Qatar is always up for rendering exclusive and unique experiences to the visitors as well as the residents. The country boasts its affluence and rich history with the culture and traditions represented by the people and historical icons here. Zulal wellness resort is one such entity that is an ideal amalgamation of traditional and modern processes that work-integrated towards physical, mental and emotional well-being. Zulal Wellness Resort is spread across 280,000 square meters that work on the philosophy of Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine (TAIM). Let's dig deeper to know more about the wellness center and the facilities that are being rendered to the guests.

Zulal Wellness Resort: The Background

The Architectural Features Of Zulal Wellness Resort Qatar
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Established by Chiba Som, Zulal Wellness Resort is a haven that concocts Islamic and traditional Arabic medical science with an approach that contributes significantly to the holistic health and philosophy of wellbeing. Located in the north of Qatar Zulal Wellness Resort is a wellness center that renders two encounters that stand entwining yet distinct. With two resorts 'serenity' and 'discover' are two wellness resources that manifest a quality lifestyle, and health practices that aim of motivating the guests for a positive and sustainable lifestyle change. If you are seeking rejuvenation, you can head directly here.  The two resorts that are incorporated by Zulal are:

  1. Zulal Serenity

2. Zulal Discovery

Zulal Serenity: The Luxury resort

Treatment At The Resort For Everyone
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Dedicated exclusively to guests beyond 16 years of age, Zulal Serenity caters to adults with their serene and secluded space. If you are travelling solo in Qatar and looking for fun things to do in Qatar that would calm you down at the same time then you should definitely check out Zulal serenity. It's not a place that would lead your path of reset but also functions as an escape with a generous scope of contemplating lifestyle changes. Let's check out the facilities offered by Zulal serenity resort Qatar.

1. Facilities at Zulal serenity resort

Dishes At Zulal Wellness Resort
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Indeed, there are many places to go in Qatar to meet your every requirement, big or small, but how about getting everything right in a few steps without having to use Google maps! Well, not just lavish accommodation, but the spa, studios, restaurants, swimming pool and soothing private areas, you will find everything in a blink. Connect with nature and let beauty and tranquility penetrate your soul.

2. The wellness center at Zulal Serenity

The Finest Features Offered With Traditional Qatari Hospitality
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If you are looking for relaxation there are many spas in Qatar but, here in The Serenity Men's & Ladies Wellness Centre you will delve into holistic wellbeing. It is a place designed to please all the senses, and render sensory, psychological and emotional pleasure along with maintaining bodily equilibrium with the aid of 64 treatment rooms and wide-ranging hydrothermal sessions.

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3. Fitness at Zulal Serenity Qatar

Fitness at Zulal serenity Qatar

Zulal spa offers group and private studios for health programs such as Yoga, Pilates, and Gym along with giving access to kinesis fitness equipment. The highly advanced fitness machines not only make the workout session appealing but also highly efficient. People tend to compromise with their workout regimes while they are on their vacation but not with Zulal Wellness Resort Qatar,you don't have to worry about it.

4. Swimming Pools at Zulal

Swimming Pools at Zulal

This part of this place is really going to excite you. With multiple services, you get to soak in various pools from outdoor to private. If you are a little hesitant then you must know that separate pools of man and woman. Searching for decent pools in Qatar? How about this happening place where you get the opportunity to experience Watsu, a massage performed while you are floating in the water. There is one man-made lagoon as well that comes under the discovery resort of Zulal.

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5. Luxury Dining in Zulal

Luxury Dining in Zulal

When we talk about holistic well-being, we give equivalent importance but Wholesome food with high nutritive value. With all-day servings, Al Sidr Restaurant or other eating and drinking places throughout the resort, where you can hop in at any moment.

6. Rooms & Suites At Zulal Serenity

Rooms & Suites At Zulal Serenity
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Serenity offers 60 rooms and suites highlighting sophistication and elegance. The cool color palette, clean lines, and calming views of sand, sea, and lagoon beautifully support your time of connection with yourself and retreat from the world. Choose from these deluxe rooms and suites.

  • Serenity Grand Deluxe Room
  • Serenity Junior Suite
  • Shinan Suite
  • Qataf Suite

7. Zulal Serenity Cuisine

Zulal Serenity Cuisine

Zulal passionately serves wholesome eating traditions and menus that enhance sustenance with longevity and quality living. Get ready to discover a gastronomic ride in fresh produce combining nutritional excellence with flavors. Guests in Serenity can enjoy their own exclusive all-day dining restaurant.

  • Al-Sidr restaurant: Relish global cuisines for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, always mindful of the 'Zulal philosophy for a balanced diet based on fresh produce
  • Acacia Dining: Acacia is a fine dining destination, by our chef Oscar Fernandez, who interprets international and Arabian cuisine while being deeply rooted in Qatari culinary heritage.
  • Eshar Ballroom and Wadina Room: Ballroom that accommodates up to 180 seated and up to 200 standing guests and can host a conference, corporate, or gala event in multi-functional Adjoining.
  • Circle Of Trust: Connect with nature and enjoy a campfire with healthy BBQ before your eyes. Relish a customized menu, live cooking, and sunset views, the experience is magical.
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Zulal Discovery: Family Wellness Centre

Zulal Discovery: Family Wellness Centre
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Zulal discovery takes the guests into the philosophy of Family wellness along with believing the fact that individual wellness is directly associated with building Beauty and meaningful relationships. The one question that would have arisen in your mind is, how would this function! So just imagine yourself partaking in family recreational activities and practices. Zulal Discovery Qatar follows Zulal if you have never been to Qatar and wish to plan a trip soon, then it is highly recommended for you to stay at Zulal and live a dream-like experience. Here are the facilities that you can find at luxurious spas and resort centers.

1. Facilities at Zulal Discover

'Zulal wellness philosophy for meaningful family connection' is one thing that was kept in mind while creating the facilities. It is an ideal place for family outings that renders outdoor activities and learning experiences for individuals. The resort resonates with the fact that every Indian is important in a family and individual health sums up the healthy life of a family and also, directly impacts the health of each member of it.

2. Hydrothermal

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Have you heard about the wet heat facilities?  Ho will get to find the combination of state-of-the-art technology. You can come and enjoy sauna and steam sessions for maintenance of equilibrium between psychological and physical wellbeing.

3. Physical health and Fitness

Physical health and Fitness
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With separate male and female gyms, discovering resorts give equal importance and chances to women as well. There are numerous health programs that you can take up ranging from. Yoga, power yoga, pilates, gym, Zumba aerobics and whatnot! There are movement activities and ample space to execute the recreation activities.

4. Luxury Pool in Discovery Resort Zulal

Luxury Pool in Discovery Resort Zulal

As well as our separate indoor plunge pools for men and women, we have an ozone-treated outdoor swimming pool. Guests also enjoy our unique, man-made lagoon that runs through Zulal Discovery.

5. Inhouse Restaurant Zulal Discovery Resort

Inhouse Restaurant Zulal Discovery Resort
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You will find a great range of cuisines and food in Qatar, but Zulal serves the best whole dine food rich in high nutrition levels. The food prepared here is wholesome and served with the aim of sustaining an energetic lifestyle. The all-day dining Aixoon restaurant Qatar, is the best place to hog on some wholesome dishes or reach out to the multiple kiosks that have many eating and drinking services, so you can directly reach out to these places.

6. Rooms and Suites at Zulal discovery

Rooms and Suites at Zulal discovery

The rooms and suites are designed for families with a perfect combination of interiors blended with traditional Qatari village motifs, showcasing clean lines, and natural textures. There are about 120 rooms that are situated between the resort's desert, sea, and lagoon, with views of nature from every window. Here are the options that you can choose from Zulal Wellness resort accommodation Qatar.

  • Discovery Executive Suite
  • Discovery Junior Suite
  • Discovery Deluxe Sea View Rooms
  • Discovery Deluxe Lagoon View Rooms
  • Discovery Superior Rooms

7. Zulal Discovery Wellness Cuisine

Zulal Discovery Wellness Cuisine

Diet plays an extremely crucial role in a wholesome and healthy life. The locally sourced fresh fruits and vegetables, authentic flavors and the culinary skill that goes in, make every serving worthwhile. A perfect blend of taste and nutrition, in all the Arabic and international cuisine are custom made especially for children's menus. A guaranteed culinary journey is guaranteed no matter what you choose: fine dining, beachside cafe, family restaurant, get ready for a plunge of flavors and health.

  • Aizoon: Famed for healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, incorporating their signature Arabic and international dishes. The restaurant not only caters to adults but the food is appealing to the taste buds of children as well.
  • Malbu: The modern beach club offers a world-class menu serving fresh fruit mocktails, and a Mediterranean menu. It has an open-air grilling station from where you can watch the chef preparing the special day menu and build your own salad from the bar while enjoying views of the Arabian Gulf.
  • Casaurina: The lagoon-side café is a perfect place for a daytime
  • snack or dairy and gluten-free pastry or ice cream, prepared with natural homemade sugar. You can also try their fresh smoothies, juice, coffee, and herbal teas.
  • Acacia dining: An ideal fine-dining destination, pioneered by chef Oscar Fernandez, reinterpreting international and Arabian cuisine, while being deeply rooted in Qatari culinary heritage.
  • Esher Ballroom and Wadina Room: Multi-functional ballroom for conferences, corporate, or gala events that can host 180 seated and up to 200 standing guests. Adjoining Wadina is a luxurious and private meeting room for up to 14 people.
  • Circle Of Trust: Delve into the nature around and enjoy a campfire while our chefs prepare a healthy BBQ right in front of the guests. Take a different experience with live cooking, customized menu and sunset while spending some best moments with family.
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How to Reach Zulal Resort and Spa

The resort is located at a distance of 1.5 hours away from Hamad international airport and from the city center it is around 1 hour. You can hire a cab and take public transport to reach the resort.  No matter if you are with family or alone, you can definitely go and rejuvenate yourself in the Zulal Wellness Resort

Zulal welcomes the Welcome to the gentle shores of the Arabian Gulf, where we invite you to embrace lifestyle change and discover a meaningful connection with yourselves, your friends, your families, and the surrounding nature, which is core to the transformative experience we hope you will enjoy while staying here with us.  Zulal Wellness resort enjoys an exclusive coastal spot overlooking the Arabian Gulf. If you have yet not visited the country then you must book your Qatar Travel Package soon without much ado.


Q1. Where is Zulal Wellness Resort located in Qatar?

Zulal Wellness Resort is located in Building No. 100, street 319, Zone 79 P.O Box 70034, Al Ruwais.

Q2. What is the purpose behind staying at the resort in Qatar?

The idea behind staying at the resort is to digital detox, which is disconnect oneself from all their electronic devices and a chance to connect with nature and of course themselves. Guests are motivated to disconnect and reconnect with themselves and families, enjoy nature, take part in all kinds of physical and mental activities. The aim is to ensure guests have a positive and happy experience.

Q3. What is the design at the resort like?

The design at the resort was inspired by the water element infused with the use of majestic lagoons and oases, making it the main attraction. The exteriors of the place are shades of the beautiful desert of Qatar, designed to resemble sand dunes close to the walk paths engraved with the Sidra tree leaves and windows carved with the Mashreabiye pattern. The interiors are a breathtaking implementation of the landscapes.

Q4. What are the rooms like at the Zulal Wellness Resort Qatar?

The resort rooms and living spaces flaunt a stunning earth tone with accented blue hues and traditional wood, offering a touch of traditional arrangements influenced by the naqsh pattern. So, when thinking of taking a break from your mundane city life, think of the wellness resort.

Q5. How far is Doha from Zulal Wellness Resort?

It is about a 110 kms from Doha, which takes about 1 hour 20 minutes to reach. The resort is a fine place to spend time reconnecting with oneself, away from the city life.

Q6. Is Zulal resort for both men and women?

Yes, people of all ages, both men and women can stay at the resort, as it has something for everyone. It is one of the nicest resorts people should visit at least once while on vacation.

Q7. What does the meaning of Zulal in Arabic?

In Arabic, the word Zulal means pure natural water, which boasts of the natural therapeutic properties of the desert water. It offers a soul satisfying experience to all the guests using indigenous ingredients inspired by the Islamic wellness principles.

Q8. How many rooms does the resort offer?

The wellness resort is divided into two parts, which include a family wellness resort which has over 120 guestrooms and suites that cater to the needs of all the guests. The other resort includes 60 villas and suites that welcome all kinds of travelers, like groups, individuals and couples.