The Middle East, the geographic region on Earth, is known for its diverse culture, tradition, political history, and distinct typography. This is a geopolitical term that encompasses the Levant, Arabian Peninsula, Anatolia (which includes modern-day Turkey and Cyprus), Egypt, Iran, and Iraq. There are many places to visit in the Middle East where you can enjoy most of your time, witnessing the beauty and the diversity. The majority of Middle Eastern Nations follow Islam, but can always find unique customs and beliefs that make the place quite an adventure to explore. Here are some famous places you can explore while planning a holiday in the middle east.

Top 12 Tourist Places In The Middle East That No Traveler Can Afford To Miss

While you are in the Middle East, you don’t just explore, you enjoy and experience. Many places will take you on a voyage exploring this geopolitical region with a new perspective. Check the places which surely are on the must-visit list for your next holiday.

1. Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar

One of the most happening places in the Middle East, Doha is a new holiday destination that has attracted expats and tourists with its charming and quaint essence. With its magnificent skyline and high towers, and architectural buildings, the city is one of the best places to travel in the Middle East for holidaymakers. You can explore the museums, mosques, beaches, and other attractions in Doha that make it a perfect holiday place.

Doha brings a fusion of modernity and traditionality, lending you an unforgettable holiday experience. You can shop at the malls like Villaggio Mall, and admire the old and rustic vibes of Souq Waqif or Soul Al Wakra, which are also the oldest market places in Qatar. There is no dearth of adventure and fun you need to make your vacation, one happening experience of your life.

Best Time To Visit: December-February

Nearby Airport: Hamad International Airport

Best Attractions To Visit:

  • Katara Cultural Village
  • Qatar National Museum
  • Museum of Islamic Art
  • Souq Waqif
  • Doha Corniche

2. Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is one of the most beautiful places in the Middle East, thanks to its incredible architecture and jaw-dropping infrastructure. The excellent features and facilities of Dubai have made it one of the most visited holiday destinations in the world, where people come to shop, dine, enjoy, entertain and experience the thrill. There will be leisure, adventure, luxury, and every comfort you need on a vacation. You can also plan to celebrate New Year in Dubai.

Now if you are wondering, how is Dubai different from any other city, there is no one answer to it. From the iconic Burj Khalifa to the extravagant malls, Dubai Creek, and the famous Dubai fountain, the fascination here is endless and too enthralling to leave you stunned. You can also enjoy a safari in the Desert, engaging in some breathtaking adventure and luxuriating experience on your trip to the Middle east.

Best Time To Visit: November- March

Nearby Airport: Dubai International airport

Best Attractions To Visit:

  • Burj Al Arab
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Creek
  • Dubai Fountain
  • Dubai Museum
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3. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, the capital city of Turkey is a magical designation, oozing in the beauty of art and architecture. Whether you're on a leisure trip or an adventure, Turkey is the best middle eastern country to visit and has a lot to offer. The rich history here is hard to grasp but the mesmerizing monuments and sites have unfolded the story of many previous civilizations from centuries ago.

Istanbul, the city of minarets, lies on two continents; Europe and Asia. It is an open museum where both past and present come together in a unique blend of cultures in one of the best places to visit in the Middle East.

Ottoman relics like the Mosques, Sultans' palaces and great mosques stand side by side with modern monuments, which are also the best attraction in Turkey for vacationers. The city is renowned for its shopping possibilities and attracts even people who are not that fond of shopping.

Best Time To Visit: March To May- September To November

Nearest Airport: Istanbul International Airport

Best Attractions To Visit:

  • Hagia Sophia
  • Basilica Cistern
  • Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque)
  • Topkapi Palace
  • Ölüdeniz
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4. Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo has a very rich history and culture that makes it a top Middle East Holiday destination. It has always been in a central role in being one of the largest and most prominent cities in the Arab world and Africa. Cairo has gotten its nickname of "city of thousand minarets" for its Islamic architecture. The capital city of Egypt is situated on the Nile River and lies across from the city of Giza. The city is very much alive today with many things to do for tourists. There are so many reasons to explore this awe-stunning attraction in Egypt.

From ancient times to the present, Cairo has changed into a Prominent destination for a vacation. Tourists explore the diverse cultures, as well as the world-famous Pyramids of Giza and the ancient Egyptian Museum which is filled with mummies and artifacts from thousands of years ago making it one of the best Middle Eastern countries to visit.

Best Time To Visit: December to February- March- April

Nearest Airport: Cairo International Airport

Best Attractions To Visit:

  • The Giza pyramids
  • The Sphinx
  • Cairo Citadel
  • The Egyptian Museum
  • Cairo Tower
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5. Muscat, Oman

Muscat, Oman

If you're planning to explore the best attractions in Oman, Muscat is a must on your list. With its favorable tourist attractions, the city is one of the best places to visit in the middle east. As Muscat is home to several iconic historical sites, you can never afford to miss out on visiting those truly fascinating tourist attractions.

The city of Muscat, the country's capital and largest city, has numerous museums and other places of interest making it one of the best places to visit in the Middle East. The National Museum of the Sultanate of Oman opened in 1986 and contains exhibits on the history and archeology of the country. It also displays a replica of a Horned Ram skull recovered from a lake bed near the village of Wadi Dawkah in Dhofar Governorate. The Sea City Museum opened in 1985 and is housed in a historical building that used to be a customs station built in 1900. The museum features exhibits on traditional Omani life and customs, fishing equipment, and costumes from the Rustaq area making it to the list of popular Middle East places.

Best Time To Visit: October To February

Nearest Airport: Muscat International Airport

Best Attractions To Visit:

  • Mutrah Corniche and Souq
  • The Royal Opera House
  • National Museum of Oman
  • Al Riyam Park
  • Bait al Zubair

6. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh indeed is the most famous Middle East Tourist attraction. The capital city of Saudi Arabia is a delight for all tourists and business travelers alike. Coming first on the list of places to visit in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh offers a warm welcome to tourists as well as businessmen. Modern skyscrapers touching the skyline of Riyadh show how swiftly this city has transformed from a small tribal region to one of the top-notch cities in Saudi Arabia. A perfect mingle of modernization and tradition, Riyadh is a place that has both the historic charms as well as the sophisticated modern architectural buildings on display to tourists and businessmen alike.

This is one of the best places to visit in the Middle East that has a perfect blend of old-world charm and a modern lifestyle. Riyadh welcomes all the visitors from across the world including those who are looking forward to making a trip memorable and worthy.

Best Time To Visit: November To March

Nearest Airport: King Khalid International Airport

Best Attractions To Visit:

  • Masmak fort
  • King Abdul Aziz Historical Center
  • National Museum of Saudi Arabia
  • Royal Saudi Air Force Museum
  • Murabba Palace
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7. Manama, Bahrain

Manama, Bahrain

Manama is one of the best Bahrain attractions that reflects a beautiful amalgamation of traditional with contemporary styles. A visit to this city will take you to an unexpected world of relaxation and freshness during your travel to the Middle east. Lazing at the seashore or swimming in blue water, strolling around to shop for handicrafts and other products, going out for shopping or dining, yachting in the marina, and witnessing the breath-taking Sun-rise are some of the most popular activities done by people.

In addition to Manama’s many shops and restaurants, one distinctive building in the city’s skyline is a pair of towers known as the Bahrain World Trade Center. The Bahrain World Trade Center is located in close proximity to the financial district and is home to restaurants and popular hotels such as the Oryx Rotana Hotel Bahrain making it to the list of best Middle East country to visit.

Best Time To Visit: December To March

Nearest Airport: Bahrain International Airport

Best Attractions To Visit:

  • Bahrain National Museum
  • Manama Souq
  • Bahrain National Theater
  • Beit Al Quran
  • Sheik Isa Bin Ali House
  • Al Fatih Mosque

8. Amman, Jordan

Amman, Jordan

Amman is a city with a perfect blend of old and new, which makes it the best middle east holiday destination. You can visit the Roman Amphitheater, Jordan Museum, Jabal Amman for art galleries, and much more. The daily life is amazing but wait till you experience the nightlife in Amman. Houses many marvelous ruins too just within a short walking distance from each other, the most famous ruins are Amman Citadel, archaeologists believe that it has been occupied since the Bronze age.

Amman, the capital and largest city in Jordan is also called the “Rose City”. Especially known for its rich history, it is also a prime middle east vacation spot for tourists all over the world. At night there are lots of different shows happening including music concerts by renowned artists, and at times it turns into a really fun party after a show. So, if you are visiting Amman soon then these tips might be useful for you.

Best Time To Visit: September To November

Nearest Airport: Queen Alia International Airport

Best Attractions To Visit:

  • The Citadel
  • Royal Automobile Museum
  • Roman Amphitheater
  • Al Balad – Downtown Amman
  • The Jordan Museum
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9. Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

One of the most amazing places to visit in Israel, Jerusalem is a huge tourist attraction. It is an ancient city situated on a plateau of the Judaean Mountains amidst the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean. Brimmed with astounding cultural and religious marvels, the city offers a perfect blend of antiquity and contemporary. From the historical edifices belonging to Christians, Jews and Muslims, fascinating marketplaces, to thrilling nightlife, Jerusalem is a huge attraction for tourists from all over the world. One can stroll around the old city to witness its majestic grandeur. Planning an enthralling trip to the Dead Sea, and relax in the surreal beauty of the Tisch Family Zoological Gardens are the best things to do in Israel. Don’t miss tasting the Israeli Wine and relish a world-class Israeli hospitality for a stunning experience.

Best Time to Visit: May to September

Nearby Airport: Ben Gurion Airport

Best Attractions to Visit:

  • Church of all Nations
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Mount of Olives
  • Tower of David
  • Dome of the Rock
  • Western Wall Tunnels
  • Temple Mount

10. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Al Balad, Jeddah

Brimming with numerous classical wonders, Jeddah is one of the best places to visit in Saudi Arabia. Also known as a modern commercial hub, the city is a gateway for pilgrimages to the Islamic holy cities Mecca and Medina. One can stroll around the city to discover its majestic grandeur and witness numerous places. Escape into the mesmerizing city to explore the classical architectures, spend time in quirky cafés, shop for the best Arabian souvenirs in the old Souq, and savor Arabian cuisines in the amazing restaurants in Saudi Arabia. Don't miss the amazing adventure activities for a delightful holiday experience.

Best Time to Visit -November through early March

Nearest Airport - Jeddah Airport

Best Attractions to Visit:

  • Jeddah Waterfront, Corniche.
  • Al Rahma Mosque.
  • Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum.
  • Khuzam Palace.
  • King Fahd's Fountain
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11. Kuwait City, Kuwait


Embellished with a plethora of stunning tourist attractions, gorgeous coastlines, amazing architecture and a blend of modern and ancient, Kuwait is a one of the best places to visit in the Middle-East. Discover the beautiful artifacts in the museums and delve into the rich culture of the country. Stroll around and explore the splendor of the Kuwait City and visit the Persian Gulf to witness the enchanting views of the Kuwait Bay. Visit the Green Island, relax close to nature at the Al Kout Beaches, and admire the hypnotic charm of the Bayan Botanical Garden for an amazing experience. Enjoy shopping at the lavish malls and savor delicious Kuwaiti Cuisines at the nearby restaurants in Kuwait.

Best time to visit: November to April

Nearest Airport: Kuwait International Airport

Best Attractions to Visit:

  • Kuwait Tower
  • Tareq Sayyed Rajab
  • Michel Ecochard
  • Liberation Tower
  • Grand Mosque
  • Al Sadu House

12. Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon is one of the best tourist places in the middle-east. From the enthralling views of the Mediterranean Sea, astounding artifacts at the Museums to delicious food options at the Beirut Souq, Beirut is a must visit destination. One can stroll around and explore the historical architecture, get a glimpse of the history of ancient artifacts, and discover the beautiful Mosques for a fascinating holiday experience. Shop for the best souvenirs and get savor the delicious cuisines in the restaurants in Beirut for a memorable experience.

Best Time to Visit: July to September

Nearest Airport: Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport

Best Attractions to Visit:

  • Pigeon Rocks
  • Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque
  • National Museum of Beirut
  • The American University of Beirut (AUB)
  • Sursock Museum
  • Baalbek

This concludes our list of top places to visit in the Middle East. Take pleasure in the Middle Eastern region and its beautiful destinations. Whether you are exploring a new place or simply returning to your personal favorite, there are many places to visit in the Middle East where you can discover your best memory with an unforgettable experience. Go with your family members or siblings, and plan for a holiday here in the Middle East. Avail of the best tour packages to explore every nook and cranny of the middle-east.


Q1. Which are the top places to visit in the Middle East?

The best places to visit in the Middle East are:

  • Doha
  • Dubai
  • Muscat
  • Istanbul
  • Riyadh
Q2. How can I spend a holiday in Doha?

Doha is one of the most happening holiday destinations in the Middle East where you can enjoy a beach day, or explore the city highlights. There are malls and Souks to shop, fancy cafes and restaurants to dine in, and every fun you need.

Q3. Why is Dubai famous?

Dubai is well-known for its stunning architecture and impressive infrastructure. Dubai's superb features and facilities have made it one of the world's most popular vacation destinations, with visitors flocking to shop, dine, pleasure, amuse, and feel the thrill. There will be relaxation, adventure, luxury, and all of the amenities that you would expect on a trip.

Q4. Is Cairo a holiday destination?

Cairo has evolved as a premier holiday destination from ancient times to the present. Tourists visit the world-famous Pyramids of Giza and the ancient Egyptian Museum, which houses mummies and relics dating back thousands of years.

Q5. Which is the best city to visit in Oman?

Muscat is the best city in Oman where you can plan a holiday. Muscat is home to some famous historical landmarks, and you should never miss out on seeing these fascinating tourist sites. The country's capital and largest city is home to many museums and other attractions as well.

Q6. What can I do in Manama?

Some of the most popular activities to enjoy in Manama are lying on the beach or swimming in the turquoise water, strolling around to buy handicrafts and other things, going out for shopping or dining, and sailing in the marina, and watching the breathtaking sunrise.

Q7. Which are the top places to visit in Istanbul?

The best attractions you can visit in Istanbul are:

  • Hagia Sophia
  • Basilica Cistern
  • Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque)
  • Topkapi Palace
  • Ölüdeniz
Q8. Is Amman worth visiting?

Yes. Amman is a city that has a wonderful blend of old and new, making it one of the best Middle Eastern vacation spots. The daytime in Amman is fantastic, but wait until you see the city at night. The city also features many magnificent remains within walking distance of one another, the most notable of which is the Amman Citadel, which researchers believe has been populated since the Bronze Age.