Are you bored with your daily routine and want to rejuvenate amidst the natural scenery? Imagine you laying on a hammock tied between two shaded trees, cool breezes soothing your soul with the sweet chirping of birds relaxing your mind, and the gushing of waves making you energetic! Mesmerized? Well, there is a plethora of charming beaches in Kuwait to make you enjoy a much-needed break in nature’s lap away from the city’s hustle and bustle. The middle-eastern country of Kuwait is famous for its rich culture, traditions, stunning skyscrapers, classical structures, and delicious food. But beaches in this majestic country sum up to a perfect holiday retreat. Keep reading the blog to get a glimpse of the heavenly shorelines you should definitely visit on your next vacation in Kuwait.

Best Beaches in Kuwait: For Fun-filled and Adventurous Vacation with Your Loved Ones  

Best Beaches in Kuwait: For Fun-filled and Adventurous Vacation with Your Loved Ones

There are numerous natural and man-made wonders in Kuwait to make you relish a happy time with your loved ones. Embracing crystal-clear turquoise waters, sandy shores, lush greenery, and a mesmerizing aura, the beaches in Kuwait are a paradise for nature lovers. Brimmed with deluxe sea-facing resorts, cafes, and hotels, Kuwait has a perfect aura to make you enjoy a dream vacation. Here is a list of top beaches in this beautiful country that you can add to your itinerary.

1. Messilah Beach

2. Marina Beach

3. Failaka Island Beach

4. Al Kout Beach

5. Movenpick Beach

6. Fintas Beach

7. Al Khiran Beach

8. Egaila Beach

1. Messilah Beach: Relax in Nature’s Lap

Messilah Beach: Relax in Nature’s Lap
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Adorning the surreal beauty of nature, Messilah beach is one of the best beaches in Kuwait. Located near Fahaheel highway and established in 1986, Messilah beach covers an approximate area of 73,000 meters per square, making it the largest shore in Kuwait. One can plan a family picnic and enjoy quality time amidst the super clean surroundings, blue waters, and happening aura of the beach. The beach possesses some special features like there is a special reservation for women three days per week, that is, on Saturday, Monday, and Thursday from 9 am to 7 pm. There are three separate pools designed for different purposes, one for adults, the second for kids, and the third for all. One can enjoy mouth-watering food from the nearby restaurants in Kuwait and enjoy water sports on the beach for a delightful experience.

Location: Salimiyah, Kuwait

Top Attractions: Swimming pools, cozy seating space, restaurants, and water sports

2. Marina Beach: For a Perfect Family Picnic

Marina Beach: For a Perfect Family Picnic

Offering glamorous views of Kuwait’s skyscrapers as the backdrop and dotted with numerous palm trees, Marina Beach, Kuwait is pure bliss. It is a perfect holiday spot to plan a picnic with your loved ones and relax on the sandy shores. The beautiful palm trees make this beach one of the best beaches in the country. Tourists can enjoy savoring flavorsome food and drinks in nearby restaurants. One can find various ice cream options to choose from and beat the heat. The main attraction of the beach is the children’s playground with colorful swings and the fascinating marketplace nearby from where one can shop for the best souvenirs. There are rental bikes and skates available on the beach that the guests can avail of and enjoy strolling around the beach which is one of the best things to do in Kuwait.

Location: Salimiyah, Kuwait

Top Attractions: Children’s playground, rental bikes, marketplaces

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3. Failaka Island Beach: Enjoy Riding a Motor Boat

Failaka Island Beach
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Offering a tranquil time in nature’s lap, Failaka Island Beach is one of the best Kuwait beaches. Showcasing a classical touch of beauty, the beach is located in the Persian Gulf which is famous for its ancient Greek ruins, and camel farms, and gives a glimpse of the past. The beach has peaceful surroundings, lush greenery, numerous umbrellas, and shades to make your stay comfortable. One can try fishing, swimming, and boating for a thrilling adventure amidst the charismatic aura. The dramatic shoreline is perfect for a family picnic and an outing with your loved ones. Don’t miss enjoying riding a motorboat for a fascinating experience amidst the turquoise waters.

Location: Persian Gulf, Kuwait

Top Attractions: Motor Boats, Fishing, and colorful swings for kids

4. Al Kout Beach: Rejoice Amidst the Natural and Man-made Beauty

Al Kout Beach: Rejoice Amidst the Natural and Man-made Beauty
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Overlooking the Persian Gulf, Al Kouf Beach is a charming private beach in Kuwait. The beach is maintained by Al Kout Beach Resort which is a deluxe resort in the majestic country of Kuwait. Offering every luxury, comfort, and hospitality, this private beach is a perfect spot for relishing a refreshing vacation with your loved ones. One can enjoy a peaceful time with one's family amidst numerous facilities for an enthusiastic holiday. From umpteen umbrellas, shades, and seating space, this beach is one of the best places to travel in Kuwait. One can enjoy swimming in the turquoise waters, exfoliate with brown sands, and bask under the sun. Witness the mesmerizing dancing fountain and relish swimming in the pools near the private beach in the resort. Savor the Kuwaiti cuisines in the sumptuous restaurants and don’t miss the special barbecue facilities for a lip-smacking delight.

Location: Mangaf, Kuwait

Top Attractions: Dancing fountain, barbecue, exotic food, and swimming pool

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5. Movenpick Beach: Relish a Soothing Spa Session

Movenpick Beach: Relish a Soothing Spa Session
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Maintained by Movenpick Beach Resorts, Al Bidaa, this beach is one of the best private beaches in Kuwait. Brimming with every luxury, comfort, and facility, the beach is a top attraction for tourists from all over the world. From the charming swimming pool, seating arrangements, candlelight dinners, and water activities, the beach is a paradise for holiday seekers. Kids can enjoy making sandcastles and spend quality time in tranquility. Enjoy strolling around the beach and witness the mesmerizing sunset views. Don’t miss taking a soothing spa session amidst the natural beauty and swimming in the lavish swimming pools of the resort. Savor Kuwaiti food with a blend of international delights and relax on the shoreline for a world-class beach experience.

Location: Al Bidaa, Kuwait

Top Attraction: Spa, sunset views, and exotic food

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6. Fintas Beach: Enjoy the Delicious Barbeque

Fintas Beach: Enjoy the Delicious Barbeque
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Fintas beach is one of the best public beaches in Kuwait to relish a perfect day out with your loved ones. Situated in an urban area, the beach is a great attraction among the tourists and the locals to spend quality time or plan a picnic amidst the natural scenery. The guests can enjoy savoring delicious food and try the lip-smacking outdoor barbecue for a long-lasting taste. One can relax amidst the mesmerizing views of the Persian Gulf, bask under the sun, and take soothing dips in the saline waters. The beautiful beach is a great middle-east attraction for facilities like a playground where kids can have a fun time and the gym where the adults can enjoy their workout. Suitable for all age groups, the beach is home to numerous resorts and restaurants to make you experience a perfect holiday experience.

Location: Al, Fnaitees, Kuwait

Top Attractions: Barbecue, Playground, resorts gym, and restaurants

7. Al Khiran Beach: For a Fascinating Boat Trip

Al Khiran Beach: For a Fascinating Boat Trip

One of the best Kuwait beaches is Al Khiran Beach which is located in the south of Kuwait. Embellished with mesmerizing scenery, the landscape adorns crystal-clear aquamarine waters, fine sands, lush greenery of palm trees, and tranquility. Tourists can enjoy water sports and enjoy tasty food in the nearby cafes. Witness the amazing views of the thermal plant near the beach and enjoy a boat trip for a lifetime experience. Renowned as the beach capital, this place is famous for an ideal holiday with your loved ones. One can visit the supermarket near the beach and enjoy shopping for the best souvenirs. The guests can enjoy activities like boating, swimming, scuba diving, and water skiing for an enthusiastic vacation amidst the heavenly surroundings.

Location: South of Kuwait

Top Attractions: Boat trips, jet and water skiing, scuba diving, restaurants, and views.

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8. Egaila Beach: For a Fantastic Deluxe Holiday

Egaila Beach
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Famous for its majestic charm, tranquility, pretty sunset views, and rocky coastline, Egaila beach is one of the most stunning private beaches in Kuwait. Offering every luxury and comfort, the beach is popular among tourists and locals as a perfect picnic spot. Spend quality time with your loved ones away from humdrum and enjoy mouth-watering food in nearby restaurants. The beach is a perfect place to relax with your loved ones on nature’s lap. The pathway festooned with plants and trees is a very photogenic place and is famous for photography. The best attraction is the lavish swimming pool where the non-swimmers can relax. Watch a movie in the incredible open theatre while the kids can play in the beautiful playground. Walking on the wooden pathway is a dream come true and will make you feel a soulmate connection with nature.

Location: Al Salem Al Sabah St, Kuwait

Top Attractions: Views, open theatre, swimming pool, and playground

There are numerous beaches in Kuwait for a perfect holiday experience. Adorning clear aquamarine waters, cool breeze, sandy shores, and greenery of palm trees, the beaches are an epitome of natural charm and man-made facilities. Offering a plethora of facilities, water adventure, and exotic food, the beaches in the majestic country are a top attraction for a delightful vacation. So, what are you waiting for? Avail yourself of the best tour packages to spend a blissful time in the charismatic scenery.


Q1. What is the best time to visit the beaches in Kuwait?

The best time to visit the charming beaches in Kuwait is during May and October in the summer season when one can enjoy a fantastic time on the beaches. It is the best time to enjoy beach adventure, enjoy basking, and relax in nature’s lap.

Q2. What are the best beaches in Kuwait?

There are many beaches in Kuwait for a fantastic day out with your loved ones. The best beaches include:

  • Messilah Beach
  • Marina Beach
  • Failaka Island Beach
  • Al Kout Beach
  • Movenpick Beach
Q3. What are some beach tips in Kuwait?

Here are some beach tips for Kuwait for a hassle-free holiday experience.

  • Bikinis are not allowed, so dress decently.
  • Carry your sunscreen and sunglasses along.
  • Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Don’t litter around and keep the beach clean.
  • Don’t miss trying the water adventure.
Q4. What is the main international airport in Kuwait?

There are a total of 3 international airports in Kuwait connecting the world globally. Located in Kuwait City, Kuwait international airport is the main airport in the majestic country of Kuwait.

Q5. What water sports can one enjoy in Kuwait?

One can enjoy numerous water sports in Kuwait like snorkeling, scuba diving, jet surfing, boating, and more for an ideal holiday retreat in the beautiful country.

Q6 How can I enjoy on beaches in Kuwait?

One can spend a tranquil time away from humdrum on the beaches in Kuwait. The guests can enjoy the water sports, relax under the shades, savor delicious cuisines in the nearby restaurants, and enjoy shopping for the best souvenirs.

Q7. What is the main attraction of Marina Beach in Kuwait?

Marina Beach in Kuwait is a charming beach in Kuwait that offers numerous amenities like the children’s playground, rental bikes, restaurants, and marketplaces for a fantastic holiday.

Q8. Is Kuwait worth visiting?

Embellished with rich culture, traditions, stunning skyscrapers, ancient structures, charming beaches, and flavorsome food, Kuwait is a fascinating place to visit. Brimming with numerous natural and man-made wonders, the country is a paradise for travel lovers.