Turkey is a fascinating country full of bustling cities, beautiful beaches, mountains, and much more. There are several ideal places here that reflect the rich culture and history of the country. But do you have heard about the famous cruise in Turkey? Turkey has become a major destination for several cruise companies. One can explore the cultural and natural scenic beauty of the country while cruising. There are various traditional cruise destinations with several spectacular views of the valleys and beautiful pools.

Cruise in Turkey: Get a Soothing Experience while Exploring the Sea

Cruise in Turkey: Get a Soothing Experience while Exploring the Sea

If you want to explore Turkey’s turquoise coast on a small ship cruise to access smaller ports, reefs, beaches, and coves then you must try a cruise in Turkey. Also, this will help you to captivate the dazzling buildings making your journey unforgettable. It gives you plenty of time to experience the highlights of this gorgeous region of the world. These thrilling shore excursions will help you to visit any number of islands throughout the Mediterranean. Hence, below we have listed some of the famous cruises of the country:

  • Southern Cyclades
  • Aegean Reflections
  • Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise
  • Blue Cruise around Bodrum bays
  • Greek Islands Cruise from Izmir
  • Cruise from Kusadasi
  • Istanbul Sunset Cruise
  • Green Canyon Cruise

1. Southern Cyclades Cruise

Southern Cyclades Cruise

Discover the island cultures, ancient treasures, and breathtaking beaches of the Southern Cyclades through cruising. Here the Mediterranean Sea offering clear waters, excellent scenery, and thousands of islands will give you a mesmerizing experience. Also, you can explore here the beautiful island of Rhodes with its rich and varied history. There are several private cruise in Turkey offering exceptionally brilliant trips around the Southern Cyclades giving a fantastic view with a memorable experience.

Top Attractions: Excellent scenery, the beautiful island of Rhodes and thousands of islands

2. Aegean Reflections

Aegean Reflections

The Aegean adventure aboard the Emerald Azzura starts from beautiful Athens and then takes you to the fascinating Greek island of Ermoupolis. This cruise will also give the experience of Volos built near the ancient lolcos, situated at the foot of Mount Pelion. Moreover, you can enjoy the gorgeous Istanbul cruise tour which is full of beautiful mosques with amazing architecture. It's an awesome destination famous for plenty of things. Get the best of serenity of the beautiful beaches, unique local food, and wineries here.

Top Attractions: Emerald Azzura, beautiful Athens, Greek Island of Ermoupolis and gorgeous Istanbul

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3. Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise

Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise

The Bosphorus cruise with amazing and unforgettable tours with boats and luxury Yachts is one of the best things to do in Turkey. One can enjoy this mesmerizing experience with your family and friends. Bosphorus with all the sights along its length gives you an opportunity to explore the marvelous Princes Islands. You will get amazed by this Old city full of significant monuments. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations with an abundance of historical sightseeing spots.

Top Attractions: Marvelous Princes Island, glance over Istanbul’s beautiful attractions

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4. Blue Cruise around Bodrum Bays


Discover the beautiful blue waters of Bodrum Bay sailing along the coasts of the Bodrum Peninsula. This place is known for its beautiful views of the Taurus Mountains and several other amazing spots. You can also relax on the secluded beaches and soak up the beauty of the relaxing boat cruise around Bodrum Bay. It's one of the best places to visit in Turkey giving you a heavenly experience. Also, the most glamorous spot and is a gateway for nearby beach towns and resorts.

Top Attractions: Beautiful views of Taurus mountains, blue water of Bodrum Bay

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5. Greek Islands Cruise from Izmir

Greek Islands Cruise from Izmir

Explore the coastal city on the Gulf of Izmir between the Dardanelles and the Cesme Peninsula with long history of winning over explorers. Also, if you are planning for a honeymoon in Turkey then the Gulf of Izmir is the place you must visit and discover the islands of Lesbos and Chios giving you an exotic experience. Izmir’s historical houses with amazing architecture are the place where you can have a fascinating glimpse of this classic place.

Top Attractions: Gulf of Izmir and islands of Lesbos and Chios

6. Cruise from Kusadasi

Cruise from Kusadasi

If you are planning a cruise to Turkey, Istanbul then you should also experience the cruise from Kusadasi. Kusadasi is 379 km away from Istanbul with several breathtaking views, exciting sites, and amazing food. This place is also famous for its modern beach resorts along with the traditional bazaars and is a popular tourist destination in Turkey. Variety of attractions like Ephesus, the Mediterranean’s best-preserved classical city and the beautiful Pamucak beach makes this place a must visit.

Top Attractions: Modern beach resorts, traditional bazaars, Ephesus and Pamucak

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7. Istanbul Sunset Cruise

Istanbul Sunset Cruise

A perfect Istanbul Sunset cruise tour with friends and family offers you a chance to experience the beauty of Istanbul. It’s a beautiful way to discover Istanbul providing unmatched views of Istanbul’s landmarks while sunset. This is a relaxing experience with amazing views of evening sunset and night views. Istanbul, with its beauty at different times of the day is unique and worthless. So, leave all the worries behind and get ready to watch the sunset.

Top Attractions: Unmatched views of Istanbul landmarks while sunset

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8. Green Canyon Cruise

Green Canyon Cruise

Enjoy and relax on a tour of the aquamarine water of the Green Canyon. This is the place with scenic dam lake in Turkey’s Manavgat region, steep-sided canyons along with its peaceful shores. It's an amazing experience and as beautiful as a boat cruise in Istanbul. Here you can admire the lake and forest sceneries, sunbathe on deck, keep watch for wildlife and explore several waterside restaurants. So, get ready for the breathtaking Green Canyon and swim in the sparkling green water.

Top Attractions: Aquamarin water of Green Canyon and scenic dam lake in Turkey’s Manavgat region

Discover the unique contrasts of Turkey through these amazing cruise experiences. This will be an unforgettable journey with breathtaking ocean views. Also, cruising is thrilling, adventurous, and fun-filled with lots of serene views. With this, you can explore multiple destinations for a memorable holiday. Hence, avail yourself of the best Turkey tour packages to explore the breathtaking sceneries, intricate architecture, fascinating history, beautiful beaches, mountains, shopping, excellent food, and much more. This is an attractive destination with rich cultural background and its historical location making it a complete paradise.


Q1. What are some of the famous cruises in Turkey?

There are several famous cruises in Turkey famous for natural scenic beauty. Below is the list of some of those cruises of the country:

  • Southern Cyclades
  • Aegean Reflections
  • Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise
  • Blue Cruise around Bodrum bays
  • Greek Islands Cruise from Izmir
Q2. What are the top attractions of Southern Cyclades Cruise?

The top attractions of the Southern Cyclades Cruise are excellent scenery, the beautiful island of Rhodes, and thousands of islands. Here you can also discover the breathtaking beaches with several mesmerizing experience.

Q3. What is Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise known for in Turkey?

The Bosphorus cruise in Turkey is known for an amazing and unforgettable tour with boats and luxury yachts. This gives a mesmerizing experience that you can have with your family and friends.

Q4. What is the best time to visit Turkey?

The best time to visit Turkey is April, May, September, and October. During these months it is pleasantly warmed with temperatures of 20-to-30-degree Celsius. This is the best time to perform the outdoor activities.

Q5. How many days are enough to explore Turkey?

One can explore Turkey within 10 to 14 days as it’s a huge country with several famous cities, beaches, and historical attractions. It’s a land of wonder and needs enough time to be explored.

Q6. What are the top attractions of Cruise from Kusadasi?

The attractions of Cruise from Kusadasi are Modern beach resorts, traditional bazaars, Ephesus and Pamucak. There are several breathtaking views, exciting sites in Kusadasi that you can explore with your loved ones.

Q7. Why is Turkey so popular?

Turkey is known for its varied landscapes that include mountains and woodlands. Also, the historical locations and rich cultural background makes this place a very attractive tourist destination.

Q8. What is the favorite cuisine of Turkey?

Baklava is the most famous cuisine of Turkey and is the most iconic Turkish dish that anyone with sweet tooth must try. This layered pastry is filled with nuts and covered in syrup and ground pistachios.