Cappadocia is a region in Turkey with bizarre whirling volcanic-rock landscapes that appear to have been crafted by naughty elves. However, it is the result of wind and water gradually eroding the rock. The towns carved into the hillsides, the Byzantine-era rock-cut churches with stunning paintings, and the labyrinthine subterranean tunnels where early Christians once sheltered from attackers are the finest tourist attractions in Cappadocia. When it comes to nightlife in Cappadocia, the restaurants and wine houses where Turkish evenings are hosted draw the most interest. There are over 20 of these sites in and around Urgup, Goreme, and Avanos. Apart from local tourists, overseas visitors have become more interested in this type of entertainment.

Nightlife in Cappadocia: Enjoy the Spectacular and Enchanting Nights

Nightlife in Cappadocia: Enjoy the Spectacular and Enchanting Nights

Many Cappadocia restaurants have a night filled with elements of Turkish culture in order to attract tourists. There is entertainment, accompanied by local dishes, where one sits at a table, eats roast lamb, drinks raki and turnip, dances with belly dancers, and dresses in local attire. nightlife in Cappadocia often begins at 8 PM and concludes at 1 AM. Traditional dances such as Zeybek, Horon, and Halay, which reflect different regions of Turkey, are performed, as well as henna evenings. Groups from France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, as well as visitors from around the world, draw an increasing number of events around the year. The Cappadocia nightlife is something not to be missed because this city never sleeps! Here are 8 cafes and bars, you should check out to experience the best that this city has to offer.

  • Fat Boys
  • Angel Cafe Bistro Bar
  • Cafe Safak
  • La Vita Cafe Pub
  • One Way Café
  • Efendi Wine House
  • Uranos Sarıkaya
  • AsImIn Yeri

1. Fat Boys

Fat Boys
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This restaurant cum bar is a knockout and welcoming place to spend the best evening in the city. The generously portioned Turkish classics are the highlight of the menu, but there are also fascinating vegetarian alternatives and pub fare selections including burgers, Aussie-style pies, and fajitas. After your lunch, there are several reasons to stay, including an outside table terrace and a cafe section selling espresso-based coffee, a well-stocked bar, and nargile (water pipe) options for making your nightlife in Cappadocia, Turkey memorable. During the warmer months, you can dine on cushions outdoors, but during the colder months, you must sit in the darker bar-like confines facing the large screen TV, the bar, or the pool table.

Location: Turgut Özal Meydanı, Belediye Cd. No:38, 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir, Turkey

Timings: Everyday- 9 AM to 12 AM

2. Angel Cafe Bistro Bar

Angel Cafe Bistro Bar
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Angel Café & Bistro is a popular hangout for young people in Urgup's core among the list of Cappadocia nightclubs. After nightfall, the café comes to life on its own. However, if you want to have the best of it and want to escape the midnight mob, visit this location in the early evening. The cafe cus bar also has one of the greatest Turkish live music performances in town, which will just relax you and transport you to another world. With its crimson décor, big bar, pleasant staff, and superb music and service, it is one of the most popular places to visit in Cappadocia to drink beverages.

Location: İmran, Cumhuriyet Meydanı Belediye Pasajı No:4-5, İstiklal Cd. No:10, 50400 Ürgüp/Nevşehir, Turkey

Timings: Everyday- 9 AM to 3 AM

3. Cafe Safak

Cafe Safak
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For coffee enthusiasts around the world, this is without a doubt Göreme's greatest cafeteria and caffeine fix also known as Cafe Dawn. This café is highly recognized for its Latte, Meatballs, nutritious lentil soup, and daily specials; so, why not give them a try? They also make Gözleme and delicious sandwiches, mainly savory pancakes, including a Choco-banana combination, and picnic packs for hikers heading into the picturesque valleys of Cappadocia for their adventure activities in Cappadocia. The cafe is run by Ali and the home-style cooking is all prepared by his mother so it gives the feeling of a home away from home to the tourists.

Location: Müze Cd. No:28, 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir, Turkey

Timings: Everyday- 7 AM to 11 PM

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4. La Vita Cafe Pub

La Vita Cafe Pub

This is a low-key and extremely pleasant Urgup pub with friendly staff to keep your spirits high, a nice soundtrack, and occasionally organizes live musical evenings for its distinguished customers. The environment is lively and pleasant, the wines are delicious, and the pricing is really reasonable. Travelers and tourists return to this pub just for the fireplace and hot wine. This is one of the best night places in Cappadocia because the atmosphere of this pub helps one feel at ease. Time to spend your night in the region by chilling out with your friends, having some drinks, and grooving to the tunes of the amazing Turkish Music.

Location: Yeni Cami Mah. İstiklal Cad. No: 22 Ürgüp, Nevşehir

Timings: 10 AM to 12 AM

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5. One Way Café

One Way Café

One Way Cafe is really a cozy spot with very pleasant staff and chefs. They offer delicious Turkish cuisine and play some of the greatest Turkish music around. It's a treat to eat well-prepared menudo, dumplings, and fried fish. This is among the best places to visit in Turkey to explore delicious beer, wine, or Kir in Cappadocia. When visiting this location, one should surely sample the great latte. This is one of the few venues in town that offer meals as well as booze and has live Turkish music performances by a variety of local performers. There is an impressive wine collection here. The friendly ambiance of this location makes guests feel calm and at ease. This cafe's courteous staff exhibit a high degree of quality.

Location: Belediye Cd., 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir, Turkey

Timings: Everyday- 10 AM to 1 AM

6. Efendi Wine House/ Efendi Sarap Evi

Efendi Wine House/ Efendi Sarap Evi
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They are Turkey's environment’s creative geniuses, showcasing the Efendi Wine house. From the minute one arrives it leaves one dumbfounded by its distinctive exhibition of wines displayed in illuminated niches around the cave. The Efendi Wine House, as its name suggests, is a must-see for wine enthusiasts visiting Cappadocia. Come here for a glass of your favorite Turk wine in a luxurious setting. In the exquisite wine tasting room, sample wonderful local wines made from Cappadocian grapes. Their fruit wine is also well-known. Pair it with an unusual cheese and a variety of local dried fruits. It is without a doubt among the greatest locations to experience Cappadocia's nightlife in Turkey.

Location: Musaefendi, Tevfik Fikret Cd. No:12, 50400 Ürgüp/Nevşehir, Turkey

Timings: Everyday- 10 AM to 10 PM

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7. Uranos Sarıkaya

Uranos Sarıkaya
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The major draw of this restaurant and club is how unusual it is—it is located in an underground cave. This restaurant has a historically inspired setting, and the cuisine is also presented very well. This location is entirely made of stoneware and has the greatest Cappadocia nightlife experiences for people. It is designed like a star. The purest and finest Turkish cuisine is available here. You can rely on Uranos & Sarikaya for well-cooked Laing, Turkey, and kebabs. If you are on your honeymoon in Turkey, explore this place in the evening with your beloved for the best nights in Cappadocia. In the evenings, one can enjoy this beautiful club with delectable wines or fine beers and live Turkish music. You will definitely appreciate the pretty ambiance and lovely decor and pleasant staff.

Location: akbel mevkii ikinci taş köprü karşısı, Gülşehir Cd., 50500 Avanos/Nevşehir, Turkey

Timings: Everyday- 8:30 PM to 12 AM

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8. AsImIn Yeri

AsImIn Yeri
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This location is incredibly affordable in terms of cuisine, entertainment, and price. This is the ideal location for dining, drinking, live music, and partying while discovering places for wild things to do in Cappadocia at night. The live Turkish music performances set the scene for the evening, and the cuisine provided is almost as good as eating in heaven. Known as the Dionysus' wine tavern and the ideal location for live Turkish music with the finest pop dance music library, they have one of the best discos around. While the Alaturka Fasıl Hall Live Music team continues with loud violin, clarinet, baglama, darbuka, and drums intermittently as a group, you can accompany yourself with your talents while you have a melody night with Turkish Music.

Location: Esbelli, Dolay-1 Sk. No:24, 50400 Ürgüp/Nevşehir, Turkey

Timings: Everyday- 6 PM to 3 AM

Other Night Activities to Indulge in Cappadocia

Cappadocia, a fascinating country, is loaded with wonderful beauty for spending a lovely time. The fantastic places to visit in Cappadocia will help you savor the best time in Turkey, with historical wonders, stunning architecture, picturesque natural landscapes, and a jaw-dropping heavenly aura. Here are some other things to do in this wonderful region for a fantastic nightlife experience apart from the nightclubs and pubs:

1. Nights Lighted up by Dervish Performances

Nights Lighted up by Dervish Performances

Turkish culture and beliefs are represented through Dervish performances, which are a feature of Cappadocia Turkish nights and symbolize a spiritual journey. The event is frequently held every evening in Cappadocia and is based on the teachings of Mevlana. It contains seven portions, each of which has a distinct meaning. Turkish evenings' whirling dervish performance lasts around an hour and takes place in gardens, hotel terraces, and areas carved out of rocks. Making a reservation in advance is helpful for the whirling dervish performances that draw in international visitors. The soothing and comforting sound of ney will take you on a spiritual trip.

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2. Exploring the Cappadocian Wineries

Exploring the Cappadocian Wineries

Viniculture and winemaking are the first things that spring to mind when someone mentions Cappadocia. The native Emir grapes used to make white wines have a reputation for excellence that transcends the nation. It gained fame when Doluca produced Nevşah wine for the first time in the early 1980s. Wineries in Cappadocia are among the tourist hotspots. The wine house visits will provide you the chance to sample a selection of wines in all hues and flavors.

Learning about the lava spewed by three significant volcanoes, including Erciyes Mountain, Hasan Mountain, and Melendiz Mountain, created Tuffy soils that guaranteed the development of healthy grapes, as well as the eradication of vine aphids, is among the most interesting things to do in Turkey. Additionally, these things were preserved in a cool manner thanks to the dwelling chambers made possible by the rock carvings.

3. A Fascinating Experience of Full Moon Walk In Cappadocia

A Fascinating Experience of Full Moon Walk In Cappadocia

It is not even sincere for those who have picked their route to Cappadocia to gather memories that they won't soon forget. Cappadocia, in the center of Turkey, continues to be a very popular tourist destination because of its natural beauty that has been preserved over thousands of years on ancient stones and rocks. This feature makes Cappadocia unique around the world. It is necessary to notice how the moon's bright face appears in nature in Cappadocia. People who wish to experience brand-new things and explore the valleys in the area from an entirely fresh perspective are drawn to the full moon walks hosted in Cappadocia since 2015.

You might not find a more romantic and glamorous setting to explore the wonders of Cappadocia than when the full moon welcomes the country with all of its splendor in the sky! On days when the moon is fully lighted, you may take walking excursions around the valleys in the area and enjoy an inner trip while going along your path. With the magnificence of the column cathedral and the planned performances, you may immortalize the striking sights you will see along the walking route.

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4. Turkish Night Show in Cappadocia

Night Show in Cappadocia

Would you want to enjoy Cappadocia's nighttime festivities? Discover more about Turkish culture, take in Turkish folklore, and take part in dance performances and plays at the subterranean restaurant. With a Turkish night entertainment, you may enjoy plays and dances, learn about the culture, and eat delicious food all at once. One of the finest ways to enjoy your evening or night in Cappadocia is to partake in Turkish night. The activity to choose if you want to have fun is this one. The Turkish Night Show features thrilling belly dancers as well as traditional costumes to emphasize the varied dance customs of Turkey. This entertaining show is a terrific opportunity to take in the traditional Turkish music and dance and get in on the fun.

Visiting these mind-blowing locations is one of the greatest ways to get a taste of Nightlife in Cappadocia. This city is a place where the evenings are chilly and the nightclubs are warm, with pleasant staff and a well-stocked bar. Relish the delicious Turkish cuisine in one of the best restaurants and lattes in known cafes for an energetic moment while traveling to this beautiful place. Avail yourself of the best Turkey tour package and visit these amazing places as soon as possible to explore the bustling nightlife with live music and wine tasting experience.


Q1. When is it best to visit Cappadocia?

Other than the hot and dry months of July and August, the ideal time to explore Cappadocia. The weather isn't cooperating right now. So, for a stress-free vacation, schedule a vacation outside of these two months.

Q2. Where is Cappadocia's primary international airport?

Kayseri Erkilet Airport is one of Cappadocia's primary international airports, linking the region to the rest of the globe. It is one of Turkey's busiest airports.

Q3: How many days are good to plan a tour to Cappadocia, Turkey?

A total of three days is plenty to enjoy Cappadocia's breathtaking magnificence for a fantastic holiday experience. See the man-made and natural wonders for thrilling joy and education and enjoy the wineries and restaurants for amazing wine-tasting sessions and Turkish cuisines.

Q4. Is it worth visiting Cappadocia?

Cappadocia is a fantastic holiday destination, adorned with a fascinating allure of natural beauty, historic treasures, magnificent scenery, marketplaces, and traditional eateries.

Q5. What are some Turkey travel tips?

Here are some fantastic Turkey travel suggestions for a stress-free trip.

  • Honor the rich culture and customs.
  • Don't overlook adventurous activities.
  • Take your passport with you on public transportation.
  • Maintain hydration.
  • Take your sunglasses and sunscreen with you.
Q6. What can you do in Cappadocia at night?

Because Cappadocia has so many clubs and restaurants, you can always go out at night and securely shake a leg or eat with your loved ones. Following that, a leisurely stroll and an ice cream stop is the ideal way to round off an otherwise eventful evening.

Q7. Is there nice nightlife in Cappadocia?

Cappadocia has outstanding nightlife and promises an incredible night with great music, busy clubs, and the perfect location to dance your heart out till the early hours of the morning.

Q8. Where is the best nightlife in Cappadocia?

The most exciting nightlife in Cappadocia is located in several areas, one of which is Goreme. Other locations with incredible nightlife include Avanos, Urgup, and Nevşehir, which all have a wide variety of bars and eateries.