Al Shaqab Qatar ensures the retention of cultural legacy and appreciation of the Arabian horse breed through its equine discipline and programs. It has set very high standards in horse welfare, breeding equine education and research, while creating and implementing assets and human capital towards ensuring a self- sustainable entity.  It represents a very unique equine concept. There is so much to learn and explore in Qatar, which people on vacation should not miss.  

The History Of Al Shaqab With The Horse Breed

The History Of Al Shaqab With The Horse Breed
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In 1992, Al Shaqab Qatar was established by his highness the father Emir, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khaifa Al Thani, with the aim of preserving the heritage of the Arabian horse and to preserve its breed.

Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Al Thani, the father Emir, located the Arabian breeding farm at the Al Shaqab battle site, where the Bedouins found for the country’s independence. Since it was developed into a multi-dimensional equestrian center, the place not only breeds horses but educates young kids about the art and value of horsemanship and trains the riders and horses for endurance races.

Its success relies on the three robust pillars that pillars are: education, excellence and heritage. Given its contribution, it is one of the major members of Qatar foundation in 2004, that offers a chance to participate in a range of cultural and equestrian activities. It is envisioned to be the best equestrian center. Al Shaqab Qatari is known for unique agricultural design made in the shape of horseshoe and also known as equestrian destination in Qatar.

The Idea Behind Al Shaqab Qatar

The Idea Behind Al Shaqab Qatar
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The vision behind establishing Shaqab Qatar was to aim at preserving the Arabian horse breed, not only in the Middle East but around the world. The horses at this place have several awards at the international Arabian horse shows, out of which it has won 7 world champion stallion trophies at Salon Dul Cheval in Paris. The philosophy behind the place to produce and preserve the horses that are stunning, athletic with great moral and kindness. They have to be strong enough to carry riders for long distances, just like they did in the past.  International Arabian horses, combining all Arabian bloodlines; Straight Egyptian Arabians, as defined by The Pyramid Society; and the traditional Qatari bloodlines of the past are the three categories the breeding program is divided into.

The basic foundations of the program are the several world champion stallions spread over 3 generations which include Gazal Al Shaqab; Marwan Al Shaqab; Al Adeed Al Shaqab; Kahil Al Shaqab; Hariry Al Shaqab; Fadi Al Shaqab; and Wadee Al Shaqab.

Marwan Al Shaqab and his father Gazal Al Shaqab  were in charge of the international Arabian section while Al Adeed Al Shaqab was known as the finest Egyptian on the planet.  Besides exploring this place, people can spend a day on the beaches in Qatar.

Al Shaqab Qatar Foundation

Al Shaqab Qatar Foundation
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The private, nonprofit organization, Al Shaqab Qatar foundation supports the country on its transition from carbon economy to knowledge economy by unleashing human potential, offering home- grown solutions beneficial for the world. The foundation is taken care off by her highness Sheikha Moza Bint Masser.

Its mission taken care off through the three pillars of education, science, research and community development. To help create an education sector for people to develop their attitudes and skills needed for a knowledge economy, the foundation’s education pillar brings all the best universities to Qatar. Qatar’s creativity and technology capacity is built by creating and commercializing solutions through key sciences. The community development pillar natures a progressive society while improving the cultural life, sustaining the country’s heritage and addressing social needs in the community.

Nestled in a breathtaking 980,000 sqaure metre horseshoe shaped design, the place has several architectural elements. It was designed to honor the classic beauty, treasured and versatile skills of the horse. One of the main attractions is the central water feature along with the green areas and landmark main arena, that offer a welcoming atmosphere for both human and equine visitors. It is one of the many places to visit in Doha.

Shaqab Doha Education

One of the key factors of the Shaqab Doha Education is the riding academy. The aim of the education department is to educate and market horsemanship as a part of the country’s equestrian heritage in line with the aim of the place to be the best.

There are 3 kinds of Riding:

  • - Riding Academy Program for children 6-18 years old
  • - Adult Group Classes.
  • - Adult Private Classes

The riding academy has set an ambitious education curriculum for the year 2021-22. The detailed curriculum will teach students to be professional riders and to train them to take part in the local and international competitions.

The curriculum is divided into 4 parts, which include:

1. Newcomer Level,  

2. Beginner Levels 1 & 2,

3. Intermediate Levels 1,2 & 3,  

4. Advance Levels 1 & 2.

Newcomer level

This is level for those who have never ridden a horse before in their lives. The curriculum trains students to start their horse- riding journey and learn the basic techniques of riding along with mounting and dismounting the horse, lunge line lessons and much more. One of the most important techniques is to be able to balance and position oneself on the horse. It allows the students to develop their own self- confidence in handling a horse. It is a 1-month course, which is one of the many things to do in Qatar.

Beginner Level (1 and 2)

A student’s mental and physical abilities are developed to help increase their leg, seat and rein command skills.  Detailed knowledge of how to handle the horse which include half halt, walk and trop in a group are some of the thing's students learn in great detail along with how to balance their posture while riding the horse.  The course will be completed in about 8-12 months.

Intermediate Levels (1,2 and 3)

This course was crafted to offer higher education related to showjumping and dressage. Students will be taught to focus on disciplining themselves on showjumping and dressage. As students take on various levels, each training session will become tougher.  1-2 years is the estimated time taken to complete the level.

Advanced Levels (1 and 2)

Students will be taught to a higher level of showjumping or dressage. They are prepared to ensure they continue learning even after the completion of the program at Al Shaqab Doha and complete in various competitions. The time taken to complete the course is 3-4 years.

Theory and Stable Management Lessons

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Each level at the academy program has classes based on theory and practical stable management to enhance a student’s knowledge and horsemanship skills.

Al Shaqab Tours

Al Shaqab tours offers locals and international guests a guided visit of Shaqab Doha- the best facility that is known to breed pure bred Arabian horses, teach kids the art of horsemanship and host local and international competitions. The tour is not like any other that will allow you to enjoy a close interaction with the horses. Al Shaqab is one of the places to travel in Qatar.

Kinds Of Tours

  • VIP Tour for local and foreign dignitaries,
  • Cruise Tour for passengers from cruise ships in collaboration with the local Destination Management Company/Tour Operators, School Tour for students
  • Tour for media and overseas travel agents in co-ordination with Qatar National Tourism Council and tourism companies
  • Standard Tour for local residents and visitors on personal basis
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How To Get To Al Shaqab Qatar

How To Get To Al Shaqab Qatar
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The main airport in Qatar is Hamad international airport, which about 30 minutes away from Al Shaqab Qatar. One can hire a taxi or cab can get to their final destination. Tourists can even travel by metro and reach Al Shaqab Qatar.

Al Shaqab Qatar is one of the most popular attractions in the middle east. It is worth a visit as one will learn about all the breathtaking creatures that narrate a story of the country’s history and tradition. You can arrange of a family tour and watch the animals swim, play and get groomed.


Q1. Who is the owner of Al Shaqab Qatar?

Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani joined Al Shaqab Qatar which was established in 1992.

Q2. Who is Marwan Al Shaqab?

Marwan Al Shaqab is a famous Arabian horse in the world known for its speed, power and endurance.

Q3. Why is the Arabian horse the best?

The Arabian horse is known for its dense, strong bones and good hoof walls. They are recognized for their endurance and superiority.

Q4. Are the Arabian horses friendly?

The horses are fiery eyed horses calm and friendly.

Q5. Is it worth visiting Al Shaqab Qatar?

Yes, it is a once in a life time experience while on vacation in Qatar.

Q6. What kind of riding does the academy offer?

The kind of riding the academy offers several kinds for people to choose from which include:

  • - Riding Academy Program for children 6-18 years old
  • - Adult Group Classes.
  • - Adult Private Classes
Q7. When can people visit Qatar just for the horses?

People can visit the Middle Eastern country between December- February just for the horses as the weather is pleasant.

Q8. When was Al Shaqab Qatar established?

Al Shaqab Qatar was established in 1992.