Easair Café Qatar is a hidden gem that offers a distinct Qatari hospitality, found in sitting in a labyrinth of markets and restaurants in Souq Waqif. Their motto- a café with a Qatari taste” is true to their name as people are offered a warm Qatari welcome midst of a busy market.

It takes effort and research to ensure people have fun as Qatar is one of the many middle eastern places that doesn’t celebrate Christmas or New Year. Easair takes pride in offering people home-cooked Qatari food in a comfortable setting. So, when are you visiting the café to tuck into the finest cuisine?

Easair Café Doha: Food Served in Style

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People who have visited the café have tucked into Machboos, a staple dish in the middle east. This is a dish that been served in various styles in every Qatari household. Furthermore, the Machboos Dajaj with rice and roasted chicken and Biryani Rebyan are some of the dishes that are served as the main course.

For those who haven’t been there yet, should try the traditional Shakshuka which is eggs with tomatoes and onion with special spices and Kuboos. People often had cheese chappati and hot Karak. The food is served in unique and traditional dinner wares, something that people will probably only get to see at Easair Café Doha.

Easair Cafe Menu: The Taste Of Middle Eastern Cuisines

Easair Cafe Menu

Middle eastern food is one of the finest delicacies people from around the world have often dreamt of tucking into. Most people have often planned their vacations to Qatar just for the food. It is true, even though it may sound a little weird to the ears. So, if you haven’t been yet and are wondering what they serve, then let’s look at their menu.

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1. Starters: The Yummiest Of All The Foods

Starters are the yummiest of all the foods served at any restaurant or café. People often look forward to munching on all the appetizers before getting to the main course. Some of the starters people can eat include:

  • Mix Samosa
  • French Fries
  • Zaatar Labna
  • Falafel
  • Potato and Tomato Fry
  • Balaleet
  • Sago
  • Lgymat
  • Nekhi
  • Bajela
  • Khanfroosh

2. Main Course: Tucking Into Mouthwatering Food

The food in Qatar is heavenly, one of the many things people often crave for and constantly find excuses to tuck into. So, when it comes to the café, let’s look at some of the cuisines offered in their main course.

  • Harees
  • Chicken Madhrooba
  • Aseeda
  • Khabees
  • Shinyali
  • Easair Baksam

3. Desserts: Transported Into Heaven Within Seconds

Desserts are a must after every meal as no meal is complete without it. So, this café in Doha offers people some of the finest desserts like:

  • E'aqailli
  • Sticky Date Pudding
  • Ra'hash cake
  • Chocolate cake
  • Saffron Milk Cake
  • Mahlabiya
  • Creama

4. Drinks: To Make Those Taste Buds Happy

A drink is always a must when it comes to visiting this café in Qatar. So, some of the drinks people should tuck into include:

  • Lemonade
  • Orange
  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Lime with Mint
  • Carrot
  • Milk shakes and cocktails
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Easair Café Qatar: Additional Information

Easair Café Qatar
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Easair Café Qatar is one of the best places to visit in Qatar for its food. So, plan a visit with your friends and family soon.

Address: 5JC6+45G, Al Wakrah, Qatar


Sunday- Thursday: 8 am- 11:30 pm

Friday: 2 pm- 12 am

Easair Café Qatar is one of the nicest places to go to when it comes to tucking into desserts and beverages. The food is not something people should miss out on as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. So, the next you are craving for something different, think of the café.

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Q1. What is the best time to visit Qatar?

October and end of April is the best time to visit Qatar as the weather is pleasant. People can go eat the Easair café while on vacation.

Q2. Where is the Easair Café located?

5JC6+45G, Al Wakrah, Qatar is where the café is found nestled. It is the one place that is known for its desserts and appetizers.

Q3. How many days can one spend in Qatar?

People can spend at least a week in Qatar exploring a range of attractions found in every corner of the country.

Q4. What are some of the dishes served as the main course at the café?

Some of the dishes served as the main course in the café include harees, chicken madhrooba, aseeda , khabees, shinyali and easair baksam.

Q5. What are some of the starters served at the restaurant?

Mix Samosa, French Fries, Zaatar Labna, Falafel, Potato and Tomato Fry, Balaleet and Sago are some of the starters served at the restaurant.

Q6. Are people allowed to take food home if they are not keen on eating at the café?

Yes, people are allowed to take food home if they are not keen on eating at the café.

Q7. What are the timings of the Easair café Qatar?

Sunday- Thursday: 8 am- 11:30 pm and Friday: 2 pm- 12 am are the timings of the café. People should visit the café at least once and have an amazing time.

Q8. Is it safe to visit Qatar?

Yes, Qatar is one of the safest places to explore at least once a year. It is known for its rich culture, heritage and attractions.