Luxury has always been our priority when it comes to luxury. Before planning a holiday, we look for the best hotels and resorts that are not only bringing luxury but offer the comfort of being at home, even in a foreign land. Taking care of the tourist, Qatar has never failed to impress them with its grand and imperial beauty that even includes the best hotels. While Doha is quite a popular place for a staycation, Simaisma A Murwab Resort in Al Khor is offering tourists a stay away from the chaos of the city. The excellent architecture, the outstanding facilities, and the luxury has made it the perfect place to spend a quality vacation with family.

Simaisma Beach Resort Al Khor, Qatar

Simaisma Beach Resort Al Khor, Qatar
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Simaisma, A Murwab Resort, is an oceanfront oasis that is delivering the perfect location for a luxury stay in Qatar. Located at a distance of just 25 km from Doha, the resort is a luxurious family spot where you can plan a staycation. This Resort is an exquisite resort that beautifully integrates its natural habitat with modern-day amenities and inspired design to create an enchanting ambiance that mesmerizes the heart and the soul.

The resort offers a myriad of adventures and recreational activities to enjoy their vacation with utmost leisure and thrill. Offering you utmost fun and privacy, the resort is personifying leisure for all. Simaisma Beach Resort epitomizes five-star accommodation where you can prepare yourself to be pampered with our distinctive suites, which will allow you to recharge and rest in style.

From luxury villas to dining facilities, private beaches, and every leisure, this Simaisma A Murwab Resort in Al khor promises to heighten all your experience with excellent hospitality and services.

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The Best Accommodation Option of Simaisma Resort

Simaisma has the best villas to offer you the utmost comfort and leisure. Every facility and service make this Qatar resort the best place to stay in the country. There are some best-listed villas, which are well equipped with every quality amenity and exquisite furnishing. This is all to offer a perfect ambiance to ensure privacy and comfort to the guest.

1. AL Jumana Villa

AL Jumana Villa
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AL Jumana Home is a magnificent 2-bedroom villa for families with a private pool. This villa is the ideal combination of spectacular beauty and spacious comfort, allowing you to relax and spend quality time with your family while on vacation. The beautiful views of the Simaisma, beach, and Bay provide a compelling backdrop to the lodging. The 184m2 villa has a separate living area where you may enjoy and admire the views. A stay at this luxury villa of Simaisma resort, Qatar is the most imperial experience when it comes to beach holidays.

2. Al Dana Villas

Al Dana Villas
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Al Dana Villas is another luxury villa at Simaisma A Murwab Resort in Al khor that is offering you a spacious living area of 3-bedroom, living area, which overlooks the beauty of Simaisma bay. The resort view is a secluded retreat with all-inclusive access to modern conveniences. Each suite has three double rooms, including a master bedroom with a private balcony, a sumptuous ensuite bathroom, an open concept kitchen, and a living space with a private balcony. Set on an area of 231m2, the villa offers a private shower and a lavish space to seek leisure.

3. AL Durra Villas

AL Durra Villas
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With a pool view, Al Durra Villas is an ideal place for families to spend their vacation in Qatar. This three-bedroom luxury villa at Simaisma A Murwab resort is sprawled over two floors of lavish splendor, with contemporary furnishings and elegant décor. The villa is near to the pool, providing a peaceful and isolated atmosphere to relax in. The Villa provides the comfort, luxury, and exclusivity you desire for a memorable and worthy vacation. The villa is built over a space of 231m2 and has a separate bathroom with a shower to add more luxury.

4. AL Jiwan Villas

AL Jiwan Villas
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AL Jiwan Villas, located in Simaisma beach resort, Qatar, is a luxurious four-bedroom villa with a private pool ideal for families. The sea view villas are a beacon of grandeur and grandiosity and are nothing short of breathtaking. The villa, which spreads to an area of 427 square meters, is the ultimate of beauty and luxury. The interiors reflect the elegant designs and cutting-edge amenities radiate luxury, while the outside gives breathtaking views of the Simaisma. You can spend quality time of your vacation relaxing at the pool while witnessing the serene beauty.

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Simaisma Resort in Al Khor, Qatar For A Scrumptious Dining

Simaisma Resort For A Scrumptious Dining
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It’s time to savor your taste buds with the best zest and the authentic flavor of Qatar Food. While Qatar has a number of restaurants and cafes to enjoy family dining, the resort brings you the finest selection of restaurants to enjoy the best food. Taking care of your food preference, Simaisma offers delectable selections to gratify each of the palates served at the restaurants. There are food options to suit all your mood and occasions. Ranging from fine dining to poolside meals and an exclusive in-room dining experience, this is just the right place to delve into the sedating aroma and delightful gastronomic experience.

Talking about the menu and the taste delivered, every meal is made from scratch using fresh local ingredients. The world-class chefs with their authentic techniques are creating art to infuse your senses with flavor. Simaisma, A Murwab Resort's culinary excursions are all unique and meant to appeal to a wide range of palates. Here are some best restaurants that bring you the best option to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack in between.

1. Awatar Restaurant

Awatar Restaurant
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Awtar is an all-day dining restaurant at the resort that is defined by its unique menu and exceptional dining experience. Creating a sophisticated and refined atmosphere, the restaurant serves an elegantly crafted menu listed with the best-prepared cuisines from every corner of the world. What makes Awtar the best restaurant in Qatar is its service and hospitality. The eatery focuses on using fresh and locally farmed ingredients to ensure that all meals savor you a fantastic feeling of culinary happiness.

  • Opening Hours: 06:30 am – 11:00 pm

2. Infinity Restaurant

Infinity Restaurant
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If you are looking for poolside leisure with a delightful twist, the Infinity Restaurant at Simaisma A Murwab Resort in Al khor, Qatar is a perfect place. Following a relaxing plunge in the pool, every guest can dine at a restaurant, which offers a variety of light meals. There is a vast menu that includes energizing drinks, delectable snacks, salads, and more. The place is perfect to admire the sunset and ease out after a tiring day.

  • Opening Hours: 8am – 8pm
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3. Mokha Lounge

Mokha Lounge
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Looking for nightlife in Qatar? The Mokha Lounge at Simaisma Murwab Resort is the right place to wind up the night with an exotic touch. This lounge at the resort serves the best beverages for your day and evening moods. There are coffees, teas and refreshing drinks served to the guest in the daytime, while in the evening, you will find the most exotic collection of mocktails on the menu. Every drink at the restaurant comes with a savoring platter of snacks. You can try some pies and pastries too.

  • Opening Hours: Morning to late night
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The Best Highlight of Simaisima Resort, Qatar- A Private Beach For A Private Holiday

The Best Highlight of Simaisima Resort- A Private Beach For A Private Holiday
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The Simaisima Resort has gained much popularity for its family beach. While Simaisima is quite a secluded hamlet in Qatar that is best for an offbeat space, the beach has added so much to add to your plate.

Simaisma Beach is regarded as one of the best family attractions in Qatar. Simaisma complements the splendor of shimmering sand and the crimson sunset with its hidden beauty and warm environment. The amenities that provide a great experience during your vacation are nearby cafes, restrooms, and more. It is the serene and peaceful ambiance that makes this sandy beach a perfect destination for families.

While the beach and water activities are not available here, the soft glittering sand and shallow warm water of the tides make Simaisma a safe and ideal place to spend the day at leisure. You can also plan for a picnic as the beach has some barbeque grills available for public use.

Adding more, Jet skis and boat trips from the far end are some of the adventure sports you can never afford to miss. From the beach, visitors may simply drive out onto the jetty and fly-fish from the boat adjacent to the pier. Queenfish, needlefish, halfbeaks, and bass may also be seen swimming in and out of the water. The beach is enhanced by shattered vegetation of Mangroves and a little hill that creates a curvature in the terrain, making the landscape magnificent.

Staying at Simaisma resort, you can spend some time at the beach or choose the villa, which overlooks the serene views of the beach.

Top Services and Facilities at Simaisima A Murwab Resort in Al Khor

Top Services and Facilities at Simaisima A Murwab Resort
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A wide range of facilities and services are offered at Simaisima that makes it an ideal staycation in the country. While you have the option to pick your ideal accommodation space from the best villas, the resort caters to every need of the guest offering the best facilities during your stay. Let’s check what all amenities will be offered to make your stay memorable.

1. The Spa

The Spa
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Unwind with the relaxing and healing spa therapy at Simaisima resort in Qatar. The Spa by Simaisma promises the best experience with its luxurious setting and top health & beauty facilities. You can indulge with holistic therapies and rejuvenate your holiday spirit. The Spa at Simaisma will provide services that soothe the mind and body using gestures and some authentic techniques in a pleasant and reviving environment.

Choose from the six distinctive and elegant treatment rooms that include saunas, a couple's room, and a private ladies-only section. The treatments offered at the spa are suitable for both men and women.

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2. Fitness Facilities

Fitness Facilities
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The Simaisima Beach Resort has a wide range of fitness facilities that can promise you an energetic holiday. The recreational facilities offered at the resort are best to keep the fitness on track while you enjoy the leisure vacation. From swimming pools to kids' playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, and gyms, you can choose the best option to enjoy your fitness routine. At an additional expense, the Water Sports Center and Tour Service provider are also offering some leisurely activities for the entire family.

Make your holiday a luxury escape with a stay at the 5-star Simaisma A Murwab resort in Al Khor, Qatar. Located away from the chaos of the cities, this resort in Al Khor is a secluded treasure to spend quality time with family. The outstanding facilities and heartwarming hospitality have made it an ideal leisure spot for families on holiday. As you reserve your staycation at this luxury resort, add more to your holiday by exploring the nearby attractions like beaches, famous malls, and tourist spots in Al Khor.


Q1. Where is Simaisma Resort located in Qatar?

The Simaisma resort is located 25 km from Doha, at a secluded place that offers a perfect escape from the humdrum of city life. The resort overlooks the beauty of the bay and offers a luxury experience of staying in Qatar.

Q2. What facilities are there at Simaisma Beach resort?

The Simaisma Beach Resort offers a wide range of facilities and services that makes it an ideal staycation in the country. There are four spacious villas that come with amenities like a private shower, living area, and other amenities. The resort also offers a pool, gym, and spa facility for every guest living there.

Q3. What are the best places to visit in Al Khor?

There are several places to visit in Al Khor that people can experience throughout their vacation, ranging from the best beaches to the best parks and much more. Some of the best attractions are:

  • Al Thakira Beach
  • Simaisma Beach
  • Al Khor Mall
  • Farkeh Beach
  • Al Khor Corniche
Q4. Where can I shop in Al Khor, Qatar?

The Al Khor mall is one of the best shopping places in Al Khor that offers you a global experience. There are the best luxury brands offering quality material and every trending fashion accessory to suit your fashion statement.

Q5. Are there any dining restaurants in the Simaisma resort?

Simaisma offers scrumptious alternatives to fulfill each of the palates presented at the restaurants, taking care of your cuisine preferences. Food alternatives are available to fit every mood or occasion. This is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the aroma and delectable gastronomic experience, with options ranging from fine dining to poolside dinners and a unique in-room dining experience. Awatar Restaurant, Infinity Restaurant, and Mokha Lunge are the top eateries present there.

Q6. What activities are there to try at Simaisma Beach in Qatar?

Simaisima beach offers the best coastal experience to tourists. This place is great to relax and admire the beauty of the bay. If you want to add more fun, try Jet skis and boat trips. You can swim in the shallow waters and spot the Queenfish, needlefish, halfbeaks, and bass. The beach is enhanced by shattered vegetation of Mangroves and a little hill that creates a curvature in the terrain, making the landscape magnificent.

Q7. What are the best accommodations available at the Simaisma Beach Resort in Qatar?

Simaisma has listed the top 4 best villas that will offer premium comfort and leisure. The villas are not just spacious but include every facility and service to this place perfect for your family stay. These are well equipped with every quality amenity and exquisite furnishing, which offer a perfect ambiance and enough space to ensure privacy and comfort. The best villas are:

  • AL Jiwan Villas
  • AL Durra Villas
  • AL Jumana Villa
  • Al Dana Villas
Q8. How can I reach Simaisma Beach in Qatar?

Simaisma Beach is located at an approximate distance of 40 km from Doha. Being a quiet secluded place, there are not many public means to commute to the beach. There are cabs available from the city that would take around 30 min to reach.

Q9. Is Simaisma A Murwab Resort in Al Khor, a family resort?

The Simaisma A Murwab Resort in Al Khor is the best family resort where you can plan a staycation and delve into the luxurious and enthralling experience. There is a pool, spa, beach, playing area, and more, which makes it the best family report.

Q10. What facilities are there are Simaisma resort, Al Khor, for kids?

The Simaisma resort in Al Khor has kids' playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, and a kids pool where you can let your child play and enjoy the vacation.