One of the most unique Oriental- themed restaurant, tucked away into the colorful Ashrafieh area of Monot, Em Sherif Restaurant Qatar offers the best dining experience. The founder of the restaurant, Em Sherif has taken it upon herself to supervise the food and ensure her guests get a taste of the finest foods cooked with the best quality products.

The menu is filled with a range of fine cuisines that is served at lunch and dinner, in a fancy setting. Some of the finest cuisines offered at the restaurant people should give themselves a taste to is French, Italian and Lebanese wine and champagne.

History Behind Em Sherif Restaurant

Em Sherif Restaurant
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Every restaurant has a story to tell, which is narrated through its history. It is always fascinating to know how and why the restaurant was established. The same fascinating history has also led to the inauguration of Em Sherif Restaurant. Let's see how this Restaurant was established.

The passion for cooking, commitment to the restaurant, and keeping clients happy, are one of the many things Mireille Hayek or Em Sherif is known for. It was her love of traditional food that gave her the idea for this restaurant. A special touch is given to some of the Arabic recipes, which in turn makes the food relishing and leaves a memorable taste in one’s mouth. Passion, talent, and perseverance are something she represents, which is why she has been the owner of one of the leading restaurants in the Middle East.

It was only after she got married that her passion for cooking began. As this restaurant was a massive success, the opening of Yasmina, (named after her daughter) her second restaurant was inaugurated too in 2009. In 2011, after reflecting on the best quality of service and culinary arts in both these restaurants, she presented her crown jewel, which was named after her son. Finally, in 2016, the establishment of Em Sherif Café in Doha came out as a fine Lebanese café, offering Lebanese and international cuisine.

History has a lot to say about the Em Sherif restaurant in Doha, Qatar, and the service has set a benchmark in creating history with its finest menu.

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It is said that most people live to eat and are always looking for something new to try. Have you tried some of the elegant cuisines at the restaurant? If you haven’t yet then you are in for a treat. Em Sherif Restaurant in Qatar offers people to enjoy elegance and grace. People are introduced to some of the finest seasonal delicacies, traditional plates and original creations. Some of the dishes on the Em Sherif Menu Qatar, served for during the day and for dinner include:

  • Manakish Zaatar
  • Manakish Lahme
  • Fattouch
  • Tabbouleh
  • Sahen Khodra
  • Kabis Mehchi
  • Arnabit Mekli
  • Salatit Malfouf
  • Hommos
  • Horrak Osbao
  • Seasonal fruits

Opening Hours Of The Restaurant

The restaurant is open from Mon-Sun from:

12.30pm - 4pm (Lunch)

7.30pm - 12.00am (Dinner)

People can visit the restaurant during these hours and feast on some of the finest cuisines served. They can even listen to the live band play some of the most soulful music. It is one of the must places to go in Qatar.

Events At Em Sherif Restaurant

Events At Em Sherif Restaurant
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Have you ever been to a restaurant in the Middle East that offers you live music? Guests are entertained with a nightly live band, which is the basic aim of the restaurant. For those who want to enjoy Tarab and traditional Oriental music, the restaurant is the ideal place for it. The music offers a sense of magical euphoria which people enjoy and look forward to when visiting the restaurant.

People can have corporate lunches, family dinners, gathering at lunches and romantic dinners at Em Sherif Restaurant, Doha. These are some of the events guests can enjoy when visiting the restaurant while eating a wholesome meal. What more can people want when it comes to enjoy live music and the finest cuisine?

Awards Won By The Em Sherif Restaurant

Awards Won By The Restaurant
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Among the many restaurants in Qatar, Em Sherif restaurant Qatar and other franchises have won several awards which include the FACT dining awards 2021 and the best Lebanese restaurant in the country, and more. With all these awards under their belt, Em Sherif celebrated the big win. Here are some top awards the restaurant has managed to grab.

  • Certificate of excellence on Trip Advisor 2014
  • Proud member of Lebanese Franchise Association since 2013
  • The Diners Club World's 50 Best Restaurants Academy
  • Lebanese Academy of Gastronomy award

Mr. Ali Mahfouz commented on the victory, “This is indeed an award we are proud to receive. Being selected as the Best Lebanese Restaurant in Qatar is truly a compliment to Em Sherif. We are well aware that we were judged on three distinct criteria; Food, which covers Presentation, Menu Composition, Taste and Value for Money, followed by the class and quality of Service and finally the Ambience of the restaurant. Clearly, the award confirms that Em Sherif has excelled in all these areas. And we are thrilled by that.”

Group General Manager for ABA Hospitality Mr. Bassel Salim Ammar said, based on the restaurants achievements, “The management and staff of Em Sherif Restaurant would like to pay tribute to the many guests and friends who have shown such great support of our establishment through a very difficult period. We would also like to thank the team at FACT Qatar for giving us all something to smile about.”

The awards are not just defining the excellence of food in EmSherif Restaurant in Qatar and other parts, but also the quality service and comfort one experiences. From embracing its excellent décor to enjoying the refining taste, one can have a really good experience, worth every money and time.

Qatar has some of the finest restaurants that offer the best cuisines and a fine-dining experience to people.  Em Sherif Restaurant, Qatar is one of the best restaurants that is dedicated to offering people the best quality food and services. This Middle Eastern restaurant has brought back the traditional Arabic flavors in its cuisine. The ambiance and hospitality of the place make it a perfect dining spot in the country. With such exquisite flavors in the food, people should take the time out and visit the restaurant.


Q1. What is Em Sherif Restaurant in Qatar?

One of the most unique Oriental- themed restaurant, tucked away into the colorful Ashrafieh area of Monot.

Q2. Where is Em Sherif Restaurant located in Qatar?

Em Sherif Restaurant is located at Sheraton Grand Doha Resort، PB No. 75، Doha, Qatar.

Q3. Which are some of the dishes served at Em Sherif Restaurant Qatar?

Some of the dishes served at Em Sherif Restaurant Qatar include Manakish Zaatar, Manakish Lahme, Fattouch, Tabbouleh, Sahen Khodra, Kabis Mehchi, Arnabit Mekli, Salatit Malfouf, Hommos, Horrak Osbao and Seasonal fruits.

Q4. What are the timings of Em Sherif Restaurant?

Mon-Sun: 12.30pm - 4pm (Lunch) and 7.30pm - 12.00am (Dinner) are the timings of the restaurant.

Q5. What is the cuisine Em Sherif Restaurant Qatar known for?

French, Italian and Lebanese are some of the cuisines people can give their taste buds too. The flavors of the food will melt in one's mouth and will ensure they come back for more.

Q6. What kinds of music people can enjoy at the restaurant?

Guests are entertained with a nightly live band that plays Tarab and traditional Oriental music.

Q7. When was Em Sherif Café in Qatar established?

Finally in 2016, Em Sherif Café in Qatar a fine Lebanese café, offering Lebanese and international cuisine, was established.

Q8. What are some of the awards won by Em Sherig Restaurant Qatar?

Em Sherif restaurant has won several awards which include FACT dining awards 2021 and the best Lebanese restaurant in the country, it has won many times.