not only serve a delightful taste but an ambiance to embrace.



Start your day with the tempting menu of GRASP. This is the best eatery in the city that is offering you a healthy plate for your morning meals. The menu here lists every fancy cuisine for your brunch or breakfast, which includes Egg buns, Croissant buns, Chicken buns, pancakes, and a filling breakfast bowl. You can add a refreshing punch to your platter by adding ice tea or some freshly made fruit juice. The interiors of the café are casually designed, with a cool vibe to match your morning moods. The restaurant is also delivering its best cuisines within the West Bay region.

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2. BulBul

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A casual meal with family is all we need to celebrate a day with family. The BulBul restaurant at Tornado Tower Qatar is a perfect casual dining restaurant with a vibrant setting, making family meals a bit more fun. The restaurant was opened as a tribute to SALWA, who brought the legacy of Lebanese dining in Doha Qatar. The restaurant is delivering the exact passion and taste to carry on with her art of cooking. The interiors boast of perfect ambiance making it an ideal place for families and kids, enjoy the meal, and mark the day as a special event.

3. Maison De Sushi

Maison De Sushi

If it's Japanese that you love the most, Maison De Sushi is an ideal place you can look for in Qatar. Located at the Tornado Tower in Qatar, this Japanese restaurant is a paradise for sushi lovers. The restaurant at Tornado is ideal for all-day-dining catering a different menu for lunch, dinners, and breakfast. Apart from the Sushi, Maison De Sushi has been gaining popularity for some Thai Cuisine as well. Doha. The menu includes the best of the Arabic Cuisine and Indian Cuisine too, offering every option you are looking for. You can grab Burgers or Sandwiches, Fried Dishes, and Salads as something filling during the morning and evening snacks.

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4. Attibassi Coffee

Attibassi Coffee

With an Italian-inspired flavor, the Attibassi Coffee café brings you the most sedating aroma of fresh coffee beans and a taste that is irresistible. This coffee house in Tornado Tower Doha is a luxuriating place where there is perfection at every corner. Be it the real zest or the warm and cozy interiors, Attibassi coffee house has never failed to amaze people with the service. From a hot cup of coffee to some cold fresh shakes, the side dishes like fries and burgers, and a complete breakfast meal, this is surely the place where you can spend leisure time with your folks.

5. Mankousha Wa Falafel

Mankousha Wa Falafel

Book your seats at the Mankousha Wa Falafel and indulge in the most mesmerizing zest of Middle Eastern food. Located at the Tornado Tower, this is the best spot where you can find an authentic taste of Arabian cuisine, served with Qatari hospitality and warmth. The team of professionals is working here to make it a lifelong experience by offering quality and quantity. The restaurant has set the menu in such a manner that you will find everything from the Hummus to Musabaha and Margherita Pizza, Fool Medames, and more. Well, the interiors might not be too fancy but the food is worth a try.

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6. AMP Café

AMP Café

For your special mornings, the AMP Café at Tornado tower in Qatar is the right place to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a tempting breakfast. The light yet delicious menu of the café is made for every foodie where they can find a variety of tastes, beverages, and everything they need for a kick start. The ambiance of the café complements the menu with its earthy tones and casual vibe. Grab a hot and strong cup of coffee, order a freshly baked croissant and you are all good to make your breakfast the most tempting meal of the day. You must go through the menu to add more to your platter.

7. La Varenne Business Lunch Center

La Varenne Business Lunch Center
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On the 28th floor of the Tornado Tower, the La Varenne Business Lunch is a perfect spot for all your business lunches and meetings. The restaurant has come as a savior offering the right dishes and ideal ambiance for every corporate group to enjoy a meal. The restaurant boasts of sophisticated ambiance, exquisite furnishing, and a casual vibe where one can take a break from work stress. Being a business lunch center, the crowd here is like-minded, opening a great networking opportunity while enjoying the perfect platter. La Varenne Business Lunch center has won an award of “Time Out Doha Best Business Lunch 2014” for its exclusive service.

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8. Dum Dum Donuts

Dum Dum Donuts

Who doesn’t love donuts? Dum Dum Donuts at Tornado Tower Doha is the perfect spot to enjoy some hot and chocolate donuts, freshly made to serve you with the best taste. The café is located on the ground floor thus is easy to sight. The menu here includes a variety of baked desserts, cakes, pastries, and beverages to complement the taste. There is indoor and outdoor seating available for the visitors to choose the right spot for the day. You can enjoy the evening view while sipping your favorite sip of a refreshing drink and relishing the sweet flavors of donuts.

Why You Need To Visit Tornado Tower Doha?

No wonder there are multiple places to visit in Doha but this 52-storey tower is now a recognizable and most artistic building in Doha. More than 6,000 Wicona unitized glazed panels in more than 50 variations. The panels have been installed on each floor with a different panel size, expressing the curvature of the building without using curved glasses. Using floor canes, 450 tons of aluminum are installed across 50 stores. The trapezoidal units, hold 34 mm reflective glass for opaque glazing to hide the building structure amidst the floors.

The panels also hold an external steel ‘lattice’. This outer structure serves as a crucial architectural feature that enhance the form of building along with lighting installed giving a spectacular effect.

The Tornado tower, Qatar is a home to QIPCO’s head office and provides a spectacular view of the city and the Arabian Gulf. It is Nestled in the West Bay location which is the heart of Doha’s premier business district surrounded by blue chip companies, Ministry offices and fives-star hotels. Shaped like tornado, the tornado tower is famous for its simple design, tapering inwards in the middle and curving outwards at the highest point. Tornado tower form an hourglass like structure and its beauty is beyond compare. So, wait no more, book your flight to Qatar and visit the terrific artefact.


Q1. Where is Tornado Tower located?

The Tornado Tower, also called the QIPCO Tower, is a high-rise office skyscraper in the city of Doha, Qatar.

Q2. Where is the Tornado Tower in the Doha Qatar?

Doha’s Tornado tower rises high in the West Bay district of Doha.

Q3. What is the height of Tornado Tower (in feet)?

Tornado tower stands at the height of 640 feet. Construction of the building was initiated in 2006 and was completed in 2008.

Q4. Why is the tower named as Tornado Tower?

The name Tornado tower is given by the designers as the tower resembles a tornado standing robust in desert.

Q5. Places to visit near Tornado Tower?
  • Al Mirqab Tower (public building) - 177m from business center
  • Msheireb Enrichment Centre (information) - 419m from business center
  • Grand Cinecentre (cinema) - 668m from business center
  • Carrefour @ City Center (supermarket) - 670m from business center
  • Fun City (theme park) - 676m from business center  
Q6. How far is Tornado Tower from Hamad International Airport?

The fasted route to Tornado Tower from Hamad airport is via Ras Abu Abboud Expressway and Al Corniche Summing up to a distance of 18.5kms (20minutes)

Q7. How much office space is offered by Tornado Tower?

The tower offers 58,029 sq m of office space in Qatar. The concrete structure of the building is connected to this peripheral structure with clear spanning steel beams which has a composite slab on the top creating a flexible, column free office space.

Q8. How many floors are there in the building?

The Tornado Tower stands at the height of 640 feet tall with 52 floors.