Are you a party person who likes to tap their feet to the sound of music all night long? If you are, then we have just the thing for you. The nightlife in Lebanon is diverse, as there is something for everyone. Right from the classic Lebanese watering holes to the modern cocktail bars and pubs, people will have the ideal time of their lives.

People should expose themselves to pickled carrots with a bottle of Almaza, enjoy the stunning view of the skyline and let the shisha smoke fill their lungs. So, why don’t you come be a part of the cultural vibes of the Lebanon night scene?

Nightlife in Lebanon: Coming Alive With Music and Energy

Live music along with energy pouring into the neighborhoods and streets mixing with modern celebrations, the city’s winding nooks and crannies come alive at night. To make the night memorable, people can explore some of the casual bars, urban lounges and trendy clubs in Beirut Waterfront, Hamra, Mar Mikhael, Gemmayze, Achrafieh and Badaro.

Lebanon has it all in store for you, right from looking for a chilled-out night to a chic or lively atmosphere. Joie de Vivre will overwhelm the senses and ensure you have the best time of your life.

  • The Ballroom Blitz
  • A Walk along the Corniche
  • Pierre and Friends
  • The Old Souks of Byblos
  • Music hall
  • Spine Beirut
  • AHM
  • Frolic

1. Tap Your Feet To Live Music At Ballroom Blitz

Tap Your Feet To Live Music At Ballroom Blitz
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Lebanon nightlife is taking you to enjoy live gigs, DJ sets and workshops at Ballroom Blitz. The night comes alive with live music, which makes the club more transformative and diverse. The club is known to attract people with their local and international talent that keep the house full over the weekend.

The culture at the club has a new edge that is being discovered by the city’s colorful population of clubland revelers. Doesn’t it sound like a club you would want to go to with your friends? It is one of the coolest places to hang out over the weekend. So, when are you making plans with your friends to go?

Location: Red Square Center،، Karantina, Dora، Sea Side Rd, Beirut, Lebanon

Timings: Friday- Saturday: 10 pm- 7 am, Monday- Thursday: closed

2. A Walk Along The Corniche

A Walk Along The Corniche

Walking along the corniche at night offers the ideal view of how people live their lives, right from the elderly to the teenagers. Eat some nuts, corn and ka’ik handbag shape circular bread along with Arabic coffee whilst you enjoy walking along the corniche. Tourists can enjoy watching the sunset from Beirut's horizon and learn about the Nargileh culture of smoking hookah.

It is the best nightlife in Lebanon, people will remember for a long time. One of the other things people can explore at night is the pigeon rocks, one of the natural features in Beirut. Wouldn’t it be one of the most interesting things to do?

Location: WF3H+4XF, On the Mediterranean coast, Beirut, Lebanon

Timings: 24 hours

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3. Feast On Fine Cuisine At Pierre and Friends

Feast On Fine Cuisine At Pierre and Friends
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The unusual restaurant and pub in Lebanon, Pierre and Friends has a cave downstairs found behind a hidden entrance. With a wooden bar, Arabic couches, wooden deco and the perfect view of the beaches of the region, Pierre and Friends is one of the best places for nightlife in Lebanon. You tuck into the finest cuisine by enjoying the view.

A refuge and a meeting point for windsurfers has always been the restaurant as it offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere. People can give their taste buds a treat to some of the finest fresh fish, mezze and fondues. The best part? People can spend a rainy afternoon tucking into chocolate fondue, watching surfers ride the waves.

Location: Batroun، Lebanon

Timings: 12 pm- 2:30 am

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4. Shop Your Heart Out At The Old Souk of Byblos

Shop Your Heart Out AtThe Old Souk of Byblos

Built during the Ottoman reign, the old souk of Byblos is said to be a hotspot for tourists. The market is home to several inns, shops and horse stables. Tourists can spend money buying all kinds of souvenirs, local crafts and various merchandise. The old souk is one of the best places to visit in Lebanon as there are several bars and cafes found sitting along the walk, waiting for people.

With its bars, the old souk does offer the ideal nightlife in Lebanon. It is not like any other place people have often visited and so, when are you making plans to go? It is one of the many places people should put on their bucket list.

Location: 4JCW+MPG, Byblos, Lebanon

Timings: 24 hours

5. Dine Away At Music Hall

Dine Away At Music Hall
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The cabaret-style venue, Music Hall is found sitting on Omar Daouk Street, in the Starco centre. Was once upon a time an old cinema and has now been made into one of the best nightclubs in Lebanon. It is a one-of-a-kind destination known for its live music. Decorated with red plush and velvet, the hall flaunts its large, curtained stage area and a cabaret style setting with table seating and booths.

People can even enjoy a drink and tuck it into several kinds of dishes. It is one of the best places to visit in Beirut when it comes to having the best time of your life. What are you waiting for? Start making plans with your friends.

Location:  Beirut, Lebanon

Timings: Tuesday- Friday: 8:30 am- 6:30 pm, Monday, Saturday- Sunday: Closed

6. Upbeat Music At Spine Beirut

Upbeat Music At Spine Beirut
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With fusion cuisine and exotic cocktails, people are offered an unparalleled experience at the Spine Beirut. People can enjoy a static dinner setup with upbeat music and interactive lighting. One of the many things to do in Lebanon is to enjoy an elegant dinner and the stunning twilight hues at sundown.

The bar was set up in the middle of the space with elevated lounges to enable interaction and aim at an optimal interplay. With so much fun and entertainment, Spine Beirut is the place to be.  So, when are you making plans? Go ahead and have the best time of your life.

Location: 12th floor, G1 (Rodeo Drive) Building Naccache Seaside Road, Lebanon

Timings: 9 pm – 3 am

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7. Dance Away All Night At AHM

Dance Away All Night At AHM
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Have you ever been to a waterfront club in Lebanon? Well, if you haven’t, then this your first? The summer-only waterfront club, AHM, is quite popular amongst guests who like spin soul and pop music. It is worth experiencing the feeling of a Mediterranean breeze evaporating the sweat after dancing all night. People should enjoy the young Lebanon nightlife at AHM.

So, what are you waiting for? The night is still young, put on those dancing shoes and tap those feet to the sound of music. Have the best time of your life.

Location: WG44+GPR Bloc Market Waterfront, Beirut, Lebanon


Thursday- Saturday: 9:30 pm- 4 am

Sunday- Wednesday: closed

8. Melting Pot With A Chilled Out Atmosphere At Frolic

Melting Pot With A Chilled Out Atmosphere At Frolic
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A fine representation of the cultural waves, Frolic is found sitting at the heart of Byblos. The whole year round, Frolic keeps its doors open to entertain people as it is a melting pot with a chilled atmosphere. People can enjoy having a cocktail with fine cuisine. The historical charm and beauty of Byblos are preserved in the interiors of the place.

The glory of ancient Phoenicians is seen in the furniture, bar, floors and walls of Frolic. So, when it comes to making a list of the things to do in Lebanon, ensure the pub is on your list. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and have the best time of your life.

Location: Old souk, Byblos, Lebanon

Timings: 10 am- 3 am

Lebanon nightlife is not like any other tourists have often experienced in any other city or country. Lebanon comes to life with the sound of people laughing, eating and merry making. It is a sight every tourist should see, at least once. Right from going to a club or even a restaurant, Lebanon has something for everyone. It is one of the most breathtaking places that should be on everyone’s list of places to explore. What are you waiting for?


Q1. Is Lebanon a party place?

Yes, Lebanon happens to be one of the best places to party all night long. It does have a happening nightlife people can’t resist.

Q2. How many days can one spend in Lebanon?

People can spend at least 7-8 days in Lebanon exploring each corner of the place and enjoying the nightlife.

Q3. What is the best time to visit Lebanon?

March- May is the best the time to visit Lebanon as the weather is pleasant. It is coveted with the most stunning flora and fauna, waiting to be explored.

Q4. Which are some of the places to explore at night in Lebanon?

The Ballroom Blitz, A Walk along the Corniche, Pierre and Friends, the Old Souks of Byblos, Music Hall, Spine Beirut, AHM and Frolic are some of the places to visit at night in Lebanon.

Q5. What is Lebanon known for?

Lebanon is known for its ancient Roman ruins, well-preserved castles, limestone caves, historic churches and mosques, beautiful beaches, world-renowned Lebanese cuisine, nonstop nightlife and discothèques and mountainous ski resorts.

Q6. Where is Spine Beirut found?

Spine Beirut is found sitting on the 12th floor, G1 (Rodeo Drive) Building Naccache Seaside Road, Lebanon.

Q7. Is it safe to visit Lebanon?

Yes, Lebanon is one of the most stunning places to visit for its Roman ruins, well-preserved castles, limestone caves, historic churches and mosques and beaches.

Q8. What makes Frolic a special place to visit?

Found nestled at the heart of Byblos, it is representation of the cultural waves. It is said to be a melting pot of entertainment and fun. It is worth a visit while on holiday in Lebanon.