Turkey, located on the Asian-European border, is a repository of Islamic Middle Eastern influence as well as Christian European West influence. Some of the very famous kinds of stuff that one can buy from Turkey are Turkish delights, handmade rugs, Turkish mosaic lamps, antiques, Turkish spices, etc. Whereas Cappadocia lies in the south-central of Turkey and is most famous for it’s unique landscape and natural rock chimneys also known as fairy chimneys. Just like the country, one can buy all of them and souverains like ceramics, and truffles while shopping in Cappadocia including the special wine of Uchisar town.

Shopping in Cappadocia: Top 8 Places to Buy Souvenir

Shopping in Cappadocia

The semi-arid and desolate area of Cappadocia in the nation of Turkey is a peculiar traveler's paradise. A fantastic location for sightseeing and shopping is made up of conical rock formations, Bronze Age houses, Ihlara Canyon, and other features. The region's most well-known goods are its wine and pottery; however, it is a little-known fact that Cappadocia is also a major producer of truffles! There are many products available for guests to take home from small handcraft shops, vineyards, cafés, and theatres. If you're unsure what to look for, and where to look for when souvenir shopping in Cappadocia, this blog will tell you everything Cappadocia is famous for.

  • Avanos and Goreme: For the Best Ceramics
  • Avanos: Handmade and Carved Pottery
  • Nevşehir Merkez: Colorful Woven Carpets and Rugs
  • Goreme: Turkish Mosaic Lamps
  • Uchisar Castle: The Famous Evil Eye
  • Urgup and Uchisar: Cappadocian Wine
  • Nevsehir: Dry fruits, Spices, and Seeds
  • Urgup: Sweet Turkish Delight

1. Avanos and Goreme: For the Best Ceramics

Avanos and Goreme
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Ceramics are omnipresent in Turkey but the ceramics found and made in Cappadocia have their own significance and uniqueness, especially from Avanos and Goreme. It is always a mesmerizing experience to visit these gorgeous ceramic stores in Avanos. Another thing in this category is dark ceramics, consider checking them in dark, and you will be amazed. Exploring the stores and admiring these dark ceramics is the best thing to do in Cappadocia. They are made up of phosphorus and when you switch off the lights the intricate designs start glowing in the entire room. Add these ceramics to your list of top buying things in Cappadocia.

2. Avanos: Handmade and Carved Pottery


Potteries are another famous item made and sold in Avanos town of Cappadocia. Instead of buying the potteries from any retail store in the city, it would be suggested to go to Avanos where the craftsmen carve these artistic items with their bare hands. These items are found at every single stop in this place, so do not worry if you miss one stop as you can find it at another. It's a beautiful experience watching the craftsmen shape the clay from the scratch and paint it beautifully once it dries up. Apart from buying them, don’t miss clicking pictures around these potteries.

3. Nevşehir Merkez: Colorful Woven Carpets and Rugs

Nevşehir Merkez

Turkey is also famous for it’s carpets and rugs just like Egypt. The Carpet stores in Goreme are the better choice to explore because the town is less crowded, with limitless options and most important the sellers are generally English speaking as they depend hugely on tourism. The rugs and carpets sold in Cappadocia are very colorful and beautifully designed and woven. You can go for many prints and varieties of thicknesses and sizes of carpets. In case you think it is hard to carry a carpet or rug along with you after buying, don’t worry as they offer to ship these articles to your country.

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4. Goreme: Turkish Mosaic Lamps


Another thing more fascinating than the hot air balloon ride in Turkey is the Mosaic Lamps. They are so colorful and vibrant that an ordinary place would look extraordinary if decorated with these pieces. They are ideal for foyers, cellars, living rooms, and dining rooms. The ambient light they create is so soothing that it helps in relaxing and resting. The variety of reflections these colorful mosaic lamps make after turning them on is incredible. Apart from Istanbul itself, one can buy the most incredible mosaic lamps in Goreme. These beautiful lamps can be the best gift from Cappadocia anyone can buy for someone special.

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5. Uchisar Castle: The Famous Evil Eye

Uchisar Castle

These are eye-shaped amulets, believed to work as the savior from any curse or bad vibes, or bad luck. When you first arrive in Turkey and start looking about, you will discover the "Nazar Boncugu," or Evil Eye, all over the place. They are hung from rearview mirrors, worn as jewelry, affixed on the exterior of dwellings or at entryways, and even weaved into the collar of a prize sheep. Evil eye or Nazar as it is known around the country is a must-buy thing when you are shopping for souverains in Cappadocia. It is believed that Nazar should be gifted by someone so you can buy it as a gift for your loved ones.

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6. Urgup and Uchisar: Cappadocian Wine

 Urgup and Uchisar: Cappadocian Wine

Cappadocia is ideal for cultivating fruitful grapes due to the igneous makeup of its rocky landscape. As a result, it has been a center of wine production for generations. Cappadocia boasts of having 5 local wineries, each of them having different tastes and variety. The two biggest among them are Turasan, based in Ürgüp, and Kocabağ, in Uçhisar. The other smaller wineries are Kapadokya and Şenol that produce their product in Mustafapaşa. You can find the wines of these wineries in many restaurants in Turkey. The "Emir" grape is very valuable in the production of boutique wines and grows particularly well in the Ürgüp region. Wine, due to its exceptional quality, is perhaps the region's second-largest contributor to the economy after tourism.

7. Nevsehir: Dry fruits, Spices, and Seeds

Nevsehir - Dry fruits, Spices, and Seeds

If you are looking for local items especially dry fruits in Cappadocia while traveling to this part of Turkey, raisins, fruit leather, and the pekmez that people use for breakfast can be your good options. Nevsehir is one of the most famous apricot producers in Turkey. Raisins is such a favorite dry fruit that people add it even in meat, and mince. Many products are available in markets and shops around the area. Not only this but, Nevsehir is Turkey’s pumpkin seed capital. A good quantity can be purchased relatively cheaply. Seeds are widely available across the area, so look out for them when food shopping in Cappadocia markets.

8. Urgup: Sweet Turkish Delight

Urgup: Sweet Turkish Delight

Turkish delight, dried or candied fruit, or dry nuts are traditional Turkish specialties that make an excellent gift or treat for yourself. This sweet is also known as lokum in Turkish, is one of the oldest types of candy, having originated in Istanbul under the Ottoman empire. Its popularity quickly extended throughout Europe, becoming a delicacy and trendy gift among the upper classes. Traditionally, Turkish delight is flavored with rose or lemon, but nowadays you may buy it with pistachio nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, coconut, dried fruits, and so on. On the center plaza of Ürgüp, there are multiple stores selling this Turkish delight in Cappadocia.

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Places Famous for Buying Things in Cappadocia

Places Famous for Buying Things in Cappadocia

Here are the exact places that you must visit for purchasing Cappadocia’s top buying things.

Uchisar Castle: You can go for things like magnets, wall hangings, evil eye, ceramics, bells, key chains, Cappadocian stoner lamps, and other cute things.

Nevsehir: One can explore buying products like magnets, wall hangings, evil eye, ceramics, bells, key chains, Cappadocian stoner lamps, and other cute things. You will also find here Turkish delight, dry fruits, spices, and seeds.

Ugrup market: One can buy magnets, wall hangings, evil eye, ceramics, bells, key chains, Cappadocian stoner lamps, and other some of dry fruits at affordable prices.

Avanos: Go for buying pottery and ceramics, dark ceramics.

Deverent valley:  Magnets, wall hangings, evil eye, ceramics, bells, key chains, Cappadocian stoner lamps are the most sold items here.

Pasabag (Fairy Chimney Valley): Go for amazing range of magnets, wall hangings, evil eye, ceramics, bells, key chains, Cappadocian stoner lamps, and much. (You can click your pictures in their stores or you may let them click your pictures)

Kaymakli Underground City: Amazing place to buy magnets, wall hangings, evil eye, ceramics, bells, key chains, Cappadocian stone lamps, carpets, rugs, bath accessories, culinary sets, mugs and cups, and saucers.

Market Days in Cappadocia

Market Days in Cappadocia

In Cappadocia, the market at different places opens and stays active on different days.

Saturdays: Ürgüp

Sundays and Mondays: Nevşehir

Wednesdays: Göreme

Fridays: Avanos

You don't need to explore any further now that you have this list of 8 shopping possibilities for your trip to Cappadocia. The places mentioned above are the perfect shopping destination for a tourist looking for local products. A broad assortment of items, goods, and materials for all your purchasing needs are mentioned here to save you time while traveling the place. So, pack your belongings and prepare to explore in luxury. Take an opportunity to travel with your companion to Turkey and enjoy shopping in Cappadocia. Avail yourself of the best Turkey tour package to explore these destinations for the best shopping experience.


Q1. What are the souverains one can buy from Cappadocia?

Cappadocia is best known for its pottery tradition, especially in the town of Avanos. You can see many pottery and ceramic shops and handicraft shops.

Q2. What are the famous wineries in Cappadocia?

The top wineries in Cappadocia making world-class wine in the city are as below;

  • Turasan in Ürgüp
  • Kocabağ, in Uçhisar
  • Kapadokya in Mustafapaşa
  • Şenol in Mustafapaşa
Q3. Where can one go for best the dark ceramics?

One can buy the best dark ceramic from Avanos and Goreme in Cappadocia. These dark ceramics are made with phosphorus and when the light is turned off, it reflects the intricated designs start glowing and lightens the entire room.

Q4. What are the best gift items one can buy from Cappadocia?

One can buy many things as gifts from Cappadocia including ornaments made from pottery, candle holders, jugs, and stews. While the most thoughtful gift can be the evil eye or Nazar that one can gift to someone.

Q5. What Cappadocia known for?

Cappadocia is known for its unique rock formations and amazing hot-air ballooning experiences. The underground city of Derinkuyu is another attraction this city is carrying.

Q6. What is the best time for visiting Cappadocia?

The best time to visit Cappadocia is between spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November). Though the weather is moderate during this time but it is not the peak season.

Q7. What are the travel tips for Turkey?

Here are some amazing travel tips for Turkey for a hassle-free experience.

  • Respect the rich culture and traditions
  • Don’t miss adventure activities
  • Carry your passport on public transport
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Carry your sunglasses and sunscreen
Q8. What is the main international airport in Cappadocia?

Kayseri Erkilet Airport is one of the main international airports in Cappadocia connecting the place to the world. It is one of the busiest airports in Turkey.