Istanbul is a shopping paradise for people who enjoy shopping. Whether you are looking for traditional ideas or modern lifestyles, you will find them here in Istanbul. Shopping in Istanbul is the most entertaining thing to do as you will come across the most intriguing art and craft in the place. Istanbul offers every kind of shopping option to travelers, no matter whether they prefer traditional or modern products. Many shopping centers in the city attract travelers with different brands and some old antique souvenirs.

Top Things To Buy From The Famous Shopping Places in Istanbul

  1. Gold and Silver jewelry– Grand Bazaar
  2. Turkish Handicrafts Fashion Accessories- Arasta Bazaar
  3. Hammam And Body Care Essentials- Grand Bazaar
  4. Turkish Lamps And Intricate Metal Work Accessories- Cukurcuma
  5. Ceramic Décor Items- Istiklal Caddesi
  6. Aromatic Spices and Herbs- Spice Market
  7. Tea and Coffee- Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi
  8. Decorative Home Essentials- TahtakaleCaddesi

From traditional to modern products, from fancy designer brand names to local homemade art crafts, from exquisite jewelry stores to cheap bazaars, Istanbul is a city that offers a wide variety of shopping. So, no matter what type of souvenirs for your friends you are looking for, Istanbul will be the best place for shopping with a unique history and culture. Here is a list of the best things to do in Istanbul.

1. Gold and Silver Jewelry

Gold and Silver Jewelry

Turkish Ornaments like Gold and Silver with their authentic Arabian design are a must-buy thing in Istanbul. The ornaments not only make a perfect set of souvenirs you can buy for your family or friends back at home, but the unique and contemporary look makes them perfect for all. There are many showrooms and markets in Istanbul where you can find the most exquisite piece of jewel, not only in gold or silver but in many other materials to suit your style and essence. If you are looking for something authentic and enticing, do explore the local markets where every piece of jewelry has a traditional art in its design.

Where to Buy Jewelry in Istanbul?

Without any doubt, the Grand Bazaar is the best place for buying ornaments. This is the most famous place for shopping in Istanbul, where you will have endless options to choose from. The Grand Bazaar is an open-air market in Istanbul, Turkey, that has existed for nearly six centuries. It’s a place where you can browse through countless stalls and shops selling textiles, precious stones, spices, and souvenirs. The Grand Bazaar is also home to some of Istanbul's best restaurants and cafés.

2. Turkish Handicrafts Fashion Accessories

Turkish Handicrafts Fashion Accessories

Istanbul, being the capital, is one of the best places for shopping in Turkey, especially when it comes to handicrafts and art materials. From handmade home decors to jewelry boxes and other accessories, you can find the best handicraft material at every shopping market in Istanbul. Look out for handwoven crafts and other traditional dresses which can add more to your wardrobe style. There will be many colors and patterns available which can go with every outfit. As you stroll the market you will find the best paintings and wall hangings to style up your home. The vibrant colors and antique design will surely light up your home ambiance.

Where to Buy Handicrafts in Istanbul?

Arasta Bazaar is located in the heart of Old Istanbul, just behind the Blue Mosque. This market is one of the oldest shopping places in Istanbul and has become a hub for shoppers. The laid-back beauty and not-so-crowded street make it the best place where you can enjoy window shopping. Many ceramics, pottery, spices, textiles, and carpet shops arealso available at the Arasta Bazaar that you can buy as a souvenir. You can also explore some emporiums nearby for the best collection of handicrafts.

3. Hammam And Body Care Essentials

Hammam And Body Care Essentials

For your rejuvenating Turkish experience, don't forget to purchase the best organic hammam products. We have hand-woven peshtemals, soaps, and olive oil soap bars for you to choose from. The Black Seed Soap bar is made from a blend of lavender, mandarin, lemon, and sage oils and each soap bar comes with two wooden olives that help exfoliate the skin. There are many shopping markets in Istanbul where you can buy some organic and skin-friendly materials. The Hammams are quite a prominent part of Turkish culture and people go there to rejuvenate themselves. Hamman products like Peshtemals, towels, and soaps are made from 100% organic materials, thus very useful for your skin. These products are either hand-woven or hand-made by experts.

Where to Buy Body care Essentials in Turkey?

Sure, you can find great deals on Hamman items at other markets in Istanbul. But the Grand Bazaar takes shopping to a whole new level of experience. You walk through and through a series of covered streets that feature merchants selling all types of skin-friendly and organic products. Before your Hammam shopping in Istanbul, you can get a spa experience, where you can rejuvenate and refresh your body, spirit, and mind.

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4. Turkish Lamps And Intricate Metal Work Accessories

Turkish Lamps And Intricate Metal Work Accessories

Turkish art has no end, and to add other items on your list of things to buy in Istanbul, Turkey, Lamps and Intricate Metal Work Accessories are the best. Turkish lamps are quite popular around the world, thanks to their vibrant colors and eye-catching designs. Most of the markets in the city are illuminated by these dazzling lamps and the striking metalwork art that features the best of Turkish craftsmen's skills. You can select from the wide range of colors and designs available at the market for your home or friends. Make sure you pack the lamps very carefully as they are very delicate, especially while traveling.

Where to Buy Turkish Lamps and Metalwork accessories in Turkey?

The Cukurcuma is not the oldest market in Istanbul but is famous for Turkish lamps. You can find a wide range of Egyptian, Kurdish, Persian, and Turkish handmade copper-plated "Jeweled" lamps as souvenirs from your holiday or honeymoon in Turkey. Mosaic lamps are one of the most popular products of Turkey, which can be found in other markets. You can also see a vast variety of antiques here at Cukurcuma.

5. Ceramic Decor Items

Ceramic Decor Items

Shopping is the best thing to do in Turkey, especially when you are in Istanbul. Why? Because the markets here have a wide collection of ceramics, detailed with the best colors and art of Turkey.

For centuries, pottery has been an essential part of Turkish culture and this is the reason why most of the markets in Istanbul offer the best collection of Ceramics to tourists. Their fine floral design and soothing colors make them the perfect piece of gift you can take back home. There are tiles, cups, tea sets, plates, and every dining accessory available as ceramic at many shopping places in Istanbul. So, you can be as choosey and picky as you want to get the best.

Where to Buy Ceramics in Istanbul?

Whenever it comes to art and handcrafts, the Arasta Bazaar and Istiklal Caddesi are famous markets for shopping. While Arasta bazaar was built in the 17th century and has been a hub for shoppers, the Istiklal Caddesi is open for shoppers who need the best collection of artistic accessories along with some brands to woo them. The extensive collection of ceramics, cups and glasses, ashtrays, and plates are available to shop at Istiklal Caddesi. The 19th-century architecture, cozy restaurants and cafés, and the happening vibe of Istiklal Caddesi make it the most famous place in Istanbul for shopping.

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6. Aromatic Spices and Herbs

Aromatic Spices and Herbs

In the exotic country of Turkey, you will find an array of delicious and authentic spices that melts into your taste buds. From exotic dry fruits like dates to virgin olive oil and floral teas, the country offers you a vast variety from spicy to rich savors which can be offered as souvenirs for your loved ones. Spices and Herbs are the best things you can get while shopping in Istanbul. There is nothing more Turkish than tea, and in Turkey, it could be found all around the country. Tea is a national symbol of this country and the traditional drink for Turks to have with their breakfast. If you are in Istanbul, try the most famous ‘Çayır Çorbası’ (herbal soup in English), which consists of many ingredients including dill and mint leaves, and olive oil.

Where to Buy Spices and Herbs in Istanbul?

If you are in the mood to shop for some spices and exotic fruits, the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul is one of the best places. You can shop for anything from exotic herbs, dates, oils and so more that are found in the automatic streets of the Spice market. This is one of the oldest markets in Istanbul. It was built in 1660 and you can get some traditional spices at a very affordable price. The place is full of tourists and also locals, who come to find the magic ingredient for making the food taste like heaven.

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7. Tea and Coffee Set

Tea and Coffee Set

If you are a tea or coffee lover, Istanbul is one of the best places you can visit in the Middle East to taste the finest Arabian beverage. As we all know, Turkey is the most popular coffee producer in the world, there are many merchants and local vendors who sell the best organic coffee and tea in the city. You can also find the best coffee and tea set, with the intricate Arabic art design which makes them quite appealing and a luxury addition. To make a perfect set of gifts, you can buy coffee packets with a coffee cup set while shopping in Istanbul. Make sure you go for an authentic design and buy the coffee from reputed stores like Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi.

Where to Buy Tea and Coffee in Istanbul?

To buy the best Coffee and teas in Istanbul you can make a stop at Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi or any reputable store that sells authentic Turkish coffee. But if you are looking for a coffee mug or tea set, the Kemeralti Bazaar is famous for selling traditional copper sets. This shopping place in Istanbul has been in business for 400 years. It is also the perfect place to find your favorite Turkish home decor and kitchenware items.

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8. Decorative Home Essentials

Decorative Home Essentials

Give your home a new Turkish look with the best home decor items you can buy in Istanbul. When you're looking for a souvenir, there are plenty of options to choose from the old markets or the newly opened shopping places with a vintage charm. Istanbul offers everything from spoons, rolling pins, and chopping boards handmade out of carved hardwood, to woolen beeswax candle holders. The city has something for everyone who admires art and is a big fan of miniature designs. There will be decorative cushions and covers, soft handy rugs, and other items by the local craftsmen who are selling their products as the best thing you can buy from the shopping market in Istanbul.

Where to Buy Decorative Home Essentials in Istanbul?

Take a walk down Tahtakale Caddesi for an incredibly friendly shopping experience in Istanbul. The air echoes with the sound of traders haggling over goods that have been sold here for generations. Handmade wooden kitchenware and tableware, along with cheap household products are all on show, but you can also find some excellent souvenirs in this attraction in Istanbul. Tahtakale Caddesi is best known for its cheap household products and is very popular among the locals.

Shoppers can find almost every world brand in the shopping malls and districts of Istanbul. From traditional to modern products, from fancy designer brand names to local homemade art crafts, from exquisite jewelry stores to cheap bazaars, shopping in Istanbul can be fun and challenging. The city offers a wide variety of shopping, no matter what type of souvenirs for your friends you are looking for. If this has helped you out with what to buy, where to buy and how much to spend on your shopping spree, you can avail yourself of the best Istanbul tour packages and head off to buy some exclusive art pieces from the country.


Q1. Which is the best thing to buy in Istanbul?

If you are on a shopping tour in Istanbul, here is a list of things you can buy:

  • Spices and Herbs
  • Body care essentials
  • Rugs and Carpets
  • Ceramic items
  • Tea and Coffee
Q2. Where can I shop in Istanbul?

There are many markets in Istanbul that offer some amazing souvenirs. The best places to shop in Istanbul are:

  • Grand Bazaar
  • Tahtakale Caddesi
  • Spice Bazaar
  • Arasta Bazaar
  • Istiklal Caddesi
Q3. Are there any malls in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a shopping paradise with the best markets and Malls. Or those who love shopping and entertainment, here are the top malls you can visit:

  • Mall of Istanbul
  • Istinye Park
  • Zorlu Center
  • Kanyon Istanbul
Q4. Why is Grand Bazaar so famous?

Grand Bazaar takes shopping to a whole new level of experience. You walk through and by a series of covered streets that feature over 4,000 merchants selling all types of products. If you are looking for spices, dried fruit or basketry, haberdashery, boots and slippers, gold or silver jewelry—you can find it all here at the Grand Bazaar.

Q5. What can I buy from Tahtakale Caddesi?

When it comes to souvenirs, there are plenty of cheap trinkets to choose from, but if you're looking for something more thoughtful, head for the vendors along Tahtakale Caddesi. The market is lined with shops selling everything from handmade wooden tableware and kitchenware to household products like brushes and cushions.

Q6. Where can I buy the best spices in Istanbul?

Spice Bazaar is the best place where you can shop for anything from exotic herbs, dates, oils and so more that are found in the automated streets of the Spice market. This is one of Istanbul's oldest markets, dating back to 1660, where you can find traditional spices at a reasonable price.

Q7. Why are ceramics so popular in Istanbul?

Ceramic is popular in Istanbul because pottery has always been an important element of Turkish culture. Most of the markets in Istanbul have the best selection of ceramics for travelers. Their beautiful floral design and relaxing hues make them the ideal present to bring home. Ceramic tiles, mugs, tea sets, plates, and every other dining accessory may be found in various shops in Istanbul.

Q8. What are the top home decor items I can buy in Istanbul?

The best home décor you can buy in Istanbul are:

  • Turkish Lamps
  • Rugs and Carpets
  • Cushions
  • Ceramics
  • Carved Boxes
  • Woolen beeswax candle holders